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The Chris Farrell show the. Evil. And the despicable attack that the left who mothers and fathers infants and children refreshing campaign. And gasping. For air. These are not the actions of a man. They are crimes. Of a monster instead. Following the horrors. Of World War I a century ago. Civilized nations joined together to ban chemical warfare. Chemical weapons are uniquely dangerous. Not only because they inflict gruesome suffering. Because even small amounts can unleash. Widespread. Devastation. For purpose our actions tonight. Is to establish a strong deterrent against the production. Spread and use of chemical weapons. And unfortunately. That is our lead story this. This course for our whole host of the aforementioned and aptly named Chris Furl show. I am very glad you're here. I am very sorry we don't have them. Better things about which to speak. This came down about 9 o'clock last night by the you're like me and go to sleep early. I'm going to I'm going to explain this to you as if you had. Just. Woken up. United States and its allies. Most notably. The United Kingdom. And France. Struck Syria. Last night. Details are coming down. Just is as fast as we can grab them. So I am going. To give you Michelle France and of ABC. I'm going to give you. Her. The latest status report. On the war it is going on in Syria. Now and what it may follow. Air strikes in Syria. The US along with Britain and France carrying out targeted missile strikes against the Asad regimes chemical weapons infrastructure. In London this past hour British prime minister Teresa may address in the country using these targets with a false that we have to actually to. We're significantly degrade the Syrian regime's ability. To assess develop and deploy chemical weapons those strikes followed that confirmed chemical attack can do that outside Damascus last weekend we have sole use are using every possible diplomatic channel. But our efforts have been repeatedly shortage that's on the ground and in the United Nations president trumpet just in the nation last night as the mission began. We are prepared to sustain. This response. Until the Syrian regime steps that you use. I don't prohibited chemical agents. The Pentagon did not share the target list with Russia Russian president Vladimir Putin calling the strikes an act of aggression. Michelle Franzen ABC news. It does worry me a bit. As a father Hutton. An American. I'm a little concerned. That when we are talking about hey you military action. That's the only proportionate response. Can be. No water. Now worries. President says my lord the United States armed forces to launch precision strikes on targets associated with the chemical weapons capabilities. Of the Syrian dictator Bashar Powell. A sought. Stephanie Ramos. Who is going to talk to us for a moment about. Exactly. What was tipped what targets. Were chosen. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff general Joseph Dunn for its said the strike hit three targets associated with the production and storage of chemical weapon at a scientific research center a chemical weapons storage facility and a command post chose these targets as they were specifically associated with the chemical program the Syrian chemical program there are no reports of US or foreign casualties Stephanie Ramos ABC news the Pentagon. None have here what I was looking for a moment ago. I apologize for that. Pregnant pause. Those are common in the industry but this and that was more of a elephant pregnancy. The paid free. Designed scenario is being implemented this is a quote. Russian. Ambassador. Made free design scenarios being ample my again. We are being threatened. We warned that such actions. Will not be left without consequences. All responsibility. For them. Rests with Washington and London. In Paris. It's a bit ominous to me. As a father. As an American. They're like good. Bruton named his newest bombs Satan. Boy you name a dog. You know. It was to intimidate the United States. It's. Dark outside and so not exactly. Sunshine and rainbows and here. Is this a noble cause you batted is. You bad it is. Using chemical weapons on civilians. Targeting civilians. So unthinkable. How those that would do it. Kit as far ahead as they do. Baffles me. It's. An indictment. Of our collective intelligence. Let the people that would do this. Are in positions of power. Instead of rubber rooms. Corn to Syrian armed forces room. A 110. Missiles were fired. On Syrian targets. And they were able to intercept. Most of them. But some did get through. Three civilians. Have been wounded in the town homes. After several missiles were intercepted by. Syrian air defense system one woods. Assume. That. You blow a missile out of the air. And what falls to the ground is not going to be harmless. Bam they're saying three civilians have been wounded. I'll tell you this IE I don't care that there Syrian. A lot these people. Are the people were trying to protect from the chemical weapons. I hope not a soul I hope not a civilians soul. Who's harmed in the house. This sounds like it's already a light for that. US Defense Secretary James Mathis. Quote right now this is a one time shot and I believe that is sent a very strong message. No doubt that sent a strong message. Who's going to be responding. And that now. That's why. Worries me. As a father. And American. The protection of and the science. There's a worthy fly. But being on the right side. Doesn't guarantee victory. These are. Very. Interesting times. And by the grace of god and may we come out. About a world. On the other hand. This is the story of the morning this is what we're talking about. For all these guys have to wait a week. But you can't know. Too much. About a story. Present publications. Are so vast. This is Chris Ferrell WBT radio emanating from Charlotte, North Carolina. It is creeping up. On 68. Team. This Chris Farrell show off it's me and I'm glad you're here. Point six. Don't want the. Four in the day down. Rory is that it. It is now and along logically audiences now. The United States. Hit cereal last night. Quote from the present United States are award the United States armed forces to launch precision strikes on targets associated. With big chemical weapons capabilities of this Syrian dictator. The shark Powell sought. And this is what we get to spend our. Beautiful. Beautiful. Spring today. Waking up to him. Just blows me away. It blows. Who would do such things. And I'm not talking about our strike I'm talking about using chemical weapons. On civilians. How do they get their power. We need to start admiring different traits. We need to be more selective. About. The criteria. That elevates one. To a leadership. Because if you just go along with the mom because your frayed again hurt if you don't. You stole my. Because they don't care about EU. They care about the power. Owning your fear. Wrap presents. I think we did a good thing. There are people that know more than me that might feel differently. Chemical weapons. Worst scourge. We had help. On this strike because. We're not the only civilized. Country. In the world. Correct general. This time our allies and we have struck harder. Together we have sent a clear message to a sawed. And his murderous lieutenants that they should not perpetrate another chemical weapons attack for which they will be held accountable. It is a violation of international law. More Asad to do what he did. I don't knows that the international. Cops. Are going to be able do this flex their muscles and put the bad guys in jail on this one. I think the bag guys have to be put in their place. I'll leave and so. Rug that places. This Chris furlong WBT radio. Chris payrolls show up. That's me I'm glad you're here. Wish we had more or sun shiny things to talk about. US. His cereal last night. No. Official word so far is any extensive casualties that we appear that we. They're predictably the women to the Al war. Targets to. Those of the strategic nature. It's not in our history to intentionally. Target civilians. That's what puts us on the right side of the spy. The latest on the spot here's ABC's Mona Rivera. The sound of a French cruise missiles being fired from a ship in the Mediterranean as France and Britain joined an American led strike on Syria last night. I didn't hum directed the US military to conduct operations. And continents with our allies to destroy the Syrian regime chemical weapons research development. And production capability. Defense Secretary James Madison at the Pentagon last night in London this morning British prime minister Teresa may said. Other attempts to get the Syrian government to stop using chemical weapons had failed we have souls who says using every possible diplomatic channel. But our efforts have been repeatedly shortage. That's on the ground Athens in the United Nations may denouncing last weekend's chemical attack on us Damascus suburb. Russian president Vladimir Putin denouncing the airstrikes as aggression he has called for an emergency meeting of the united nations Security Council. Monroe there on ABC news. It's now prime minister may refer to it and her comment she referred to diplomatic efforts. I don't like the notion of diplomacy being exhausted. I can see how that might be the case when you're dealing was someone. Like Asad. Boy oh boy can they get worse before it's about her. Quote from the Russian ambassador. Pre designed scenario has been implemented. Sounds like they got up plan and this is the Russian. Ambassador. Good free design scenario. Is being implemented. Again we're being threatened. We warned that such actions will not be left without consequences. The responsibility. For them RS with Washington. London. Compares. I preemptive. Washing of the hands. Our hands dirty mama are gonna get durning. My father I'm an American. And nine knows some pills are worth dying on. But I don't like this. Maybe seized by. Spoke to retired colonel. Steve again you are dead. And this is what. He had to tell him. The Dick that targets were similar so they were all chemical weapons either facility's production facilities places where they stored chemical weapons so. Although the targets that was very much like last year in hitting caddies facilities. Door greater number of facilities hit this time across all of Syria. And what can you tell us about the coalition forces in the region. Who did well this was a true combined operation we had US French and British aircraft and perhaps US. And French ships at sea all launching these cruise missiles. To hit the various targets around Syria that all three countries had agreed on. Well this tacky thing deter chemical weapon attacks. On the Syrian people again by a son. This was more of a punch in the arm then a punch in the nose Byron I think another way to look at this is maybe. This is the same message president trump sent last year just shouted louder it's not a new message you really didn't hurt aside himself. It's just a stronger warning. Not to use chemical weapons. Whether that's effective. We will can only wait and see. I thought the civilized world will sidled on this. And there. Is I believe it is. So. That word dealing with that. Suggests that we are dealing. With the uncivilized. We've always been ones to play by the rules. We don't target civilians to keep them scared. Lets us. US lets us. Not every country handles their business this way. I ran denounced it so we know we're doing something right. And I am glad now. That monstrous packs do not go unchecked. It's easy to say. We don't need to be the world's policeman. One other countries worry about themselves. Tell you see a child dying in the street because. Their government. Gassed them. There's something inside of Americans. That we war. Put away the rule book. Longer enough to take care of those soon. Never opened it. This is a noble fly. God willing. There's a better world on the other side. This is Chris Ferrell WB to me. It is 647. WPG. Charlotte to weather station. Bruce hurled back here with you I tell you what folks I promise I'll make it up to you next week. We'll get back to the blue view would you I don't know it's been a pretty dry our show we haven't been able rock out at all and that's part of what wakes us up. I promise you get show why an open next Saturday okay we're gonna make up for a were gonna have a good time. Not this story. Has so many facets. But they're not all. Born of insanity. We must half of oh Lucent's strategy. Here. Strategy moving forward. Is. Maybe. The most important single element. Strategy moving forward is how the future is going to play out. Martha Raddatz. Is going to talk. A moment about that. And missile strikes struck only three target and her chemical weapons infrastructure there. First target of scientific research center's center for research development production and testing of biological and chemical warfare technology. And the second the chemical weapons storage facility west of homes. The primary location of Syrian Sarin and the third contained chemical weapons storage facilities and an important they say. Command post they pentagon also said that that the strikes would be sustained. But by that they do not mean continuous thing mean if facade. Uses chemical weapons again. They will hit him again. Secretary Mattis says this is a one time shot this is over we do not expect any more strikes again and less aside uses chemical weapons again. They only used about 120. Cruise missiles in this strike that's double. Number from last year but remember those 59 tomahawk missiles. Giving it air field and that air field was up and running within days but this was a very quick strike a very coordinated strike out with the French and British and US the Russians were not given a target list they were last year they were warned what would be hit. But there was some deacon fortune going on the US did communicate with the Russians what airspace they would be using so they did have a hit I. Believe. That being on the right side. Of the flight. Makes a difference. It doesn't mean you're gonna win. Every time. But it does mean you'll be able to look yourself. And the mayor afterwards. This is Chris her on the crisp Earl show. I'll talk DL next week I'll love you.