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And Chris payrolls you know. We'll open again. Just as soon. As he arrived just. The way it. I guess we can. Sorry I was a few seconds late barrels out of Caroline. Put in my car. It's like wow. Tickets to get on that pride. You know you can see. Caroline. From 77. I'll start head now semi servants out. Get past nations Ford and all that. And I'm from around here I remember. When. All we could see. Of Carol wins. From that distance. Was that hit the top of thunder road. And that was supposed to be the monster that was the one that as a little kid dollars and those I had done I had. Worked past my fear. To get on. Now. You can see about half a dozen. I mean I wise I'll I'll pick my words here carefully because there are. Place of business trying to make a live and I can't remember last ounce of my guys hurt a Carroll announced. You know you don't get your marshmallow too close to the car you should be thought a where you couldn't get me onto one of these things that there's. I don't I don't know the names of the roller coasters but there's wine. That goes up is going to be as tall as whiny skyscrapers. Uptown. And then just drops straight down and I mean. If there's. If there's. Five degrees between you. And and direct drop. That's about all audience. But these people know other physics. Thousands of people enjoy it every day. But just look. I say that Sicily is like. No I'm I'm in a healthy body right now I'm going to I'm going to. Stay in my healthy body and all of that roller coaster with. I'm also count on come a big person so I I don't. I don't trust. That it won't just. They checked me you know I main. It would make sense the liar York. But more. Dangerous it would be but something in my head tells me that depends on the angle. And I don't want to be this. You know they they seem to have pom Pons underneath all the stuff are all these. Rural grocers and they drain the ponds in the off season. And they find more dentures than anything they find lots of watches. They find a few wallets. May they find certainly find some money they find some change what they find more than any thing. Dentures. So. I will wait until I get my dentures and then I'll just like keep them in my mouth you'll probably never get Melbourne the Smith X. I'm not saying you shouldn't go have a good time to stuff. If you have an asbestos. Jacket you might wanna Wear through the parking lot. But. That means. Summer. Summer's here. Solstice. Which is first or summer. Well it's sometime this week. I read up a little bit on it. Man. Saw Lackey did that. I did okay. But it's summer. You wanna make it out to the theme park. You and hit the road. I got two kids in Manhattan right now. I want to ask them if gas in Manhattan is still. Five bucks a gallon. But they already think I'm weird about gas prices. I'm not but. It's about the only thing I can think to bring got in the car. Mary. Mary in Manhattan visiting friends have a girl time. Causes summer you can travel. It's great. Be careful. Watch your temper okay. Police say it began as a case of road rage Megan Bigelow was on her way to a dentist appointment with her three kids when police say 23 year old Jeremy Webster chased them allegedly shooting Megan to over sons and a bystander her thirteen year old son Vaughn did not survive. A witness helped her third son escape Webster allegedly speeding away. Tracked down hours later thanks in part to a photo of his license plate taken by Megan Bigelow just before she was shocked. Webster was in court facing charges including first degree murder he allegedly confessed to detectives claiming he has mental health problems and was taking a new medication. I'm not going to revisit the details of the story. I just wanna ask who it who won every name was on the I'm not gonna say your name gets you feel better now. You feel a little bit better after Killen somebody after kill a kid. And unloading. On a car full of people I believe or on the way back from the dentist's office. Joba are tough guy. You killed a thirteen year old boy. Verizon is going to be fun for you and you I get now. Should throttle harder. Some people. But bear rage. At the top of any list. If I'm mad. That's an excuse to do. What ever I feel like why you're wrong. This guy so wrong he's never Rossi freedom again. Don't be wrong. It is very very very wrong. Might make you madder than you were before. I know lots going on this morning. Summer break but that means not far from back to school or. Graduation presents. And for college. It's good thing gas prices are down just a little bit. There will talk more about money. Common open Musab bombs segment was someone who actually know don't worry I'm not gonna talk about money. Amok tortures someone who knows about. As our friend from financial engines Andy Smith will be joining us next segment. And after that. Arm I think you're for crawl only one not assert this cursor on WBT it's 612. It was 1110993. WET. How far listen appear. I. US. Cohost Andy Smith who can be heard every sir the morning at 10 o'clock on the station. And is very nice to have you back worthless. It taco it exists. And he the market has been dual lane knew well enough for me over the past nine years or so so I guess everything is just fine. You know it's it's been nice to see if there's been some ups and downs there have been some period to time work. He didn't necessarily want to go online and look at your count street didn't wanna see whatever nonsense was going on in these. You are or in politics that. You know we're still in this who were still in the middle of of a bull market here no matter what the news headlines are coming out SN. Now anything else that people want to believe that what we're seeing is that Tony seventeen was just a heck of a year. And it's allowing people to kind of I think a little bit differently really about what they want out of their retirement what their longer term plans are for their own lives. Good stock market is a good indicator as to what you're going to be able to get out of your retirement. Elf. Things stay the way they are is not a correct assessment isn't there a wrong time to retire. You know it's he he he may be a lot of what we're seeing now is if things come down to more of the emotional and mental aspects of people being ready for retirement. Amino Social Security with tensions still out there. Tom was what people have done it in their borrowing caves and IRAs here over the last couple years and Tony seventeen especially. You know markets absolutely helps the economy. Helps well a lot of times what we're finding is that when people wanna note people have this question now like. You know I'm I'm at this point where I'm ready to retire but now what happens you know how to light live what do I do all these different things. In if you can't answer that question. What I would say is that not the right time for you to be able to retire not necessarily what's what's going on in the market. Because you know of people live longer. You ego inflation proof your money you're going to be in a market for what could be decades there's going to be a lot of different markets but if you can't answer that question now lacked. That might not be the time for you retire and that's really the time for you to reach out and get some outs. So what the market so us today isn't necessarily. Indication that you should act today. I absolutely and it's that's especially true for news headlines right so people. You know they wake up they look at their social media they look at the news and they think oh my gosh this is happening. And I hate absolutely need to trade my four rowing K arm might hire your mood today and that is not the case. Because the market is just one aspect of your retirement correct motion. The market is just one aspect now it is a forward looking mechanism so the market is pricing in two days. What it sees the potential for happening down the road. But you know when we're talking with clients were trying to get a sense of luck besides the markets. What else could have the biggest impact on your retirement in the in those situations. That's where we start drilling into your 401K. Maybe your IRA because those pieces. Are going to be probably the biggest sources of retirement income if you screw up. If you do things that you that you think you should be doing because you get some good you know advice from some note all work. Where you're trying to go at things on your own you can be leaving tens of thousands of dollars on the table because you're missing out on on how to contribute. The best way how to catch up. On your contributions if you're over fifty and then just you know cat had a stress test your your financial plan based on whatever happens in the market. Tens of thousands of dollars is a lot of money in my high world that's a lot of money. How do I keep from missing out but what Tom Conroy optimize. How to optimize my contributions mass it's. Yes so a couple of things I mean tens of thousands of dollars is a lot of money for anybody right because once you retire you don't have that regular income coming in. So if you're walking away from money because you're not making the right decisions at the very beginning. That's stuff but you're never gonna get back to when we will we look at how to better. People's borrowing Kaczur IRAs you looking at optimizing contributions are you getting a 100%. Your employer match I mean that's free money. And if you don't contribute to your borrowing K at least enough to get your employer match. You can be missing out on what thirteen hundred dollars per year on average the eight dollars. That you never gonna give back that the companies just ready to give via. Did that adds up and compounds over the years soothes. Oh absolutely dat since you got that the contributions. If you're over fifty you can actually contribute more. To your 401K and IRA on the borrowing case side you can contribute perhaps to up to 6000 dollars more. Per year on the IRA you can contribute another thousand dollars. So you know if you're over fifty you can. You know it's a trophy dash for area at that point in so you need to be saving as much as you can for as long as he can into those accounts. But the last one really is the most important this is where we spend a lot of time for for our clients during meetings. The markets are always gonna change the economy is always gonna change your life. Is always gonna change so we build in these different scenarios these different what it assessments. Because I wanna show people look if you change. Your 401K contributions. How would that impact your overall financial plan if you retire later if you retire earlier. If you do this with Social Security or that was Social Security. Alice is gonna change your financial plan so many times people are working with brokers or advisors and they're just trying to push product on it just just to make this sale. They have no ability to build these different scenarios in your plan. And see you're just buying all this stuff that people are pushing on in which you have no sense of what would happen what would change. In different market environments those things together you've got to have inside inside your long term plan. Are these these are these are all the of life issues slave they were earlier are the equality of someone's retirement that's what do you can't really. Put a price we can we can figure out how much money we need but when you can't put a price on my on a first full retirement. Com. Some pain today I understand that you could tell WB few listeners about that that would help the realm are all along the white toggle accomplish some of the things you've talked about. Could you tell us about that globe please we. Do we have a free portfolio review and what we call 401K impact analysis. And it's he'd just get out to investing cents dot com click get started. That you will be able to get to a lot of help will be able to help you optimize which need to be doing inside your account inside your long term plan. If you get out of that website investing sense dot com but do it through 10 PM on Monday June 25 because we're gonna take things down at that point but. Jeffrey portfolio review it's a 401K impact analysis you're gonna get a lot of things from that. Well and that's and investing cents dot com. Slip disk and so really I mean you're gonna get and in person review of your current investments with the local advisor here in Charlotte. We're gonna build that impact analysis for you for your 401K or IRA to help you make sure you're not leaving. Big bucks on the table when it comes to your retirement. But we're going to be able to build you up personalized. Long term financial plan. So that you have a better chance of being able to reach shore financial goal your retirement goals but really get to investing since dot com get started who will go from there. That's wonderful summary here that is all furry. All afraid I have to admit that must have picked their. And United's red placed coming out that this is absolutely free it's the only way that you pay is if you like what you hear and decide which you could use some help managing your money. But this financial plan it's worked like a thousand dollars or more. According to financial planning association. Some advisors here and countercharges between 2002 point 500 bucks. For this but we're giving this away for free to WBT listeners who are ready to take this next step to get out to investing cents dot com click get started. Dubai 10 PM on Monday and rambled off from there. That's wonderful take advantage of this folks lease or some Smart people and the submit the investing cents dot com financial engines like you so much for you by able to. Chris you're the best they care. Don't do next now. You see 1110993. W breed T. Chris brochure W briefly Sunday morning. Who's the stroke of six. Crews were very happy heart for royal brand here of those more than. Drummer friend Paul has passed away. At the age of 54. That's all I have. That's all I have. We can speculate. Watson has been going on in the minds of artists these days that. Have led them to an untimely end. Even for artists. Yeah. But I have not seen. In front of me so far as details. Picks up. The pan terra drummer Vinnie Paul. Has passed away. At the age of 54. Got so half of pain and tears. Every member of The Rolling Stones is alive. Half the Panthers didn't. Then. Now what you burn up I'm venomous the guy. That'd there were people you just don't think in terms. Of them not being in there. All of a sudden. We've. Gone through a bit of Latin. This week at the station if you listen to the station during the way come. I'm not. Sure. You have heard us speak of the loss. Of one of our beloved members who's paying. All memorial us this morning. Nathan Moore Michigan. And how much do the best I can. Two. Are you by him helping. Complete your visions. You work is not over. Nor is not over we got your back. And you. Are still. And always will be. Part of us. And thank you for being. How you are there. Who you war. It was a pleasure and you share. But Connors. More. Palm maybe a better title would be the Roseanne comedy experience featuring Sean Goodman sir Gilbert. Most about learn scared coming down I think I got maybe. Two original members. When she heard a Roseanne mode now Roseanne has Christmas without Santa Claus. It doesn't have to be a bad shows. But during every episode of you'd have to think there's going to be this. Eighteen hole where Roseanne should be. Figuratively speaking. I am curious. About how they're gonna get rid of she is sky is she going back to colleges. Yeah yeah issue like. Ritchie Cunningham whose brother. Gone to college you never Cohen back. Remember the classic showed Sanford and Son. Well if you're watching an episode Sanford and so on. And the opening scene. Is the neighbor. Grady. On the telephone. We thread. Suppose it will be on the other hand. Matt Matt Redd Foxx didn't show up for work that way. Does is always agrees always. Have been the same conversation. At the beginning of these episodes of fur on its own. All you have Fred everything's. The enjoy your time in Mississippi. All watch out till LaMont. I have firm bear. Grady both columns for. For the next morning two minutes or so. Listen but those first early funny episodes. No I haven't Ortiz. Those were those were bad episodes. So this sure doesn't have to be bad. But I am fascinated. As to how they are going to work her absence. British born this is I mean this is. This is all of the family without Archie Bunker. This is the Simpsons without homework. It's funny to see a new share rose census will technically be a new show. Basically defining itself. By worn it lacks. Which is Roseanne Barr. I mean she was the GO much his son. Of that show. Jim Henson passed. And ends and production company. Was born. Just want to. Just 'cause it said hits and. Didn't mean you're getting the genius. I'm Jim Henson anymore. I'm glad these folks aren't suddenly going to have to start looking for work. Because they did nothing wrong. I want Reuters landed just strikes me as more bizarre than anything else. It's almost like she want an out some very very strange. It's almost like she wanted to vacation. You can afford a vacation wanna make yourself a racist can't. Aussie dollar helps anyway. Slick looking ahead some sort time could do then. There and why she can see the Charlotte knights play baseball. This evening. Verses Toledo. At 704. You can see them. Vs Toledo. Tomorrow and Sunday at 205. And then they hit the road for durum. Now assume wells is gone their team. If you like soccer earlier in law. My own. Don't know how other things are going for your bus support just how TV viewing today goes. Her onlookers torn to be. Fifa World Cup on fox all day. It wouldn't be across Furl shall we didn't hear. The voice. Over the president of the United States. He has shifted his focus. Regarding. The immigration issue. To eliminating. The core models. Among the immigrants not your house very Helio Hemmer Yorker okay. 000 OK. Okay. I'm talking about the folks that would hide your bushes. And I'm embark three wonders. This focus has switched. To. Keep mean. Those folks out of the country. I think it's a much better. Policy. And separating families. ABC has more. With mounting confusion about the fate of migrant children separated from their parents. President trump sought to change the subject surrounding himself with the American parents of children who were killed by undocumented criminals. These are the American citizens permanently separated. From their loved ones stored permanently being the words that you have to think about permanently. They're not separated for a day or two days to either permanently separated. Because they were killed by criminal illegal aliens. Multiple studies show undocumented immigrants actually commit crimes at a lower rate than American citizens the president's comments come amid growing outrage over the images of migrant children in detention centers on the border and the sounds of their cries. It is her husband was preparing to speak the First Lady released a video of her meeting with migrant children at a shelter tweeting. It's my sincere hope congress. We'll be able to reach across the aisle and find a solution meanwhile on the president's favorite morning show this was not a true like it or not these are our kids show compassion. Bristle like he's doing this to the people. Idaho or or. Or Texas these people from another country. And now people are saying that they are more important than people in our country we'll pay taxes what needs as well. The president went to Capitol Hill to urge congress to pass immigration reform including funding for his border wall tweeting quote. Now is the best opportunity ever for congress to change the ridiculous in obsolete laws on immigration. It was good yeah. But he reversed course tweeting Republicans should stop wasting their time on immigration. Until after we elect more senators and congressmen women in November. There are times at which our president reminds me of race no globe well. You just pick him up and shake omen and and just. And watched the chaos. I do think his new focus is the proper focus. As. I believe. Most reasonable. People. Would agree. This Chris Charles show emanating from Charlotte, North Carolina on WBT radio. It is approaching 650. Or is second way. When this night. And why decide what. Glenn Danzig was in film today as the 63 bird fell on the board the way this thing. Did I just here to have. Park college football game. Oh boy. We're born. How can I can feel old. Bob beard company. Lot happened. Every year college football season him. I don't. But you know why it. They're worth two firms every town. It's like school for every first day of school or the last day of school. Football's coming back. I'm so happened. What goes well tell you want it. It fits not. Too hot. To go outside and doing anything to say man has a high and then run back inside. I'm not sitting here. And I. I happen to be sitting here. That's wonderful a Bank of America Stadium to. Sure will be planned a few more times this and details on that we'll see the football okay. Not that this may hide. That gets me. Anything on TV worth watching today Ayers. There is an antenna game. But Toledo mud hands. Charlotte nights game seven tonight is going to be on them watch T. So those saves some jiffy pop for me. And otherwise it slow let's and what surely end soccer's slow. They're trying to use soccer to fill the void to fill up early summer void of sports. Yeah at the the soccer so little like Hillary Clinton how many times do Americans have to say note. As it's like that. Restaurant that keeps going out of business. And then gets remodeled and they try again. Then it goes out of business and they they read and remodel it and try again. Message. That's not a good spot. I place. Also a mile from my house early due. It's nice this e-commerce constantly work. The day you sit in front that place and learn everything about construction. A a. There is sun day it is June 23 that there is officially. Some are. Com. I want you all to enjoy your summer. I want you to enjoy. The company. Of your loved ones. When you're out on the road. I want you watch out for each other. And special appeal for me this week. Am I if not at all bomber responsible Brett about it all learned to bring it up again. Watch out for motorcycles. From the looks. Motorcycles not gonna win. And a collusion with a car. Just do what you can. Keep the roads. The safest possible. And that means being as vigilant. As possible. You can be saving. Father. Sean. Mother. Brother. A sister. This Chris furlong WB 2 at 7 o'clock followed him.