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And Chris payrolls you know. Of course Golden State won they only have a when one guy. And they used to theorize how Michael Jordan. You try to sell its tires. When bill. You are you. No matter New York you can. I don't blame LeBron. They love. I think he saw a bunch of guys around them given. And the reality hit I can't do this by myself. You can argue. That LeBron James is not the best. Active basketball player in the world you can argue that if you want. But Kozyrev is finishing percentages when he makes it to the finals he's lost more finals Sonny's one. He keeps going back. The man has an entire team on his shoulders every time. He deserves matter. You know LeBron. He might not hurt this bulletin. We got a team here in Charlotte. Oh we do you know all you Michael Jordan fan you are. All that's right you Wear number 2.3. As a tribute to your hero. Michael Jordan. Call. Yeah Michael Jordan owns our team. Should get together for launch in just talk about basketball. Who knows you might like the area. It's a party area. How old is for sale. The press isn't just. Everywhere. I mean not the case in point and also are doing good years unquote but. Heck I'm up against the report we don't chase people around the city. Larry Johnson looked so Ed what he loved about Charlotte was there was nothing to do here but live though. And that was her for him. You'll inaccurate you can get dual console and it Ouattara. It's also a place. Where you can lead a quiet existence if you want. And thank goodness. You can be. Close to the city without being in the city. But if you want to be and the city. Their point of places to live a stature if that's your saying. I live in a bedroom community. Takes me twelve minutes to get to work if they haven't shut the interstate down much ado about half the more things. But the perfect spot. I'm not in Charlotte but I'm part of sure. We've got all kinds of places. In and around. The city LeBron. I bet you could find your happiness here. You know we've got. We've got a pretty good singer we got we will we got Dwight Howard. Just think about working with dog Dwight Howard and it was not a very very very young man anymore but. Neither are you ruined. You know Jordan's. Got the wiz don't much. To impart. Kimberly Walker's a heck of player should. If these guys together and just talk school basketball. Now you want a blog to work together. LeBron James play in Charlotte, North Carolina. Man. That would be is big and that would be the biggest news. In the history. Of Charlotte NBA. We've never won the title. Honestly we haven't gotten that close. Even more naturally we've made the playoffs a few times. Can you imagine. LeBron. Getting to work under a Michael Jordan. And the motivation. He would feel. To honor his boss with his best effort. And the motivation. The rest of the team would feel. To let the world know we're not Cleveland. Because I don't think of the horror that I know Horst of meg plus this year I don't think of the hornets is a bad team. I think of them as a good team missing some components now maybe that's me rationalizing. As someone from the area who's always loved basketball and that's fine. We can improve boosting. There's an opportunity there. And they know it's halfway between Miami and Cleveland you couldn't. Visit family and friends are not Trevor travel too far either way you. All kinds agreed to certain on the wall. LeBron James blogs at Charlotte. You know you can get your airline done in your community if you need to touch up they're deployed. My predecessor used to have a man if if you're. New hair line starts to fight all male we got great great people in this now. No I've done the travels some LA cosmetic surgeon. We got everything you want mail were everywhere you wanna be there. Would be wonderful to have you along. And plus I think he's pretty Coca. Nominees god a long room and go somewhere else after this. A sweep. LeBron James is on your team and you got swept. Do you know what that first game one a man. The first game. And then Golden State. They should have that one. And does. To the hue. Over a seven game series. First of all they've won at least one game. If they had not gotten swell up we have a little more NBA basketball to look forward to right now. There would be at least one more game. But with a sweep. Golden State could make the case. But look the cavs can't beat us. They can't. Make Kaymer oh close one time. And couldn't close the deal. The cavs can't beat us. You can put that forward. When you sweep on Ford and often. Infirm guy who's worked as hard as he has. To achieve the elite level. At which he's playing. Off. I know LeBron is probably ready for another changes in her. Misses a birdie down the weather's great. We're there's there spot if if you want night life we got to bow but we don't have so much you're gonna get in trouble. You can stay out of trouble. There's a pretty good town for stand out troubles still have a good time actually. There's some nice houses here man. When you love just. You know take some words of some mansions. While the weather so prayer the end. We used to scoff followed loved this place. And besides. I'll put this forth to you mr. James and you would disagree with us. You don't have any thing else to turn to. You really don't. It's okay for you to go enjoy the rest of your career. Your hard wired to give your best effort we've all seen that. No one's going to question your drive. Take the pressure off yourself. Go live somewhere nice. We're also nice here we have forgotten our man are totally. Might seem like a whole new world compared to Miami cleave one. 'cause you seem like nice enough guy you seem like you might be receptive to that kind of environment. Well we have that here. We lay each other over in traffic at the nominee not ever trip was golden but. The bulk of us. The bulk of us have manners. And we'd be awful glad to have you along. And you know what to. You just might be able to elevate this team the way elevate Cleveland took Cleveland didn't belong in the finals. Except they had LeBron Jordan. Jordan. A crime just I just. Told my god. Well consider that slip a compliment problem. And Michael Jordan is part of the equation. Working for your hero. I never got to do that. I admire. Greatly. Many of the people all work worth. Especially John Hancock I'd basically gotten to the radio. Business because. Listening to John Hancock. Convinced me. Let a person like me. Who's not a blow hard no at all might actually have a place in this instance. So loosely loosely. Hancock's on my heroes. I mean you've got a chance. LeBron James you have a chance to come. Work for your idol. You know he would welcome you with open arms. As with the city. We can use that. We can usually man. Don't you wanna go somewhere where you can make a real difference. Or do you wanna be like Kevin Durant to just signed with the best teams so you don't have to worry about lose them. I don't think that you. I think Charlotte would be a great yeah. And since you're definitely listening right now. I should this plea out to. Is it sure are. This not a good town it's a great town. And if you don't want a do anything else. You can jewels live here. Chris for Earl show on WBT it's approaching 67 detain. Watson news this morning not all public good. Once again. Suicide has imposed itself upon our heads lines. And my heart goes out to every. Suicide. Victim home and I believe that's what they are are victims. Not my. Personal take on that it is suicide is is is basically hormonal depression. And I feel. So much empathy as a fellow who's whether an interest in life I feel so much empathy. For those troops. For all I do have to Lou for I can't live with this bank. Please go talk to somebody will talk about that. Luminex. My. Because if we do a show that hasn't helped anyone. We've wasted and now. I hope not to waste arrested you're powerless Chris furlong dubbed. You BT. It is 618. UC eleventh terror and 99 treaty WPT. Bruce Pearl still hasn't found whose sole line hurt. This one this is just withdraw voicing their crews were girls shouldn't Chris where Earl Bruce pearl's you Chris prayer and anyway I can't find it. Around sure they've worked very hard on and they have to ask him for another. But anyway. Until I did that sucker. Were they launch me into outer space in the scripts for a I wonder what shall happen first. Bob Burt count and. You know Kenneth prowl. Burke county. Well the police want to talk to him about three murders. Three adults were found dead in the home and Burke county. And I and on the whole armed and small child arsenals to Google's talk. Although if you did this or not. Speaking to whoever did they're looking for Kenneth Powell. If you know where he is. Don't call crime stoppers calm on one point. Com 11. Whoever did this weather was you were not mr. Powell won I would like to thank you for steering the child. I was awfully gracious of you. I'm not being facetious suggestion will banger of a horse. There was graciously he spared the child one apparently you were in a shooting kind of mode. But I'm guessing you fled the scene. Whoever you war. I'm guessing you fled the scene. After killing these people. Leaving a toddler. Is our house. With three bullying corpses. Likely family members. You son of a there are things more important. Then your anger. You needed to walk away leaving four people lob in the house. You listen and you some more monitoring the news. Eli and low monitoring the news. Follows on the run for some odd did yesterday I'll be listening to WB today. There's only one way. To do what's left of the right thing. You don't like it but you know what it is. You have a chance to show some courage. And if you do that because we're going to catcher. If you do that. It can be the difference. Between. Life and death for years. Because I've got mixed feelings about the death penalty case they get the wrong person. I am for it but you gotta be darn sure. Gruden. This is exactly. Exactly. Why it exists. And unless let you want that to be your next chapter. If you didn't do it. Seek out the authorities and give me your story. If you did it. Seek out they authorities. Start expressing your remorse. It might. Keep you from being lethally injected. Rosier plays man. Well ever die. Scores for Errol WBT at 620. Moved Chris Cheryl cook it. Am where's that line. Screws girls' room. Don't do a very good voice of god which is in his line in the end it. Those booming voice talents. Guys are making your living just on how nicely your voice rounds. Basically being a sound model. I'm good work if you can get it. I don't know how the security is Britain's there's lots of voices out there and people like to keep things fresh. But if I ever find my liners I'll be fresh Basil lost them a month ago but. The good news is little same brand new again. She Lewis and is the worst it's away. It into our headlines. And again. It seems old seemed as. Busy lately. More during this up first. Not having names in front of me. With as many as their all or. I would just have to arbitrarily. Select some of a few times not going to. No longer over the other. Taiwanese veterans a day. That's the first thing I'd like you to know about. The statistics on suicide. Instead of one key veterans. Day pic about that. Think about that. That's well over 700 a year. Not socialists over 7000 a year. Not two a days its twentieth day. It's over 7000. A year. 7000 is good attendance were some ball games. How many people that news. When they're veterans. There's a common thread. There I don't know what it is. I'm sure there's some. Pete DSD going on some other factors. The feeling that you don't. Relate to anyone anymore because of viewer experience. And I haven't Ghassan. I can't relate to someone who's been to war. They've displayed more courage than I have and I don't know what the ramifications. Of that are. I would imagine courage comes with a price. Always imagined courage takes at all. Robin Williams who wasn't that recently but. Still one that caused us all off guard. Seems like yesterday. Chris Cornell. Chester Bennington. Firm Troy your. Kate Spade and now I have to leave or Dan. You rock I am not familiar was work. But he looked like not snow from how about I basically knew his face. You would think someone who travels around. Median exotic foods for a living basically with a find when he salute for sounds like a pretty good life right. Plates made. Manhattan millionaire heiress. Fashion design legend. Red carpet time. David Spade sister in law originally. And the comic David Spade was a sister in law. Kate Spade married David spades brother. If the option was Davids made so what I could. I'm not talking now about the family in the sport. David Sprague would like that Joba. David Wyss nets fall. Committed suicide. Steve crawl there interviewed him. Regarding the com catches if you can I think you probably learn something. And what should be a happy time. And it is a happy time I'm not asking you to let this news. Dictate your mood. We have morsel controlled the match and that's why so we don't have to get mired in every tragedy. That's one of the reasons we have self control you realize that. So I just so we don't eat or six piece of K. It's so we don't. Stayed depressed just because there's an excuse. Mused depressed in the generics and that's where. Stay sap. Does depression is a mental condition. I know. The school just Lal summaries here. There's call on channel three today I mean they got so many. Joseph Biden is on Monday got so many reasons. What we're old. Little bit about where I'm coming from I'm going to be 48. Tomorrow. I have struggled with depression. Probably my whole life but I didn't know it until I was nineteen. I have some pretty dark thoughts. Every now and then. But. I've never. Thought. Of falling victim to suicide. There are people who care about me and yes. Kate Spade had a thirteen year old daughter yes she she did. And you might think to yourself all that. That selfish selfish horrible woman now did you do that. When you have a thirteen year old is not always that simple. I'm hoping whoever you are listening to me but you've never been done. And so much pain. That the first priority became. Eliminating. The pain. But that. Status is possible. And it's possible just because of what's going on in our minds. We'll have to have a you know our heads stuck in a biased Astaro. Mob to finish us off I don't I'm not talk about that campaign. I'm talking about not wanting the sun to come up. I'm talking about here in the birds out the window and wish and they would show up but his. Oh my god here comes another one. Talk about Orange being your least favorite color because that means another day is about to begin. Talk about look at your kids and crying. As you don't know. If you're gonna be able stay there for a. Is it just hurts it just hurts to be alive. So I don't judge. Anyone. Posthumously. I'm more for their families. End Boone. To a lot of hindsight wishing. If this thing I do lots of retroactive. Wishing. The first step is to talk to somebody. There are resources. All proposals to that Joseph Gillespie report we're gonna play that again. The suicides by comp we've been around here. I'm really gave me some unusual advice when consciousness. Stay curious. Don't you want to know. What's gonna happen next. Is there a song. You like to listen to. Then you have a reason aloof. If you're thinking about. Literally. Fashioning a noose. Thinking your favorite song go listen to. See if afterwards he's still feel like rationing in the news. Your favorite thing that he. Tabs own. Who do you love the most. Talk to them. It doesn't have to come to this. And that's not for me to say to you. When you're the one go on through the pain. But depression. Does not have to be normal. There are treatments. I won't even make you sick like chemo does. There's a place to term there's fell. There's love. I've always said let love guide your path if you weren't paying right now. Think of those who love you and gravitate towards them. That is the first step. In dealing with the problem. Finding people we trust to speak openly well. Amen speaking openly for awhile here's creeping up on 65900. Who rotate these commercial breaks will love a comeback and a little history hopefully get sharp loud mistrial more recent intimacy level. Test 993. WPT. It. Why don't get the rockets or bombs on. Modern day. There's a real. Us flight ninety. Got the middleweight championship. Welterweight championship on the line. Now a world where. CM phone. One more chance. But proving he's a fighter. And not just to perform. No Brock gloves and left professional wrestling. What do you have sued. And he was the heavyweight champion more than a year. That's pretty humbling. If you've devoted. Your entire life. To their craft in mixed martial arts have been around longer enough. Now we have. Adults. Who have trained it as a discipline. Their entire life. There aren't mixed martial arts is really a martial art on its own way. What it is is it's June commando it's it's G commando it's. The elements that work for you while discarding the rest. And otherwise. Three fighting. That's what mixed martial arts news. You really already kind of existed. But. Now it's being marketed correctly and they decide to go mixed martial arts but seeing elm Paul. It is on tonight's undercard. He had one fly with them so far. He looked terrible. Peace can't sold open work out which are basically. Work elsewhere the public is welcome to attend. These canceled those. The issue being anxiety. About training in front of other people. His opponent is not. An accomplished fighter. This is a give me. If you belong in the UFC. So if you liked CM punk. I don't like to see him on key was us he was a Smart guy out like. Nor does the wrestlers that are good on the Mike. I idol like those guys they say some very interesting thing this is a a a there who would guess that professional wrestler would have area. Different perspective on life. They away if you wanna see him get his last chance at a real fight. That is tonight on paper the you have to wordplay for. But. This would be the first paper view in the wild that I would recommend. On someone who kind of walked away from a a few years ago just because they're the over saturation. The events were no longer special abouts we just didn't have to seek it out. Now all keep up with the noble could do think it's interesting but I thought watched all the fights there were rock. But wouldn't or couldn't do anything else. Ubiquitous. Now. Let's. Less Paul. It's his birthday. I am so glad I'm. The silicon symbolized the. If Gibson. Was going to fold and it did. I am glad. Less Paul wasn't around the city at the parallel odd draws with Toys 'R' Us. Musical instruments. Boys. They don't fit in today's world. All you want music there's an app for that. You want to you wanna play something Oak Hill assume we can download. My staring into a screen. And apps are taking over our. That's a choice. That's a choice. Maybe that's what I like about mixed martial arts. There's there's still an art to. You can't send. A machine and their to do the job for. Sprig the door on the job Obama would do it again tomorrow morning at six I'll be joined me. This Chris furlong WBT I love you.