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It's probably just sounds like you know. There on the price somewhat in opening line for. In the beginning. There was a thousand times. So call me there's no. Actually comic personal fitness McChrystal shows here on WB made. Six or more of us are good morning. If you know what that means. I loved your. Seriously coming up on thirteen months been doing us. And. Have yet to him. Not look forward to come to war. You'll hear more about the story. Wednesday morning a day progresses. And we'll bring you everything we can get on. Why Custer South Carolina. House and I was. Gonna talk about how nice it was not to have a sad that lead story. Chris the past two weeks. It's been school shooting and the passing of Billy Graham. And how one just hit the ground run this more positive energy of the all that. You are laugh on. Really came across this one to stir. Deputies discovered and deputies from the Al Lancaster county sheriff's office. Discover that dismembered remains. Of eighteen year old Austin tire worst deal. On the the property are high point circle. Christopher hole further and brandy Duncan's. A couple levels she married just last month. This. But early march labor got married last few few weeks it's. Oh boy dug up some dribble just on a honeymoon this is this is how you get married in the you do something more this. I saw the mug shot for Christopher hall for. Is. Looked like he had been some kind of struggle. I'm just hoping this kid who retains a kid. It turned nineteen yesterday. So happened the day before protect labor force nineteenth birthday. So and so it was shot first. Now. Saw all. The man's mug shot. Suspect the what did you dismember or. Christopher hall for and he looked like. He had been our fight he looked like he had been some kind of struggle like maybe some red clawed his face or supplement that Mary's historically. When nicely is looked like wounds. I'm open our. Austin Tyler steel. Made them pay a price on the way out. Not to anyone non when they go away. This. This isn't going to be a popular crime. I think I think most. Grownups consider. Eighteen years old to basically be a boy. And are not treated. We thought much respect. But the other prisoners if you're in their four hurt a kid. And receive a pitcher this kid this is a kid. Margo and us. Well how Lancaster County sheriff Barry fail. About details. The scene and shares a flaw. Located at human torso a little AM spirit on the property. They human hair was found behind the building underneath several bags. Remains were also found in a burn barrel this you see don't leave the I would never imagine. That we were found or have someone living that liked are cam and capable of doing these Catholics. That is to Bob I used to be true. I used to get shocked by some years. No more. Because of what passes. For. Unacceptable behavior these days. I know the kid that shot up the school a lot. The plan his plan. And and not the bullets were for him so he was thinking about his own self preservation through all the rest. And it has our call. Live Ari offered to I'll plead guilty. So I was a death penalty is taken off the table. I'm sorry. But. And most the worst punishment possible. Is an option. There is a degree to which. We are accepting of the behavior. In this case. I think this represents the worst. Punishment available so parsley proper reaction. From arrest dobbs. Our steele's family member Julian Yarborough. Spoke to the family. Yesterday. They've got to be some sort of evil monsters had to take his life and then. Traders are remains as if they were garbage they deserve the same faith and they gave Donaldson's. They deserve nothing less I can't imagine what his final moments where I can. They didn't deserve a home. Thoughts and prayers go to. We've gotten kind of cynical about that. What else do you same situation might. My goodness gracious. What else can you say. There's no level. At which we should accept it and there's no level. At which weakened. Rectifier. All modern us. Thoughts and prayers for those were the students. Reverend Billy Graham's funeral was yesterday. The president was in town. They're furcal Russell of WB TV was at the airport. It was a clear day as Air Force One touched down at Charlotte. President Donald Trump and First Lady Milan yet trump were greeted by North Carolina governor Roy Cooper and the senate governor Dan forest. When they came off the plane security was visible as the commander in chief came to town. For the funeral of reverend Billy Graham president trump says dramatic impact on his life. He remembers attending a Billy Graham crusade has little boy with his family. The president called Graham an American hero whose life and leadership truly aren't in the title. God's ambassador. Gracious. Gracious words from the president there. Our both tops on the governor and Mark Garrison. We're at the library at the Billy Graham Library yesterday just. Just did a wonderful job. Congratulations on job well done boards. Proud and happy go lucky to have. Off. Chris furlong WB today it's coming up on 612 wall does six well who just turned surged world. This may the Tommy in a six troubles us almost six of ten tickets here with the OR. Time has become a part of counting you gotta be actor. Everybody knows just what time it is. We saw though about what time it was. Ellis brawny just all of us. As time has become more precise for everyone. It seems the priority of being on time. Has. Had inverse importance. My round just didn't hold a single or more people relate these days even though they know just what time it is. They really don't have a watching got a cellphone. You've got a cellphone. Smartphone. Plus they are called me and just restore the pinky and the thumb thing. Phones have been flat for ten years. Wish you slap ourselves across so they'll. Well the president is gone. He and vice president parents left after the funeral. On another big story the past couple weeks have been gone suspend. Let's mend these story. All of the 21 century. In America and passed. The president met with the NRA hadn't. Here's an update. On. Where he stands. Today. From ABC's Mary Bruce. President trump appears to be battling to the demands of the NRA just two days after scolding lawmakers for being afraid of that. Some of you people are petrified of the NRA. Can't be petrified. But late last night top NRA officials came to the White House the president tweeting good great meeting in the Oval Office. The NRA agrees their top lobbyist tweeting Prodi is indeed Cody supports the Second Amendment supports strong due process and don't want to gun control. The about face is what Democrats had feared and predicted trump told Democrats like Chris Murphy that he supported their call for universal background checks but the White House walked that back in the meeting trump called for legislation raising the minimum age to purchase rifle like the one used by the Florida shooter. It doesn't make sense at I have to wait Tom when he wanted to get a handgun I can get this weapon at eighteen I don't know. So I'm just curious as to what you did in your bill. But now the question is president trump afraid of the NRA to the White House is also changing course on raising that minimum purchase age. Why does the further NRA. Our home. Gee I don't know. They're armed. I just wish we get some consistency. I don't I don't know where the president's. Stands despite what he says us. And if we knew that. We can adjust accordingly but that seems to change depending on his mood. This Chris furlong WB two is coming up on 616. Take a look at the local events coming up in our area a couple of from the redundancy department of redundancy. I'm. Local happenings. Bangkok's pancake burns coming up next week. I'm excited about that because there's a chance in my John Hancock is a guest on my show. That would just be that be a personal milestone for me. Remember riding around on the cars a courier listening to John Hancock bank and you know that sounds like a phone business. I remember like it was yesterday it's 25 years ago. I'll look at television sports listings of history worth repeating there is history worth repeating. Despite the recent history that's been my. We just my father smile we might just found a smile on par at all. Couple times here and there is Chris furlong WBT. It is 616. The weather channel news talk 1110 that 993. WBT. Drove long. This is not Metallica. So your original like Killinger who like to do that whenever the coverage more popular I love picking up there where. Facilitated commercial we'll tell who's coming to town. Well what's interesting policy are bubbly and also all the commercial west in February and since this February oh wonderful girl. Being here on top of my birthday and some normal accidentally buy me a ticket that. We're gonna wanna go. Some twice what's in a while some. Also the real one back in. 1986. A somewhat was Jason newstead about twenty years ago. Anyway and this version of Metallica's and I are going to be at the spectrum cerner. On October 22. We're advertising in late February from this mine TV ad space. And I would think. Look you can only sell out you can get only sell certain amount of tickets in this is not gonna take this long. To sell what tickets will be sold well. It might. Because younger folks. Mittal has been together almost forty years but. We still have some young listeners I would gas. Younger folks. With the price of tickets these guys. I have to save. You know it's too bad though the biggest fan has probably got a young person that doesn't. Draw much of a regular paycheck. But the the best seats or go to those who can be whimsical about it. That's too bad. Our goal of the Metallica concert sit on your hands. Disgusting. An inside joke here. Six point five the structural Shura. On WBT. Blender with us this morning. It's got to be a nice day. Not to paraphrase Tom white slow when never hurt no one. I guess that's not true she's at the campus and definitely not true but the coming and I stay except for the win. And if you like when it's going to be early in our study. Gusts up to 25 miles an hour. Hi is going to produce recruits. High near sixty. Has a nice day. That is a nice day no other news kitchen down. If anything let the news or remind you. To enjoy your time. By the motivate you to take advantage your time. Don't waste a day like this. There are places. Further up the coast. That they're not gonna did did you stuff. Flock kites and stuff far. Some rough sledding out there. Literally. Coastal flood alerts stretching from Merrill Lynch. Today along the Massachusetts coast the highest gusts clocked in above eighty miles per hour the kind of win you see in her case. Even peeling the sliding right off homes. The powerful mix of rain and wind flooding streets overtaking vehicles the major storm also bringing heavy snow further inland it. Already more than a foot in some places. That's obviously and our nationality around this could've. Pretty fly that wolf more carefully nosed Jew Benito as a legacy. Thank you for your help stay safe. Coming up on six point seven. Now we're coming up on the second half the show here in the Chris Berle show on WB to eight. We'll be looking at your sport scheduled today's the last day of the ACC regular basketball season. I have the rundown of those games and the brackets for the term and not the seating Joseph we're not that far yet we still got his take care of today. Plays Carolina tonight on your home tutorials. That's that's here just leave it here all day. And you won't miss the good stuff. Well look at the brackets so far as who plays who because the ACC is twice as big as it. As a was when I was a kid. We've got. Teams from landlocked state such how big they Atlantic coast conference's. But I always their stand out as snow. A basketball's a winter sport that's why it's endorsed. And tucked away. Cozy indoors Chris fairly WB today it's six point eight.