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I've just far from. The weather channel news talk eleven CNN 1993 WPG. Here tomorrow. As Chris furlong furthermore it's easy to. So all this god perform the song gone for them. Couple nights ago you know it is when you hear. No it's not a line. You're seventy and all. Robert plan. Aging well at certain. You know last year. Console not. Not bad for somebody law. In the tooth that's well. Very very nice. I think I like him more this way that I did with floods up. Carlos and into the screech and stuff. But you use. Your middle finger or less. As you get older. I mean if you're growing well. And I think that. The higher ranges are little like the up the middle finger of singing. Showing off a bit. Robert Plant you have to show off. Gives me hope. I'll be 48 in June. Tell a puck and be doing now well I'm about to turn seventy. Yet Chris shall we don't as well as Robert. Well on your way you got your own show on WB today. Actually is bird. Saw colleague. Nolo night while this performance was happening he ran on the release that are you seeing this. Yes Johnson and the like heaven the Pope on your show. I was very pleasantly surprised and hurt the team. New world whose name of the album might have to. Name of that song in my have to. Check out that I help. Spent a lot Tom launch box records are probably. Now what we've got coming up next Saturday morning. Just an hour after the show is managed. John Hancock annual pancake breakfast. Mean benefiting the men shelter of Charlotte. I can't read. So early march 10 let's one week from today. From 8 to 10 I am sharing Presbyterian Church. 5201 churn road. Here in Charlotte. It's a good time a good cause. Chance to see John. Johnson man. I hope I mail my dear whoever they give me but. I hope to have him as a guest next week to. Talk about the breakfast and just Vilsack had John Hancock is a guest on mushroom. Haven't had a whole thing Maria. That would be huge for me let me would be a victory lap. Are mere rhetorical victory lap. That's always listening to ride it was breaking amount going to broadcast in school. Listen to John Hancock and you made me feel like you don't have to be a loud mouth. Blow hard you know at all. To have a talk show. He's won a convinced me some I'll make dough. There's a mono and all its leaders the governor and I don't know all I have never been accused of that. Today's the last day of ACC regular season I usually do share some of -- heroes talk a little sports on TV and sports in the area. The hornets are home tomorrow at 6 o'clock against the raptors they're welcome Toronto to town. And they go on the road. Bumps are there were hurt in Toronto today and will be home on Tuesday. Pardon pardon. The other or not they're not in Charlotte there in Canada. Previously held give those confused. Who flee their traveling say if on Tuesday they welcome the Philadelphia 76 years. To inspector said. 7 o'clock don't know the ticket situation to get out there if you can't. I haven't been out there aren't too long and we're gonna get back. Charlotte checkers or on the road. The ACC has some business to take care of today for the tournament. Get started in the coming week. And you're gonna hear that tournament he year. Home of the Tar Heels and some of the ACC tournament. Typically. But we start determine coverage and we stick with that. We're not going anywhere it's not just the tar heel games. You'll remember that now don't you all yeah they carry all the games yeah up. Today at noon workforce goes Georgia Tech. Virginia Tech is at Miami out save Miami's tough. Also the Tar Heels all play Miami. When they. Lost at the last second of the half court shot. Now the Tar Heels ran mama be honest with you of Miami deserved that game. They dominated that game they won that game. Can. We got ice water in your minds like that just quickly do you just given up tall. Valiant comeback by the Tar Heels but if you hit from half court at the buzzer. Maybe your supposed to win. Mother play there's no shame losing to. I'm very take on social Syracuse today to. Boston college at Florida. Notre Dame. Visits these very very formidable Virginia Cavaliers. Removal goes to stay. North Carolina at duke. Right here tonight. Coverage starts seven. Saw the first one. Carolina put on them. I guess that could happen again they typically split. This game knows this game is at Cameron. Good. And. Hasbro's cleared him. So that give it up pertain to die given up for some crowds to rest of us ground sports. I don't think I do wonder what my tar heel stop on I don't think I'm ready for that. Most markets can be caustic and but I have a I have a morally grudging respect for the when you have other crowds copying your style. My VCW. Bring your stuff good viewing should be fun game to watch on him to watch. They TV is ESP in on you Wallace and to hear. Vermont Charles and company left. We need to end depth regain. And for a game like this. I think even that can be exciting so. Sin again. Kentucky's at Florida at noon on CBS T. Noon on ESP NN. West Virginia at Texas. Noon on fox. Xavier DePaul. Xavier. The poll. CBS at 12 o'clock. Big Ten tournament semifinal so what's been copying already underway with her she. Just off the antenna player. The CIA double A championship is on XM antenna television. Also on antenna television. Syria had her run against Notre Dame at Virginia the Virginia again. Is on NYT. And so didn't pick between those. Probably got two antennas are. I still do the screen and screen thing. Just stole thing. There's a UFC tonight the pre lands are going to be on fox sports wine. And I applaud. Cris Cyborg do defending her title. On the arm not that excited about. I think I know how that's gonna go and now just don't know how worried the highlights. Chris Charlotte WB two is 647. Don't come back look at the history worth repeating. Have a quick look at the beautiful weather recap the local stuff you know. Come back six for ourselves. WBZ. All the Guitar Hero says you know. Well why there's so much as we used to. I should. This is an important part. You do for a living why Michael I don't mind. I know my dead body. I don't work. Phelan. Still I'm uptight. Every so are they more. Are coming here to steal on our. How did the spend nobody got us. I get to spend over John and Dave were coming up here in the momentarily. I did wanna give you your. Weak league. White House scandal scorecard this week. This has nothing to do with infidelity or spousal abuse so that's a breath of fresh air. The president's son in law Jerryd -- sure is facing mounting questions over whether he used his west wing position to help bail out his family's real estate empire. The New York Times has reported Kosher had several White House meetings within executive of Apollo global management. One of the world's largest private equity firms even discussing a possible White House job. Several months later Apollo proved to 184. Million dollar loan. To the caution her family business ABC news has learned that soon after that loan the Securities and Exchange Commission closed an investigation into Apollo. There's no evidence of a quid pro quo. But there are serious questions about that timeline. Jared Kushner lawyer says he has taken no part of any business loans or projects for his family business since joining the White House and from Kosher companies. We do not upstage heard on what's going on in our business. Nor does he ask. The White House is standing by him at the beginning of the trump presidency. Caution urged portfolio seemed all encompassing. Every day I come to work with enthusiasm. And excitement for what can be but Kushner has been stripped of his top secret national security clearance. And the Washington Post reports several countries believed he could be manipulated. Because it is inexperienced and financial debt publicly the president defends his son in law. Jarrett sent an outstanding job but sources tell ABC news the president is now privately raising questions with top advisors. About his son in laws White House role. And potential ties to his family business multiple trump advisors say they have heard the president question whether it is time for Kosher. And first daughter a ball control. To move on from the white. House. Lost his top security clearance from. I mean he has been empty his pockets and everything this is Boller Mong. Bed you're going not a shoes please. Assault pitcher Al pitcher. Band and an ever by just wait in line like at the airport. All that interesting times. It kind of sounds like a blessing by it's actually a curse there's a Chinese curse goes may you live in interesting times. Boy do we ever do we have. ACC term a good start on Tuesday. Opens up at noon on Tuesday teleconference has gotten bigger because of how many games and what day it starts starts at noon on Tuesday. That's what it takes to get through ATC turned. Twelve and thirteen seed play each other. Ten C fifteen C to play right after that and that night the eleven seed and the fourteen seeds so the round of shame. On Tuesday. And round Wednesday Thursday Friday. And the finals. Are on Saturday. And you'll hear them here. It doesn't matter of the Tar Heels are part of or not you'll hear the ACC tournament on WBT radio. Not Virginia's the one seed do sit two. Clemson state North Carolina or top five seeds. Resistin McLane earlier in the week while happy birthday to Alexander Graham Bell. Frank wiggles Werth who is a composer. I'm not familiar with his work but I composer with the name would goals worth. Yeah that's going to be some groupie stuff. Herschel Walker was born on this day in 1962. Don't look PayPal stay you know Jessica Biel happy barked at all. 1965. The US and USSR. Both. Performed. Nuclear tests. So that's what that noise ones. Norstrom past are when Chris furlong WBT. I am so happy to talk to you every time I get the chance I'll love you a hall arch in the week it's 658.