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The increase payrolls show. Song. It's not about song with a long court. I told you all knew the difference between Saturday and Sunday. So nice to join you on a Sunday morning. You know the events found out. I don't think in mine in monotone I'm a little bit earlier events found out this morning they got the knock off a communicated with mrs. lurking there are muscling his some some locker room. Events that that break you've been asking for. I got some good news or your body. Uses. This just unharmed going to bed. So all along false start this first Sunday show mine. With congratulations. To my predecessor. Brought up for a fellow like France. Sunday. Isn't just a second day. Over the weekend. We were first able wheels if you wanna get technical corn. Corn to the calendar this is the first day of the week. Most people start their work week tomorrow. But then said to do two hours on Sunday morn. And for a pious man. And then routes but it is true to his faith. A man of incredible. Integrity. To a man like events. Unless. You're the preacher. You've got mixed feelings about workers on Sunday. And ushered. Delivering meals are known volunteering. Some. This today. Is written. Seems like around somewhere. Restores a set this aside and and if weekend. Hold that spear and no pun intended. Through our Sunday. We're gonna get the most out. Because there's so much to base. The war. Just stopping to smell the roses. The garden is beautiful. Enjoy it. And your family today. Have thoughts of your faith today. Appreciate. The gift of life. And even if we think life. This happenstance. There's a result of some big goal line accident. Aren't you stole. Happy it exists. March is still. Glad. Life is a thing. Emphasize that to yourself on Sunday. And I think he'll be rewarded. Through the entire week. Because it is so easy. To get caught up in this world. It is the most natural and Paul's. So I gotta get there now because I got this to doing this to do in the student and just. What the checklist. Be our dictator. Well it sounds like a guy who. Not until the radio business because. No I'll be honest with you I don't know anyone's gotten to a radio business and like you go lift heavy boxes. You don't didn't have the radio business so he can work just as hard as you can. Part of the appeal for you. It is the perceived. Relaxed and bark. And even at a news station. And I've been here twenty years come. A 120 years. Wow. A more even point here. But even at a news station. We're news means now. Can't spell. News without news. So our job. Is to keep up. With information and present it to you. Once we know it's accurate. As quickly thereafter as possible. But even though a place like WBT radio. The environment. Is generally. Well okay. Now I spend time here bomber soulful and I work. Overnight sound work weekends on our Malone right now. I'm my own producer. Now part of the reason shows. All monologue you might have noticed. To show. His monologue. Plus sound clips. Nor other show on the stations like that. That's not necessarily because of mind. Ability for such things. There's that is Aamir Obama's self. One person can only do so much. But I think that's great for us on. I think you can hear my voice. Mind delivery and demeanor. But I don't. Want to rattle. I don't want to give you Owen. And oh my goodness state of mind. I'm not trying to rattle your cage. It's Sunday morning. Sick that wow Richie song. Well as all night long. Information is important. But so a state of mind. In fact. We should probably. Stabilize. Our state of mind. Before. We start seeking out. Information. Because. No where we are in our heads. Our perspective. There's going to have everything to do. With how we prioritize. The information we come across. And the fearing a hurried state of mind. If you're on the clock so we're just nipped figuratively on the clock. All the time. It's going to distort. Your sense of importance. You know it's important to me right now. More lightly. We discuss trampoline at the house. I have five children. Four of them are stalled. About six guys. Am. We guy trampoline. As a gift further birthday. We put it together yesterday one of the big ones with the with the netting on the outside to. Prevent treat actually. Then to watch my children. On this beautiful spring day. Just bells and up and down like they were at their favorite theme park just as excited. For such a simple thing. To see the newness. In their eyes. I want that. To. Dictate my disposition. Not what the world with pat. But why is best were appreciating. Wife. And I come to you today. From that. Frame of mind. Spend a day and the sun. Spend today with your son. Spent the day. Thinking about the Nissan. It's Sunday. I want you to enjoy yourself events. I want to spend time. Reflecting. As juicy best. And those of you. Whose stick with me this morning. Barring breaking news does things can happen. I'll want. I help you join me. On there do trampling. This chorus Ferrell WB to me. It is April 20 seconds. There is six Serb maintain. And I look forward to talking with you more. Shortly. Chris Farrell ship oh yeah. Yeah. Did you think you're gonna have to wait and got a shirt earlier or not. I like this is like a donkey baseball game time. You basically don't even know. I want a talented group within the down. The what are your right to party guys. Do yourself a favor. Dig a little deeper. As a present to yourself. Musician great part. And an enjoyable day I think a lot of folks. Consider him there and their music kind of sacred I think I'll pick. Lots of deep thinkers. Recognize. The power that music has. To. Change our mood. And that's not something and they wanna listen to in the car. Because if you're listening to. Ambient music. The intent of the hardest. Thing is to roll action. If you're listening to. Something the hard drive and the intent of the artist is to get your blood more. Now these shifts in mood. Mark Nestle center where appropriate. While your drop. Employ she can't immerse yourself. Omni vision the rest of us would appreciate it if you didn't immerse yourself. So I think a lot of deep thinkers. Listen to talk radio. In the car. And listen. To music. Were they can take. Full advantage. Of its properties. And that's why I make a big deal about the music on year. But 'cause I think lots of you listening. Love music. Cannot and tried to relax you want and try to get your blood pump. Well I'm gonna do it and reader's digest form okay not too much of it. Because you're performing an important task. When you're driving the car. I mentioned that argue trampoline had a net around. To appropriate tragedy. All the roads don't have that. And that that teenage pedestrian. Was struck and killed. In northeast Charlotte. Yesterday. As a reminder of flat. No charges are born to be filed against the driver. Because apparently the kid just wandered out into the road. Off. Let's harper. You're listening yesterday. You might remember me talking about leaving your ego home when you drive. Well. Don't be too arrogant. When you're walking down the street either. Because you don't want your epic path to be. I had the right avoid. I'll make way for a couple messages before they need Jeff Atkinson. Delivers a star headlines. This is Chris Farrell WBT radio. Emanating from Charlotte, North Carolina. It is 6283. Girls. He. You know the songs about the news. The title world it. Whose. Head just admit it. But. It's real working title. There's nothing shocking. It's something that can do Don Henley. Songs dirty laundry. The drop violence. Being such ratings. How were drawn to. Want to listen. There's a line towards the end of the news is just another show. To an extent. That is act. What do I mean. I mean. The mediums that survive. The ones who thrive. Part of one's. People watch. Wants to which they listen. Ones that do good business. So much like our government. We can complain about it. We get the media. We do is over. 'cause we get the media. We support. I saw something. This week. The director. Jordan deal. Bruce. Pearl now is known for winning an Oscar he won an Oscar. As best director. But he was known. Bush war that mainly for his. Pitch perfect. Barack Obama portion. He produced. What he termed as a public service announcement. It begins. This Barack Obama. This seeded talking to the camera. Warnings folks. About fake news. And saying a couple of courteous and presidential things of what used to be able site. But. Dean. The winner last time he would have to pull any punches de. Knoller did have more in a moment let them. But we think is Barack Obama speaking to us says a couple of things. Barack Obama. Wouldn't say. Impulse. And even saw Reza as much. I would not I wouldn't say these things at least not public. And then you get the split scoring. And it's been Jordan peel. As Barack Obama. Talking the whole time. And these new arts. There it's picked up just. Does. Slightest news and sonong. Knew it was all of where it was all lawless. Now lots of folks. Saw I saw it online. Which means you can read what people think about it. So many folks. Were congratulating. Themselves. Or not being fooled. For knowing the video was fate. The Ford Jordan peel. Revealed himself. In the split score. I say it won't. Go ahead and pat yourself on the back. But then I think. Where's this technology going to be in the year. Worst are going to be in five years. The time. Time is coming. Well you're not going to be able to pat yourself on the back for. Being able tell something's spike because it's going to be seen more us. And so who we trust. Four hour information. Is becoming. More important. Every day. 'cause those who would mislead us. Are becoming. More convincing. Every day. There's a term. Confirmation. Bias. We used to have doctor Susan Roberts on. Sunday mornings. Way back when my back before I was coached. And she said something that. Always stuck with me. That people. Referral. Reassurance. To worse church. Confirmation by does it mean age. If you can find something. That confirms. What you would like the truth to be. You're more likely to believe it. What early implications. A fake news becoming seamless. Becoming undetectable. Could someone use it to start a war. I think they probably could. They could try. Could someone use it to start. Our national panic absolute. And so be careful. Who you trust. Remember there are just people going after. You war. Loyalty. Nor rating. By pandering. Your bias. Because a lot of times in the uses just a show. Whether or not it's based on a true story. Has become more and more. Ambiguous. It's up to us. To see. That those agencies. With credibility. Are the ones that arrive. Means leaving your bias at the door war. And doing your own. We're search. Don't stop listening watch you found someone. Who's reassured you. Keep seeking information. Dig deeper to find if the information you're taking them as accurate. Trust credible sources. Even if they're telling you something. You don't want to hear. Because the implications. Are to grant. Or simply. Fall back. On what we would like to believe. The truth today. This is Chris rural WBT radio. It's 649. She. Chris Farrell show in. This with the crowd. Well here blimp. The crowd will be. I'll my producer is. Visa visa visa spunky fellow but. It is. Easily distracted. Former First Lady Barbara Bush. Was laid to rest yesterday. Amy royal box with ABC. There's going to share more story. She was the First Lady known for her fierce loyalty and quick wit. Family and friends celebrated the life of Barbara Bush. Among them. Former presidents and the first ladies who came after her president George H. W. Bush comforted by his daughter as he said goodbye to the love of his life. Their marriage the longest in presidential history 73. Years. They're famous love letters shared with the more than 15100 gathered at seem Martin's episcopal church in Houston the matriarch of an American political dynasty. Barbara Bush never let the spotlight change her. The former first leading now in her final resting place at her husband's presidential library. Next to her daughter Robin who died of leukemia at the age of three. An amazing life marked by service to her country and her unwavering faith but above all. Love for her family. And when all the dust is settled and all the crowds are gone for things that matter our faith family and friends. I was at work yesterday during the channel I didn't watch it here. And the it was a very sound it's me not that. Two term at a celebration. Of life wouldn't be appropriate. This certainly would be appropriate. Ninety two's are good Ryan. And to be a remarkable person. For a start job at. There's quite an accomplishment. But I. Saw. George H. W. Bush. We old down. He. Had his composure. It wasn't openly weeping. But this is a guy. Who got shot out the air in World War II. I waited in the ocean to be rescue. He's a cool director. He can't control his demean her. And he can be brave. On behalf of other people. Iraq could feel the pain. Women live longer because they're supposed to do. As I've only I've only ever been a man. I must always the case these days but I can only speak from a man's perspective. We are not. Meant to outlive our law or our wives. Not at all or not built for. And to be married seven B was at 72 years suddenly three years. Just so remarkable. In my heart just one now. To a 41 press you. Partial as to wander reaching the scoring until tomorrow. Another sad thing. About the funeral. But not good at funerals aren't generally sad. Was that. Current First Lady malign your trump. Sat with the Obama's. She came and basically. Arnold scored. The current president of the United States. Wasn't that the few. Now I understand walk. There was so gel wouldn't have to look down at him while he was eulogize and his mother. History forgive us. For lane that get that bad. This is Chris Terrill the WBQ radio. 7 o'clock.