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The Chris payrolls you know. Doesn't mean has good. There are things. Can always find myself revisiting these topics. Because of what's been the news. I thank you. Hurd enough for me to know that I'm. Doing my best to be kind of a wall around time kind of pep talk. Tired. But then the news always gets in the line. Am boy oh boy is it and the way today. Doesn't mean we have to focus on. We need to think about it. We don't have to do well. Oh we need to remain vigilant. That's a fine line. Sounds like double talk on slim in my day. Besides all the careful on the world don't bitch some things. Alexis Ramirez. Is an inmate. At. The federal correctional com plex. Bunch or North Carolina. He hurt three correctional officers. Oklahoma a weapon. Who's going along. Be a prison guard. I'm approach regarding heard turning toothbrushes. In just the years. Kansas City, Kansas. Two deputies killed what their own weapon. Fine and measures simply overpowered them. When you see drought was Charlotte force shot. About 2:30 AM memorial all happened before the police got there. So in this one. No law enforcement was injured. There's another one. We're no law enforcement was injured. But that makes me the angriest. It shouldn't. The ones that make you. Angry slash so bad she'd be the ones. With the most devastating consequences. Right. While I'm having a hard time prioritize in on this. States rule. Officer Tyler Moore. Shallow out to Tyler Moore and multiple shots fired. One hitting him in the back. The suit states people. Soon states. Our State's now. No suspects. No one's been arrested and no witnesses. Have come forward. No description of the gunman. Let me ask you the State's role. How much you think you have bill will sell your house for. When your entire police force quits. This was an ambush. Who. Beat cops. Melodies to calm. Police officers walking down the sidewalk. Main job is to be visible. So that the well intended. May feel safe. I'd Lotus like an easy job. Did shot in the back sound like. Easy part of a job description. Because it's in there. Sometimes. In some places. The most. Dangerous thing. To be. It is visible. Just like you and gather this was a bad neighborhood. Let's stay assault police have recently. And giving some extra attention. In hopes. Of helping. Build a better. Neighborhood. You see don't. Necessarily. Just build a better neighborhood. By paring down the dilapidated houses. And bullying. And new apartment buildings and it nah. Gen true bucks or whatever next story. That's always how you build a better community. It can start on the sidewalk. Not one there's hot ham loaf line. They fear all have a community. Where policemen. Police officers. One. Officers killed in Kansas City was awaiting. She looked like in the isolating. You know that. Hedge shot they give B I guess when you graduate from the academy there's a four there's a formal picture. I'll just about every law enforcement officer. And I think it's something akin to your graduation for a not my dad had more. Has one somewhere. The younger man's clothes. I'm thinking about is mourned. And Father's Day has nothing to do with the I love him. Why in this. Head shot. On the way that was killed in Kansas City. She's a smile on premiered here. The fellows I've seen. I'll try to load tough. No like. Hey I'm given news didn't did. Not terror. I don't have her name in front of me and shame on me. Smiling from ear to ear. Got killed at work. And that's because there are people. But would take advantage. Of kindness and such a way. And seemingly. Have know caught chants. To wish to answer. There are people that seemed to feel not seen at ball. There are people that seem to be compelled. Buying open book malice. Thank goodness. All of a certain state soldier wearing his bulletproof vest. Zune now hot day. And I don't think they make you aware home all the Tom I don't thinks oh. Are they hadn't always. Might be standard and might be part of the uniform now. But it wasn't always gives our members stories about cops it. Took a lot of golf male worm under the bed and worm under sugar warm over. So they could take him on and off because they were so hot. Well this was. Early June in North Carolina. You'll spot. Yeah the 7-Eleven o'clock at night but you know what humanity is. And we have zip around here. It it is North Carolina. States will North Carolina. You wanna keep a town. Worth Saban. Somebody's got to speak up. When officers were ambushed on the sidewalk. And I wish. I knew more. But about the apparatus in place. More. Protecting. Folks that would come forward at their own there'll I'll wish I knew more about that I'm going. And I'm on this is so prevalent. I need to know more about it I'm trying to find out more about it. Because I can't say your concerns are legitimate. It is easier to just not get involved. Until. LaMont stirs have beaten everybody. Everybody but you'd. There's nobody left to stand up for you. Because there was nobody to stand up for them. It takes guts. But Marcia. Tired. Our Jeanne tired. I'm having folks constantly get away with this. It's not just at the expense. Of the god. Plucked in the slugs out from him between his shoulder blades. You pay for as well. We all do. You walk down a sidewalk. That happened to a guy who was walking down the sidewalk. That means a good venue. You wanna stand up for the people that would make that less likely. Tom sorry things are so bad. Where you are. I'm sorry that helping solve a crime. Could mean. A crime has perpetrated against you and I'm I'm I'm very sorry. There's only one way out. And the folks. Mired the deepest. Need to want out. The worst. This cursor arrow WB today. Emanating from Charlotte, North Carolina. I am awfully glad you're with me this morning. We'll have more show a couple of bullets there will be lie your bird my goodness I don't know the Nixon is gonna come on my mouse trap. Also likened to American. WDT. And daddy mainly wants us to have your take care insurance. On our. These days. As soon. Homicide. Or suicide. So many people being shot. So many people. Falling victim to one I called normal depression. You're let. Just have my micro stand. And in some. Some problem. Catch us off guard. Chris Cornell as a surprise us. Kate Spade was surprise. Bob I believe Antony board Dane was a surprise us. This one maybe not so much. You are Douglas Powell. You've heard that name a few times this weekend. He was. Being sought for questioning. And three murders. Merck county. They've found. Their personal adventurous. But he was not available for questioning. We revolver. Located next to Powell's body. It's going to be. Compared. To me bullets slaying. Took from his three victims. Good morning. Folks. I'm not issue or for the first revered terms if you can be. Careful enough to keep something like that from happening. Do what you can. Time flies anyway. Man doesn't fly. Don't measure fly. And six to Ryan. This is for sure oh sure no. No longer play twice as hard. This won't play on Sunday and no why. And your show's voice. True story. I've got home. Usual reasons for all kinds of stuff. Boy July ever. Never really thought of it that way. Oh boy oh boy do I ever have. My own strain usual reasons. For doing all kinds of stuff. Were they play and the US. Shannon cog hill's. In Southampton New Yorkers adjust the wind. Melissa par seventy course and always a tough course. But the leaders are three over. I mean now Bollywood and be able to shoot much better than an. Then got these. You guys got you guys never heard of they got Dustin Johnson. And Justin Rose. Jim Furyk is not far back I'd like to see him one and it's been awhile. Well general manager here is dead ringer for Joan pure. Yeah of those deals are those who look like Jim for your. Boy Kyle looks like Jim furor if you look Amazon this doesn't look like champ here. Webb Simpson. His name is down the list does so many people are tied at certain scores days Webb Simpson and striking distance but I think. Bob sure hoaxes a lot. When. Nobody's under par. Why does sound like the kind of course. Don't we give your opponent on any of chances to fall apart. I say always loved golf but is. As much as skill. As a sport. Because you can't play defense. You can't impede your your opponent. Maybe go out and play by yourself with the goal to be. Shoot a new personal best tool that is pure reason as a haven't off for some out for you know toward tar Obama. So it's. You see the pros. Scores like these. And so will be humanizing him. And I would say it's validating. Because. I'm shot three over before. Book Somalis slaves of dollars and then the public courses are. They'll even have this you can putt from the sand traps are. Norris a par three boys play this golf Hillcrest golf course. Who's Ramiro was never overlook. Albemarle Albemarle road in the city. It's. Housing development. Was the cheapest public golf course. Perhaps in the world. Maybe. Hillcrest golf school. There have apart theory. I went down hill. There was a hundred yards long. But you could put it if you wanted to that. There was like a hole you would see. Not end up putt putt course the mean that the brand name though the classic. Orange railings reading of those. Courses at the breach of their slows me. Nick this goes for tenure in the jungle and stubborn. There's no guerrillas and dinosaurs are everywhere. It was a whole kinda like you see on that course. Except those legit. Public golf X. But with holes like that. It's possible for a five year old boy did you hole in one. So I'm forum. I want their people to I want people to enjoy their chance. Mean a professional golfer and so it all you got all line you have made soon. What club you use. Fisher Price. Net thorough. Gulf. One of those things that. I have been is good. At golf. As I'm a gonna get that. Now on just turned 48 William right and emotion going back and yeah. Probably go pro stock next year. Really hit my stride around town mom all of them for seniors tour. Reaches. So soon it's. Terrified. The nights are out of town today. They're back on Tuesday. Back on Tuesday and Wednesday. It's 704. Gets Columbus. This Lou I slowed. Extended forecast and looks like the kind of weak world be. Nice to have some things. Low key to do when they leave them like taken a ball game. You might think about cut back on the jogging in this week. Especially the day it was going to be 97. But the US open which we've been talking about. Well beyond thought starting at 10 AM. So they're going to show you just as much of the final round. As possible. If that's not the entirety of it. There aren't as many golfers on Sunday is a girl on Thursday. Nicely everybody. College World Series. Tar Heels arm plane and day is they are you took your business. Major League Baseball on the Caspian and cubs and cardinals. But what it is really. It is just a good time to stay cool. Mary fill up the wading pool. So you treat. Have a beverage. Now alcohol and sun life. Our wonderful combination. Just but. Just be careful okay because it is going to be hot. And believe or not. Not everything about alcohol assault the euphoria. So watch that combo there. Just what we've got this week. We have a presidential. Weekly radio address. Always very impressed. To find it in the queue here. Because I know how busy the gap has been. But then. Remember resale last week that successor make she chatting. I think he wanted to do one this week so I couldn't. Tell everybody how great things are role. Sort of a counterbalance to the first fifteen minutes of the show. Yeah tribe than uses an obligation. Smoking. I can't I can't leave the news far out. But we will see what the president has been not to. Following. This break this is Chris Terrell. On the Chris Earl show a WB curia emanating from Charlotte, North Carolina is the stroke. Of 648. The Father's Day for me is talking elevenths that 993. WDT. Do we all go by. English boarding school. Plus we'll. That wasn't. That wasn't. A suicide reference. Besides Scott will London commit suicide as a stone deed. The distinction is important. We haven't exactly been road being on weekly radio addresses from the president. Because he gives us one LaMont. But big Davis this one. Ladies and gentlemen. In all two minutes. And 43 seconds of its glory. The president of the United States. Earlier this week I returned from a historic summit in Singapore where I met with chairman Kim Jong Hun a North Korean. This summit marked a new beginning for relations between the United States and North Korean. And it opened the path to a future for all Koreans north and south. To sum it also made a clean break from the failed approaches of past administrations. And failed they work. Our meeting was the first time a sitting American president. Has ever met with a leader of North Korean. Our conversation was open honest direct and very very productive. We produce something that is beautiful. At the conclusion of the summit we signed a joint statement. In which chairman Kim quote. Reaffirms his firm and unwavering commitment. To complete denuclearization. Of the Korean Peninsula. This is the beginning of the process toward the denuclearization. Of North Korean. I sometimes say they. During our conversation and I emphasize the tremendous new prosperity security and opportunity. That awaits North Korea. When they deem New Orleans. As I said in Singapore. Chairman Kim has the chance to seize an incredible future first people. Anyone can make war but only the most courageous can make peace. Our world has seen more than enough conflict. It is a chance of peace it is a chance to end the horrible threat of nuclear conflict. Then we must pursue it at all cost. The people of America the people of Korea the people of the world deserves a future of security. And of peace and that is why we signed this joint statement. In the coming days and weeks and months secretary Pompeo will be working directly with North Korea. To implement that denuclearization. Deal. In the meantime sanctions will remain in place we know that there is a great deal of work ahead. But peace is always worth that effort. We have been working very hard. I made the trip it was worth every second. It was an incredible event that people in Asia feel safe. And right now the people from all over the world feel much safer. Then two days before I was president. We doing a good job we're working very hard. And we're going to produce is all going to happen thank you god bless you and god bless America. You know and I saw out waiting for me when I got to work this morning. I thought it might mention Osama. Honestly is getting this one right. But I just think it has a lot. To do. With him. Liken him. Account other guy wants to be friends. And now that they've been met face to face. Now they've shaken hands. Now that they've spoken through translators. And humanizing themselves to one another. I think. That takes. The progress. To a new level. And I think. It improves the situation. They immeasurable. This is cursor arrow. It is just abouts.