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WBT. Chris Farrell show. You go. Talking about whether or not. If you always have your gone way. Hey give. Now of the car. Do not believe your gone. And I call even in the locker. Even in the lot glove box. Just don't leave guns in the car if you have a gun. If you have I mean if we have enough that you call your side arm it's always with you. Keep it would it. Keep it with. Now Bob always said. Now I am for gun rights but I don't lie. The narrative. So far as. Gone right enthusiasts. Towards. The rest. Of society is not so big on guns. They seem to think everyone has outed to pay. There are guns I'm. Why you don't have to believe me. I don't know a single person wants wants to take away your guns. I'll knowing I think that some built up. To keep you loyal to the NRA. I believe that. Why I want gun owners to do is not fight further right to keep guns 'cause that's a settled that settled law. I want you to actually keep your guns. Keep bill wouldn't Tia. You know where is he guy if you need it. And I know you can't walk into just anywhere with a gone. And EO elect let reason be your guide of course but these breaking aaron's man. These folks would just as soon find a gun as cash. That. They can get more further gone. You know you can gift for a stolen gun that if you use it commit a crime is gonna get. Traced back to someone else. Keep your guns with. I'm not saying I'm keeping constantly loaded because you know people can be spontaneous. She wrote but. I did but if you feel that's necessary that's that's up to the individual. Who has exhibited. The responsibility. To that point to handle their gone the way they handled their gun in other words. There's no history. Tragedy. Sir and in their guns basically. I mean you'll know appear gun has a history Guizhou were probably there. We any response. So bold gone don't. If I'm not only one saying that I'll say it BA responsible. Gone own. And that doesn't just mean keeping them the Ricci children. It means not leave the numb Ing your car. Word goodness knows who. Can come along. And take your gun. It's batter all fit in your hands it is it's better off than your hands. And what these break against the war breaking ends. Thought in mind neighborhood. About a year ago there was. About four about all week. There was a there was like breaking in every other night in those. Somebody was hit in the neighborhood and being careful they were breaking into cars they weren't bargain houses. So many people. Lost cash. But almost as many lost guns. And they're could be a line of thinking. Well if it's unlocked and the glove box. The kids not gonna get to. Okay ask that's a birdie honorable him Paul it's. Because we can't pick gonna smash your window. Get a crowbar. Open up your glove box. And look for money your guns your kid isn't gonna do that up feed through those. Was still scourge of these the apes. When they break into other car closest I have nothing in there for them to steal. I'm saying that would gut I think I would cut it down I think. It you know why nobody Roby robs us say. Hard branches. No clue where there's nothing there's deal. And bats. Status. The status of I guess. Lack of hot property. You don't want something that can be easily sold. In a car. Visible. Especially an unlocked car. And even though a lot glove box even though trawl. Is taking your chances because those can be accessed with force. So please please. Think about these brake and stake in terms of self preservation you're not doing it for me I'm not asking you to do it from day. In a lawyer doing that for all love discuss a stolen gun can wind up doing just about anything. All these school she usually they took their parents guns up from the old. Tops so the closets and their mouse. I trust you with your gun. Someone steals your gone. They've got a reason. In their head to justify stealing a gun. I don't want the rest of us to find out the hard way what that reason news. So let's discourage. These brand models. Don't want to help these people. Personnel woods steel and gone higher gas that would. Comment to your house and while you're a sweet. Thus nullifying all those lucky car blocking Al store hours a lot of these breaking ends we're up against no resistance. And your gun doesn't have to be you're only resistance sometimes just a barrier. Is enough resistance. Pass the Great Wall of China. If for good bare your. Can offer protection. Father son there and we're certainly not going to spend all day talking about. Guns. Well Laura talk about little by there everything today. I'm gonna try to keep it happy. It's been a little sad it's it's bit hasn't been a little slant has been. Known. Straight up devastating there for awhile around here we lost a very good friend in the spilled. And we're all bouncing back from that. And I want this Sunday morning. To be a nice big. Back now it's. All want a star how long us up ha now wants fifty feet in the air with how much better were feel okay. So I'm going to try to let the other stories we cover this morning reform act that objective. We're gonna talk about Clinton families back together we're gonna talk about the summer time. We're on to talk some sports. We're gonna hear some good musical we're gonna talk about. Planning our summer vacations. You know something breaks. Bullet. I'm gonna do my best. To out smile all. Bad news. You don't ignore the news. Why you don't have to get so mired the dictates. Tag you're gonna feel for the rest of the day. We're gonna start off. Feeling good. Now that you know your gonna save. Us one less thing to worry about that's a wall less anxiety in your life. And plus or somebody sneaks up on you you can shoot them. You know you got lots to feel good about right now so let's let's stay with that let's keep that momentum going. This is Chris Ferrell on the Chris Berle show funny how that works well. On WB to eat and Charlotte, North Carolina. And fact may I say. It's V. Radio station. And Charlotte, North Carolina so you find yourself at the right place we are a couple hours together this morning how Morgan for the both bubble. This crew Charlotte WB two years six shifting Hammond and stared. Thank you. Point two. Play the drums during the sure relaxes me. New C 1110993. WBT's. Leading Charlotte's comfort station. You're our lives he sounded so. I don't know. That's called the Braves from. It's the best instrument and yeah around neighbor this. Played the drums. And the band. Another world. Hi there I have had very few. Run news. With the launch. 10548. Had a war. Until I got older enough to drive to band rehearsals. For. And man. I started getting to know. Law enforcement. By way of them educating me. Regarding. Noise ordinance. This is a funny thing. I have never had. And I'll just solid BI has been way generic here I have never had on on you cool calm. And sura noise ordinance compliant. Win. It's band rehearsal. And not apart. In fact over half the problem. Have said I have alluded to the instrument they play. And know. How hard it is to find Salome lawyer. I have banned or slumming you young on gill haven't. Beach house in the middle of nowhere and if you go with. You know spend a couple of months rehearsing area. You got a garage. You got a garage full blast for Walsh some have portion neighbors got here. You know I bell sounds a million years old. 'cause I bet good teenagers of today don't rehearse like that. I'll bet they rehearse. If not on line. At least Meyer heads you know because there's nothing. Met there isn't anything you can't plug. I headset ensued. Including. Including. A drum set. And so you can now have band rehearsal. And mural room. And the people in the room next to you. Wouldn't know it. Maybe except per boy voice. And I envisioned those days. When I was younger. Al Ahmad I'm 48 which means that I was. Which means I was third he and in. Near 2000. I was in my Taiwanese in the ninety's. The Internet was just coming along. It was just regained the speed up. And I won't say look forward to the days. Because not all part of the fun was it never buy it together. But I did see the day coming. Where folks were going to be able to have band rehearsals. Without leaving their individual homes. You were basically going to be able the world hearse. By real time. Webcam. Weather ahead so that. Probably sound more professional. And any garage ever rented for such purposes. That's one of those things. That sounds like progress. Well we trade just a little bow as the sole further containment stone point. A little. Less so the human element them play. And that's fine. And blonde surveyors. Also a manufacturing. Goes back and cost jobs. But there are planning of areas. Where advancement. And progress. Are the same thing. I don't believe that applies to all worked. If I'm practiced seen by webcam. Also based lawyer. Analysts say in my drama earned myself really. Hit that pocket man we just Maria I mean we're just. Hair and it depth pieces. And we here then though. One I've got to do man's son the most smiley remote G. Not you guys that you guys. You guys shake hands you got a hug you guys take a break and celebrate. Let's celebrate. Bad those of band rehearsals. That would be hard to do on a lot to. And my theory is. They kids growing up where. It's normal. Terror Hirsch from your room it's normal. To plug in your drums sent. Bet they'll never have. Any idea. Well and it was they were messing. I'm glad you're not miss in the crisper showed a desk going on right now we got another hour and a half together OB stick with me. You know how much download via this is cursor arrow 6218. On Sunday morning. 1110993. It's. Anyway. That's what I. There are many we. The onus is on us to carry on their work. It's been a sad way. For me it's been a sad. Wait for more than one more reason. I'm not trying to or mouth anybody I'm not trying to. Long. Trump any one. And I knew. Our nation to enriching. I met him fairly recently. And the position. I had old. As a producer or slash costar my own producer and hair. We thought was a good idea to get together. And talk about. B. Social media marketing. All of the shoe. It's. Meeting he would have had. With my producer. If it were bigger show. Artist just may. So we got together. We won over plenty of substance. We won over planning in nuts and bolts. But I always guy just a little sidetracked. Now. Just Hawaii. And being human beings. And the small job related thing reminding us of something bigger. And thus being an able to turn down the opportunity. Just talk to each. Not meet it. Just talk the picture. I like the guy in two minutes. And we were gonna. Do more. We went with there there was slots all wanted to. To learn from him because I want to help my show and why not had I had. I had my selfish motivation insure my front about that. I wanted. To help film. Help me help him. Because. What he did for a living. Had everything to do. With the future. Of this business. Does like Nathan array chi. We're the people who were going to keep radio. Arriving. Through all this competition. And to be able to. Pick the brain. Of an expert in that field. I just I felt a tremendous opportunity. And shows never heard she stood just to know how do more stuff. And. I want to learn how to do this stuff it's. Get over some of my techno for a year. And he was. The perfect guy to guide the way. Because he was knowledgeable. He was patient. He was well humored. And he was high. And it seems a little door he would seems a world teachers that maybe. Bob was did know excited about how far we could take. Now while. The excitement. As wind. For now. More. Contain news. And we don't have to look. Or inspiration. It's built and now. We have a chance. To perpetuate. Division. Barbara fine man. I planned to be one of those people. Who helps. See his vision through. We're here. For not eve been. A crack. In time. Naive in this liberal lie. Our lives are so sure worked. Even the longest lives. Cosmetically speaking. Our rain drop in the ocean. And that's a no for a person to take action. But here we find ourselves. How we wanna spend time. I want to spend my time and what I chose to do for a living is an indication of that. I want to spend my time. Doing things. That I have in training music values. To me. I don't want a war for a paycheck. And thanks to WBT. I haven't worked for a paycheck. Into warning years. I guess the pay check but I'll war because all wanna be a part of this organization. And every one in this company. And how would say. Everybody listening. Could take it upon themselves as an opportunity. They're die he'll weigh. What's motivating. I'm often says dear god the love what you do you gotta love what you do. Well love is an all Vanilla ice cream cones and roses and job pledged her love is love. Take some toughness. In fact it might take more toughness than any thing helps. So what motivate each year. The path of least resistance. Compared to heavily. To the highest return. Or. Do you have a higher calling. I perpetuates itself. Something you would want to be apart of even if it marked. What paid your bills. And then a sad. Way. Well let me correct that. Sad circumstances. Leading. To my current mindset. I have never been more. Inspired. To. Doing a good job. On behalf. Of how those around me. Have inspired me. I'll want to pay mommy used back. Treat inspiration. Gently. Treat it like out most welcome my houseguest. Trio like a relatively haven't seen in years. So little want combat. And Nathan how old main issue. But. You have an inspired that. A lot of votes. And the good that. Their. Homes. From you being a part of things. Is par. Far from finished. This is Chris Ferrell WBT radio. Bobby would view until 8 o'clock. Right now it's 650. First for a cure all. You ride shotgun. A self driving cars. Not for me okay. Not the kids. First of offices self driving car what they need me full. That's the answer around looking for this morning. There was. A deadly crash. On myself driving car. In Arizona. Says here it was avoidable. You think. Fatality and a self driving car accident but it was avoidable. Yeah out maybe. Why just stick somebody in the self driving car. Our latest B and you know are that they is being shot Jake earth are they just. Big Joseph kitten your religious one mile. The first. Well. Came close. And not as excited about the self driving cars saying as a lot of people are. We're learning more about what caused this deadly car crash in Arizona. New release body cam video shows them questioning the back of driver at the scene. Jimmy police reporting Raphael Vasquez was watching Hulu when the accident occurred now. She could face criminal charges Vasquez who appears to be distracted when the biker appears in the road. The car was in autonomous driving mode when it hit he killed 49 year old Elaine Hertzberg who was crossing the street mid block with her bike. And I. Officers investigating the incident calculated the deadly accident could have been prevented if Vasquez used the man who will break when the pedestrian first appeared. The report saying the car would have stopped more than 42 feet shy. The first bird police are now calling the crash in Charlie avoidable in a statement Hoover says it has strict rules against drivers using mobile devices. Hulu. Have you seen the great programming on Hulu. Poll league goodness OK so it wasn't. A passenger. In the driver was far. There was a pedestrian. In the past. All of the driver was car. Well I ain't that just peachy. Haven't seen the movie but I've seen the clip. From Jurassic. Park word Jeff Goldblum says you have gotten so caught up. Into whether or not you can do something. You have stopped considering. Whether or not you should did do something. Maybe we don't need to breathe this sleazy. Maybe we should drive our cars. Just thought then the 7 o'clock hour this is chorus girl. It is the aforementioned. 7 o'clock.