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Chris Farrell show on. This is still four. While the aptly named Bruce Pearl. Happy Sunday. I guess who song that. On Sunday. What's your. Fathers diffuse bombs. Can't talk about right now have a stroll affect us and that's exactly what I'm talking about. Harsh souls. Good for the soul. Sunday is a day. To spend thinking about. The sole. This stuff. We'll still be where. But news does keep happening. There was. Thirteen year old girl. Most struck and killed. By a car. In the north through Charlotte. Earlier this week and that came down this morning. That no charges. Well will be will be pressed against the draft. It's because. The kid was. On the median. And I wandered battle or early. The person stopped immediately. And then I imagine. Other car. Land over to the cute. Folks be careful. I can't say enough so many of you were in your cars right now. Portrait taken a Sunday morning jog and have me on your. On your headset. In your ear buds. Well I'll try to. Leave enough pauses for you to be able to. Here what's going on around you because that's a very important. The start melt some people don't wanna listen to music when they drop of now not very Smart analyst and music when you walked. Neither be older. Here what's going on around here. My wife takes walks around our. Peaceful neighborhood we live in my bedroom community. Just west of guitar peripheral. Much bigger. Nice neighborhood. Great neighborhood tech law. My wife's Zambrano unfurl walk on rain. You wanna join me. And I don't say yes nearly enough. But some I don't watch historian only got a busy market are places a busy place. So very happy. Bustling. Mostly bustling. There's a very. Act. Aggies to the floor for our players. Very happy very busy place. Cannot stay back. And tried to be the adult in the room. Dollars a word out there. But that's okay. She takes her cellphone when her. For security reasons. And I'm glad she does. I wouldn't change that. And I think she is safer. Having net. But it crosses my mind. Don't get distracted by your phone sweeting. You're not Ramon. Win a sumo match. With any kind of automobile. Even those little boxy ones. Soul. Look and listen. Pay attention. Incredibly important. People care about you. You don't think so. I'm here to tell you you're wrong. Can you care enough to care enough still to listen to me. That means enough to me. Yeah I I care about nobody starts. I'd be very surprised. That we're case. Stick around. Later through that. We'll see how this. Turns out. Remind ourselves in this position. So many people passing. There's a report thirteen year old girl. The shooting that happened. On. Friday night. That yesterday. Was just a shooting. Is now homicide. 26 year old man. Died in the hospital. The world's oldest person. Passed away. 117. Year old Japanese want. Oldest man in the world. There's a Honduran twelfth. Also Japanese. Wow. That's. That's. Fifty years or Tarrant. But there is purpose to life. And I think that some are so long there's. Evidence that. Or burn destroyer. Many may. Dead at 49. He was also in Harry Potter movie. He was a man in black. And his last film there's a waiting release. It's entitled. Come. No home alone. Some of Sturgis Michigan. On January 1. 1969. Brunch lawyer. Not just decide. And talented guy. There's a fight scene there may. One Austin Powers movies. Where burned takes on. Mike myers' Austin Powers. It is one of the funniest things. I've ever seen and my life. Talented physical comedian. Not just a little guy. Not just a baby stunt double which is how we got stock. Life life is interesting. People's paths are so different. And I say. We consider that. Even if we disagree with someone. Consider. They're past. Their priorities. Shape their opinions. And they're past their priorities. Are different than yours. But before we consider that. Lets consider the human beings. And I think a lot of the bitch rial. Disappear. So much vitriol on public discourse. A lot of reason to believe people have dropped out. So much bombast. In the last election. And some other can be paying off. Sounds like. Kim Jong own. It is already. To give up is nukes. I don't know what his word is worse. A lot of people are saying and I'm one album. That the toughness on put that quotes. The toughness. These seeming. Zero tolerance policy. Of our president. There's a bigger reason. So there's a time to be. Rough around the edges. There's time to be. Taught. Well we don't have to walk around that way. We don't have to greet each other with that demean her. So that the other person knows they're not to be trifle well. Snob a way to make forums. You don't hear a lot of this on camera idea. So many people in this business. Are getting rich by keeping you angry. That makes me angry. I love this medium. And it's potential. As. Not been exploited. Anywhere near a what the possibilities. People turn on AM radio expecting one thing Walters thinks a creature. Or an angry content. We can do better than. We can learn about each other. Not just get information. We can talk about ideas. Instead of people. Don't know anybody listens to W beats me. Let's not Smart. And there is wisdom. In seeking. That type of information. That they're humanize his house. There is as important. As how you feel. About the issue do you sure. Referred to Kim Jung owner and what is. When is hopeful news. I'm not I'm not gonna Chara. Taught the talk the good out of ABC's. Terry Moran. Is going to share a little more. A stunning promise from the North Korean leader Kim Jong alone with his surprise declaration to a ruling party meeting that the isolated nation and it will suspend all nuclear and ballistic missile test it effective immediately and it's. At the with a flourish Kim added fuel. Actually a polish on nuclear test site about the nuclear test site has done its job he says president trump graded Jim's announcement with glee heat waiting. This is very good news for North Korea and the world and progress look forward to our summit. That summit tentatively set for late may or early June are likely factor in Kim's decision as he tries to show flexibility. But many analysts warn there's less to this move than meets the guy it's not a permanent halt to testing justice suspension. And North Korea has already achieved much of its nuclear and ICBM goals. Of reaching most of the continental United States that key question to any denuclearization deal with North Korea. Can they beat. Trust. Now so far Kim Jong owns word. And file books. Or ditch your cup of coffee at Starbucks. If you don't arrest that it's a but this is still good news because it's a window into how he is thinking. More elaborate on that a man this is Chris Farrell the WBT emanating from Charlotte, North Carolina. It's 721. All right his president throng. The one who should take the credit. For Kim Jong-un. Is about place. On the news. I think he definitely helped. And credit words do. I think the man he definitely. Made it seem like less and less of a good idea. But I also believe. That Kim Jong on. Is tired of isolation. Bizarre his wife went to he and his wife attended. Pop concert recently he's wanting to talk to his neighbors in South Korea this is quite a world. It's not such a great place to be isolated. MPCs. Who now and trump being buddies he. He wants a piece of that action may. Once stood. Get more out of life himself. Then being in charge of a closed society. So here. We have hardened views and humanity. Coming together. It just might be the human tendencies. Of Korea's dictator. That helps solve. The logistical problem. Of them having nuclear weapons. So. When we learn about each other along. With the news. We are learning more about how to solve the problems the news often presents. This is Chris Farrell Atkins is coming right up with that Cris Merrill. Like gets worse on the news and so for sap. I. Okay. It's happy let's. Raucous kind of you know. I'm makes you want a fourth morning. While local. I'll go for dozens Sava river did. It's 740. On April 22. This Chris Furl show from WBT radio I'm very glad you're here. Smart first. So the first time my posted Sunday. But it's the first time I've hosted Sundays. And then non substitute. Capacity. In that. I'm supposed to do. My own show. Not. My best impression. Of the show you were expecting to here. The thing here as. Saturdays and Sundays. Start with a different moot. Half mile listeners might be on the way back from the party on Saturday Morgan. A lot of view. Listening right now are. Up because you're getting ready for church. Or your on your way. To an early service. Listening in your car not thank you so much. And that's. A different frame of mind. And I said yesterday. I promised. I wouldn't yell all your way to church was more. All of a loved the verb things. Apple wouldn't yell all your way to church. Hello find my groove on Sunday and Pope to present you with something. A comedy. Hopefully enlightening. Informative. But studying. A tone. Appropriate what's on the more. If you hear my share they show I mean I don't work. Blue hard wired not to do that. Thank. Lots more things. Are best left private. Then we even acknowledge. Her Carolina focus this morning. This. Being on Sunday. I had the advantage. Of listening to mark thomas'. Very well gone. Community affairs program. Carolina focus. It airs at five by now. There's on a couple other stations. When it airs on WBT. Sunday mornings at 5 I am. And I work for WBT. So last one I'm gonna push. Against this morning. And the topic was. Sex education. Our agenda driven. Sex education. And he spoke to an advocate. Mom thing can. Well. If I talk about this kind of stuff that work. I'm I'm. That's actionable hockey get in trouble. Straight men. Are applauded as brave. We're talking about their sex slots. Now. You want equality. Keep it to yourself. Maybe that's the solution. Let. The function. Is part of science class. This part of biology. Otherwise. Have some manners. Keep it to yourself. Don't assume other people want to hear your thoughts on that subject. And that view is not even disgust. It's not even putt or to pay pop always is. Keep to ourselves. I was born and raised in North Carolina. Top fancy myself a southern gentleman. So that's my bias. Regarding such thanks. But my bias is also that. Being. I terror sexual mail. I've never. They're allowed. To talk about that kind of stuff war it's always been considered on professional. The school is supposed to get you ready for the real world. Maybe. Beyond biology. We should teach kids and but some things. Are their own business. But that doesn't drive any agenda. Does it. Never done this here before because it's Sunday morning in the 7 o'clock hour by. I do this here for the first half hour. Television sports Lewiston. NBA playoffs should be what he was got the bulk of your attention. The checkers or on the road. And knights are on the road and so and not a lot of lot sports turn to. But the NBA playoffs are all over reports. 1 o'clock on ABC. Boston Celtics. That the Milwaukee Bucks. Game that follows on ABC. At around 330. The Golden State Warriors. Who have yet to put away. The San Antonio Spurs. TNT tonight. The Toronto Raptors. As we know international. And the Washington Wizards. The team from the nation's capital. Is playing a foreign follow. C'mon people get your flags out. Vince Carter play at 2 o'clock. And 830. Cleveland Cavaliers. At the Indiana Pacers. Why you saw. A repeat. Of last night's. Houston Minnesota game. It was on ESP then. I got to work for Clark it's more. New guys. On that. The Minnesota Timberwolves. Were wearing. Fluorescent. Green shoes. Rather distracting. Is a professional basketball game going on and the only thing I can look at. Are these all are how old line green shoes. I noticed all only two players. Only the only two players are wearing not understand. That every professional basketball player is par Al Bundy. And they sell shoes Roland. We sell tickets. And they sell shoes. And you fight for the right it's freedom to say publish usual one sale. I understand that. But does it not. Create a competitive advantage. To. But why your opponent basically. Maybe there maybe they should all Wear those same color maybe I should be. Part of the uniform. I mean part of the rules. Have to do with the beautiful. In every sport. We got these guys are these La Grange years. So I didn't even notice it passed the ball was looking at the shoes. No it's neat. BAA. Not the end W hey. You're not the great a bookie okay. You don't have to blind each other with Mongolian depth. Mean what that does what it's. Yet it you'll want to play as fair as possible. And so. I say. Let me get back to enjoin the game turned around bush years. This is Chris Merrill since I don't have a presidential weekly address to play so as I don't believe we did one. While wall come back and elaborate. On the presence tweets. Census always left us to work with tagged. I don't make the news. Scriptural WBT. Emanating from Charlotte, North Carolina it's 750. Chris Errol. I'm sorry that lead story today is. But it's a beautiful song. Looking through other news. I can tell you. Cruised past the way who's been brought over. Who's gonna arrest. I think believe. Is that it's a beautiful song. Also tomorrow is going to be arraigned Monday. Bringing Monday is our. Know people have written songs. About how easy Sunday morning czar. And about how depressing. Rainy Monday is our. So let the most of us on to. Enjoy it. It's gonna be beautiful. Have a beautiful time. Appreciate the beauty in your life. Was a missed opportunity for the president. Not to attend. Barbara Bush's funeral. So this is an opportunity missed. For the president to say. Good job. Some things are more important than politics. Bless your heart. If you need any thing. You let me know. Your mom was a great warm. And do do ostentatiously. Do it in front of a hole. War. We miss that chance. There are certain opportunities. It only. Present themselves. While way of exceptional circumstances. That was wanna. The current First Lady attended. She's sat with Michelle Obama. For whom she has expressed. Great personal admiration. Even if the president's place. Wasn't. In the front row. Of the funeral. I do believe. Public gesture. Mainly towards shelled. I knew he. Tore to pieces on the campaign. All that would have been in. Such. A nice thing. I think many of you agree. Some disagree now I'll allow you would disagree with that but think many of you agree. But it would be parked. But seeing people. Post we either stance on issues. And that's going to be the mission of the show. Especially on Sunday. And thank you so much. Power sharing part of your Sunday with me it's 8 o'clock.