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I don't. My own. Guess who else. I have never lost a basketball game. Get sillier. You all dropped a lot of play you know. No I think these are younger than. Surprising drop again. Think about talking trash. You don't want your words. So criticize. Drive it. Brazen public. No swearing okay. On no outside food. Welcome to the city of danger. The queen city. My queen city. Of danger. Well I mean by that portion why Charlotte. Most wolf lounge. At least this sense of that. Didn't involve police. Until police were called. Regarding the accident. These. Things appear to be. Ambushes. I'm not real worried. About a national trend of successful. Ambush news. You always hear is. Well what they start doing. Over here or what they do in. The Middle East or. In Germany like they do with third but vehicles using the vehicles as weapons. No one that they start doing there over your math man there are you doing all kinds of stuff of year. And they aren't always exactly who you think they nor. But if a trend that began. Or has big goal line they need to catch this guy. Every trend of successful. Police ambushes. Began this. That's a national emergency. But 'cause I'm not sure. If I'm going to war. That night. When the latest trend is. You did shot in the back and Obama way the person who does it gets away with it. Because everyone in the vicinity. Didn't see a thing. Well did they didn't see the exact same thing. Everybody knows everything until I don't know amounts. I understand being afraid. And officer Tyler Moore and never had to. Make his peace with fear. To go do his job. Why didn't sign up to be a cop. You are United States citizen. You know decent human being. Do you care. There are people. That risked their lives to keep you safe. Every. Day. Why shows some appreciation. Show some guts. And I'll meet you halfway on this and there. We have for you though who'd did business. Find a way to tip authorities. Anonymously. There's an apparatus. Room. Mirrors yours. There's a way to go about that. You're not necessarily. Putting yourself. In the witness chair. Being asked to point a finger. Gang banger. That's not what a tip that the two the police means to the rest of your life. Don't talk yourself into believing. You are simply not allowed. To insist. On safety. Where you live. Don't believe it. Because the people. Who benefit from that. All they have is your fear. All they have to tie you. And what they want is your own fear. When we're just. As ready. To call the cops. As they are. To pull the trigger. The shooting will decrease. This led the jail's not much of a deterrent. Well maybe not all of Lamar. We know what it's really not a deterrent. The honest belief that your not going to jail. Most people would rather not be in jail. But there are people that believe they can do what they want. And not go. But 'cause again. The fear. All of those surrounding. You let that dominate your world. Insist on more. Don't put up with the right. Free from that life. Good people stand together. It is the end actions. Of good people. Know right from wrong. That impedes progress. And while they may have better hearts. Then the evildoers. And the ones shooting. I'm afraid there are approach to the problem. Is as big a problem. As the evildoers themselves. Sometimes your pair of vases last lion defense. And at the source of malice knows you're going to run. And they rule. If they know you're taking your last line defense to the locker room. So you don't get creamed. They win. And given the bully pulpit. Make in the rules of the street. Oh there's a law and then there's the law of the streak. Idiot thinks Brighton. Walls of the history. Those same people you are turning and. Why does it have to be so bad around here. Zander rhetorical question. How was hoping you could tell me. Because the only sell outs. I see. Is it people would want it that way. I don't want people call the cops on me. Mountain belong on the Iran. How long mock crime stoppers description to be vague. You have to want more for yourself. And getting there. Well wind up with you end Sistine. I'm more from those around you. Mean say look. Law can't protect you. Well. You probably. You probably got a point. Sitting in here doing a radio station Rama. Surrounded by guards learning thing I mean there's apparatus in place she can't just walk in here about. We take risks every day people. You drive a car. You're trusting a thousand idiots. Except my listeners. We hit the road billion. Taking a chance. Some chances are worth taking Merck is. So access can mean a better life. And if you don't like the way things are. If you're not a fan of the status quo. Then action. Is your only play. This is Chris furlong WBQ radio on a Sunday morning. It is seven. I like science. It is seven dogged to do it twice it is 77 change. WBT. It's so long one black. Does that an absolute good. Like the mute button. They want battle. Some things. There's there's nothing wrong. The mute button would have to. Get Stella. To not be perfect. No weapon you know. This site. It's like what a nice sanity. Far as a commercial again what the song guy she. She's very powerful feeling. I guess you could do too much trouble while lop a little. You can really do too much of. Rose. Nose and mouth pieces those talking guitars as Peter Frampton things. The mood over there all aren't I know. It's entertaining for about five seconds. And also. Same. You know it doesn't seem not hygienic. Does blue name. I borrowed friends guitars before but. That type there's actually there's there's a mouth. Piece that goes. And the the more you look like you're going scuba dive and but lasts he'll look like you're about to rock now it. Now no lead afford. More fuselage is a broader look like scuba gear. Any phone. Snore bowl there's not equal liner in there. I don't know water boards. Other things real music. Comets around Stanley Clarke. Wish my producer would leave the stuff or did reach it was going. Fifteenth peel away from Monica. Stanley Clarke September 25. That would be cool that yogurt has. Goes that ovens auditorium. On December 2. So I guess they have no plans to break up. But well was. Nevada bans Mallard couldn't tell you the browns don't be together six months later. It's like we got. We got a book the tours to house the house Thursday. And downs the road. Stories that just seem like solar real role. Dreams. Play. How did did that actually. I happen it's just. The way. You're treated by strangers. On the road when you're an entertainer on the road. It's like walking around. Then and an alternate universe. Some Iowa the suit case of beer I'll moment is gonna give me one of those Beers some of the bat. A man have a bears. It's like they wanna play fan. As bad as you want a player rock star. Sweden's way. Don't last forever. This chorus rose seventeen wanted to. It was 1110993. US WAT. And when they moved Chad. Reports of people's tour experience. You have to assume. How Brahma issue. Those drinks. Larger road. Without at all. There's nothing melts. You realize alcohol is a very powerful drug. Paying your body can react. All sorts of ways. No matter how old right here early you get drawn. Now I'm not saying nobody's. Jargon drinks. Then the F this year. But if you're column of the cubs because you have. Triple some fun. And they started feeling different. Are you. There are you sure you know how this whole. Didn't enjoying playing what irks. There have been. No perpetrators. Would five Justin. Couple folks and letting. Felt flying. After. Have a majority can end up listen. Maybe become much Ito learned that. Sensation might go away. No warning though I know from experience that buzzing her head there's a couple of weeks. Our. Pros Lance. And they did dictator. Well those days sayings is not like the other. There are that they. Our presidents. New best friend. Exactly guy on the one and come Tuesday human rights. I know there are. Big issues at stake. But human rights. Is never. A small issues. I understand not getting bogged down on the argument. While progress is being made in other areas. If North Korea. Is to truly. Become. Our long term ally. I think it's possible. Eventually. We're gonna have to bring up human rights. The president's gotten a lot of praise for the work he's done by the Pete he's taken. But over the North Korean summit. Has been. Primarily. Due to the absence. While the 800 pound gorilla in the room uninsured. Our North Korean state TV a 42 minute video documenting Kim Jong-Il whose every move at that historic summit president trump. Called the supreme leader of the United States shown offering his hand to a North Korean general. The general salutes instead and the president salutes right back. In train stations north Koreans clustered reading news of the summit trump what hip talking on the Chinese state media reported the president pledged to quote. I lift sanctions as mutual relations improved through dialogue and negotiation. My secretary of state Mike Pompeo said that's actually not the case the economic relief. How did North Korea will receive will only happen. After the full denuclearization. Back at home the president's gushing praise for Kim is raising eyebrows. Six months ago he said this. But no regime. Has oppressed its own citizens. More totally blow brutally. Can be cruel dictatorship. In North Korea. Human rights groups say Kim's regime has carried out torture forced starvation. And systemic murder of thousands. But you're gonna get picky. Well no. Who's. There's the price us and may include cool a little bit of soul. We've got. Pretend to be blind. A certain area. War. I'm already here. Big picture. And we sold out our fellow man. Do we not know this particular fellow man and he's saying because he's not our fellow country man. People made those borders people. Drawn up by man. Humans every one of us. I do believe. We have an obligation. To make human rights reform. A part of any deal. Not long game human rights. Means going after a safer world. And so yes. The president. Should proceed. Take the good you can give Wallace there for the taking. And Kim's not dom. He knows. If we give up on one side he's gonna have to get this back. Especially with trump as president. I think he wants in on the deal. And if your country. Is prospering. Or. Are at least done. Economic. O word. Trajectory. That breeds of hope. I know I mean. Kills contempt. Like oh. If the North Korean people. Believe. A better life as possible. And start I have thirteen. To that ends. They will create a self fulfilling prophecy. And it would be wonderful. To see happen. In my lifetime. I've seen so many things have seen. The Berlin Wall come down time. You saw President Reagan. Take a bowl that I. I was here on 9/11 house. Literally right here I'm in the room. Well I learned of 9/11. So Berlin Wall. Fall. Saw the breakup of the Soviet Union. Saw the end of the Cold War. My shot being fired. Oh ahead it is casualties. Mostly Russian mostly him. The form of the impoverished. But to fix Korea. My goodness I remember. Hearing about the Korean war one follows a little little kid. I'm practically fifty years old. I'm like a cubs fan out what other what Peyton well enough. And I think. The world has gotten. Figuratively. Small enough. That there are finally. Well enough people. That clearly. See. And desire. The benefit. Of a more united plan. There are those that believe. For a winner. There has to be a loser. Well maybe there's always going to be some wine. Bringing in more than someone else but I believe. To the core of my soul. That it is possible for every human being. You have. A decent quality of life. That project starts. When we decide to stop spending the money. On weapons. That we don't use but believe we need just in case the other guy goes. Cuckoo for cocoa puffs overnight that's becoming less likely. Much less the world we live down. And people that espouse. That philosophy. Have less and less influence on the society. And this is the time. To strike. Pat the weapons. Themselves. Happy birthday very man. Doors for rescue. Rite of spring. Another guy who was best deported. Lucio bolsa. Now you. My shares man. Any. Then what friends watching and we'll see immigrants. All lose zero. More than ninety enjoy this and I'm sure he signed peace time. I'm not gonna. Ruin who has been the happy to show in the history of this franchise. First half hour. Suicide second half hour murder. Third half hour. Fourth half hour fourth and final half hour. I'll ask each of the 411 on this. Man afford deal Pierre Thomas. Star metaphor and headed to court facing the prospect. The losing his freedom. And that's exactly what happened. Federal judge Amy Jackson revoked metaphor to bail. He immediately sending him to jail already facing charges of money laundering and fraud. He was recently accused the witness tampering special counsel Robert Mueller claiming manna fort and a man with alleged ties to Russian intelligence. Tried to convince two witnesses to laud the clearly angry judge told metaphors. I can't turn a blind eye to these allegations. We've said metaphor was escorted out of court as a shock wife looked dog. US marshals handing her his belt tying and wallet his lawyers and president trouble distancing himself from his former campaign chairman and out of court has nothing to do with our campaign humor for me what sort of 49 days or something. A very short period of time. Metaphor was actually would seem trump for 143. Days and for more than three months he ran the campaign. Playing a key role at the convention. The goal tonight is to. Flip some of the vision of the potential pence campaign back then the president heaping on the praise Paul man afford has done an amazing job. And all of Paul's people fall brought on the staff and we really do we have a great staff of talented people the president tweeting while won a tough sentence. Didn't know metaphor was head of the Marat. Mary unfair fear of not metaphor finds himself in jail behind bars awaiting trial. I wonder. If the president is going to. Distance himself or is going to. Try to use his influence to make. Things. But there from around Fort Worth so it sounds silica. And didn't sounds like a foot soldier took a hit a chord as sort of similar to. Okay. It's father's. I've got a folder. I am fall. Well sure it's. We look calm my dad and. And then. Tried to think is something to do. Just because this Father's Day. Tennessee I'm a creature of habit and special occasions. Seem a whole lot like Joost. Something else to do. Guys like me. But maybe I'll make it a special occasion. Know what I do. Will be not much. You know your dad. Do what would help them have the best day. Because saying all golden. And we don't always feel all that visible. But you know what. We love you. This Chris Ferrell a WB to the happy Father's Day say the plot.