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I'm Jeff Atkinson is talk 1110 knighted and three WBT. Worst night. We never mind what I'm men do. Worst possible. Parade through. What are some authority does. Don't you know the everybody else. It's about his sex life. See he's got. Why the. Tell people about your. Your private happens. A settled for a based on man. Again worse operate. Well. When Eli. Personally business. That's come up Paul. We end demanded the curtains. For a reason. Bedroom doors lock. Foray your reason. And besides. If you were born that. That way. Isn't really something and you should be proud. It's not. No accomplishment. Well for some that would be I guess in. Let's. That's like me saying I'm. Proud to be hall. I didn't have anything to do what it. Now I'm proud to work here. Because I shut up. Up plans. To get here and succeeded. Saying yes in that I take. Some foolish pride. And I understand the pride might not be. About. What. You're Dowayne. So much as it. Is. Your courage to be out rock were at the. He Powell run. Whip your sex life. That's not her age it's her first TV. It is what it until it. You want equality. Closure current disclosure doors are assured quality. 9/11 in the same world as me. Know what a great. Indicator. Of equality is. More. In common. You want. Commonality. What the heterosexual. Community. Stop talking about sex life in public. That's eco wall. Then the organized depression. I I haven't seen. Creating a problem that doesn't exist. So you can run up and down the street nudge were asks. Is not anything to be proud. But I didn't keep my sex life to my cell. I get tired it would be actionable. Now they do this in his spare time on what you're doing express dozen a smile that's fine. No one's telling you can't. I'm attacking the logic but which you do. How about list. I don't care that your day. I couldn't care less. I couldn't care you or gay anymore than I care BA I grave a year. So why don't we have gray hair Platt day. At least a would be more appropriate. Militia would have to worry about what your kids are gonna sneak. Hey kids don't need protection from debris. Kids need protection. From overt sexuality. Maybe because I'm a breeder. Maybe because I have kids. I'm a little more sensitive about it. How about giving them a chance to make up their own minds. Before you push urine and what the RA. It's an intensely personal playing there's not. A more personal thing. And I think that stump. Popular opinion regarding that. People wonder if maybe I'm a liberal or on more than. It is always nice to the president. I called bloggers should. And I don't feel like see in this. Bowels and up and downs well. There. Why did I'd go to jail. You want equality. Keep it to yourself. Sorry it's just what I believe. This is a chorus girl show on WB ET is seven coming up on 712. I didn't want to do some feel good stuff. This and more Aaron. That last segment wasn't all. Families are being reunited at the border. I don't think. It's a question of politics. To be happy about this. I think it is a question. Of morality. So in the hopes. Are up lifting. You're spear. Regarding family. On this Sunday morning. We bring you this report. From the border. During her surprise visit to the Mexican border the First Lady said she was looking for answers. I was and I. But for most of the children taken away from their parents because of president trump zero tolerance policy. It is unclear how or when he'll be reunited with their families. Going forward at least for the next twenty days. Families caught crossing the border illegally or to be detained together. While the adults await court hearings but where will they be held. The Pentagon says it is looking into options for housing some 20000. Unaccompanied children. In military facilities near the border. But not for the families. The First Lady and first daughter of market trumpet had urged the president and his policy of separating children from their parents. You know two hours on the ground in Texas. The First Lady asked about the mental health of the children. So my home to come here well I don't see is happy healthy and match. He envisioned when they get you very dry windy city environment of these the other kids in the AC CR Fisher relaxing. The crisis was triggered by the president's own zero tolerance policy. But in the meeting with his cabinet he once again falsely put the blame on Democrats and Democrats are causing tremendous damage and destruction of their lives. I'm not doing something about us and they know that while the First Lady sent a message of compassion our trip to Texas she made a curious fashion statement. Wearing a jacket as she left Washington. And when she returned. It's said the words I really don't care do you push spokeswoman said it's a jacket. There was no hidden message that statement was soon contradicted by the president in a tweet. He said the message written in big letters across her back was actually aimed at the quote fake news media. Milan he has learned how dishonest they are and she truly no longer cares. Okay Don. Well every say man. I'm surprised he didn't. Blamed the Democrats are sneaking up behind her. Taken up paint brush. And pain and on the back of her jacket as she was walking away from. Rather cryptic statement. I'm not sure it's a teachable moment but certainly. Hey Honduran bowl moment. I don't really care. How was. What they're talking about. Those those big letters on your back that met bill Borg. You're wearing Iraq now that says you don't really care what do you not really care about. The time. I mean was auspicious you were going to own. Visit mine are refugees. Basically you're. Going to visit children. You wanna walk into a daycare center with a jacket that says. How are rooted here. Ellis who send them all home what hurt they should be fine. But polls going to be a better mood this morning. So emotional Exxon meanness and. But not me this cursor arrow WB 28716. To go. Come on who else will be blamed flare off. And all of tonight. Boy I'm good. Out of my system now. Allow your system. Well boy. Funny you a tuna. I need to go into the old. Broadcasters. Auto shop and there's some spark plugs were placed her son Oppenheim. But feel like my wheels are about to come off Paulus. Led the stop we have time to complain I'll. The problems we just manufacture. Slow made any answers. Are. It and our hearts. So many solutions. Do you know how all our. Whole lane your own weight. And trees and people. The way you would like to be treated yourself. Do you know how far. Those food then this would go. Wade peaceful productive world if every one would simply do the instead of look for someone to blame. About their status and why. Change your status in line. You have the power. If you're here in my boys sure probably in America. You're in the best place and. The world Ford F can do you condone what I am not a workhorse okay. If clock can do it you can deal. Stop looking for people to blame. And get the work. That's simple be the change you wanna see in the world. I just showed off. Changes summer range changes they wanna greats that. But now we got to pay taxes on still abound lime ride at least that's the way I understand it's. See lots. Stuffed above for back to school I mean I got a kid and I got a kid move under Raleigh has led what's whip this new on line shopping tax. This is a big deal and what it means is that states can now force online retailers to charge a sales tax so that you'll end up paying more. When you shop online it means a lot to a lot of people and they're happy about this because now it's the same rules applied across the board. And states are happy because they'll be able to collect more money in taxes about thirteen billion dollars last year was locked. They already do charge sales taxes on any think that they sell directly. But about half of their sales on Comet from third party vendors. And those third party vendors don't currently charge taxes and the states impose these new laws you very likely paid taxes on those as well. How long before yard sales. How long. Before. Obtaining the permit. To have illegal yard sale. Contains the residents. Of a government official. To be on site. To insurer. That taxes are collect. If they kidnap the nick although door. New ways to squeeze people. Now I am not saying and it's not reasonable. Pace sales tax. On and then our net purchase. But why sell you my bike. Does the government really have to get involved. I mean I understand the bus so you're somebody else's body. Take a breath corrosive so seven dornin tells all Manning who. Why you have to leave the party so soon. It was download. I hope result has been. You have no idea what I'm talking about pan terra co-founder. Drummer. Vinnie Paul. Babbitt. Was his last name he went Bob any Paul. His brother was Darrell lab. Number dime bag Darryl would got a guy Sean on stage. That was his brother. They founded the band together. You know they had that album that debuted. At number one. In 1994. And terrorists far beyond driven album. Debuted at number one. This is not underground music. This is not underground music it's not pop music. Let's not underground music. I'm not in here spent on local demo tapes. Which a pod did I'd get accused there was some come payola deals like camp. What Doug could gas. There's some are want to remind everyone to be. Careful around water. Five TVs in the here and want album's been show one footage of baby crawl and then to a pool would just makes me wanna. Jump through the screen and save it. So Robin Morgan threw out all more two. Know about it no news is truly soon. And who. Do you think. K when Jan. The former Bruce Jenner. Hood. Have done as well. Post dot. In. New women's. Divisions. Well the Olympics. I think you might do okay. Heard her she might do okay. Sort of an unintended consequence. Behind the hole. I don't know sexual equality. Movement. It is the transgender. Athletes. Are starting to dominate. End. You can put the implications. Together yourself. Lindsey Davis. Also know more about news. Jerry Miller and Andre a year were dominating the competition of the girls track and field championships in Connecticut coming in first and second place respectively and while it was a state race there winds up making national headlines not because of what they did. But because of who they are. To transgender girls when was the first time that either you found any kind of opposition to U participating on the girls team. I was expecting yet so every day I'll go home so it's up trapped into high school it's another. Because you wanted to know what people are saying yeah. Some of those comments were harsh critics complaining that on trade and Terry both have an unfair advantage since they were born boys at what point do you decide. Actually it's more appropriate for me to be on the girls team and competing with other girls tying it. He decided. This summer. Before Atlanta good. They both started hormone therapy and say that for the most part they've been welcomed by friends family coaches and administrators with a open arms but there is some backlash from parents and students. Two petitions were even started in an attempt to change the current rule of the State's governing body of interest scholastic sports. The rule states that students are entitled to participate on the team based on their gender identity. How they identify. Young piston askew started one of those petitions pack your daughter Selena lost to Andre and Terry at a track meet. They have naturally it has cost around within their body. That has been proving to give a physical advantage. In sports. The mom who was unaware that the girls were already undergoing hormone therapy has gotten a little over a hundred signatures. Medical science tells us that estrogen hormone therapy does change the body replacing some lean muscle with fat but of course everyone is different. Andre is parents say what's most important to them is the well being of their child. Track is number 100. From a list of concerns as a father. Of a change and a daughter I'm talking about raising a child for a life. And so is it fair that that child is excluded. Is it fair that child to the kind of plays in the wrong it allows him to be who she wants to be and I think that had a little bit more weight and then just winning a medal. The rules vary from state to state in seven states including Texas students most play on the team that matches their birth certificate. Or undergone surgery or have had extended hormone therapy. Wally NCAA requires a completion of one year of testosterone suppression. Medical research cannot really identify the line where competitive advantage might exist for trans athletes of either gender. What do you wanna say two other transgender. Youth and young people teens are out there really struggling through this process just. Follow your heart and I don't want other people determine what you do in life. I am going to ask. Of the old G. BP. The thank you got the order right. I'm going to ask of that community. The exact thing. The die cast of the NRA. In the 6 o'clock now war. Inter a period. Of deep. Self. Reflection. I just juror narrative. According. And let's work together. More happy. Safe. Individuals. This is Chris Farrell WBT it's creeping up on seven and 46. You see 1110993. WBT's. Leading Charlotte's conversation. I'm needles around muscles muscle. For most people isn't doing so. One bill by the way elbows and. Ninety. Court. Because of what. And life. We. Tell us a lot mentioned water safety because they're going to spend most do Domanick. Man. Hot today NI four. Low tonight 72. That's higher than I keep my thermostat much else. Tomorrow's. Nineties war. Well our ladies Tuesday I think they're just trying to give us some look forward to an. Man. What's great about summer. Well Mel. Miles well Mel. Just end up. Spend enough time outside to come and shorter. Plan and much sports on C read. Matters. Travelers championship of cork or were a week removed from the US open and one average one of the big four. The following. Week and you know a lot of the big names. Take off. But you can still watch golf today. We don't watch from Major League Baseball on ESP NN tonight. Are you watch tracking three year old. On and NBC four. Cook. We just do a story on direct and then. Major League soccer no such thing. Four birdie on fox. Atlanta Portland. There's two WNBA. Games. On television tonight. Only two. We have to have MBA Tuesday. Dorm against the wings. The wings. I think more people think. Chicken wings buffalo wings. So wings buzz saw. Well as Paul McCartney's. Role ban. Play and the storm. I'd pay to see. Don't know pay to see the actual game. Beautiful summer sun day. You take vacations. I don't. Seriously don't take vacations. I haven't been on vacation. In fifteen years. I've taken from one Saturday golf. Because I was in the hospital. I am hoping. To catch up. On a little recreation the older idea it. Provided and my decrepit bones will allow it. But. Important to lots of stuff are read and vacations. Are. All part of lots of people's. Wife they're able to go on medication every year. Sounds cool weird but okay. Rebecca Jarvis how can we saved some money so it can afford take another vacation next summer. With gas prices falling for the last three weeks some relief at the pump the first summer travelers. Whether you're planning to hit the road the skies it's not too late to save on Matt dream vacation using hip monk enter your departure city in search deals by fiend like beaches or nightlife. Plus it pays to be flexible on timing according to a study of more than 900 million air fares the best time to book this summer is 47 days out. And remember even if you already have a hotel reservation you could still safe if you see a price drop call the hotel. Many will moderate but only if you ask. All went to a New Mexico. For my honeymoon. If I could go on vacation. In you Karl on two. I want a week because it takes two days to get out there. Day opening day back. Go back to New Mexico. You can see the sky. All around you so it's just. Such a wonderful. Beautiful. I use oil. And lots. Of the real. National heritage. This reserve there. And I would suggest everyone go. If they came down. Because you'll find it as unique. IE opening. Enjoyable. Experience. And man has the food good. Happy birthday to mom man Ambrose who bring years. American Ryder saturates. Author of the doubles dictionary. Which isn't nearly as notorious as a slouch. Devil's dictionary around cells county morgue us. But though it's. It adds it's a good grade for anybody and you don't have to worry about your soul. It's satire it's funny it sighed opening. You talk a map bowel Amanda had his time. Amber some Beers. Shares of Burke they would Jack Dempsey. If you're in the horror movies. Go on line and look object DMC verse is just a Willard. We'll. I actually don't forget us you thing producer and it's Al mollen arrows birthday. Now most of you know. That was the that was Arnold from happy days. A bit player. And a very successful show. I bring up his birthday but has he lived to be nine. How about that and he was always a slightly big Fella best I can tell. So don't give up on yourself. Oh happy birthday Jeff Beck who I understand is some type of rot but it's more. Wedge and this chorus girls say the clock a lot of.