David Chadwick
Sunday, April 22nd
Wendy Blight, author of "I Am Loved " and other books joins David to discuss God's love and how it changes our lives.

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Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick and this is news talk 1110993. WBZ. Welcome to the show in case you don't know this is a faith and values program it appears every week on Sunday between 89. It's purposes intersect faith and values with different issues in our culture locally globally it's always a pleasure doing the show now almost eighteen years. Thank you again for listening. Well today I have a very special guest she's a friend but also a prolific author. A many different books Bible studies on line and actual print media her name is windy blight she is. A participant in them magnificent proverbs 31 ministry and just has a gift for touching especially. Women's hearts she's a mom all a wife and just again a dear friend and it's a pleasure Wendy to have you on the show today I'm thinking David Hyatt and so happy to be with rallies statement McKee. Well yours your books are magnificent I can't tell you the number of people who told me. How they enjoy reading them you have a new in this just come out called I am lobbed at that will use as the basic conversation. During the showed it to express the people the extraordinary. Level of father in heaven and how when you grass that. You're never this thing but let's let's get to know you'd just a bit how long you've you've been in Charlotte your husband your family tell us about Wendy blight. Okay well I'm I'm a Texas girl at heart and you can't take Texas out of the Guerrero even when you take the girl at a Texas so. I am but we have lived here now my ad job Brad has been here and I think we've lived here since though it's eight months old in 1998 became and he snatch went east so I'm astute when he year world that seems impossible I don't remember when we met for the first time and the years go by so fast and adequately. And you have a daughter as well yes. And my daughter is the line and she used when he boy and his and it and it and she's a graduate of the University of Georgia very proud and auditioning my wife as well Georgia Bulldog yeah. Did George doubled it's it's contagious in the thing now did you and money meet in college. Yes I'm one of those few people who have dated one person and Mary that wonders he is the love of your life you know a really good guy. I'm in your Christian faith how did that come about. You know David I am I correct Catholics I grew up going to sturtze and am you know I would say buried. Faithfully to my family that I never really developed that personal relationship until I got to Baylor which is a Baptist university says that make sense now can get a Catholic background your mostly you go to Baylor as of very. Conservative evangelical school that seems a little inconsistent that seem my parents weren't that. They didn't think that way you know my grandmother to meet there at their to visit it was only school I apply to so that's it was a when I visited Atlanta that's right here. And so your four years there what did you major in with lighting a part of your acumen and well in your life it's very interesting David I was a political science majors last. Things like Adam constitutional lot it and went to law school as Sydney's practiced offered few years. And absolutely did it brilliantly. Yet a lot of people know that about using moral lawyer and actively practiced for some years but that did not satisfy net well I I was I was a litigator which really you know my personality it is really not my personality but what I laughed about the La. When is preparing other breeds of researching and writing. And so it just makes total sense that. Even though I did let the practice of law mainly because. No offense still lawyers out there I mean I am one but I had difficulty in that combative missed that little bit of litigation so. And it it just when I'm mid tier I would've had to take the bar again with two little children and so I didn't practice slot here it was like an intentional decision that the did you actually do in the courtrooms yens and or do you try to win your case were somebody else yes and if you felt like maybe you were wrong used a lot of argued speaker yet to win aqsa literally. I mean it's a theory hard it's very hard to it says it is a hard. Think for me. I realize now that was in my Cobb but the training I received help me in my cop that is LP. Because in that way I analyze scripts are in the land glad to read and studied or where it. It just came from all of that training tipped it to analyze and even look at the signs which she really need to do you. As you know is a pastor how she delicate aside to be able to stand up for what you believe in the trees that you believe. And so you really learn a lot from your legal training in how to study the scripture which has been. A way to write your books in a more practical way yes and naturally exciting to think about that god doesn't waste. Any minute in our lives when we're pursuing MC might look back and say while what was god doing way back then but he wants using that careful where you warn act. I don't earnest next man I earn back then but that's okay. It well it's interesting that your gift is to unfold this scripture in writing particularly. In you arguing that in such. Magnificent ways when we come back we'll talk about that with. In proverbs 31 which is an explosive ministry has touched women worldwide. And you argue one of their major authors. But also just your heart to help women know the Bible that that is really what drives you'd. Windy blight is my guest today she has written a recent book called I am loved and we'll talk about that a lot in windy also implement some of the things you've been through in life for god has been faithful to you and help to overcome really difficult challenging places. As well I'm David Chadwick is he's 1110993. WBT will be. Back. Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick and you talk 1110 WPP. 99311. To and it's great to be with you all hope you're enjoying the show with my friend. Windy blight in studio she is a worker. Mom but also a prolific author common great wife and just a wonderful person and human being it's great having you on the show windy thanks for your time today yeah thank you had most recent book is I am logged on a prolific author how many books have you written now. Well this isn't mine. Lawyers plan that they've written that's been published in an I've written a lot of Bible studies for my girls in Charlotte and just not submitted for publication and proverbs 31 tell our folks about what that ministry is likely Euro on good part of what they do in their writing yet thanks for asking about proverbs because when I first mid tier didn't know what it was can reduce its I didn't practice law anymore. Am I got a part time job because of some women and men at forest hill and started working there I am. Actually in their speaking ministry not as a speaker but doing that contracts. And that led to me starting to speak for them. And that speaking. A lot with my combined to writing of Bible studies just sort of and morphed into me eventually writing them for them and stem did they do have to date daily devotional is that I wrote for at first. But I went and lab with doing that because they didn't really. They weren't really Bible study things it was more like a word of inspiration to stay in that was not my heart. And then I am about three years ago at least attackers. Had this thought I am whining to eradicate biblical poverty in them in the world and she's the founder of the sovereign Saturday when the ministry and a dear friend and she started something called first five which is our new app that you can alert just. Spent the first five minutes of your day with a lawyer frank when you wake up on this app and I was asked to be one of the I teachers that would bright for that and I have loved doing that and I and that for the last three years. Well interestingly. We were in India several years ago and ran into some lady in a remote Indian village. And she was a newly converted follower of Jesus. And she was talking how she was growing and Merrill are going how in the world he growing here in the middle India. And she said all I'm on line with proverbs 31 ministry writings Bible studies probably some of your work as well. Portion are going this thing has amazing implications for people's lives all over the world. Absolutely because I am now am I. After three years of being amateurs by team I'm resigned a few weeks to take over we have Iverson went online Bible studies. We here in over hunter written I can't remember how many countries right now and so a 192 or three whatever in the world is definitely. 550. Years and he's an amazing. And so we am I am going to be ten and taking the position we're creating Cobb basically it's that. Courtney for biblical content hammered a start creating. Some of the books are more topical or aimed at that we're going to start bringing in more. Biblical contents for that for girls to women involved in it that would like to get deeper and so they've done an all four of mine accident when we first started there were about 800 women. And now there's just. Hundreds of thousands of women going through it will there there's a woman listening right now that would like to engage in Bible study on line via proverbs 31 how would he do it. Just goes to averaged 31 dat or. And there isn't. They place at the top that are taking tees to our online Bible studies and you can register we avenue and starting an while. Good for you. Wendy your life. In your faith. Have been forged in the fires I mean a lot of people who know you'd know your story but I would love for you to share a deep dark time of your soul that you went through. That would really encourage listeners may be especially women who were similarly walking through a difficult time which in my tearing and a. I. Attended Baylor university and went there for off for years met mine now has been was engaged to be Mary he asked me to name a few weeks before it ended. And then I graduated. Ran. With the job waiting for me to work for Baylor for the next years in and promoting the school traveling they're. This the United States promoting school. And a few days after I graduated. I walked into my apartment. To find an iron mask demand waiting for me at scares me. And I was us every woman's nightmare it is. And now am day. As intelligent I didn't grow up. And it with a real strong faith but I mean I believed in god then you know read my Bible every now and then went to to a Baptist Church while I was there. That. You know day hours that he spent with me that day chest. If rocked my world in a way that had never. It just it's it's just when you walked something like that you just think it's never ever gonna happen TU. And I remember. Laying thereafter he he said if you I'm gonna leave now if you telling anyone what happened I'm gonna come back and killing. And I remember when he walked out and being so terrified because when you lifted something like that it's almost as if there's God's protection you're watching what's happening TU. You're not really experiencing. Them an out of body experience and I honestly look back now at that time I didn't. Believe I mean I didn't understand that the pilot back now and I just think that's. A protection. Am from the lord at least it was for me that I remember getting patted the bed with just and rapping talent around me. And so afraid he would be waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs and I ran I ran out the front door when I realized he was time to around the corner where money's apartment was. And his roommates round there and of course tea and that one stayed with me the rest scattered rain and that they it had been two. So I went through the process of going to the hospital and going through the rape kid and CSI is coming to my house. And you know I can remember for weeks and months. Just wondering where it got. You know because my question is asked myself how. Couldn't good and loving god sit on his throne in heaven and acts that happened when of his children and so David it really to me and it really hard to iron. And Adam but the most amazing thing is you know I thought who who is god is god somebody Hugh. Just created this world and went away and lefties gonna come back someday and and bring his people back to them. Is he not really is all powerful as he says he is. And they were so many things that I was so angry but when I might be very dear friends. Who lives in Dallas said to me. Go here by if you go out here Bible I promise you got to give you answers because I kept asking her you know. Can't you tell me you love guide you live your life for god surely eleven incidents as it isn't like that when he have to hat. To god guide yourself and you have to know who he is you have to understand them and so. Think god that's what idea that I chest you know I tried counseling. And not think counseling it's not good but for me it didn't work I thought it was with a bunch of people is bad office silence and with a group counseling session OK and down. And so I just started to go take into the Bible by myself and I learn some amazing things about God's wisdom God's sovereignty. And god laugh took many many years I'd just going through the word of god many what I call got to play it's in my life people who he put in my life. And just the right moment. And one of my favorite stories as we had a new pastor at our church in Dallas. Kmart Cragg and heat preached a sermon I couldn't tell you what it was about that I knew I was supposed to go talk to them. And I couldn't understand why it I was intimidated. Didn't tell them that. I went in his office and I had a Bible my grandmother had given me that I was trying to plug through it learn about god. But he took me to this story in giant based on chapter five about the man and then that man he'll at the pool that that's. And when Jesus asked the man do you wanna get well. And then man gave Jesus excuses as to why he couldn't. And didn't Jesus just slipped adamant said get out pick appear Matt and wac. And my pastor then looked at me when he finished that story Amy said Wendy -- wanna get well. And I and she can imagine asking when he and I was like of course wanna get well that's why I'm here and he said I don't think he did. And he said I think you've been sitting on the map for cell lung fear and self pity and everybody feels sorry for you rape victim. And he said that until you get up popped him he will never no idea about my history. Some people even find their identity in their awful experiences. Sadly yes and maybe that's what began happened to you I've had a challenge people that same way. That's not who you wore what happened he was not who you walk. Is that what the word of god in your pilgrimage in the scripture finally convinced you. That much what that moment in time did weighs everyone told me he bruised right twelve got expert is living an active. But in that moment I realized that when it says it's slipping and it's meant to speak to us today in its active meaning it's relevant and is capable of creating change. That taint guides used the word to repeat you can and just say. This is not who you are you are not a victim you learn over comer. Any tipped me on this journey and ticked me to the scriptures and first on four for about greater is he losing you than his in the world. Romans 837 to 39 just talk about nothing separates have their eyes from the bureau more than a cock and your more than a conquer. Hi as Maryland and I say hi brittney how it's more than a cocker not too sick cocker. So yes that. It it was exposing my heart. To guide wire that changed my life because when we know the truth. And we believe that truth and we institute that really brought change every. When us what Jesus in John eight ended if you biting me and I'm biting you you'll know the truth and the truth will set yet freeing and it gets processed free. And won the beauties of what happened you all those ugly is it wise is you have now sensitivity to minister to women in that same situation like he never would have had. Exactly and what I've learned David it is doesn't have to be someone who spend you know sexually assaulted it can be someone whose husband has. Committed adultery against that make can be someone who has chronic illness because it takes us all to those same emotions they may. And come up from a different place but that doesn't want this to face stepped in any of those places. And once we have that passion and that understanding of the power of the word of god and how it is. Written to create change in our lifetimes then we can be healed from any. And not a victim but a victorious. What someone once said windy blight is my guess today she's in all author of several different books are most recent 1 is I am loved we will get to that topic in just a moment the windier setting it up like he did. Makes the topic of God's love for you even more profound for. Our listeners and when we come back let's go in depth into the love of the father that can redeem even our most horrific situations I'm David Chadwick this is news talk 1110993. WBT will be. Right back. Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick and this is news talk 1110993. WBT welcome back to the show. If you'd like to hear this program in its entirety and especially if you're a woman out there and have gone through trauma in your life I think this would be especially meaningful program for you to download. Go to WBT dot com look for the weekend shows you'll see that David Chadwick show their you can download the show here that a podcast in its entirety. Again with my friend windy blight who has shared in the previous segment about a terrible. Rape experience or through which he went and how it has. Traumatize turbot too windy you found your faith in Jesus to be sufficient and you know we have the meat to movement which is going on right now. And for people who have been sexually assaulted. What would be your simple message to anyone in that position. I think that that very first thing I'd say is saying me too is really important to stand up and and say that something has happened tees that shouldn't have happened tees because it's when we hide. That's when we stand it really hard place like I did for so long in this prison of fear and entertainment and is staying and what do I do wrong what brought this is on specially if it's someone that. You worked with or someone that you date or that you're married to that brings more ashamed than what I had because it was a stranger. But yes so I do at first about me too is important to stand up and then go to someone and shares someone you know lab in tres and I would take someone. Who knows the lord. And can block with you and pray with you because some really. In reality you can you can have counseling and you can talk to all sorts of people that. Truly the only one who can heal those deep deep wins is Jesus he is because he died on the cross for every point. Every evil thing that happens in this world he die to heal us from every broken rounded he said he came to set the captives spree. And that's what it does when you spend as sexually assaulted or someone has to spend really inappropriately he. It it it put us in this prison and it affects the way we think about ourselves and our identity becomes in. And that person that's been wounded and hurt and violated. And status our identity and Ky switches we are glad we are forgiven we are saved we are redeemed we are created with purpose where a masterpiece. All those things that's really that we. Windy how did you get beyond the fact that god is good god is love that this all full thing happened to you I get that question has more than once obviously as a pastor. How do you respond to people who ask you that question having gone through this severe trauma. That he went through. Well. It's hard to say in the short few minutes that we have because that's what it really wrote about my first but can usually that it really anyway as. First learning and the character of god when I say that I mean. He's he's as stubborn god and he has control over circumstances and you think OK if he had control of round. Then Annie knew what would happen to be on that day then why did you edit that writing the let me walk in my apartment that day. While that comes to the fact that we live in a fallen world we live in a world where they're good people and bad people and bad people make bad choices that hurt us. God. Has Satan is on. Prince of this earth right now and yes some. Control there is an evil malevolent force apps world but that what's important and what I learned is so that that straight. He's caught the prince of this earth but the greater power in the greater authority. All authority and heaven and earth is. In found in the almighty god. And so what I had to Hitler and balance was sweetly and violent world that we have a god is greater than that so even when bad things happen. Which they will and we knew brief description you understand he never says. That things can happen he says impact winning as persevere perseverance against. I can just face him many scriptures and go towards. That bad things happen here but god clean as I will not leave you in those places and England and leave you renovate when he says. When 828 says. That win they happened I am going to use them will work them for good. In your life and from my glory and hats which he T so tell me the good that's come out on paper rate moment and the most is this is the ministry Catskill. It's it became the cause of my life. And Maryland asks me when I shared this at pitcher that's my wife Carolyn yeah it was a a a I adored his wife. That that that that that being she asked me and stage it was my first time this year that's too big money and she said which you walk through this again. And I said if I can beat the why. And the mother. And the Bible teacher Ian today absolutely because it's. In. Even though might situation had to do with the rape. What happened was as I change to me he changed why why why he changed the mother I mean. He changes everything about you he heels went area but sometimes that one area affects all the other is that your life became evil. And malevolent and bad news it infects not just. It can and everything when you surrender. And you know there's facts freed him. And healing his whole you know it heals Hart said yeah it takes time. And it takes community. And it takes bibles. We have almost a PTS beef phenomenon you're the post traumatic stress and dilemma that comes into people's lives when they go through deep trauma yet. I have learned in the times I've gone through some deep stuff. That second corinthians 14 is really true that the got to walk comfort who comforts me in my trauma. Then calls me usually to go comfort somebody else amidst severe trauma and gives me alike calling that I never would have had otherwise and I'm hearing you say that's what happened you. Exactly I like to college it's like a backdrop to my ministry. It's just back there it's what brought me to where I am and when I have opportunity to share their testimony I do. But now my my message is so much more than about been healed from. Ray and it's so much bigger and greater and it's sometimes that point do you mean like your experience in my experience and really. What we ultimately wanted to at this point every went to Christ and to god because. Whether it did their situation isn't like ours it doesn't matter the trees that he'll best or the listeners. Mean I know that I was traumatized in my twenty's by out of breaking and group of men who held me at gunpoint for almost an hour and threaten my life and that bell me up and beat me up and I thought I was gonna die. But I had to work through that and God's given me a deep compassion for people who have gone through. Terribly painful things in my guess is if you're like me that I would not know the deep love of the father and his compassion for other hurting people had I not gone through that so. In terribly. Poignant line which I have said more than once for thank you for that terribly hard moment and you're saying the same thing windy. Yes and I never thought I never thought I'd be evidence speak as it's because so many Christians. We don't say this either this is just some advice from Wendy when someone goes after a hard time like that. Please don't let that first words out of your mouth the word god will use this for good guys it's it's. It's his will this happen and yet don't because in the moment when we're friends you don't need that. We not only do we not need it it it. It hurts so much because. The first thing I went to his what did I do wrong. Because they didn't have a deep faith to help me watt units like aperture I had done something wrong I wasn't. Good enough I had. Dunn's I that a good person but I. You automatically goatee you win sometimes it it's just the fact that we live in a world where these things happen it can be cancer can be. Divorce to can be rejection whenever I rebellious child. It's just part of this world and that company cancer is always. To go to god and she has wired and end and it's don't let that be treats. I mean the Bible is a love letter written last two. To bring hope and healing to every broken every broken part every difficult. Event that happened. And that voice is windy blight she is an all third she's a speaker. She's a friend in on that showed a day to shear the vulnerabilities where she's been her own broken this. But also folks here this a great mom. A great wife and a great friend I'm Wendy you have written a most recent book about the love of god it's entitled I am loved. I'm talk about your understanding of the loving father. Well. If I take you back to what we talked about in the first session. One of the things that happened to me after that was when I married my husband. He became sort of my protector. And my. I would say my first love then and I didn't want him to go anywhere I didn't ever want to be alone. And I became all consumed with my team being that person that was going to care for me protect me from everything and all that did was create then. A jelly seen me. That he couldn't go anywhere I started did not trust and this is what I'm talking about investing is in effect in fact she wouldn't win sorted that gets a hold of you. People are drinking life from him and him alone and no human being yet has that happened to him yes and so the beautiful thing land I. I learned that my first slaps it truly beat Willard. And to end it again when. God and Jesus sat on the throne of my heart and by that I mean I just realized I'm my identity and on my hope economic aid was in. In in in guide van and especially Jesus in my T found his rightful place. Lower and that thrown at my heart he this gift from god. And in in that realization. I mostly that you're someone 39 where. You know this this armed talks about how how god knew lest he get this together in our mother's room and there's not a single day that happens in our life. That was at first written. In his vote in the plane of his. When we come back I want to continue on the track about your book and and there's averse in. The Bible this is perfect love casts out all year and it seems to me like that would eat that's what you have learned in your own journey. With the father. In heaven I'm David Chadwick this is you talk 1110. Many 93 WBT with my guess windy blight will be right back. Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick and this is news talk 1110993. WB ET welcome back to the show. Thanks to my friends of Perry's fine jewelry for their support of the show also moments of hope which is a new. Media broadcast ministry that's overseeing my work in much of the stuff I've put together through the years trying to take it more globally and locally. I'm very appreciative of their sponsorship of the show as well on my guess today windy polite while Wendy what do show. You have I'm sure touched many people sharing your story of a difficult traumatic rape experience. But I'm gonna use that to broaden you'd deepened youth and give you a message of hope. And love for women your most recent book in you right prolific Lee for proverbs 31 but also have four books but your most recent 1 is entitled I am love. It's a study of first John. And we were talking before we took the break on. That beautiful Bible verse that says perfect love. Casts out all fear and I'm sure after your rape experience you lived in. Moments with the slightest Knoll east causing your body to jerk and wonder is something like this can happen in the again this post traumatic stress that people live in when they go through difficult situations. And yet you would be the first to say because I know use that the love of the father that you've learned this that's revealed in first John which is probably the best book in the Bible and the love of the father. Has helped set you free talk about that please. Well if you don't mind Atlanta shares story to help with that. So needed and if my journey when I had been praying so much I prayed and prayed and said god take away my beer take away my fear. Over a decade I've lived in that fear from being raped and it's. One and always when I would stay by myself I would. You know put on the alarm put on all the TVs in the house leave all the lights on this is what my kids were getting older. One night I was I am laying in my bed. Had done all those things I usually do. And caught a friendly chat Ali's due to. To make sure that I had someone trained for me because I was staying alone without my husband being there. And as I was laying there but it's like hey I. Felt the leg pressing on my heart to just turn the TV off antibiotic is I would do what you said I leave here every know. That it was like do you trust me windy do you trust me and I was like a case like turn that TV off. And David I laid in that bed and I waited and waited for that feared accountant and it comfort over a decade I mean. I can't even remember what it felt like not to live in the year. And I just was playing tennis like I trust I trust you thinking when I. Literally dropped to my knees and got out of my bed on my knees because I didn't have that fear anymore that the mouth of the father consuming me. Was incredible in that moment like I never felt that kind of Lott just consuming me. And the end I quickly picket iPhone before even called Monty caught my friend may Q I said to pray. And what I forgot to statements important part as I saw while they angels around my house like in that moment when Nat do you trust me. And win I Carter and I said I hate to make. I don't have a fear anymore and I saw this holiday angels and she was dead silent you know I thought to be celebrating with me. And she said windy when I hung up the stand with you bill and I prayed and he prayed for a while if angels to be or rented house on mine and frightening. It was so that I would note that not it wasn't the passage of time date that it wasn't anything else. It was a lot of the father consuming me. And I think that was his moment is saying you can trust me for now. Because he knew that calling this place in my life was to trust him more than anything else that he don't have to me and that he is would hurt the have trashed because of how. Faithful here we have a spiritual enemy he's a malevolent force who hates us and I got permits him to exist though I think largely because. Without the enmity we'd never growing our faith. Mean how do you grow unless there's the opposition you give a son who plays a college basketball I did. As well well how do you ever know how to play analyst there's opposition. And so god allows the enemy to do what he does but to increase our faith. And faces increased by knowing the love of the father which is what your book is all about I love to study of first John again windy blight is the author she's my guest today. And unless we get to that point of totally trusting the perfect love of the father. Fear will continue to fill our heart. Right and it's and ran. David how you address that that god does not. Give us a steered a few years ago but it'll Halard lab and it's now time mine you know it's all of them. It's the power of the peers not from god exactly. Right and and that's where I that's where I was wrong because I thought here was a good. A motion that helps us to protect ourselves and it's it's not now we can have feared. And as long as it doesn't take rate its just like anything else you make you feel angry feel anxiety that you didn't he speak at tricked you that you take that thought captive. To the obedience of Christ which just means the word he'd take that. Captive and being that I think that. If we can chest. When we are consumed with that lap that the father. Nothing can contain. So when there are people in our lives to who hurt Aniston are angry not just big experiences but to irritate us. It doesn't matter what it is. Wind we know how loudly car. That diet whole goal for us in in is to keep this to worse now and that's what a lot of the rest of that book the book I am glad talks about. The only tape Atlanta and the only way we can drop others to Jesus it's the green that lap and looked loaded. Outing her enemies the people who have hurt you like the person yet is can you say honestly today you'd love that person who did that terrible thing do you can I say I love them I can say I love them with the love of the father desiring that where ever he has I would pray for his cell voice mail that the greatest love you could ever give to that person as they come in jesus' death and spend eternity with him. But if they continue to live in and hatred in you let them deal with the father in that way but you don't have to say I'm the only EB part of my life again after someone has really deeply hurt you can. And that's that's how you do know that's not it's it's blatant giving them the writes it to the justice. That god take that part every year free here and there is something so freeing. When I said out loud I forget I don't know that person never seen him I forget the twelve Romans 1219 that the you don't return evil with evil return evil with good in the good to you return it with these are refused to hold that bitterness and my heart because I know that's ultimately destructive to me and I let that person go and trust that God's going to deal and actively with them the way. The father and eight stood back. And that's freedom freedom in deep and. Okay the love of the father we only have a couple minutes left and I wanna make sure that this gets sent. The the love of the father is the strongest. Force in the universe as evidenced through Jesus on the cross the willingness for him to die for our sins the resurrection proving the deep love of the father. Wendy talked our people again please about knowing the depth and width width and height of the loving father. When we walked in that last. It is it is truly a life transforming black as they share with you it changed I used to be a mom yelled a lot of my kids. And got it just comes in and he transforms. Three that would last. And also win we here in our deepest darkest bases. When we just have that lab that we can't we can track you don't trust someone you don't know when you don't laugh. And when we can hold on to the lab that the father. And what that would help thanks in enable us to walk in any. Saying that we bought through small our bank that's difficult and makes a question where you got. Yes you can now that god always day. It's not how this extravagant. Unconditional lab that's what first Don tells us. And it will. Set you free yes the book's entitled I am loved windy blight is the author BLI GHT. Go on line Amazon told there available and windy. Thank you everyone for listening windy thank you for your time today. I appreciate some major presence pilot being here and everyone out there just remember you and last child of and love god and love your neighbor if you just do those two things you have a lifetime's worth of work to do I'm David Chadwick I look forward to talking with you wall. Next week.