Charlie Rose, Thanksgiving and More

John Hancock
Tuesday, November 21st

Hancock talks about Charloe Rose, John Conyers and others accused of sexual misconduct. I Read The News and Thanksgiving talk.


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This is John Hancock. Charlie. Franken is rose. While. Well there's one I didn't see Caroline. Hi how watched. Gayle king and Norah O'Donnell today and that has to be the hardest. It's tough enough when somebody dies. That you work work. Blood. When somebody. Turns out to be. The exact opposite of what you. I watched that show. I'm like Charlie Rose Charlie Rose has interviewed. Everybody and their mother literally. Over the last thirty some odd years his body of work is on new ball believable. His credibility is unquestionable a really don't care if you think you leans left or not. He does. But he is his work as a broadcaster and as a journalist says. Is of there's a note. But where's the filter. Onto our guy like Charlie Rose. Did tells you. That. That younger. Female in the office. Isn't interested in you. Where's the filter. At what point do you start to think. Well maybe my. Status. Will overcome my. Age and physical. Limitations. And I'm not exactly sure what or in the middle of right now but. And that I don't wanna say this is the feminist movement coming up there because this is you know people out there are have a right to be treated the way that people should be treated. But this is an all away it's the culmination of females in the workplace finally saying. My body has nothing to do with why. Talents or. Abilities or higher raw ability or. I don't know it it's this is this is up from Harvey Weinstein all the way through everybody. And then those become. Because IA you'd just get the feeling that the gates or the floodgates are open. Arm. Now you also hired I got kind of get the feeling now that anybody that wants to take anybody down right now. Basically has a pretty good platform to be able to do that. So. Who was a last week that said you run the risk. Boat people. Taking advantage of this and that bit that some people low will be falsely. Accused. Or. Eight and I don't mean this is an excuse I'm sure older blasted for this in some circles but. That some people may just miss read though there's nothing miss read about walking around office naked at the cut. But I mean. If an older guy walks up to weigh younger intern and says would you like to have Denver. That may not know that that may be in bad taste. But that's hardly. In less of course. Then you having dinner. Has something to do with your position with the company or even eighth position with the company. Well I had just got to wonder where the filter is. Charlie Rose. I felt really bad for Norah O'Donnell who that drives me crazy because she does leave so far left to looks at tumors and on her sleeve from time to time that's the show I watch. That's there's a reason other ideas to kind of take a liking to us CBS this morning so rom. I don't like to because Charlie Rose and like him because a Gayle King ethic. Like Gayle she's kind of unfiltered and her own special way. And electric has a Norah O'Donnell because although why don't necessarily Europe agree with her political team and I think she's got one. I do think she's an unbelievably gifted. And hard working. A journalist who's paid her dues and is deserves the position that she's acquired. And I just liked it I just like to better than today show I got really sick of Matt Lauer and in the girl's. And I never have been for summary is another ABC is just never really appealed to me your arm. Robert Robertson. I don't know there's just something about ABC that just never really. Reached out and grabbed me and I guess I started watches CBS about the time that Harry Smith took over the when they first changed the format it was Harry Smith and another female like her whose name I can't remember right now but she's gone off to a different network. And elect Churchill. But then when they finally got Gayle king and Norah O'Donnell and Charlie Rose and there are I liked that I liked that Charlie Rose. I'm North Carolina connection. Mom I liked that Charlie Rose is not a polished. Typical. Anchor man. Daddy's. Kyra has. Boyish shyness to him and Betty. But he sometimes. Stumble older I you know but I also like the fact that this is a guy that's been talking to every body people on PBS. Just in like anybody that's ever involved in anything or anybody that ever passes away or anything they've got file footage of Charlie talking to a. And do watch your career at 75 years old two watches career go south. Because of. Because this is just. It's just uncomfortable. It's like watching somebody stepped into the path of a bus you just. You just want to leap out and travelman pullback arbiters don't know Poland in back he's been fired by the way he was suspended as of this morning he's been fired by CBS now. So. But didn't you know I mean what's what is going on now here is that the next one up. Again. This is the big I've and I data off rush talked about this today are not provided to get a chance to listen to a whole lot of rush today. But. There is. There's a stood there's there's a couple of stories a strong. Sourced stories. That we are about to see new sexual assault accusations from four women who claim incidents after Bill Clinton left the White House. If rush talk about that. So why no reason I ask of rush talked about it is that would lead me to believe that my sources are. My sources are buried beside inside sources but. But would that be interesting. I'd love but it barely knew it would be surprising what it. And is there anybody that really thought that after all of that was over when they waltzed out of the oh White House in 2000 what was that one. With all the stolen furniture and stuff. Mr. roll stuff they grew they left they took stuff out of the White House there were supposed to take. The plan puts. But. They do we really all that real well believability they bought a house of their New York a live happily ever after all we had she ran for the presidency. But it goes home every night. Learning how to cook and so I wouldn't surprise me at all but don't. And then there's pictures of Al Franken today. With Ariana Huffington. And he's got to play and ready with her but she swears all of our guys come on there's nothing going on here this is just. But nonetheless say it it's pictures of him. We've witnessed do we would do which is waiver hand. Which kind of a company's the other one. So now there's even a liberal groups that are asking Al Franken to read does to resign. And then the old female staff of Saturday Night Live even though they like you though that the current cash lambasted in the last weekend. Jane Curtin and people like that broad lowered through three of oversold than women that worked on Saturday Night Live wrote a letter in support of Al Franken. It's OEU you just eyes act John Conyers. Says he learned about. This. Buzz feed report that he would sell the complaint in 2015 for more than 247000. Dollars with a woman who alleged that she was fired from his staff because she rejected his. Sexual advances and he's saying lots all news to me. I learned about that story the same time everybody else did do when it was their release to the media from buzz feed. And then you have a New York Times reporter Glen rush prominent New York Times political reporter. One of the top report Carter's that is a covered the trumpet administration and he's been suspended over allegations. Inbox dot com. A sexual misconduct involving young female journalists. And and then Roy Moore that's still that's still alive story. But Charlie Rose. Grilling. Charlie Franken roads and. Everything Harriet says tomorrow's the worst travel day for Thanksgiving actors say that your us safer and better news that they can't I'm gonna move fairly short drive do believe Thanksgiving morning. But. And then there was that. That report last week. That that rated the worst stretches of highway in the country. And I 8515. Most dangerous. Highway in the United States. And the stretch and Charlotte's the worst part of 85. So you'll be careful out there. I tomorrow we are at the we'll be broadcasting from the Coca-Cola dog tells W infancy and Coca-Cola doghouse down there it to emit more history. It's their fifteenth annual. Started by packer years ago. Can I do their frozen Turkey drug. Straight Turkey what they call it it's a benefit the second harvest food do a bank of the matter of metro liner and loaves and fishes food pantry. So they are they're asking you know come by tomorrow there's start at 6 o'clock in the morning take it all the way to 7 o'clock tomorrow night people receiving your frozen turkeys and canned goods or whether you wish to put in no monetary early. Honeybees are there Hugo's there. I'll be down their from a 3 to 6 o'clock so I stop by and say hi and help out WR NC street Turkey's tomorrow 6 AM till 7 o'clock. At UW up and see Coca-Cola dog help. The. Don't run away oh when calling his radio program terminal 4571110. Please have your pants inched up which having them out loud. Here's an epidemic going on in this country right now and we don't need to be adding to that. And to the problem we keep our parents on your work. Most of his. All the stores this historic second tell. No one of the disadvantages and having 227 years is I know story is that not supposed to know and some stories that over before I even got here. I can do it to order of offices in this building. A and and now they're not all unvaccinated and and all sexual in nature that are oh there's all sorts of there's all sorts of things there was. TV personality launched that. I came in here late that night I guess this was on what it was like a scavenger hunt but it was yet you don't go away we're one of the things that they had to do was get up. Accurate royalty assignment wise but anyway she came and hearing got on the anchor desk and they took a picture ever topless. And I was last time she ever appeared on as usual wasn't on channel three and they wouldn't have caught her. Except there was some engineer back there in the control room. 2:30 in the morning I don't know why he was they're probably run the board. And also be looked up at one of the TV monitors in there she was. And apparently he ran tape on it but I. I'll be damned if I can ever see that tape. I don't know potential exists or not. I'm still offered money. Anyway. The no I don't know what's going on right now. But the Harvey Weinstein thing led to other Kevin Spacey thing led did and I you know on music to litany of names at this point. And now we're or thinking that Bill Clinton former President Bill Clinton is reportedly facing a new round of charges of sexual assault from four women know this I don't think this has been filed yet but. Ed Klein reports in the Daily Mail that attorneys have notified Clinton that they are preparing to file for separate lawsuits against him. And these things what they these sort of happened after he left the White House in 2001. Now they'll surprise anybody Willett. But on the other hand. The report says that the women were employed in low level positions and an organization that was owned by a Playboy billionaire and no apparently bill used to use his in his plane to fly and they used to have kind of an off color name for that. Plane it was an error. Force one but it was there or something or rather one. Started with the same letter. Com and so that's humorous kind of sit around wait to see if that actually happens. And that that would add some pretty colorful. They told you the other day and I saw it yesterday while we're on the air. Hillary Clinton being interviewed by somebody. And they were talking about the Entertainment Tonight tape with the trump. And there was bill sit right there. And on the one hand he had that look pity is you know when he sit next to Hillary good supposed to look like. Are you so much decades billion billion budget admiration I have for you. But inside you know racing and oh man hoped shovel in Sydney Airgas. I really don't like it when people start talking about women and and in dirt bag man. And that didn't sound like Bill Clinton but it did to me and that's really what oil accounts that's the whole field impressionist and you're doing it for yourself. Our Roberts up on WB DA Robert. Craig on. Our. I have a question yeah. There's nobody I don't care rich Republican or Democrat or who. Every throw that many people under the boat what are they trying to cover up that happened that we don't know about our. Well there's nobody I did today did the and there's no organization of people thrown anybody under the boat they're just a lot of people getting thrown under the don't bode I think it's kind of an unorganized movement I think the Harvey Weinstein thing to. Kind of opened up the floodgates and and then you'd then you started getting some some name actors and not. And then it spread do all politics and then you come up with all laws that. That are on the he I don't know I don't think it's an organized thing I think it's but I think it's a thing. Dawn I've been around eighty years now. Extinct been going on. Long before I was born yeah. It's and and it's a new world. Robert night nowadays it's real women aren't gonna take your crap anymore I don't mean you want to say and women are gonna put up with this crap anymore. Obama can win I think that's I think all the sudden women are starting to find their voice and I think you're kinda started with us Harvey Weinstein thing guy it's like water going over a false. Do you can't stop the momentum and people are coming out now that had no intention of coming out four weeks ago. Aren't opened they're covered up now up but whose day. Toward toward any one of them. What does this happen and both sides this is happen and Republicans Democrats this is talking in Washington does happen and and Hollywood. They're there that's just did you can't identify who they are they are everybody. Nevin act as you know it's just. Too convenient. Good if you're gonna have a conspiracy theory have some sort of foundation to build it on. You can't just have a conspiracy theory just because you wanna have a conspiracy theory who are day answer that damn question. All Republican Norwood Democrat. Also thanks so they've all got together and not through some sort of consensus they're going to basically obliterate the news. Armey and tea and eat their own notes so that we don't find out that what the Apollo moon jobless fake. No I don't Garnett never believed it worked very good. Well there's an article on enough Fox News today that talked about a new pictured dismissed been found that adds further evidence of on the Apollo moon shot being fickle talk about a later. I don't you know you got to identify who they are you can't just you can't just all the sudden. Now I I don't I'd and that's why I say I I have the same question to some extent that that I guess you do. But IA. I think it's just time. I think that all the sudden there's an opening. In me. In the curtain and and people virtues into a cared open no wide open and say you know what. We've been no we've been going through this for a long long time powerful men have been the Hollywood casting couch. Is not a myth. And I don't think any of us ever thought that the Hollywood casting couch was a myth. But the Hollywood casting couch is not just. In Hollywood. It's in EEE it's it's people who have put something that other people want that could be a job that could be money that can be opportunity that could be all sorts of things. And and the only way that you're going to somehow or another be able to qualify for that. Is to give in to big error. Demands. And those demands. Are now becoming totally unacceptable and society. Date. There's in and congress they'll lawmakers have protected themselves from accusers. By requiring them to go through a month of counseling before filing a lawsuit did you know that if a member of congress settles with the victim. They don't have to pay a dime. It's not do that than the member of congress doesn't it it's not that it's not clear how much we taxpayers have been paying over the past decade in settlement. But it did could be and it probably is millions. Laws that are made in Washington. To cover up improprieties of Washington and we've killed pay the bill. And that perhaps get a stop. And end and that's what's boy and that's what you're smelling right now you're smell of the the smoke coming off the brakes. I think. I for the debut voluntarily rose from. How the treadmill this morning about 645 wanted to know turned on CBS 'cause those are really curious to see how they were gonna handle that. And all the sudden they they do the open and and there's a close shot two of a Gayle king and none Norah. Sitting side by side. And it was unknown. Comfortable. And the Gayle King. Federer runs through this said O'Donnell says sometimes look to close to tears they I don't know that she took close to tears to mission look hacked off to me. Like like a friend had violated that trust. So. They sign on this morning Gayle king and Norah O'Donnell. And king says I am I am real and I'm not okay she heard cheated one point said. This year it got like an hour and a half were the sleep. And that her kids at Calder. And other people at Calder and wanted to know she was okay. And she paused to look straight into the camera and she said I'm not okay. And and then I think to a lesser degree people who watched that show. And a lot of north Carolinians who were who like Charlie Rose. I'm kind of felt the same way. This and that's one. This one just didn't. That this just sucked. King said that the post report was deeply disturbing troubling and painful for me to read. And she admitted we enjoyed a friendship and partnership. Talking about two Charlie Rose. And that echoed a statement from. So vs Sarah silver under regarding Louie CK last week when she said what do you say when someone that you deeply care about. Has done something that's so horrible. How do you handle that when somebody. We've always said that everybody's got something but not everybody's got something current. You don't saying. I think we all have something on our backgrounds are soaring or something goes some way that we handle something or. I'm somebody that we may have done wrong in our past or or some story that we just as soon not to have to account for now. But that doesn't necessarily mean that you have anything going on in your life right now. That hopefully you somehow or another have found. A better way to learn to live and treat people and and you've you've kind of discovered. I've never known whether it's called karma or whatever it is but it says something to do with life balance. And if you are if you do the things in life that you're supposed to do. And you treat people the way that you're supposed to treat people. And you spend at least. A portion of your life doing things for other people and helping people that have less than you do. Think your life runs better. And it shouldn't take you 75 years to a figure that out. And like I said earlier with Charlie Rose where is the filter that tells a guy like Charlie Rose come on dude that interns not interested in you. No the Denver Broncos and bears quarterback Brock Roswell are now. And Paxton lynch will start we number twelve gives the Oakland Raiders at the Oakland coliseum. So they had semen. And then they had. Lost Waller and now they're bringing out Paxton lynch who we had a chance to interview I'll never forget that at the Super Bowl. But we don't want us. He was a Memphis quarterback at the time but all they did was hand me a note sat him down in front of me. I and handed me a note arms and Tennessee quarterback. Under that so we know we we I had no idea who it was. If I didn't know any was the Memphis quarterback. Whose name I didn't know. No wonder they submitted several. And that it did I would've at least known because I knew Memphis had a hotshot. Quarterback. But all the sudden here's this guy named Paxton. And and that note AME Tennessee quarterback. So I don't know what reminder on target to about that he CC it's CC a by a nice guy he gave me a I still have its own place coupon for a free wings someplace. Wings' zone or something like that. Anyways start for the Broncos this week and summoned to bring you up to date on that I got an email yesterday we've put talked about Robert he referred in we've lost a Roy Rosen and no load a couple of locals in the know Della Reese died in melt fellows died and seems like and admit to serial killer from California has given way too much for us right now want to put away one that would. Have that you write about his victims. Instead of write about him but as saying Hancock loyalists are musician. Wanted to inform you that the Charlotte saxophone as John Alexander passed away he wants the bandleader FT Monday night all stars at the double door. Played there every Monday 420 years. Lead singer Charles Harris and past few years back John was also a music teacher over Hastings. Huge loss to the music community. So on to make sure I mention that today. The the Monday night all stars of the double door. Is legend. I'm and in fact our buddy Daniel custom I don't know the information broad but they're doing kind of a reunion deal. For the old doubled or group. I'm coming up in December all. Keep you posted on that as we get closer ended December. But our condolences to our family and friends of us sex photos John Alexander who is another. And I guess if you count things in three is their story. From a local. Perspective. Also I would remind you that we aren't WR agencies. Coca-Cola dog house tomorrow will be broadcasting our show live down there from 3 to 6 o'clock because it's W effigy street turkeys of the have been doing for fifteen years. So were urging people to do but come on down they'll start right things sound out tomorrow morning at 6 AM Biogen angles a serving breakfast down there. And they'll be there until 7 o'clock tomorrow night the tilted kilt will be down they're serving lunch. Cold beverages all day long no food lion is is again and they're Tubal what we're gonna all be down their foreign will be down there from 3 to 6 o'clock to. Not to help our fellow sister station out in early infancy Coca-Cola dog house meant and morehead. And we agent bring by a frozen Turkey. Canned goods or whatever you want to off from a monetary standpoint and they'll give it all to the second harvest food bank of metro line up. And loaves and fishes food pantry so while whether you come down a honey bees will be down there if you will be down there should be all sorts of activity going on all day long. And what do you come down while we're broadcasting from 3 to 6 o'clock or you just don't get down there whenever you can between 6 AM and 7 PM braille frozen Turkey for going to distorted night for your own stuff grabber frozen Turkey under way out and I'd take it on down to the if Lindsay dog house tomorrow canned goods whatever you wish to output in from a monetary standpoint. Well and that all benefit an awful lot of people because it's going to second harvest food bank of metro line and no loaves and fishes food pantry so long 6 AM till 7 o'clock tomorrow. At the a Coca-Cola doghouse meant and morehead and will be broadcasting down there alive between 3 and 6 o'clock. Tom rider crossed the street from that tomorrow. At 6 o'clock until 730 Bank of America Stadium. Corner of meant and Graham so I mean you know just on just showed and a half a block away. The and the fourth annual Carolina panther tree lighting us tomorrow night so while. Come down to see us between 3 and 6 o'clock and then no wander on over and and hang out with Serb purr and percussion and top cats and holiday music and photos with Santa. And the fourth annual Carolina panther trees lighting you can go to Panthers dot com for more information. On all of that so a lot of good good reason to be down there around the stadium tomorrow and and street Turkey's is not the is not the worst reason none of to be a part of all of that either so popular will come down and it. Give Angela. We've been talking about down. Charlie Rose and Al Franken. Franken still on the and the news 36 email Saturday Night Live hers a bank term back Franken. A letter to thank him to the dismay of social media users everywhere. But they said they felt compelled to stand up for Al Franken who I did something stupid and foolish but also did the right thing and apologized they said this is for the old cast of us Saturday Night Live they just lambasted him than their the president cast this last weekend. The the treatment on social media to this. To this letter that describes him as a devoted and dedicated family man wonderful comedic partner and an honorable public servant. Concludes we would like to acknowledge that not. One of us ever experienced any appropriate inappropriate behavior. And mention our sincere appreciation that he treated each and every one of us with utmost respect and regard. Well social media has just gone ballistic on and all that and down. You know we saw the lead and Sweden. USO tour photo last week. And then you have the Texas woman that says Franken groped her during a 2010 photo shoot at a state fair. And then today you have some outtakes from a 2000. Photo shoot of a Franken grabbing Ariana huffington's breasts and butt. Although Huffington says nothing inappropriate happened. And the original cast members were the ones who signed this letter of support for Franken yesterday people like Jane Curtin and Lorraine Newman another former Saturday Night Live producer Marci Klein were among those who wrote the letter. So was so anyway that's that's what's happened there. There are liberal groups and visible guide is one of them justice Democrats another that are calling for Franken to resign. And the incident that occurred in met 2010. They have the that don't we were very alleged during the photo shoot he was already a senator. So there's a little bit of a distinction there because of the senate ethics panel has has direct jurisdiction over something like that. Since that occurred the earlier incident occurred during Franken spree senate days. But. The can be ramifications to us into some of what's coming up but today. Would be required to pay out of their own pockets and the settlement amounts would be made public under a new bipartisan legislation that was introduced last Wednesday I don't know where that sits at this point. Because under the current procedures taxpayers pick up the tab and victims have to stay silent. The bill would also do away with non disclosure agreement that victims are now required to sign in for all intents and purposes. A staffer and a capital DNA in the capitalist powerless and gagged at according to a Jackie Speier. Who's the Democrat from California who spoke last week about all of this. At a press conference. Congress apparently has settled at 216. Cases. 260. Cases of workplace discrimination. Which includes sexual harassment. Over the the last twenty years at a cost of about fifteen million dollars. According to Jackie Speier that the represented about a California. Are perpetrators include members of congress and staffers and offices on Capitol Hill and in their home districts the legislation that was filed last Wednesday. Would require mandatory sexual harassment training for lawmakers and staff. Provide protections for the first time for interns and pages. And provide us survey every two years to measure the level of harassment that's going on in Capitol Hill quote. Capital a congress should never be above the law. That was a phrase that was uttered by and and I'm one of the co sponsors of the bill. Kristen Gilbert Brown a Democrat senator I don't buy New York. Congress should never play by its own set of rules has elected officials we should be held in the highest standards not the lowest this needs to change. Paul Ryan last week last Tuesday a week ago today said that all members and staff club the house would be would have sexual harassment at training. And the senate I guess had passed the same kind of resolution. So a bill that would actually stopped congress from keeping sex. Harassment harassment our reward for those cases secret. Which they can do now. And settle. And the person can't say anything for thirty days. And it's the taxpayer that picks up the tab for the error. Improprieties. Wow if we all had that kind of protection not. Well most of us don't need it but. Jim hunter right scale ones. Flying sentence email. Swamp. I don't know Washington in the rules of fail Limbaugh liked to start swamp started during this won't. Problem. And diagonally be teed outcome subject sexual misconduct. John. But all the sexual misconduct going ought to keep thinking about vice president Mike Pence Lotta people laughed at him. And bought him a square Friday daddy for not being with a woman alone and having his wife with him when he went out on no when he went out socially. I see him as someone who wanted to be faithful husband without temptation who's laughing now. Well I assume that they have been the wanted to be officials are without temptation is one thing but the other part of that is don't put yourself and doing compromising position where somebody you earlier has it. A chance to. Two alleged something against you. And I'm not saying that. These are all allegations without merit obviously there's merit and if you album and a number of a motor Charlie rose's go about it not talk about his inappropriate behavior. A trying to do the same. So. But yeah out. It's you're a public figure that's probably a pretty good. Pretty good policy default. Especially if you're a bond that depends on. On no votes and there's you know there's these days you can run somebody. Dead and had to be truth to just has to be innuendo. Once you plant the seed. And everybody else's minds as to some sort of impropriety whether it happened or not the seed ball never leave some people. It's going being accused of murder on the front page of the newspaper and then maybe you don't have your acquittal load on page eighteen. There's an awful lot of people that'll never seen anything but the murder charge that leprosy the acquittal. Are we talk about this little bit earlier there is saw a new wild conspiracy the Erica theory about the Apollo moon landing now fake. New photo evidence. Despite insurmountable evidence to the contrary conspiracy theorists found this on fox this morning about a claim that. You know man didn't walk on the moon and so the theory has surfaced again there's a new picture posted. To YouTube that alleges that the last moon landing the one from Apollo seventeen was staged. The video shows a picture that was allegedly taken in December of 1972. And it's called a reflection and revise or. And the person who posted it using the name street Capital One. Claims that there is a reflection of a stage hand. In the helmet. Of one of the astronauts now there is a reflection of something and know the area and but it's probably another astronaut. 21 seconds into the video street capped one points out what is so what this person believes is someone. He thinks not wearing a space suit. Quote I thought it look a bit strange so I took a picture of it using my software. He added that it appears to be a figure of a human not wearing a space suit circa early seventies Apollo seventeen photographed. Goes on to say that he believes the object is in the astronaut helmet looks like a man with long hair. Well I'm here to confess. It was me. I was there for the sake shooting of the Apollo seven moon landing. Apollo seventeen is the final mission of NASA's Apollo program launched about 1230. AM. December 7 1972. UG concern and yeah. Ron Evans. And Harrison Schmitt. A look at the picture right now. I don't seed a conspiracy. All right hey that's 325. Days into the year forty days before Christmas what's that 34 days 30s40s for Christmas forty days left in the year. Goldie Hawn a 72 today. Doctor John Georgia saw red rocks he opened for the able Brothers in July it is a 77. Today. The Dallas episode who'd done it aired on I US television on this date in 1980. 37 years ago. One of the highest rated episodes of a TV show ever aired. And an 1877. On this November the 21 Thomas Edison announced his invention of the a photograph a machine that can record it sounds. Little or controlled. Arizona woman our revenues today of Roy's been arrested on no charges of stalking and harassing. Firefighters that she met on tender. Researchers have learned that prince Harry's ancestor beheaded. An ancestor of Megan Markel. The American he's dating. Heavy Thanksgiving. And Macy's flagship store in New York City now says you need do visit San but only by appointment. Thanksgiving food coma or real don't blame the Turkey are read the news today oh boy yes she'll get woozy and snooze the after the big threes. In some households jockeying for the best couch position once the table is clear it is practically a contact sport but. Blame it all on the Turkey. And he had maybe sort of researcher Penn state university says that the food coma phenomenon that people may experience after Thanksgiving dinner Israel. A popular scapegoat is tryptophan. Naturally occurring amino acid in Turkey but the researchers says that you would have to eat 100 turkeys. To get enough tryptophan about one gram to make you sleepy that sleeping. He said the real issue is not so much that euros stuffing it in your mouth but Howell. What you're eating is actually inducing inflammatory proteins known as. Site Dick kinds. And other substances produced in the body in response to the mega me also eating too much releases these inflammatory molecules into the blood it. Which then tells your brain meant to rest. So just bring that up the dinner table and see if you can reap. Member of the word and pronounce. Side eakins and SY HT OK IN AS. When somebody says it's the tryptophan to sit and I believe there's this Saturday kids. And innate. What drove pumped and fired Jim tell you show up that happens. So that you bring up politics and religion in consequently your home by about 415 that's perfect. In case you're wondering if someone who's a re introduce himself to a treadmill or. The last four months. Thank you diabetes very few. Which by the way I have not. Really gone off my. Good eating. Diet since July it. Thirteenth when I was diagnosed. But that's all gonna change over time Thursday on are not going under the hog wild. But. And we're making our good to addressing that Susan and I do it it's got all sorts of stuff and how were making it out on whole wheat whole grain bread is supposed to. But. Which are probably make it better in my opinion. But. Yeah I'm not so sure Ahmed hearing now I'm not even par I am not eaten anything sweet cranberry sauce. Got to put that on the sand which. And I'll be eaten more bread with the between the dressing in Mayo sandwiches that I would have been better. You recently. Mr. no one else's and their. The world famous green means that the that we but the governor is a cause of fire. Big big part of the tradition. The fire I don't think we've actually had a green beans fire in the new house. Looking forward to that. Wrote a note to myself about the fire extinguisher all of think about that. Thanksgiving is is. This can be predicted. But the numbers are up this year 40 vote a bunch of different reasons air travel expected to grow by 5% from last year or the worst times to drive on Thanksgiving. Before Thanksgiving Tuesday November the 21 at five. Is to read the worst time. To be heading home. That figure apply as they say across the country. After Thanksgiving. 7 AM and 5 PM on Monday November the 27 will be the worst times to travel but what they say we see a spike in mid day travel on a Sunday. With the worst traffic about 2 PM. If you look across the country. No laws is the of people that are responsible for all of this information that. They're right traffic and navigation app. Way isms are. And ways says. Looking across the country. Revealed what it thinks will be the worst travel times of the United States from November 41 today. To November 27. And right now are the worst time. Between four and 6 PM with 5 PM being the worst time to be trying to drive. Tomorrow 3 PM to 5 PM. Thursday Thanksgiving Day at noon to 2 PM. They actually say that Thanksgiving morning is probably one of the better times to try to get on the road. 212. To two is going to be people that are going fifty miles or thereabouts. You're going to Winston-Salem or somebody from west sales coming here to go to Raleigh rollins' company here you know Soviets. They had been to Asheville urges it. Blowing Rock boon it. Lake lure. Something that can be. Attained in the day get up in the morning have a cup of coffee go to grandma's house. Come home. Are following out Thursday give November the 23. At. Attitude at 2 PM as a lousy travel time Friday. November 24 two to 4 PM Saturday 2 PM to 5 PM Sunday. 1 PM to 3 PM. And Monday. 4 PM to 6 PM. But right now is considered to be the worst time to be on the road and and many of you are experiencing that. As we speak like a senator just got a text from my wife a few moments ago and has said Duff. That the lines to get it near reporter I'm not real. And I'm pretty excited that I get to travel Wilkinson boulevard if I could just get past the airport and you're Nobel rugby okay. Our debt study that came out last week I 85 nation's fifteenth deadliest highways this section through Charlotte is the most dangerous stretch. Of that interstate. This in his say. Never stated during a five year period from 2011 to 2015 in their worth 378. Fatalities on 85 between Alabama and Virginia. That would include us. That's one deaths for every one point 76 miles. This is a from WC and C they quote Tiffany right the president of AAA Carolina's foundation used to sports on an associate. Many moons ago. And she says congestion comes from two places the fast growing population in Mecklenburg county and travelers driving through the city or other destinations. 85 is a BI well you know the rest of the waters and that. Some. On and on a normal day specially exits 4627. It seems. But and I hate 85 under any circumstances any time. I just have a bad feeling every time I'm on 85. A one driver mentioned the increase in trucking traffic through the city is a concern to you can't see beyond the trucks you have to trust their lights so when their lights come on you've got a break. In a hurry. And the men and I hate that too and a lot of times you get behind an eighteen Wheeler if you ever get around the eighteen Wheeler you'll find out that there's like Al. I half a mile gap to the next car that you can't see around. AAA projects two point one million Carolinians will be driving at least fifty miles or more for Thanksgiving. The busiest travel day of the year is tomorrow. Before Thanksgiving. Wednesday is the busiest day that night tomorrow night is considered to be the most dangerous. And one of the reasons for that is what we talked about yesterday I had no idea this was such a phenomenon blackout Wednesday has become the time of year. Where binge drinking is at its highest it rivals New Year's Eve it rivals Saint Patrick's Day. I had no idea that the night before Thanksgiving it becomes such a drinking. Okay. And she says because of the increase in drinking there's an increase in drunk driving last year during the Thanksgiving holiday alone North Carolina and South Carolina had almost 4000 crashes combined. And that resulted in 36 deaths. Best time to travel this holiday they say is actually. Thanksgiving morning. So there you go if you're on the highways and byways right now what you are on the worst stretch the worst period of time to travel. During Thanksgiving weekend. Congratulations. It's 505. The. Love him and marrying the 93 WBT ever wondered what the number one question to butterball hotline gets the most asked Thanksgiving Turkey question every year. How long to thaw how did you know that. That's exactly what it is if you're one in charge of making the had Turkey you're probably feel some pressure right now and they Turkey talk line every year. And the most asked question that they get is how to why thaw a Turkey. So I had to save you the call. First and best method is to remove your raft Turkey from the freezer and put it on the tray breast side up. Inside urea a die of breast side up inside your refrigerator. To which should be said about forty degrees or lower. Johnson says for every four pounds of Turkey you should allow one day of stalling so some of you were already behind. If you don't have time like that you'll want to employ the second method and that's called cold water thawing. And for this you'll create a cold water bath and a clean sink and placed the still wrapped Turkey breasts. Side down. In the bath every thirty minutes she should change the water and rotate to Turkey. And this way should only take around thirty minutes per pound to thaw out and then once your Turkey is thought it should remain in the fridge and tell us time to cook it. So they are now you don't have to go all the butterball Turkey hotline. So we struggle a bit about the they all the food Julian on Thursday. And why you feel so like tired and drugged out by at all. On depending on how much you eat but. Invited me and most of you it will be thousands of calories. A typical 180 pound adult will need to run for about five hours to burn off Thanksgiving Day meal. If you prefer to walk. It'll take you got nine hours. Or you can do it overtime and that would be my suggestion. And there you go analogy about a guy tried to steal the train. You're here this very often to you. There to your best emerging as it tries to steal an ambulance or us a little like that here's a guy. Stealing a train that is not in motion. Would you even know where to start. Where's the K is. Police say twenty year old Julio Rodriguez was arrested earlier this month after he tried to steal a train from a rail yard just south of downtown Phoenix. Now and November the 8 Union Pacific railroad workers found Rodriguez who had been released from jail earlier that day. Doctor good start. I would assume stealing a train is a felony. I'm hitting the train horn while sitting in the engineers say he was apparently one pedal away from actually moving the train. He faces charges of theft of means of transportation and burglary. They'll have a story to tell jail for a year and we'll. Good children. Felt I had gotten WBT got time we're just tired about the butterball love hot line in the most asked question Hattaway a third Turkey you know sort and so forth Hancock can really beat Tito come I've raised in Turkey all year long for this Thanksgiving you right. What's the best Russian Jew it's been. Handgun. A ring neck acts. Oh what do you figure and says his name is butterball. They were you first let's say you should have named him makes parting with him even harder. Maybe I should draw the video butterball hotline yeah frank got a break picked up towards you should do. I can never do that. As long as I you know I got a good guy can never eat anything I know. I did made a lousy Farmar. Went ahead cattle everywhere. Eric girly. At that. Loses any side is that he's grandson is great grandson and him. Metallica are errors. And I Baghdad never beer leaguer and anything. Unbelievable. I should you talk politics at Thanksgiving dinner here they got rules against do you dread talking politics at Thanksgiving and if so how do you handle that. There aren't usually. The good the women of the house basically said down the law. She thought. We're not talking politics. You barely usually avoid politics at the holiday table or are. Or. Are you in such concert was one another on there is no. It be like go watching fox everybody agrees with a right everybody else is saying. As a year in which politics is no division masonry more in our lives and our faces than ever we talked about it talk radio used to have. Great deal. People look into the phone conversation would say thank you John I appreciate I enjoyed that. These are people that we were going back at Cornell you're a lot of cavalier and at the end of the conversation everybody understood. You were just fighting later bring your point of deal but it wasn't personal that's personal. I sell out our write a book writer and he never write it just. Published the emails that we get on any given. Anyway there's a time article that suggests that we the that we should dead tiger that we should talk. Politics until Thanksgiving saying that we're getting out of our practice of having meaningful respectful conversation as we. We have more conversations on line which we are often shorten can be angry and insulting and nor are worse. So it says that we needed more emphatic communication. Described as the quote slow our. Deep. Interpersonal discourse that can nurture identity. And build and strengthen relationships close quote. Which can not only help us feel more connected but can help change our narratives about each other. It advises. When we have an opportunity to spend time with people who matter to us we should embrace it seeking to understand them into present ourselves openly. To be understood as well. When you're at a dinner table this Thanksgiving and especially when you go back home keep empathy and perspectives of others in mind. So all I ask again maybe we'll take a few phone calls at 70457. All of intent on the other side. Should you will you talk politics at Thanksgiving dinner it's. Road to the news Rick we're tired about talking politics at Thanksgiving dinner. Time magazine actually says that you should talk politics at Thanksgiving because. We're getting out of the practice of having meaningful respectful conversation as we have more conversations online which can often gives get short. An angry and insulting or even worse. So they say that we need this more emphatic communication described as a slow us deepened in her personal discourse. They can nurture identity and build and strengthen relationships. But only a momma says so. In mom says don't talk politics on. But I'm just curious dear David do you get and Dick are used to be a standard law I think even before my time you don't talk politics you don't talk religion. Well people talk about everything these days were a lot more open and we used to be but we're also a lot more opinionated number also a lot more divided so do you dread talking politics at Thanksgiving or. And if so how do you handle that injures your family used to avoid politics at polity. I tables. And are there are other topics besides. Politics that are banned from a Thanksgiving Day dinner 70457011. Generals Covert sale order John WB TA John. I ain't gonna happen but when the day it's great group such. I get back in our daily Democrat got here Alitalia Baghdad that. That's what kind about me has grown up my dad and my grandfather how can politics around Thanksgiving and the Christmas dinner. And now that my parents and older I enjoy talking politics with me and you know what I'm Abbott in at. Do you guys do you guys pretty much see things I had a liar or is this sometimes get contentious or I mean did Gordon what kind of an absurd as create. Well I'm thankful my son has pretty well. Lately everything together and when it came time for him to Richard about it he was excited about becoming active in the community and bargain. Now. Well I ended momma didn't seem to mind you guys talking politics at the table. Neither does not look hurt. Very good I go man thanks appreciate it. I don't give a YouTube thank you very much. Bill interest and I don't think we'll be talking politics of the holiday table but that we got a new granddaughter through. So I have a feeling that's for the conversation probably going to there's going to be. There now then you read an article and it you think yourself really. Girl Scouts warned parents against making daughters hugged relatives. Is a problem. Talk about it just doubles saying it's. We've got to flied out tonight. I stuck in traffic. This is the worst part of all others you have my complete and empathy. Because there are right now it's just nothing but stress. You just worried about. Five in a parking place. Hidden in the airport getting through security hidden down the concourse get into the gate on time. By the time you finally get there and you are finally get up in the sky than you could take a deep breath and then. And then hopefully by this time tomorrow your sit around a fire someplace with people that care about. Thinking about. The next day is feast. Your home work. But right now you're not happy. So that I knew about that. Lawrence's mother miserly. 10 song called splendid isolation from the very close. Com and watch the David Letterman Mark Twain award thing last night they had to cut Al Franken now are good but. I'm pretty anti climatic I thought. I didn't think anybody was really slapstick funny guys and see all of it but area Bill Murray was period mused over. An and I thought days acceptance speech just sucked. Although there was once parts that is the part the gets all they a press today but to he he talked about to all the people who have been instrumental in getting worried. People that were funnier than him more talented than him sort of self worth and he said don't you know yet it. Now you got to help you gotta help somebody. You know you don't get anywhere by yourself. And and I can certainly understood that that part of a problem and they're glad the reason our brother warns him on reminded me all of that is because any better came out. And saying his version of keep me your hard tonight which was one of the songs that warns Yvonne wrote. On his last album Mo when he knew it was time. And not as pretty good rendition Bubba and editor produced job unknown on. The after Lindsay street Turkey's our sister station WA AF Aziz sports station Chris Kellogg and company. Mac attack in the mornings and and noise and all those guys. Garcia and a company that nadu India street or anything tomorrow also 6 AM tomorrow morning down that men and more headed the WS kinsey Coca-Cola doghouse they'll be either. I'm all beat out their until 7 o'clock tomorrow night collecting frozen turkeys and canned goods and whatever you wish to open in monetary early and Ortega the showdown there tomorrow. Between 3 and 6 o'clock honey bees will be in there. Tomorrow huh Hugo's are going to be on their sporadically they'll serve breakfast tomorrow Love Boat jingles has gone by would breakfast so. If you're under way to work and you feel so inclined to drop off they are frozen Turkey canned goods or us some money. Maybe you'll score some breakfast as well tilted kilt will be serving lunch down America not cold beverages all day long of food lions involved with the whole deal. Well Wilson's gonna join us to talk could do the blues of I till 4 o'clock again we're broadcasting down there from 3 to 6 o'clock but up. This are really is the fifteenth year mark Ackerman buddy Parker us started this thing fifteen years ago. W effigy street Turkey live broadcast benefiting the second harvest food bank of a metro liner and loaves and fishes food pantry. And so put that on your things to do list tomorrow one not help those guys out let's get a let's get some months. It's gonna record drive over turkeys and I canned goods or no money and stuff like that and I'll see you down there between three and six. Squawk tomorrow here who are drop by and say hi I think that would be absolutely marvelous. I read an article last night and I just thought to myself really. Don't go into the had a holiday season and the Girl Scouts. Are warning parents against forcing their daughters to hug relatives at gatherings. And apparently this is made a lot of people unhappy now this has nothing to do with any of these. Charades that are going on right now between Washington and Hollywood and. That's originally what I thought was all right don't wanna go out and hug your. Dirty old uncle. But no they say think of it this way is the girl scout speaking telling your child that she owes someone a hug either because. Just because she hasn't seen this person in a while. Or because they gave her a gift can set the stage for her questioning whether she owes another person any time of physical affection. When may have bought her dinner or done something else seemingly nice. For her later in life. Really is that the message that that's sensed. First as I guess I read this last night and I just thought to myself I don't ever remember and I observer girl scout. But I don't remember ever have a neared the conversation. I generally you had no say so what it. And Betty came up and hug you. You really. No one much you can dual. About it. This said that the deposed encouraged her appearance that girl scout posed to offer their daughters ways to show gratitude that don't require physical contact including quote. A smile. A high five or even an air kill us. The post drew mixed reactions on FaceBook one person wrote seriously that was kind of my feeling when I read this last month. So now teaching our kids to show affection to family capital letters is basically child abuse. In less something inappropriate is going on the shouldn't even be a topic to discuss they wrote and if that is the case that it is entirely different discussion sent somebody else wrote teacher or daughters to respect others and themselves. Teach them to know the difference. Others. Thought the advice was great included wondered said. Of course we want all kids to be loved and kind but doing something that doesn't feel right to them just because. And a dole wants you to is wrong and another one said. No one should be compelled to touch anyone they don't want to especially children. So I guess there's truth on both sides but like I said I was arraigned this last night and thinking to myself really. This is an issue. I don't know sometimes I think we over think things but not a Mark Garrison last. I when I was reading about the the the flame in hot she knows Turkey for Thanksgiving. Because he just came back from the state fair where they did this with that corn and every Thanksgiving home cooks across America try to outdo themselves and apparently one of the deals this year is the people Reynolds wrap for introducing a new way to bring the thunder to this Thanksgiving. And that is smother the whole darn bird inflame and hot she dose. Reynolds wrap has a step by step guide to make flavor blasted turkeys on their home page presumably to elbow move some of the company's plastic oven bags I would assume. They say take the bag of your favorite hot corn puffs. How recipe doesn't specify G goes. When the chips and a fine dust coat your trusted enough battered good Turkey with a powder and you don't in the 11350 degrees blah blah blah blah blah I think does that sound like your car and it does. After you go corn labor or not she knows Turkey LC tomorrow from the this is the dog house at 3 o'clock.