Charlotte Approves Development Over Former Slave Grave Sites

Scott Fitzgerald
Tuesday, October 17th

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Seven on Tuesday. If I miss I miss strapped on a Monday and ice trapped under the belt was broke. Go back in the saddle again for the person thank you via well wishers who do you help. I'm I was Scott FitzGerald this is WB team. Since the last time we talk. I've become a grandpa. Yeah congratulations. PI work really really hard. And edit this area's I didn't even get a chance to go visit my grandson because I was sick and the hospital in Romania and I knew that so and even make the drive so I'm looking forward to it to me my grandson. Was born 134. Saturday into Sunday so he mostly of Friday the thirteenth. So he's born on the was at fourteen then no 1415 and fifty that's what analysts. And seven pounds fourteen ounces. Silas walker Stanton. That's. They had kept the name had that's a great middle name walker the hell are you get a walker and yeah that's me that's mamma unless you absolutely. And Texas ranger of course so of course right because they were thinking about Chuck Norris. So so yes some are looking forward to the first opportunity to meet this little guy and everybody's healthy nobody's happy. The only downside was as they were walking out the door to go to the hospital the washing machine Brooks on taking collections. So close. So there we have it as a kind of a strange feeling Missouri I'm still a young guy but to have. For my daughter got married young and and she's what 22 now. And British couldn't wait. Let's. Go through them but they just could there are certain activities they couldn't wait cooler and missile that was with I think besides love prompted the F marriage so. And I congratulations Brian congratulations Amanda. To a new chapter in life and because I'm only fifty two's was pretty young to be example and thanks so I think so. Men are some folks who were 52 years old when they've got four Urals walk around. As a little replica Larry King he was like 75 and had a four year old walk on page 75 to thirty years I truth he truly hadn't. So so yes or not now feels a good things didn't really get better toward got the steroid shot of cortisone shot. So here's some advice from my doctors got here to get really really sort that's the way to go who you're going to lift a car. At this point in time. And yesterday when the sun came out to be the horrible rain in the morning. It and walked over the garden and just kind of got some sun on my face and I saw arsenic. And I sought slithering into the bush it's so I didn't really get a good. Good gander Raddatz in writing get a chance to walk into the garage and go get the other shovel that is specifically their to go kill some snakes. I would I was open I could be a big game our. But chances are based upon what's been happening here locally. My opportunity to go smashed a snake in the head is. Well it's not over yet is the niche just sort of beginning because of the way the sidewalks are eaten up escaping cauldron snakes are looking for some place to go. I agree report on WS OC about the kitty cat that got mailed twice in the face with a copper head. Yes she had a scar underneath her she underneath her knack. Just hit here and here Carlo Witten says it's copper head snake bit her cats Izzy twice years ago sure remembers it clearly in need 800 dollar vet bill. It's not the witness first encounter was Nixon's don't haven community and it won't be the last it does happen here in this neighborhood you know I don't. There's been recent influx in Tupper head snake bites across Charlotte. According to an online forum big dog was bitten by copper head in the same neighborhood just a few days ago. The winds neighbor wrote while going in for a sniff the snake bit her on her snout. Dogs had to go to the emergency vet but survived earlier this month there were reports of a girl didn't buy copper head. But she was okay. They go hand in hand with dozens and dozens of recent sightings trying to even who has handled snakes for decades says changes in the temperature are big part of it. The most of these North American snakes are preparing to go down. For the winter right now they are still active. One of the reasons experts say that the stakes are coming out from the brush it into the open. Testify and warm places including the cement ground after it's been warmed up by the side. They seek out. Warmed surfaces to help regulate their temperature in the roadways and sidewalks. And things like that that retain heat. The biggest points even once distress is police sticks alone. Who wins and their neighbors say they're willing to do that as long as they don't pose a threat they're just surviving leaders Sullivan they're not really doing anything wrong. We're more of a weekend in their territory more than anything. Bush and a who should be in charge of killing snakes here from the Swiss radio program we have to keep somebody on guard all times. It's not having me. Charles Charles Korea he's he's he's busy so we can make the vote Charles you're the officials snake killer trivia night and program here on WBT. Which should win out. Developers and money or history and grapes. Talk about we'll come back side ten that is 1110 at a man's freedom DB to. 1105 today for the shot before K okay give away your vote do with a 705. How we'll do at 1105205. Another chance at that 505 when anti pick your home. Each time a thousand bucks is on the lives of real quick if you were we gave your number you text that word to that number and then you're in the run okay. So a level of five next opportunity. So SMS in a moment gonna get a chance to meet my grandson Silas. Jen is really cool name. I'm glad I don't have very. A speech impediment. The so called Cyrus or some democratic. I don't confuse the the million man grill and appeared. But I got a chance to. Over the phone here are my daughter talking to him. And it was very little you alone you know model division and maybe talk kind of thing you know I need you baby talk tuned into boutique on the cut. That's like talking to a dog had a baby is if they're interchangeable they really think you're right. Changed name Silas for a for Wiki and and you're good to go there this week they did a study about this. And apparently is not just an American to mothers across the globe. Connor subconsciously change the tone of their voice when they talk a little babies supposedly this this helps them learn. I'm not sure how gibberish. Will will help the babies learn but hey that's why I'm a radio guy and I'm not some sort of scientists. And apparently regardless of via the language is spoken all mobs. Using you'll universal mother ariz. The baby talk and talk to their infants which is you know exaggerated. Kind of musical hello meet you too on people and you know based pixel more slowly they use shorter sentences and then they'll go to that higher pitch just like you're John Morgan and engage in conflict what would you do to Putin to the clinic just like you're doing there. Did they they swooped to pitch up and down. More often would then when they're speaking to adults which I guess is good imagine going into a job interview you know BankAmerica. The tele about some of your experience. We're used to beat. I used to go into a DuPont and all it would within 72 people. That would work most of the year believe it or not the first study to ask whether mother's changed the you know the the tone of the voice. And and manipulate the kinds of features like some of like musical instruments. So from that apparently this is it another thing is that it's it's less intimidating to the kids. I know that that babies could be intimidated just by you talking to a I don't know that they they did research and asked the kids. But they didn't should they would answer in in in baby talk so. So there to have a surrogate to your my daughter Hanna talk to Silas badly and but it did rub off otherwise we go to the program here today. We've been talking some baby talk I will get some pictures posted to our mama get those to you John and weakens depends upon the social media only kind of still evident you can. When you consume it should mean emails of the moon to put look at discussed it. Which should be just fine with me so which is more important. Developers and their money. Or. Or historical markers and grapes. The reason I bring this up is the other city council on Monday approved a plan to developers play. To build literally hundreds of apartments. Plus new shops. Restaurants this is all gonna happen this sensibly here in University City. And believe it or not of course there's some objections from nearby residents that what is gonna do is is gonna add to congestion. So when top golf was good rated going to essentially the same the same location. That was the big complaint from the neighbors. Congestion. Right pollution. And top colts had the care they pulled out. You're amidst a big fight over at the development. So now another development is in place City Council got a chance to vote on that end and guess what looks like fear slaves graves are gonna be moved in there. There's a number of sites there and we are very concerned. Then they could just bulldoze right over them. Neighbors she Charlotte City Council should have we did before approving a controversial re zoning Monday night I'll never say I. Any of close to. A developer plans to build close to 400 apart Russian restaurants and retail your Mallard creek church road and I 85. Nearly twenty slave graves were discovered on the property. Miller creek Presbyterian Church in June. I'm glad to top golf pulling out of the project. Neighbors are you they found telltale signs of more grave sites throughout the property. They raised enough money to him the Williams looked at by a professional. Using ground penetrating radar. But say the developer who refuse their offer. We also we'll ask the developers. To come with us we would show you the areas. And they never did nor did any single console it's been a very contentious resounding. We shot to reach out to the best we can't. Instead neighbors say the developer has promised a heavy team of experts examine the area but only on foot there I. Grey's I. Portions. Of those areas and they will have you. I'm whatever state law allows them to do all requires them to do to protect those grades but neighbors worry with City Council giving the green right. Development could be gender regardless of what might be under the ground are so the developers said there are committed to commemorating those grapes. And Miller as you've heard they've agreed to study the area if there's evidence of grace found another part to the song then invoke they'll be with a accordingly. When we even be having this conversation but this of these were native American groups. It's this was considered to be. An earlier. Historical site. I don't think so I'd. That'd be. Mean I do remember situations where there's been developments for native American sites and then there's a battle back and forth between. Leaving it where it is and having developed around it or literally picking and all of Ding all out having a you know literally a full scale archaeological dig. And I'm picking it up and then moving it someplace else. And then in in most cases it's a combination of federal law and it and state law in another Charles is looking into this to see going to jail and historian or somebody who understands. How this stuff works. So that you know maybe the developers don't have a leg to stand on maybe the City Council went off half cocked. So they're tasteful ways to do to incorporate something like that. I remember in Greenville my sister was Inkatha in Greenville, North Carolina it was a big shopping mall there in right in the middle of the parking lot a separate section. Five. Tall gray stone surrounded by fans. Maybe it was the farm that was there before the people had a farm and that was their burial ground and it was able to be saved. And in incorporated in a tasteful way I don't know how you do with this project there but that their baby there ways two to compromise. I'd like I do think there's that'd be a different approach to news. Can tell me if I'm wrong I think there'd be a different approach to this altogether if they work a seminary excuse me cemetery. And it was a historical. Prominent. White Americans. As approach to slaves. Because when you look at the markers in me and him. From what I see in the reports and I've seen. There there's no grave stones you know with engravings on and it's literally just tombstones piled there. Maybe in a semi circle that sort of thing. I Jennifer were native American then again I don't think we'll be having this conversation because there's such a cry such you and cry about you know. The past missed treatments of the native Americans in their holy sites and that sort of thing. When it's all said and done. My guess is this ain't gonna be much of the story. The developers are gonna get what they want. The residents there who are upset or concerned about congestion. Or just have to suck it up and deal with it. How many times have you heard a veil of a community group were over or group of people like you and me. Saying we don't want something. Because of congestion and it'll be too bad the traffic will be to bed is anybody even listen to those arguments overlapping developers chocolate that I know that their favorite one is yet. If it absolutely is their favorite one older lawyer Floyd is going to too busy up there. We will put out a sign says congestion and here I am therefore you real far and young man there won't be anywhere. How we don't live anywhere near of that so we don't have to deal with the traffic this song and so therefore it's hostel saw it for you local developer fog one leg or yeah. Yes. But the Verlander got. Talking about fifteen emails here have to to reply to those who are directly linked to hundreds of some remarks. I've got about a minute left Jim before we have to take a break a morning WT. Joseph real court when you say that there were no American I would let me have that discussion because they would never do it right. Well that's and it's like my take on health and the Dakotas. That's net that's like going into them and their profit big oil. Straight through it went straight through word of protest and keep it out I think you're mistaken. I think they would be spat on and looked over just the same as anybody else so. And from the white equality just spoke about what others say I am going to be a difference between with a considered be sacred land and and just great idol and so a lot of American ourselves and I don't think you think we just get like they were did you just get plowed over in these in courts. Our. I mean what does happen out here on copyright Brit I have no idea with the laws are there there's obviously a larger more prominent native American community that part of the country than we have here. But like is that we're going to be dig in and some experts in the foot the bill goes on for years morning progresses on WB UT the president may get some some. Accolades and where he's got some not so much going to get a little grateful from over the weekend to conversations from mr. to a break goes down. With Karen Travers from ABC with the joint. The Florida governor Rick Scott and as a whole hell's Kubrick was. On the University of Florida campus that's where white nationalist Richards ventures planning to adapt look at an industry should. So the governor any and it executive order cited safety concerns and mentioned dispensers past speeches have sparked protests in multiple arrests. Again he was the one that was so supposedly going to be dealing with the highlighted speaker in in Charlottesville. The the whole event that that setup the riots killed one woman. He called Scott's executive order flattery. It's growing we all. We all look differently upon things that are that we consider to be. The a compliment. This crazy. Absolutely corrosion Joseph Springsteen was on the. Just divisive kind of guy I grew up in the area where strange thing was to do you know. The future of rock and roll. He was when born to run conduct restrictions on both Newsweek and time magazine. NN when. Sort of the USA came out that run through the superstars. So now he is doing a his show on Broadway. On stub hub tickets are starting at 15100. Bucks for these performances. 15100 dollars. That's amazing. And there and some scalpers have gotten got a ticket prices up to 121500. Dollars that's a lot of money negotiate cuts your business. Hello once in a lifetime kind of viewing the truth itself. So 935 as your timing and out of the White House what Karen Travers and it looks like as a result of a little get together meeting between Mitch McConnell and the president that there's a truce is that actually is that I actually happening. We had a certainly mood you know giving the impression and everything it's fine they have fantastic relationship outstanding relationship and that they've been friends working on a shared agenda. That's a core or other safe when they're together in public sending a message to the American people to the white house press corps and to each other that. Hey we can do this we can work together but when push comes to shove an a couple of weeks we'll see what the president is saying when. Congress is perhaps stalled on his wishlists that he wants to see by the end of the year in the tax reform bill isn't up to the president planking. And you know also distract from Steve Bannon and two primary. Republican incumbents. The president certainly didn't tell him not to do that yesterday he said earlier in the day he understands what he's doing it because Republicans are disappointed him. And then later said only we will turn to cough the threat for some of these guys because they're good guys spent. Little more there were vague and kind of try to play nice with everybody from the president I don't know. I think it's a strategy and I think this is one of the things that Bennett knew he could do differently outside of the White House. I can't see note the president saying no back off the news. May be with words but not in right now and I don't see that do you. Yeah NCAA announced Fijian chewed the tweet any. It's in their interest to try and work together because that's the only way that anything is going to get done but the reality is it that Mitch McConnell is a creature of Washington any. A long experienced politician president's nude all of this and the president of the bully pulpit of his billions and millions of Twitter followers where he can put an incredible amount of pressure on Mitch McConnell. Publicly. And Mitch McConnell on me as we've seen kind of just dug smiles and takes it from the White House heating get involved in the court curfew that's right we keys stay out of that. Just to keep his head down and get the job done but. Sir it's a job to do right now yet he's got his own problems on Capitol Hill would just his own caucus. Yeah and it seems like from from what I understand you can tell me from its immaculate as most legislation that they're giving consideration to whether it's taxes or whether it's health care. It's all gonna gonna get kicked off down the road till the beginning or maybe even early spring of next year. Yeah that and there are certain things that have to get done yeah there are other things that don't have to get done yet the budget the debt ceiling things like got doc you know there's a click a ticking clock and Eric. The tax reform there's no deadline on it the president wanted done quickly. And let you know does that mean it comes at the expense of other things that have pressing her version deadlines while the president wants to get it done he's gonna certainly meet that very clear you want to get it done. Absolutely Karen Travers of ABC always an answer from the White House that I enjoy and appreciate it thanks so much 938 is your time hi there. I'm Scott FitzGerald and am back into and thank you for the emails welcoming me back appreciate that very much especially don't want from the boss who I thought I. It's it's as if it's always in nice that my key worked and and I gonna chance to come on back in here sue us and thanks for the support your. Come with the conversations before on this program about who. Is allowed. True. I don't know make comments about politicians and what they're doing what they say. I don't hear your. Rush talk about it quite quite often while Hollywood says this about the president who are available to they think they are there dissenters. You know athletes they say this about you know. To conquer. Other presidents this that a deal was seizures an athlete. To sort the questions are guys who really is. It is there anybody. We're commentary is acceptable. Whether it's good bad or ugly about what the president is doing about Mitch McConnell is doing a Paul Ryan is doing a with the governors do and it seems like if somebody speaks up speaks their mind. There's always large contingency of fingers that point back and saying this is inappropriate who are they pay good they think they are. To join in all they are is saying at lake all they are is a senior all they are is an actor. Only our. As a basketball coach. I don't know what. Barely president Travis he could keep him Gregg Popovich up at night we'll talk about that plus police why is it hard to hire police in Charlotte. We'll look at that and more coming up on news elevenths Friday night freedom beaches. My wife keeps rubbing it in that and get a chance to meet my grandson got that she did. Upsetting me pick. Thank you darling they're beautiful. You are to get it. I can which I can take pictures percent of you revenue effects so yes indeed I am Groupon now. I was I was sick over the we concerning your chance to to go visit my daughter and a silent switch is his name. But but Cummins and I like this will post some pictures of consumer would have is that everybody in my family is doing and knocking over. So we know we lost soldiers died in an operation in Africa depending on how you pronounce the other country new share. That's where it all went down. And the president is getting some flack because. Rather than putting up the fact that he played golf five times before he made any sort of statement. About the deaths of these soldiers and then yesterday was asked about what he's going to do. To run those soldiers and here's what his response was. All the fans volusia. I don't know we didn't know enough now. Well I I was I was told that he didn't often and a lot of presidents don't they write letters I do she is revered ideal combination of both. Sometimes it's it's a very difficult thing to do but I do combination of both. A President Obama. I think probably. Did sometimes it may be sometimes she didn't I don't know that's what I was told. All I can do all I can do is ask my generals other other presidents did not calls did write letters and some presidents didn't do anything. But I like I like a combination of our I like when I can the combination of call and also. Now that's a case because when I heard the entire conversation night I honestly did not believe it. There was a stumbling in the stammering early on and it's you know by letters you know they're they've gone out or they're gonna go out tonight. Which seem like covered basis and then I will call in on us we like to do what will call and that is difficult. I committed it so that's got to be a tough part of the job and let's face it it's tough giggle out. And capsule tough gig or so books not happy about it including via spurs head coach. I agree Popovich a gimme some of those quotes coming up read document ABC first of all. That Popovich is not the only person this kind of question looked what the president said about his predecessors and the other folks from the Obama administration. And they studio Obama mr. President Obama there really don't go far to. Yes that's right I mean little master Monaco is it's probably the most intense weeks that's one yesterday just minutes after the president spoke. He says that's a belief being lied to say President Obama or perhaps president and I called family members of soldiers KI agent said he could deranged. Animal I mean we saw other available for more toned down but that really captured the spirit a lot of these former administration officials. Do we hear anything from the Bush Administration. Can we get in fact be heard from the president's own spokesman from president George W Bush's spokesman saying. That President Bush met with in person and called hundreds if not thousands. Paula soldiers' families. And we heard also from President Clinton spokesman took a number that essentially the last three presidents all have their offices on the record saying. That this is simply not true and you heard president trump during that news conference back down from that sank. I don't know what President Obama called I was told he'd get antenna and didn't really get into details there. Yeah and well the pain in the book that he had that George W. Bush made. The the power of paintings are of of veterans. Mean that was just an extension of what he did when he was in the White House having to deal with some stretching our. Well I mean this story that you hear from bush officials Dana Perino were called last year she said who won the times I remember most of George W. Bush was I am going to hospital got to talk to soldiers that he knew we were going to die. Getting that they're being yelled at by their family members in him standing there and taking it and later saying. I don't blame those people one bit change discussion crying and he got into a helicopter to go back to the White House thinking about those conversations. President Obama's staff person. Talking about him and he's visiting with the failing to one by one at Dover Air Force Base with their sons and daughters in caskets nearby. Doing that one on one conversations so what was resolved not to this was untrue and it was untrue by all account. It would be idea the president trump took a question about these old soldiers and turn it somehow into a weird competition. With its predecessors that's what everyone was so confused by yesterday's. Yes and they and that's what that's what bothered me to. And and not as much really for Obama but effort forward for W because. During the wars that was one of the things I've always touched me the most about him. Was seeing him in the hospitals he like you said he did not dodge it he got yelled that he got screamed at because the wars were extremely unpopular. And there were too many American deaths but he did his part to get there in the line of fire. By getting directly in front of those those family members so. And I would say it's never not once would have questioned Bill Clinton the same feel teach it to the troops and nor did Obama say that George W. Bush. Wasn't it wasn't empathetic towards the troops as the first sitting president pick Nicole was. Before Hammond and say that essentially you know I'm calling them and others haven't done that it's not just true it's not just under through. But just deeply offensive to a lot of people say it will worked in government who worked in the White House in the White House. Especially. And and westerly people who worked in the military themselves that they had to deal with these moments a lot more than you and I. We I I understand I can respect I can can certainly glom on to the idea. Of looking back at past presidents. And their policies in attacking those but to attack the human side of these people there to me there is no upside on that. Yeah I had an ad that is what. The former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said who last night is speaking at CNN. And the you know he said what we've all been saying this morning that you know it's not true here's some examples of a past president that I noticed that it of course reached out to telling members he said what really bothered him where it would have been a question about twelve troops that were killed it in Africa. Are cited several trips that were killed in Africa twelve days later and that question all the pundits turn into an answer were will present jobless scapegoating its predecessors and that's what he said. Rubbing the wrong way and you mentioned you had to Popovich I think having strong words from him I mean even the you know this is the coach of the San Antonio Spurs blew ready you know I don't. A series if you please take him but that entity called for an order that I wanna go on the record right now and called the president a show with how word. He's got experience with the military that just goes to show loud how deep a note. That's strong and others are very strong English. Very very strongly to those that us. Play it in we know it is under take too long before reporters. Which side of the aisle who knows may be may be some from the conservative press conservative media. Will dig up dirt on. Soldiers who died under Obama to find out whether or not indeed there were letters or whether there were phone calls when in the same thing is going to happen to soldiers that we have lost so far. Under the truck administration. To determine whether or not there's been phone calls and letters. Two of them but yeah I'm he did mention Popovich I mentioned him as well I don't know where his anger in his hate comes from. But. He is not a fan. And he is not afraid to. To let it chill. And and got to go back to the question. Who moved who has a right. To speak out against the president and his policies are even impersonal. Well the answer to that is we all have the right but who is it accepted by. We will hear all the time while those Hollywood liberals they say something about the president knew it okay we'll do they have a right to say it yes absolutely but yeah. Do we respect those opinions whose opinions shouldn't we respected his finish and that's a question that I I don't know that there's any answers too because I question every single person. Yeah Popovich. Ridiculously. I really nasty to the President Bush he's got a right to do it. We have a pathological liar the White House unfit intellectually emotionally and psychologically to hold this office. In the whole world knows that especially goes around him every day. Yeah Nowak drove it is I'm just sick to my stomach he's in charge of our country and that's discussed. So do you think of the San Antonio Spurs. Win the NBA championship this year that he's gonna make your visit the president. I'm not a bad man but I put a 100000 dollars on no as far as ghost of Reagan they've God's gonna join us here the next fifteen minutes here talking about. Slave graves are. Sometimes stories come along. That are so shocking. At least for me tired I have to ask myself is this real. Or is this. Some twisted sick piece of imagination. Coming out of Hollywood. And and then I double check this story and I realized that the story Israel with a storage true. And then my stomach turns. An Atlanta mother has been accused of killing her two young sons. By putting them in an oven and turning it on neighbor. This could mean the apartment smelled like death the smelled indicating the bodies may have been their first few days tonight. Friends and family are rallying behind the father. Does has some room to get a few minutes before this candlelight vigil and everybody Jameel Penn told me he last saw his two toddlers. Jim Carter pending Keon tape penned last month the I resign him while driving down so when. The candle spell the names of the one year old and two year old outside the west an apartment on how place. This other mother memorial Williams sits in jail charged with two counts of murder and thought we have. Yeah. Three year old Jameel Payne junior survived his father who brought him to the vigil. Williams told police she came home define her son's dead. And they were in the care of relatives and neighbors told us she would leave her kids home alone frequently. How much you're always kind of school year old he innings and also might treat you mean his own car. This picture shows a big piece of evidence and open taken from the apartment. Police major car during Keon Tay had obvious injuries including birds. Some people. Obviously should not to be allowed to breed. The job more human you had a really good point when no one has said to him engaged so people should have kids in your line was what. Some people sit and even exist yet. And if these allegations are true. Then let's cross our fingers mean judge not lest ye be judged right but. It turns out that she indeed did this to her two kids and a three year old watched. Then. Be gone by saying. Burner to. So sick and twisted. She was was charged with two counts of murder and cruelty to children in the first degree. But I don't see anywhere. When I read the story I read a couple different versions of us that she was charged with first degree murder. Lineup that's my question while I was in first degree murder premeditated murder you you think though he didn't think they would be this situation. There's levels of evil things going on lately that I can't route. My brain around the past few weeks or a couple of months ago that's his way up there beyond. Stuff while I can comprehend it's like fear and other the frequency the vibration of the wacky this and that and the terrifying. Behavior of humans. Is it. Our our bell used called the quickening yes you know yeah where these these things are happening faster and faster. Beyond Harman do you think about the harm obesity gonna see over the years. Yeah Jason chasing around that mask on another scary stuff that's scary on one level with them something like this happens any and it's like oh my goodness. That's true that the ultimate top horror of stuff I can think about. Yeah makes me. We win it wears me out and your booty like you say yeah which you which is why it as often as I can I try to dig up. Some good news and will we'll find some good news for him because his the other morning progresses that's for sure I'm still sad still disaster. Still ongoing now in California 41 people supporting killed 88 still missing. The the investigators. That are going in to try to find out if there are people. There were still you know there were in his burning buildings being there are open for the small piece of bone. Or words to us who are looking for any sort remnants that somebody is there that they can then DNA test are pretty good dental records something. To find out who was who didn't who was where. So view of that with the fires are continuing. Hum water tanker crashed on non on a road Napa county rollover of firefighter and that was the latest death. So there's not just not people get burned it to people who were there to try to rescue and try to fix and try to save. 700 people in shelters in Santa Rosa. Damages estimated one county alone to be three billion dollars. That's amazing. Three billion dollars emerge and that's not done yet. I do and I got an email. It's going to be the unidentified. Emails I get a lot of these were somebody uses a not a privacy email where you have argued Leo and his name or anything that goes along with a obviously in in response to what I was talking about the president before the break. Where. He was talking about how yeah he's in her letters and gonna call that none of the other presidents did he know someone told him that to other Obama didn't do that. And I mean else's maybe the media posse. Would have preferred that you don't blame the deaths on a videotape. I understand the reference word you know trying to go back to Ben Ghazi and and burrowed the truth so the lies that we're told there that cover ups that were there. I get that we've discussed that has absolutely nothing to do witnessed during the situation. It's not the deaths that are in question here. The question is. Why does he have to be do she. To the former president's about this. Like I said I get a pick on pick on policies. Take on things that people did take on decisions that they made. Why pick on somebody's humanity. Free so very rarely get to see our president's inhuman situation. So denigrate goats. Plus I denigrate those at the expense of those who were already dead 10% of breaking backed mr. Graham joins us here graves and slave. Local story. Thank you much. Overt adult gonna go away for awhile we'll talk to a Jim Riley they BC about that coming your way at 1030. The number here 7045701110. And we get Steve I'm just a moment David Mel you called then you got to a question about to have it the program ads are really. Well I'd say that metal plate and actually that you've got. Well as gouging good night's. The blue skies and green lights are orderly and yet I don't let. It was it was something that was kind of a combination from a guy that I work with the years and years and years ago. He would I would do a show and then I would end it before he would start and and then I would say hey man I wish everybody blue skies and then he Withrow. Green lights to and that is gonna put them together. Well let me give it'll fit bit for your information okay power at a crawl this week. You where they'll keep a lapin show and you're you're not born in Martin sure. Everywhere in 1968. Their first year there third episode. They used I don't there so we wish you. Blues got a green lights. Up February 1968. Lot of them three years old when that we came out so but it. May. I'll follow that and I also talk about that column and tell him he didn't know. Somebody do that years ago or you gotta quit my permit and you may have gotten it from via EO. No I don't know you said laughter and but I don't yet know I'd I never saw that if you've got a copy of you said it to me and maybe it was good and play that back. Save me mabus a couple words at the end of the program. No I appreciate your call appreciate your call one of the stores it's going around your Charlotte City Council they seem to have really no interest what's at all. In exploring was going on with the development plan for University City where ostensibly on this particular site it looks like there are some. Graves of slaves. And I'm trying to get a handle on what's the legality of this. Do they really care does anybody really cares seems they money might be driving boast of corporate WB team do you WB TV joins us you're now on the studio. And you've been kind of nosing around at this this kind of story Ferraro mentioned TI. It's pretty focusing. You know for those who have been keeping up with this particular Iran slams racquets now a creek Presbyterian Church is right. All of their right near exit 46 Miller returned to her throat. And whether top golfers thing about right and salt salt slowly pulled out and now there's another developer of that wants to go and and it seems like we've gotten approval. But there's a caveat to better happen to me nineteen. Graves of poor slaves. And some of the neighbors now they're saying all know the number is higher in the like but what do points is not as us. Whenever you have developers and development happening in our community. Beer run end to these kinds of situations in these kinds of sites I mean I can pick him. Several have happened in over the last few years are even and as much now via. Are great ways to Mecklenburg County had been involved in and Jim guards his with our Parker record Mecklenburg County so yeah when we ran into the problem we've made all the steps are necessary. Two more or less ensure that there would be preservation. And appease our particular policy places will be welcome distort. If they were final resting places but they were directly in the path of what needed to be builder with a plan Billick. Then give it and move them or to wriggle around them what to what is other. There are several there are several scenarios and useless and it doesn't necessarily have to be. Being a policy places former slaves there was area and it and there was a going to special projects over the years ago. Over mercy hospital and there were some crips and the like that work every found. On this place where there were doing some digging and images there was typical bet you know some articles on the back slope. As oh I found men are saying area in and so you know they come halted the work and the like and the calls this you know these these people left there like him seventeen and eighteen hundreds. They found a place for them out of steel creeped up Baptist Church in orbit have a lot of dignity and oddly enough servers and you know for the folks back there. Here's a little. That is what all the crease he broke this happening here and where you have brush and forest of light you know you're gonna find these things from time to time and one of the people I interviewed for the piece yesterday as a council member court Phillips along with but I council president as a Kenzie. And they're saying there needs to be comprehensive plan and how we deal with us now. Couple things happen Merrill's situation at South Park right near the Al Barnes & Noble bookstore and ten an. And it was lawyer Presbyterian Church who have Matt Abbott maintains on the property. They're putting up condos have been retail they ran into an old slave cemetery. And they partnered with church a local boy scout troop Somalia is working on an eagle scout project and the cuts on a job meant found ways of preserving. And in many respects you don't necessarily know that these places exist until you give. Into a scenario where you have. He backhoe or construction crew or something develop excellent oh here's something from a hundred years ago or 200 years ago and I don't deal. So is there are there laws in the book or what are the laws that are on the books whether it's state or federal. That that determines how we are supposed to handle things do they exist there's assault from a from a local standpoint flawless. We're question and there are some state ordinances and amounts to specific on what we are but from what we've. Basically were able to climb out from the City Council representatives. They'd like to take a step further to say okay if you're bolder if you're developer. If you run into these kinds of situations. Here's what you should do case in point work on a story on this some months ago and I've talked to a doctor or their moral and historic landmarks and you know he says bonuses boot the dilemma whenever you have a booming town. And you get out some of these places like minute deal crime and almost you know places were there. They were planted it's okay and secondly where you have I guess just. Russian force him you know and Ann and Andy Murray is our property right image and somebody goes careening through there will bulldozers in the light. You know and Anne Marie is. How many of these places got you know how many how many subdivisions or buildings are built over places that we don't know right. And I don't invest invest on the X-Factor. Well it's. Ones that we don't know about and I've been willing to betcha there's been multiple situations where. They went in there had to back coach have the bulldozers. Found things and just insane thing the only way we do not enough they knew it would have been a problem right now here your soul or else we hear about as mementos from street could do this morning and and in in him scenario with Mallard creek represents two different things one. There is you at all. Worthy have all the head stones you know people were there. And it was humming quite obviously almost like L Morgan pond would hear unsolicited Charlotte it was a segregated cemetery. You know I'm the you know I think I think if there was may be some common sense here and I want us become a scorer returned. He could extend that wall and and just kind of you know in clothes that area. You know from the standpoint of we're OK they're ever ever want is is buried together but now you have a scenario where. The neighbors are angry because they don't want the common development. Some historic preservationists are concerned saying well wait a minute if you're gonna go winter you need to let. You know the guy rest doles were deadlock the rest peacefully. And soul you know he he got out he got a number of arguments Scott forest what is the right thing to do. And there's some news this did the graves may even be. What sort of looking for a convenient excuse or a convenient in addition to. The neighbors who say it was going to be too much congestion and we've got these graves here so scum like a double whammy against the developers. Yeah I area MED program and MM the a category of aggravated his mitigating factors or circumstances and there's another argument took. You know hang hang your hat on as the release about development but you know in terms of bigger picture this is one I'm sure there will be more to calm. In similar situations or Charlotte continues to. Yet when I remember when has grown up there was a source development in the in the town that I live in earnings close to make came across to. But in any insight into his mountains and they had to hold off on the development until they had a complete archaeological dig to get everything out of there. And everything and they've got some work here they've done some of the art radar stern for a test some alike and there is a procedure that tends to happen when we find you know we'll sponsor sites and the folks network restore proper isn't gonna really good job of you know pairing up and due diligence on the most part. Yet and I its interest in some of the historians. Work for. Those of us who like to think c.'s status quo and those of us who wanna make sure that the buildings go ahead so history goes both ways depending on where the check you coming from. How's Jim pockets gonna join us after the break here mr. could appreciate your time out of the five yard line. Fast carpet WB TV dot com. Didn't. Jeans and Chief Executive Officer. Chief operations officer chief financial officer chief technical officer and those are all. Terms we've been good for a long time comes to a big business right. They're offensive itself. Into it of course you don't you know don't Chief Executive Officer was so different and so. Canada has decided. Within their largest scoreboard to remove the word chief from job titles. So there will be no Chief Executive Officer chief financial officer within the Toronto district school board because. That offends indigenous peoples. It may not have originated as an indigenous were but the fact is. Editors used as a slur in some cases or a negative way to describe indigenous people. With that in mind he's becoming slower in some cases that the decision the administration has made. And I wanna be proactive on this. We are just so afraid of hurting anybody's feelings it's just amazes me. Absolute. What case has been dragging on for a long long time and I don't know that there were too many folks who were ridiculously. Surprised that it was gonna go this way. The the situation with the berg dole has pled guilty to his desertion from 2009 here. What what is next Jim Ryan as far as dismantle it goes. Well they'll take testimony the judge will in this case it was heard before military judge as opposed to a jury that the request due defended both brutal and his attorneys. Next week there will be just start of the punishment phase very much like he's civil over a civilian trial. They evidence will be pretty terrible side. And then the judge who is say an army colonel will have to decide bill what the punishment is going to be the range. It is from either a dispute dishonorable discharge they are you more. All the way to life in prison for a it is conviction or for his guilty plea on that desertion and misbehavior before the enemy chargers. Love where it's not a fun place from what I understand from what I've heard some rumblings in some political backlash. Because Bert doll was a prisoner. Or hostage I guess you could say and we exchanged. Five of our bad guys for him. And simply bush and no wait a minute we got somebody's gonna go to jail and they got five of their terrorists back. Darn it you're right and I think very soon after this is swap was made embargo made his way back to this country. And these other people started putting it together that wait a minute I think about not so sure that the administration would've made the swap in the first place had they known. That he had dessert that you walk away from his post and so they yeah I think you're right it's it's sort of there are still those Serb political sheeting for this whole thing. Do we two at the time for us real well yes next week there would they'll start the punishment phase of this. The Joseph it will start to hear things up their Fort Bragg then decide what punishment will be so within the next still few weeks we should have an answer. Good enough Mo berg dog BI have been in the news since well 2009. And and now looks like there's news cycle might be coming to a net it's really sad when their dues she parents. And we were we read stories above all the time or were. People who really just should not be able to procreate and do and they recalling Helen Havoc upon the other members of their family. There's a two year old boy who is now suffering because his father was an absolute Jewish whose name is AJ. He was born premature. He's made is to shoot two years old but he was born without a working kidney. And his father Anthony. He's a dead on match for organ donation. Great prank. Awesome. Legacy help on his little boy. But. Because he violated his parole. And went back to prison. The hospital now says that they can't perform the surgery. Now the course because of some privacy concerns chippewas no information is being released about Ryan to surgery can't be performed except the hospital did say. Guidelines. For organ transplantation. Are designed to maximize the chance of success for organ recipients. And minimize risk for a living donors. And some of the folks are swirling around this say you know. The risk for the living donor is the fact that the sky is going to be in jail in after a procedure like pat. Things could go awry. At this point or the father's not gonna be eligible until next year. And that might be too late. So I don't know what this dude did it doesn't say what he did to to violate his parole. To go back to prison. But whatever it was. Hopefully for him it was worth it. Knowing that. Chances are because his condition this man to cause little voted. For books cents cents to. Budget puck it's gonna be joining us your momentarily county commissioner. He's got some insight into how do we move around. Grave markers sure burial site short bird native American know holy holy places. Plus we got a problem. We've got jobs their believe it or not there's some real hiring going on at Charlotte but nobody wants these jobs. Explaining the situation and then we come back renders 1110993. WBT speculative 47 due time items got that show. Plus hours from now we'll talk to a former FBI assistant director of the FBI Chris riker. He's got some interesting thoughts. On what happened to his is Campo. Your women. What happenings as it. Who is Acer's camp I thought. It was the other guard in the Mandalay bay hotel who was shot before all the big shooting went down. And he's got. They can't find. He's just kind of on the group. So that has to conspiracy theories. Who's in the mines. And it's certainly raise some questions for me to hear. So again coming up an hour from now we've gone out to to the bat phone and a chaotic mr. Jim Puckett joins us here and a couple of things I wanted to talk Cuba we were talking to mr. trump earlier today the situation City Council taking a look at. Grave stones and in the graves of a former slaves as well as its. Right grapes. And what do we do about these and how to we have elected. My development so you've had to deal with this a timer too I'm sure in the past what what is the process like. We haven't interest being our number yearns to go I was privileged to be at the unveiling already state Markel. All Mallard creek church words just a call from there we're talking about now. Where there will be another slave cemetery that was owed and the developer who wanted to develop. But rather how are you an apartment complex and worked with the city and incorporated. That YouTube. The job. The big fan of the apartment complex until a bit in the apartment complex actually maintained. The cemetery now on the ground where it gets so once you've done a flat so wait for developers to work with that or pulpit that are not Foreign Ministry reported that. Way too early. What we can't try a little bit about passion four elm and he was able. To go out and identify areas that people who know what they're looking for. I can find. These abandoned graveyards. Just from the way the landmark floor and where it landed the differences in the trees in this type of things are still people out there that you have your QB. Involved in this particular you would give a large development that probably just. Walk properties in Canada you're not just whether there's been a problem but are not but I think the most little willing to work around that loans were proactive than. They're not helping them do that. Is there is there anything different about how you would per approach. A graveyard where. Nobody wants to claim or nobody is claiming any sort of relation to any of those people there. And one where you know I can say look you know. Larry FitzGerald. Is buried in this graveyard here and that's my my great great grandfather indulge UMass what that so do families and living and living relatives make a difference. We know that they really don't and reborn into the topology where we did not know beat them we've we tried that we tried to. Find the families that we could. And all and if there is no gambling and then that it may be their return. Unlike you talk about that they may be taken from that Syria and placed into an existing. Greg or that happened sometimes the words. They've just unfortunately could not be bent around or whatever and throw it really doesn't make a huge difference but I think uniformly upbeat sent to double file. The great irony does that have they talked about expanding the rail line one of the great system the way you look former mayor of short. In the graveyard stunt and Charlotte bit. If you do the expansion of of guerrillas control over what do they would have both moved their former murderer or of the tracks sort of a bump up. Well it was put him it make a month. I don't know and a whole along our our hood ornament on the tray. That's been in the very nice Wednesday and that is to our record but. Well. Well. I wonder if there's if there's somebody who has a business out there. We're what they do is you you wanna be develop your developer. And you come to me and say look I got this situation going on with these graves here where what they do is come up with ideas to move. Like you said incorporated into the development. In in different unique ways that the go above and beyond just button. A professor as a grave stones. Until the Butler Butler brought you're capable of doing that real pretty talented folks. Again the biggest that you just ensure that we had been a problem become acute problem forbid they don't go slow groups are bound clubs but don't tell anybody and amateur sport because. The panel moved out there there are a lot of people buried and you know what we're forms. Both about what you said both slave and why that word yet. Just buried out in the country and and and the and the and the families are left there and you don't know that the bodies that are doing some more calls a billion attitude that you notre looking forward. It is possible filed. Yet what about and an abrupt disappear and end and maybe that's of knowledge about what about something that is. Like a historic site for native Americans is there a different sort of delineation between something that's quote more historic. Older perhaps. What I would I would not no I would I would think you need anything that was a bit of a barrel flight. Or any warned. Would we do a disturbed. And in and I don't know that there's. No history the history helmet it's this it's somebody different more relevant than someone else to bulldoze. We usually don't compound that is because. Sometimes other yet Wingate and we I'm trying to think of anything recently that Maine I don't know bring that to mud. Beyond what I don't know a good. A statute of the I would agree I don't know yet it's in the big giant question we'll leave it smarter people at least not figure out your higher on the intellectual ladder than I am I'm looking at Forrest Gump's behind. Pump so let's move on to do some job openings here in in Charlotte Mecklenburg County with a CM PD. They've got a 138. Vacant officer positions as of right now. Roughly 7%. Are via positions in the department and have a hard time to sort of what's gone on. Well there's two things I think. There who I don't know that I would walk to drove into policing. Today if our young man because of who knows what's being done about police and and somehow which turned the police into the a problem rather than and that's. And I would be a little Leary also beat it would seem like much of the population in much of the government seemed to be turning their back. All league sports thought they would do after Ricky vast. So while there are no good folks of bad folks and we have to deal with the bad folks we can't just a broad brush all police have been more overbearing. And then end and racist and I'm Kerry. Are we at the start to talk about the good part of the job in the good employees of the agenda. And then you start to get that back contracts. They're young folks would would would understand that there is an appreciation for the job that's the first part. No the thing that are really happy to my own mortality we won't. Voter referendum to enter into a contract you control at both five years so that's an entity will continue to. To only certain TJ areas that are outside the kid who moments there was a push. So they're sure the thinkpad notebook which went up until further depleted. The police force who ballclub plea talks and so open with a third. That's what our primary Obama goes in right word from the sheriff given the unincorporated areas on staff and their corporate where's the rule of crime and that while that would be nice. On the one hand it would devastate him didn't even further softball that a lot. And fortunately. They didn't they move the commission on the big agenda. Understand all those dynamics so we're where at least I know what we're helping what we are certainly one people making works. Good enough coach had a commissioner Jim Tucker appreciate that yeah we need to do some higher and that's that's for sure maybe maybe strippers and cocaine that would do and we've got to do some. New wave and I'm thinking of hiring for movie producers I just. I I don't know how I got those confused. Again Jim appreciate to join us here today is if there's not enough stuff to worry about in the world. North Korea is saying guess what things are so awful that at any point in time. We could actually get into a situation where nuclear war would break out. How does that make you feel. Makes you feel. He pointed to a large here militants killed military says this is via UN ambassador from North Korea. He says they're using nuclear assets there. And what is more dangerous is what he called the US for the staging secret operation able can move over supreme leadership they're reading this into. Alleged plans that they. Stole from us from the plant between America and South Korea and what they review the north Koreans so literally this saying that you. Nuclear war may break out any moment. To change your plans look. Until the last of like donuts for tomorrow. As news meeting saw it. I Thanksgiving now that far away if you look I know you're going to be alone you look at the volunteer opportunities in the next half hour. I got a great win for years. Your vote for somebody who. Was abducted by aliens. No seriously an election if somebody said to you you know what today it was a while ago but I was abducted by aliens and I wanna be. Your next flight the next mayor unit city councilman your next congress person. Prove it. Charles do you go through and on the don't do it out who wrote it that if I don't act. There you go how would you do that I would you prevent. Ten bit video pictures of scars. Scars implant Australia things like Kenya. Because there was a solar probe will do just to probe then and I don't know that they would leave anything behind me if it was just too probing behind being the operative word you said that not me to flow a Florida woman. Crew hopes to be the State's next Republican represented a disclaim that that she. Was indeed kidnapped by aliens as a child. Time is Bettina but Tina Rodriguez Rodriguez had at will era. Junior told a TV station while back which have been by three aliens when she was sort of usual. And it'll take her to their spaceship to reveal. Wondrous secret soon. That's a song in wondrous secrets. Well look it up to vote at the double play and environmental well. It was so among the mysteries revealed by the aliens so according to Bettina. Rodriguez I whenever the true nature of god. The location of the Earth's energy center. And the ancient history. Behind me in Miami tourist attraction. Target to all of them. Her her previous political courage and issue under the sort of background she has economic developer vice mayor for a city job oral. She said to be aliens were big bodied and blonde. And almost sounds like it could be. Like a slug line for somebody's dating you know little profile there are aliens they were Scandinavian straight big bodied and blah. It's. She says they reminded her via Christ redeemer statue in Rio. That's big in a very very big. The pins are behind enemy is huge. She says I went to meaning to the ship and there were some rounds seats there and some courts rocks that controlled issue. Not like airplanes. Don't Barack's. And once there they imparted curious for exterior. Such as the existence of 30000 skulls and a cave in the Mediterranean. Schools that were different from humans. Didn't hear a mapped. We'll details and things or get left out when you're at and with a alien stories. They told that the Earth's energy center is in Africa. And that the unions told her that there's a tourist attraction called the coral castle. I have no idea what that is. Apparently it's an ancient tournament. So I mean she got quite into much information from us from using it is pretty cool. She's not the only one remember Jimmy Carter do in this. He was running for pres in 1976. And he can't came up on record said that he observed UFO in 1969 when he was leaving a fund raiser in Georgia. Back in the very beginning of his political career. Couple years later 1973 he formally filed you have free to view a full report. And he. Became president. Isn't that kind of thing that normally would would you chew disqualified from that it depends on how unappealing your opponent might be must be the case yes. And a inept in the situation is Gerald Ford. Who I think also probably saw aliens give me an ailing MI remember that correctly he tripped on an alien. Kabila does steps in an alien in the form of a Chevy Chase. So he descriptive a Carter described the object nights guys bigger than the moon. Susan the darnedest thing I ever saw. And it just wasn't really necessarily a popular part of his platform. But he spoke about the encounter incident he was elected president he would make the government released every piece of information. Available to the public the value of folks. But once you get into the White House he declined to do so claiming that. Releasing this information would cause national defense implications. Who. I think seeing seeing you think you saw something in me and this kind. Is a whole lot different than saying you were abducted up into this and taken into yet you. Yeah oh yeah yeah there's on that scale of one to whacked. Could that mean that literally I think thousands tens of thousands people say they have seen something yes right no I I agree with you that's a whole different animal when. When you get your ticket punched it and you know frequent flier miles on a spaceship as completely different animal altogether so that's. The truth is out there someplace. So what Thanksgiving is on the way here and and I am alone. Sam is going to be elsewhere so I am looking for an opportunity to do some volunteer it you may be thinking in the same thing how can I give back out and I help. An opportunity for your views on the way we come back. Hi earlier today we had talked about how. DOC in previous hiring and our Largo Florida looks like they've got an opening career. For an officer appears opposite them. Stimulus don't think thinks I'm Brian it I get fired seventeen years would be a police department. What happened. It is allegedly courses is allegedly. He invited an eighteen year old dancer that he had arrested. As what was your roommate. Back to his place. Com told coworkers that he had contact the dancer after her arrest because he thought he could help her out. I'm in terms of you heard that story because she was just a way originally. She hasn't wavered young alas I thought I could give her a bit of education mover in the right direction down the road and life. What turns out he invited her friend for an encounter. Quotes encounter in offered to pay them a hundred bucks for an hour up again another quote you're a conversation. And when they arrived he started to touch her side which she objected to and Britt said that he wasn't going to pay them just talk. So he put gas in their car with a gas cans from his garage and sent them on their way. The sheriff era so is it just shows an absolute 100% lack of character. Black a very values terrible decision making and and other things truly reprehensible. Do you think. So let that be a lesson. That's not one of the things you put on your to do list to do list if you become a police officer just so my advice from your post got. So at the holidays come and obviously Halloween I Halloween is come in first and and hot on the heels of that is going to be Thanksgiving. And there's always folks that are looking for some assistance some help you might be your neighbor. Or it might be an organization. That helps you or your neighbor and that would certainly be the case with the Charlotte rescue mission Tony Marciano joins us now Tony I welcome to WBT how are. Our group we are so they glad to have you on here on I know that it takes a lot of preparation for what the Charlotte rescue mission does for Thanksgiving. Com now I'd like it's a work when I was in Raleigh with the Durham rescue mission I think you guys have similar similar missions is there any sort of relationship or connection. Where are part of an association with gospel rescue mission is that every rescue mission is not gonna let you regarding board leadership ownership by the board of those sort of things. OK I mean I have good got the brunt of Turkey's server borrowed to mashed potatoes on several Thanksgiving and I was in Raleigh. So but I know you'd deliver. Meals to attend needy folks do you also cook a big go Milano on that day. So we have two programs there and on our Thanksgiving Day we will provide a hot meal for hundreds of people will he do it very differently. It starts at 6:30 in the morning with the harper prince where are you didn't get calm and order off the menu and that. Our pursuit cut by Air France that there were there bird girl. And then all they want to have a chance to return movies I would have to cinemas do you that the mission. So foreign to them to call home and at 1130 we have our big holiday meal. What's so different is is that when it comes down there greeted by about that your nature they kind of like go to recruit they test it says haven't even your party. And then there exceeded our hostess when they walked in Burke caught table cloth. Fourteen counts longstanding problems with cloth napkins. All the volunteers interest and lecture the black pants and black took in the book and I would much rather private dining restaurants nobody stands Oman with a large trade any political office are all you have to China silverware. Would have homemade baked dessert that you choose. October train whatever the number of desserts they want we make it as cause as we can deduct your grandmother's house while in the bank. You bet. I'm Thanksgiving Day. So right now we're working our Thanksgiving food box program because there's some families that would love to enjoy Thanksgiving in their home. And so were asking your listeners that they would help us. A particular food box we have a list of items we go folks going to the pantry and go to the Brussels sprouts asparagus but nobody wants. You know we have a list of items that we want your listeners to put the box and then. Defining insanity before Thanksgiving. Trap and off the commission. And then the Monday Tuesday before Thanksgiving it's a few days later we delivered our community partners should get into the hands of folks. Let fear that served over 6000. No it whoa hold on global order don't hold Odyssey a back up again. So so you have people bring these these boxes ease with which is filled would basically an entire meal of the green beans and corn in the yams and all that kind of stuff. But and you feed how many people. Let's skip that Thanksgiving food putts per the loan. The Canon will be get a Thanksgiving Day said over 6000 people in the greater Charlotte area. Well that's phenomenal. Let's go for 6001 this year about it I looked over 101000 people home and not taking your reaching for the sky here are just left Canada because the Charlotte. That you're giving Citi in and is that expensive over there it is good for each family. But together love Thanksgiving could bark and it's about Tony maybe twenty college. With a chance to the family go to the cursory search together to get the list of items yet and the put and their backers spark sort a part that are. And then drop it off at the mission. And then we get it back out to the people that are in need so it is that Turkey herb and after their property Monday Tuesday. And then. They enjoy it on Thursday in their home because their own memories around their table but at some families but rather. Calm down that are that rescue mission and eat as they have to go to Charlotte on this tiny restaurant that's really cool and join us and end matchup for lunch. Come at 630 and failed then and I had families who camped out in the mission as stated a couple of hours. And just enjoy themselves around the table and a separate that's what it's they're not about turning tables. Tried giving folks a chance at least served dignity. And we use Turkey and mashed potatoes but. Pursuing their dignity and respect for people who feel like life has not treated them all that well so whether it's. Thanksgiving Day or food both programs. What it can't force your listeners to make people go. And that's their best they can still lie ahead of them. That's awesome somebody wants to find you online and and learn more about this Tony have they do that. Very simple email to her to Thanksgiving. At Charlotte rip the risks and got to work. Again that's Thanksgiving. Charlotte rep commissioned out of work. And email us and what if you know whenever continue to enforce and and I understand the offer was put forth and could be one of the waiters there on that particular day. I'm putting your rotation for years to be her celebrity matrix being and dozens. And daddy you're the only would have to Wear have to Wear boots. Are made it there at 11 o'clock to look for into what goes on. A year job with or another that is the third time my neighbors are the work so good to things haven't been a party. That's gonna take you give good that it got to say that a couple of times to me Maximus slow learners self Tony standby and a child I know has your information not confirm things with you. About Thanksgiving so again Thanksgiving at Charlotte rescue mission got ORG. A great cause and think in December too soon to plan for reaching out doing something good for short reach out. An option for option to and again he said is not necessary if they're autonomous. But same background back you know background organization tied in with the Durham rescue mission where I've done some work with and they are some phenomenal people and and and I've mentioned to me tell you but I can tell. Just by talking to him fantastic absolutely fantastic. I'm glad you mentioned earlier in the program we we have some giant into and I walked outside I've been feeling crappy the past couple of days about half an hour about half full today. For half empty as W closer to me into the program and when I was outside the backyard. The nudist were not out their little too chilly. And the new artists who assures me when I moved it there when it becomes snake time they don't go outside on natural. And I wasn't feel well enough to go outside on natural below walked outside a sought slithering into the woods. I don't know what kind of sick it was but lose a snake and I wasn't very happy about it but that's I'm not the only one. There are there pompano out of the woodwork for the woods. And story about a woman who's got snag twice and. Yes yes that's gonna underneath her she underneath her Nat. Just hit here and here Carlo which he says it's copper head snake bit her cat is deep twice years ago she remembers it clearly in need 800 dollar vet bill. It's not the witness first encounter with snakes in the stone haven community and it won't be the last that it does happen here in this neighborhood you know I don't. There's been a recent influx in Tupper head snake bites across Charlotte. According to an online forum big dog was bitten by a copper head in the same neighborhood though. Rather it was your neighbors nasty dog and maybe there was some retribution that and other ones were the neighbors don't think of the group actually they pick up the perpetrator you're you're desperate thing. So what you'll be careful the snakes are coming out of the other brush in the underbrush. And they're trying to find concrete and bricks and cement sidewalks and driveways that sort of thing. Seth has picked up. The daytime sun. The unit to warmup so it's nothing against you that you try to keep on surviving 1127 breaking back. We'll talk a little FBI action with the Vegas is on the way. Characters days it's good news. It was a big nets maybe the mainstream media is going to ignore quite a bit and that is rock in Iraq. Prices is now very much Dick about it. So will the president gets some some kudos for that full they say oh no this was just an operation. That Obama put in to play. Now crisis in rocket is on the verge of defeat so there will be some are very good news because that was their biggest stronghold there was absolutely their biggest stronghold in Iraq and a and perhaps the tide is turning he never really tell any of fighting and I eligible just because it's impossible. To completely totally and truly identify who your enemy yes. It is it's all right we'll days where they wore uniform the look look at different uniforms and the uniform you're wearing. Kinda sneaky and slipped round of the darkness right. So busy it's 111135. Here in in about ten minutes from now. We're going to be talking to Chris Wecker former assistant director of the FBI. He's pretty Smart. Are you real Smart you don't get into the FBI get to do that level went when they room temperature IQ correct. But there's an interest in development. And the Las Vegas story that has a lot of people go on what in the. And Mandalay. Security guards shot during the Las Vegas massacre. As mysteriously vanished and union president claiming he's just Campos has not been seen since he supposedly went to a health clinic last week. Just before he was scheduled to be interviewed him. However health care officials in Las Vegas denied that they've ever treated him. We know what's going on here it's very bizarre police say he was shot minutes before. 68 festival goers were killed after trying to confront the shooter on the 32 floor and now nobody can find. Nobody can find him. Mean did to me there's just absolutely bizarre. So does that mean that he was involved in the shooting. Does that mean that that somebody. Doesn't want his story to get out. Did it because it's funny because you know initially. He was quote the hero. Of this whole story. And now all of a sudden there's this big question mark others. A lot of questions. Your timeline continues to change. They made it. First it was shot after we're sure it meant it was you know shot before and then it was will be strong calls are made here at this particular time. And now the guys gone. Disappeared moments before he was supposed to get together and and an interview. Children's zone. Again Chris Wecker we've. Opponent knows when melodies of former assistant director of the FBI he's going to give us his thoughts and his insights into this because I find this to be. I didn't wanna go there I didn't wanna start thinking that perhaps there is some sort of conspiracy go and on here. When it was just one lone shooter we can't figure out who the heck he is what it is that he wants to do. What he was trying to do and and maybe that's Georgia a little bit deeper than that also be joining us could huddle and 45 coupled animal stories for you here. Because I'll always love me some animal stories some of armor happier than others. Went to happy one of the sandwich first John. Happy happier right. Done. Some things are likely just don't see too often the C drive down the road you see somebody would be you know little bow. Continued dog whom. She a clue or whatever they're called. Dixon and our laps to go out they head out the window. But not very often do you see a horse and sitting in the backseat of the car. But I think I slips have never seen that horse you know let her. Apparently in not Altoona Pennsylvania woman looks over and you saw her in the backseat of the you know the car steering better. And she tweeted that. Along with a captions is the most Iowa thing that has ever happened because that's what the sitting in the back of on an ideal horse to sit. I think that's that's pretty crazy. How do you know worst decision. Tell you via the in the not so happy story couldn't come at a but he hates blacks he hates Jews here's some more of his aryan views its Scott. Yes good morning mr. FitzGerald good morning mr. Scott. You know. Harvey Weinstein is nothing new. And the notorious Hollywood casting couch is nothing new nose with a noodle. You know our Darryl Zanuck who won't 20th Century Fox I didn't know him personally no no he had sex with lots of starlets consulted up. She got quarter won't Warner Bros. send out Kindle cold wind won't metro Goldwyn Mayer and you know Hollywood it's always been a brothel that's just pulling and always of course at the Olympics are no moral value right. That's for very long time been liberal and radical. And Hollywood has always been typically Jewish and unscrupulous. I don't well they just got hold on reassess Scott hold on hold on. There's always been Jewish and unscrupulous delays all due to those words always going to enhance canal regarding Hillary Clinton why is she Jewish army from hardly hold on pulled out. Scott is she Jewish. Insulted Andrew Cuomo would have been a crutch. But they've been in the Hollywood and Washington have been and feel Washington China's Barack for a long long time now points beyond washing backs and judiciary more than that they're swapping spit out everything on human health. And you've you've got to understand that when you look at Hollywood when you look at Hollywood health and you look at Wall Street run and you look at the media know you look at Washington DC what they all have a common common phenomena they. You have something in common. Scott hates all of them. That may not that the common denominator they're basically. Thank you so much for your insights not appreciate it. I like he respect me call me mr. FitzGerald. Comes from us. Once again he hates blacks and he hates Jews that was more of his aerial views. It was gut. Put a little love it here. So we we got the other word. The official word here in the building that others can be eight and costume contests. Joining the union address and get some custom I'm thinking about a reality address us. Two months. Harley Quinn. Poignant did you find it should that would work for you. Party city is under fire because of selling a hollowing customer of president trumps border wall so I can say that's insensitive. Yeah dudes are upset because it's incentive. There are also upset because there's no way to make it into a six in Saudi border war. It does illustrate this with Collins all about right. Unless I missed the memo. Chris record former assistant director of the of the FBI's with a shoe today did the FBI folks have like custom contests. I thought I choose what they have built seeing an outfit you got to snap brim hat wearing kids in the dark thoughts about how many of those do you have in your closet. I have a couple the end like to borrow borrow their rear throw theft theft. But she commands and that's not to be confused with the G straight. Right now they're up but not at all Guerrero are murdered during this past us. And how did they used to answer the phone around there are blank Cooper right. So Chris so Chris two things I want the taught you about dumped the first one is the disappearance of users Campos. They're saying highly unusual this is the security guard that we don't know whether we shot before or after but he was supposed to do a bunch of interviews and then now they can't find him. Curiouser and curiouser but you've got some thoughts about this. Yeah I did you have an you know bouts Cameron an attorney now but that cleared the FBI expert there's your things come together sometimes. And I am I instincts tell me that bad MGM. Prior art. And I think that that this gets and yet they shall we say that MGM. Wasn't excited about him out there in the media are giving Watson's statements many of which could be inconsistent and some of which might be against their interest. Because there is still that you know there's the possibility of a gap between that time that bitch security guards were shot. And the time when when the shooter opened up on the crowd. At which might mean that. Mandalay order owner MGM might have some liability there for not getting caught and I'm one right away in other words trying to filter the call and board of very embarrassed matter or tree ours the call that it just calling on LaMont. So I think it's it's a possibility that persuaded him to get his own attorney and just go somewhere and get away from the media for a while touching. MGM do you think they would make a statement about this then Orwell would be better for them to just wait until Campos decides to come out and say I'm land lo says and make it almost like it's his decision as opposed NGOs. I don't hard to say as a matter whatever you could. Oh you're our corporations looking out for their own interest. If the the question is that they represent you or did they really present earn interest when temperature lowered or you're always there and ourselves that the there's a link yeah there's a little bit of an inherent conflict there. Certainly never knows how long he'll be away from the media but someone obviously persuaded him. That it wasn't in. His order. Dark or MGM's best interest to stay out there in the public I just your statement after statement after statement all of which can be used in a trial a liability. You know and it in a trial of some sort of negligence on the part of MGM. So MGM if I'm understanding where you're go wrong with this liability is the big issue. The perception. In the mind of the public the goodwill that MGM may have built up through the years in the Mandalay bay. That seems to be at risk. To avoid risk does that make sense. He that there. I'm not I'm not saying that this is there this is what's going to happen bright but it but I actually see how do you foresee what so many victims. Then there's the potential for. Any lawsuit or series of lawsuits are you refuse you Ramallah claim of a lawsuit. Because since. Gonna whip allegations. That their work and a call soon enough for eight minutes and I'm on wants a good response could have been even quicker than it was. So if they've MGM was your favorite. If they were your clients is this would you advise him to do keep campus quiet. But now but I am I wouldn't. Think keeping quiet but I whether it I would not think there was it would be in their best interest to have him out there and immediate rendering multiples statements alternatives now that the more. Statements and witness give them more risk there is that you are inconsistencies. Says that would allow them to impeach him at a trial got you so. You always want to limit the number of statements that there's nothing evil or nothing. Yeah nothing. Nefarious about it it's just. You know just liabilities just protecting their liability. And making sure that there just aren't a ton a statement that every day that the FBI we didn't want to multiple statements from the same ones. Now there are the friends in the family are concerned at this point in time. It's never as surely not alleging that anything underhanded has happened here but if somebody. Once somebody is stay quiet there's more than 11 way to keep somebody quiet. And people are gonna great links in Las Vegas hasn't been immune to that over the years. Yeah it's there and they're good turn them as their business and they don't need people being afraid to go there aren't thinking that her tell. What suppressed. You know millions things are happening at that hotel any buyer for example violence when they're. Something like this happens are they gonna triage its first order call mine my one of the cruise industry of that rap for a while right there it's there was an allegation are serious allegations that they were not reporting of crimes that happen that that there are on the cruise ships because they want to do something they entertainment industry has to deal with the general. Gotcha all right so we're not gonna be and I was alluding to the fact that I think maybe we might be a filming another episode of goodfellas. Out there in Vegas and MGM that but don't have a stranger things have happened to switching gears here. Again talking to Chris Wecker. Hum North Korea there there was a report that came out that they have 5000. Hackers. At least working diligently and that they were the ones that were behind the the attempt at a billion dollar heist. From. It was a Malaysia or Indonesia one of the wanna do it there at the Far East banks. But they did get quite a bit of money some how dangerous is that hacking organization in your estimation. They're they're formidable I mean it's not surprising that they would have that many people that we're back car commercial that come here as a news reporter you do yesterday. It sure would not be surprising that there intelligence service had a had a robust. Check hacking capability a lot of people involved China has over 300 out. Oh gosh are that number as a good number holy Moly. It's called state sponsored hacking nerd they're hacking birds strategic reasons from their what they perceived to be their national security reasons. China hacks just to get steel technologies from US companies that they want to put their hands off. And become competitive without during the research and development the united Serb state sponsored hacking is nothing new Russians you know of course that it pretty hard. North Korea's doing and north Iran is doing it. And someone say it well the guys doing it throughout that's not kick CIA. It is trying to gather information but they're not out there trying to sell that information to there are companies here make the most competitive. Gotcha but but we got hackers we got a bunch of we got hackers yes we do we got hackers how about you right. Under that yes or sort of attack and yes. I think there's a song in there that can do that at the Christmas party. It took back the life and nothing that such as the Internet and secure bear criminal hackers there activist hackers in their state sponsored hackers all hacking throughout their own reasons. And while. It is a a complicated world that reliving Chris record I do appreciate you taking the time I know that you're hero icon rest and relaxation so to up to take the time and time again and and come join us here on WB two -- we always appreciate yet. Willie has gone Willie had an idea free accustomed suggestions. This is the other time the fear that the car. Colleges would be a snowflakes are. Start making there. Well it's beyond it concerns known. They release a list of trigger costume she places that you just cannot go in this day and age with. Cultures so open arms no cultural appropriation for sure we'll get to this tomorrow and we'll stay on top of its businesses. Vital information for our lives would do it yourself. Still Russian. Oh come up for something. Maybe he'll groove this frank Garcia. Let me get what is ahead. Shorts. And so that's how to keep from getting junkets Kate thanks for your time to see them out of them blue skies and green lights daycare.