Charlotte City Council, and Explosions in Austin Texas

John Hancock
Monday, March 12th

Hancock thanks everyone who attended the Father's Day Breakfast., discusses the Charlotte City Council being written about in the WSJ and explosions in Austin Texas.


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This is John Hancock. There were no. Okay great day. Businesses look big miserably cold it's one of those. Cold wet days it just goes right three where you go outside. Things will improve our into the week so and there's good though none of that thanks to everybody you came out to the pancake breakfast on a Saturday that place filled up pretty quick and stayed up filled. For the whole two hours and another and then some. And I think we raise about 15100 bucks serve 16100 bucks so much after the mid shelter or no pushed a 115160. Some odd people through their. So why that was good gives us all a chance to all wander around and and talk all the infancy guys were there. Frank Garcia was there and Kyle Bailey and there's Kroger and Chris McClain and enormous and a half they the term they were appreciate all those guys are coming out given to Sarah Saturday mornings and now. But Thompson was so with his son camping in the URE forest on boy scout deal. He's a troop leader. So if you're gonna miss it father and son deals only reason that you governor a legitimate excuse and notes of those in pretty good deal. But anyway I I appreciate Joseph coming out and I hope everybody enjoyed the food men in the conversation and none of it to anybody I said I'm coming right back and I never got back I apologize I was. Send it out to. Apology include stiff. David route. Former education reporter for WB TV I remember seeing him say and hired to your group photo all be right back our problems. And then I get home and our member of Riverside David Rhode yen and down there were there were more. Mosher. Is to be the GM more than aren't Kemper Hyundai. I'm going merger now. Saw him. I'll be right back I promise I'll be right back. Wrote him an email I got home that I've already heard a rug back so hard to fire. If I never got back to I apologize. There were obviously people grab in my ear for. Though the old two hours in some odd minutes and it was all good may and I appreciate everybody being an errant no look forward to do it again next year it really is just the most simple. Although TJ came to me today and said. The bacon got the big it was great I didn't know we had bacon. 010 we got the bacon from women had bacon before have we. Every I thought we had sausage or something one year but I do know that we had kind of I don't know when it bacon and wandered back into the kitchen more often. I'll fail Astros trailed appreciate I think they'll Caribbean area nice conversation with those guys enough. Now they've just opened up a famous toes tree out Belmont. Which is that are run by Al lady by the name of Jessica they tell me. So want to get northerners myself to adjust to apparently she's got a media background with NBC and they've and just there's like forty some odd famous toaster is open now. I hear they're everywhere but there was nice to have them there and Valentine and senator food industry doctor offender was there. Are Christian you aced is I assume I got home yesterday from Kenya Africa. And we'll do our the next implant seminar on Wednesday a plan new good to go to that'll be late but I don't plan to be there and cantina fifteen and eleven that's exactly were Susan and I went when may have been good breakfast was over. We went down to weigh out. And antique. Flea markets sale that we heard about. Homilies coffee shop opened up their warehouse really keep a lot of their stuff for no solar wandered over there to sue if they had not the answer was not much. And and then we root ran a couple of Aronson and actually I knew we were sitting in the uptown location of Argentina fifty levity talkers. So I'm. Playwrights appreciate them all being part of the a pancake breakfast now Father's Day in has been upstaged by the NCAA is because North Carolina and lipscomb. Well it took off in about 24. 5 PM on Friday which means we'll have a show that may be I don't know what you figure of 45 minutes longer so much that sometime in the they'll probably handed back to us in the 5 o'clock hour on Friday sore moving. Up Father's Day to Thursday. And we'll take your calls about your father's so we'll do that on Thursday Thursday was the day that we were gonna have. Jack Daniel and Larry sprinkle. A command because Jack Daniels no compete is finally over so his voice can actually be heard in Charlotte again on mount on another airway of so alive invited judge actor command and and then say his goodbyes. The and we've cited for Larry Strickland is Jim more Jack's idea if get blurry and and not talk a little bit about radio does those guys have been a part of our Charlotte radio since. I I I think since. Marconi. He has not been or shortly thereafter. So mom. We're trying to reschedule them I'm open for Wednesday able work and having to wait and see if a Larry can make some adjustments in his schedule. It's not like Larry doesn't just stayed pretty busy. I think he volunteers to MC every non profit event and in town. So anyway we're hoping to do object annual Larry sprinkle on Wednesday all the simple legend known if not maybe it'll be sometime next week. Thursday will be Father's Day. Friday. The NCAA is at least as far as our on air can do is concerned they actually start tomorrow. Up in Dayton. Play and games. And another greatest four days in history even if you're not an ardent even if you're not a college basketball fan on Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday is just the best four days. Of of college sport. Ever. Did you know there's going to be upsets and you know there's going to be a Cinderella Jamie you know you don't know rodeos. It is when it and asked Chris Kroger. Overdraft and see so boot booty having your brackets are who you who wins this thing in Iraq is I don't know have filled mine out. Many asked me he said so you'd like really study and this and before you fill your magazine just do it charges do it. Because I don't I don't know enough about. I don't follow it closely enough to so winds always crapshoot and I always try to come up with somebody who's not going to win. Just in case they do. So I can look like a genius. Because they already know that my brackets are going to be. What my Saturday. Wasted time. So I have Michigan State winning at all. George's we're gonna feel like right now if I want you drink refills things about it. Now I don't know I just Michigan State's has been a team like I had my eye on all. Season long I think you have to from the time that beginning of the season when they came out of the blocks and lost to duke. There's just something about Michigan State they always seem to be in the mix. Can think of their coach's name right now to save my life. Izzo. He just always seems to get that team elevated. Indians who don't list so they were. I did one of those. Automatic fill things. This is on ESPN. They have also it's a different categories re into an auto fill and Buick I did that and it has eggs AB you're winning at all. So on this front are smarter pick in mind but you know what. Jimmy correct corn. And I don't care. Davidson has probably not like by doing these people from Notre Dame today I would think. He's still. These okay. And a chance we can I have to go to doctor joy did he hadn't they Three Dog Night Three Dog Night. Billups Three Dog Night. Have to be confused with the Led Zeppelin it's that. Pretty darn I discovered it out ovens auditorium April the fifth we've got pairs of tickets to giveaway all this week are gonna give away on Friday to although lover lo limited show we have no idea won't be on the air on Friday it'll be after 5 o'clock at some point. But that may be your best opportunity to what they way you want. When a pair tickets 704571110. B color number six. And I'll give you a pair tickets to a C Three Dog Night April the fifth that ovens auditorium. And mutant all right now 704571110. Color number six. Three Dog Night tickets terrible April 5 ovens auditorium. Irregular way up pair every day this week. Our reminder. We've moved Father's Day to Thursday the fifteenth. Because so we'll have the game UNC and lipscomb. And you're saying to yourself lipscomb. They're from Nashville Tennessee. There's say a school and there are named. You know where they're from. I wouldn't of either serve my wife said oh that can't be right state they're from Dayton. Now Dayton has been known to get into the to the final four are not too well given to their bid to the big dance. But our our right status but anyway let's commits from mom. Is from my national. So our 245 his when that game is supposed to begin on no news talk 1110 I don't know do we do pregame at about 145. Gotta be an hour before the game mobile dual assault and so. Will be on the air but it'll probably be sometime in the 5 o'clock hour we'll have appeared to give away that day as well but color number six right now at 7045711. Jim grabbed the tickets. Tiger Woods. Gonna flash and back and forth on that yesterday ended up tied for second at the Valspar championship and affordable one stroke. Away from being tied for the lead. Any actually dropped like a 42. Foot putt. On I don't know what hole that was seventeen. 1617. Select out but he had a gallery going nuts. Caused him to break into a big old smile. I don't care about tiger one way or the other but it was kind of neat to see him in contention again and it was kind of neat to see him looked like he was happy on the golf course again. Saw it all worked out for me the American. Patrick reed is who we tied with though one strike behind it was program a winner which was Paul Casey over Britain's best finish since 2013. And had he been able to make up one another stroke would could've been his first win since that's a mere Torre thirteen if he'd have been able to pull out the victory. But to the spinal fusion surgery that he had on his lower back last April seems to finally have helped to amend our returning to some solid play and you just kind of hope I guess that this is just the the steps forward that he needs to maybe go on haven't of producing here. Can't say I'm not rooting for a daylight savings time I assume you remember to do the clock thing if you didn't you've been an hour off all they all may say you could feel a little off. Could feel little groggy. Course with some of you Howard you know. And I'm speaking only of the people I work with here I don't mean you're directly. Dissing me have you personally there could be an expected effects that they want our schedule change has on your physical or mental health. You could experience sleep deprivation you could be risking. You can you use the risk of having a stroke. An increase. With the daylight saving time. The change this is why we just need you to hawks were there are right now. Your fertility may be affected. Which can be a good thing or bad thing depending on the butcher objective is you could experience more headaches. That would be like what multiple TJ is. It did because like here or other risk of heart attack can increase. The what's the difference the risk of having a stroke give me a risk of having art into. Don't put all that comes a daylight saving time. Have a nice day. The Wall Street Journal today. Yeah Charlotte's under forty City Council. And picture all of them stand in their. After their election in November. And up front page Wall Street Journal had for starters millennial running City Hall want to banish the word colonials. So moan don't quite fall into that category so. Local governments to in Charlotte and elsewhere getting unit's full make over is the just to the of the article in the Wall Street Journal this morning the under forty set took majority control of the City Council last fall with new priorities for one of the America's fastest growing cities. One was two lives three meetings another was banishing the term millennial. And gold base say it talks about. There emergence. And know little of the friction that they're causing us some of the old guard in the fact that they're a streaming the meetings on FaceBook now lives and that wasn't necessarily. They're the new guard thought that was a great idea the old guard wasn't so sure. Live streaming allows people on Smartphones to add comments are remote jays to a descriptions and it talks about during one of the meetings. Council members Erica. You know cruise and end all that. It's about real time said digest and Harlow 29 year old and a dentist. After the measure passed the a mayor pro tem Julie Guy aside I still. 57 year old former investment banker said her FaceBook page on her FaceBook page that she was disappointed that the vote was sprung off on the council by members who. Saw no need to wait. Why so you can have another meeting on NC you have another council meeting on about something that that I wanted to that. I don't wanna have. Committees. And then and bureaucratic. Now make a decision let's go turns out to be wrong decision then you'll change it. Change in Charlotte goes beyond City Hall in a city once known as bank town USA right TO Wall Street Journal the headquarters of bank of America corporation and others. The local economy has grown more diverse so have the residents one in six were born outside of the United States the median age is 34. And the city is a magnet for millennia holes ahead of even Houston and Austin. Say council members who cite the climate and good jobs. Baby boomers started voting out in force when the generations. Median age reached thirty. We'd expect to see the same with the Moeller Nielsen net 2018 and definitely 22 morning sit Alec Tyson senior researcher to Pew Research Center. The Charlotte city council's first full meeting on FaceBook blog last month to near anything nearly as provocative as what's on feared. During a public forum that preceded the 7:15 PM council member of several city firefighters spoke. The car a dip to near his FaceBook feed to ask what's driving the speeches tonight. Anyone online I happened to know. And he got several comments right back at firefighters wanted to counter any negative perceptions of their department quote. Come by station five on C shift for lunch and see how are alive see how we live our daily lives that one person. Will do it said but Carre. Council meeting lasted roughly an hour little debate no contested votes still more than 3000. People. Watched on FaceBook alive that's pretty good. So there's a lot of leave an out of the article but it's listen front page Wall Street Journal. And so we knew that they were having an impact here but apparently they are represented above somewhat of what's going on in cities across the United States. And then they wind up the article by talking about after the council meeting was over book Arian Eagles then went over there or to the basement. And are recorded these seventh episode of their podcasts are indeed in the QC. Four Republican and Democrat. So. I don't know how it's all gonna work out and I don't know what the strengths of the City Council will be and ultimately what the weaknesses of the City Council will be a male Roby both. But this idea that we have to walk. The line and do things the way that we've always done them. Now I actually you don't. Actually you don't actually maybe thinking out of the box a little bit is a good idea if you've gotten 3000 people watch and on FaceBook live this just started have a council meeting. And Asia have more people engaged. And it doesn't necessarily say here that are remember what the demographics for that was. But you also laden and I mean this with all due respect since I am in the old erratic category but you all the sudden taken all the white hairs out of the mix and you've added some. People with air into the mix. That guy that I think it's a good thing. So while mom anxious to see this summer I'm anxious to watch the City Council my sister watched to see what they do in and see how they do it and com and and when they when they scroll up when they do something and they well. Are that maybe could've taken a little bit more thought oral less impulse or something along those lines. Anxious to see how they. How they recover and how they take responsibility for for things that maybe I didn't work out quite the way that they wanted to and then on the other hand. I'm anxious to see the progress they're making the changes that will come in the openness and nine and maybe even a city that starts to. Rather than read about what happened in City Council the county commission last night. A city that starts to get involved. With what went on with the City Council and the county commission last night school board to. So Auburn I'm on a mom happy to see all that's figure a local congratulations to Forest Hills. Who won the two weight championship basketball championship over the weekend that's just excellent Forest Hills hadn't. And then go out North Carolina high school athletic association state basketball a basketball championship for 54 years. They beat tech green central and won the two a boys championship there the record of the for the season thirty and two. First basketball title in school history and congratulations to independence. Who won the state for a championship with a 7160. Victory over heritage. That's a good fit for the boys do all right. Sure. Oh. Yeah. Okay. It's. Engineers say ass story coming out Austin, Texas and it's kind of a media crunch and punch in extension of a story started a couple of weeks ago. I've today a teenager was killed at least two women have been seriously hurt after a pair of explosions rocked homes and Austin on Monday. I believe all these homes have been and always victims of an African Americans so obviously that's an angle that there are investigating two weeks. Of a separation between. And these two blasts in the first one of which authorities say is linked to. At least one of the incidents today. Austin police are received a call about the first explosion and a neighborhood on the northeast side of the city about 6:45 AM. Seventeen year old our resident found a package on the front step brought an inside opened it in the kitchen and exploded. Similar of the incident that occurred in Austin on no march the second. Authorities say don't believe the packages came from a delivery through the US Postal Service or private mail carriers and that the placement on the home's front doorstep also indicated say. Similarity to the blast earlier this month the federal law enforcement officials told Fox News that the packages. Or are made to look like mail. But at least the first one did not actually get shipped from. You pull a B or eight Postal Service. A lot of similarities that they're not to necessarily talking about wrecked now but to they are they think the two items are in fact to a related. Austin Travis County EMS tweeted that a teenage male was killed in a woman in her forties taken to a hospital. Scary stuff. They. You find stuff on your porch these days all the time strive to be part of our. Society. And in a house like mine I got a front door and I had a side door 'cause we're gonna wraparound front porch. And usually they delivered one door not the other but I always you know but occasionally they'll deliver to the other door. And I know you don't think twice about it to you. And other hand I walked in here the other day. And walked and through the loading dock. And as I passed all the recycle bins that are lined up against one wall looked out of the corner it's all little black box. And I don't know that I'd ever seen before so it golden to somebody's attention as it turned out it's been sit there for about three years. But I you know I do reserves of one of those deals right a look at it. And I thought I wonder what that is and and I thought oh it's probably nothing and butter is a market in the building I was thinking to myself. Order that is something. Dodd and you're trying to talk yourself out of that stuff you know I'll c'mon John the other thing. Anyway I wouldn't I told somebody about it and they came back to me about an hour later and said now we checked it out that's in the dollar auto woes and it was so something from. The television station if they were getting rid of the messiah and other members and their for a couple weeks or couple months shall we council. But to have you know yeah I don't know you just never know what packages especially you see some eagle to get out see what assess. Scary stuff other worlds just filled with the evil and and I guess it always has been but it just seems like remarks situated on. You know you go over the great invention like the Internet the first thing that gets hold of it is evils. And and then it just. And then there's just so much hate and divisive nurse. I read. A lot of the comments that you all put on the WB TU. Read those TJ. And you know good will post stories and we're not in charge of the stores that they post but they'll post stories all the time and people obviously accused WB TO of posting stories with some sort of a gender or something. I'd like to introduce you to the people and actually post the stories up on the website there's these people or would have no more than evident gender than fly to the moon. Even a news department page standard chartered by himself up on the website that they think would generate the most interest. But then I read doubt that the comments section and and I suppose it's fine to go back and forth a lot of you do and then there's but there's several of you that are just regulars. And say it's like newspapers have you noticed that newspapers don't really feature the comment sections anymore and when you don't want that is. Because it just turned and all pilot garbage in rent and almost immediately. Because you get one person that comments on it and maybe you legitimately comments on and then you get somebody that. Comes in and either comes up with a different angle or. Comments on the angle that the first come editors and then it just goes to the trash bin after that it just gets to be. Stupidity. So world reliving. It'll take some time before we figure out why that helicopter crashed into the East River last night of your take and helicopter tour not a New York City for sabre just ridiculous. We'll move in Alaska. Where they'll land you on the glacier and I don't know what those things are called. Worries me. See he's basically goes into a giant hole inaugural glacier I mean if you fell down there you'd be gone forever. And I think Richard pretty close to re gonna walk right up to those things. But I mean we've done that a couple of those who did won enough Hawaii. There's pictures today Leo by the people on that helicopter taking pictures themselves and smile on and so on and so forth so little that they know that there were few. If you were minutes away from death. They say one of the possible explanations is today passenger's bag may have hit the emergency fuel shut off but. But how is that even possible that that's what I you seriously how is that possible. How could any passenger have access to accidentally doing that. Those questions below be answered it'll just take shots. Never afraid of I figure we'll. We'll earlier Maria land of Weddington object of those tickets Father's Day a broadcast will be Thursday now instead of Friday. Because we've got to North Carolina in the NCAA is against lipscomb which show starts at 2:45. PM on Friday or thereabouts. So that'll be on our news talk 11109293. WBT. Figure we'll have probably sometime in the 5 o'clock hour plan to give away a pair tickets to Three Dog Night. In whatever time we have left on a Friday and the motive way repair every day this week. And we had originally scheduled I'd told you all this last week but my buddy Jack Daniel his no compete is now over his own voice can now be heard over the airwaves. And I don't you know Charlotte, North Carolina again. And so I'd ask Jack a long long time ago after he got unloaded over there at two. I heart. In two to drop by and talk radio at this is always bring in Larry sprinkle along so we're trying to get those guys rescheduled and I would like to see it happen on Wednesday. But if that's not possible that wall scheduled for sometime next week but. So that's kind of the rough outline we have opened project general Larry sprinkle to join us on Wednesday we'll do Father's Day on Thursday. And have the. And other Friday at the Father's Day for those of you may or may not know but Father's Day is something we do around here has close to though marked the sixteenth as possible. Now march 16 1990 fours from my father passed away. And it had a brain and tourism and had been in a coma for about eight or nine days nine days ten days. And I had gone out Colorado and ended to have flown back as we didn't. We know what was gonna happen. We are liberal tool is gonna happen way to know how long it would take. And kept everybody. Abreast of what was going on them kind of an open book so you guys know what's going on in my life most of the time while there was more of an open book than I am now. And so what they. On a Wednesday morning at 3 o'clock I got to call the dead in past. And I sat around at the time I was a smoker so consider its weight to call. Jason Lewis still fill in forming so like a good jump complained that afternoon and head out to for the funeral another Colorado. And got to about 6 o'clock in the morning and not to myself I don't need Jason Lewis to fill in forming under and thought you live. That's the southern about the impact of a death like that that did you don't take the full brunt of it all one time to kind of anyway I was doing fine. And I've got a healthy outlook because they've from my father anyway about a death he was an episcopal priest and I think we talked a little bit about that during Billy Graham my. I'm so happy for Billy Graham to finally achieved his life goal could jackets they're currently stand. So I have. Made the decision to come on and on marks the sixteenth and I do my own show and got in her on at 9 o'clock in the morning as do nine to noon at the time and said listen up. They're kind of preoccupied with my dad the last two and is thought bigger idea for your guys to call in and talk to me about your debts and so people did. In for three hours people called in and talked about their dads. And it was just the most pure. Honest. Sometimes emotional show ever done that's my signature broadcasters is no two ways about it and we've done it now for. On March the sixteenth there is close to that is we can for the last 44 years. So that's what Thursday will be all about his people call and in talking about their dads. And in some cases people who haven't been able to call in the past because it's just still a little bit to pressure a little bit too raw. On maybe this is the year you'll find that you wanna go do them. And and I look forward to it we we've (%expletive) kind of built up by a collection of songs over the years. We find a new ones sometimes as we go along but. Mike in the mechanics love living years is kind of the signature song for the whole broadcast and and bowl ad does some music and errant music norsk senator's job in Milan during your. Stories about your dad's the good guys the good ones. And and that's what we do while law and are the guys who met the responsibilities. And and the guys who taught you how efficient. And all that stuff so we'll do that broadcast on Thursday announced on Friday. And then the North Carolina Tar Heels on a Friday and hopefully be able to get Jack Daniel Miller sprinkler and here on a Wednesday and all keep your breasts on all of that but Father's Day. Will be on Thursday now. Starting at 3 o'clock and we'll continue that all the way up until were done at two and to 6 o'clock somewhere can't wait love that broadcaster can begin to tell you. So did you watch last night the OJ deal. OJ Simpson know lost confessional. Which was from this book that had to come out to at the time. Or shortly there. Charlie before that. What was it called if I did it. Well that's kind of what the gist of this was last night and he hypothetically. Describe what. Hypothetically. Happened that night. And it was a weird. But it was compelling as all get out. And considering that fox originally did not air this. And in fact. People lost their job over this Judith Reagan made lady who did the interview. And the book. Was a mealy. And lemonade and air this interview in twelve years ago because of public criticism. Rupert Murdoch. Said. All I and senior management agree with the American public that this was an ill considered project we are Sar birdie paying this is because of them was Ron Goldman and old Nicole Brown Simpson. Cancellation of those projects also affected Reagan's career she did the interview she was part of the panel last night. Are following are the if I did it controversy and News Corp. fired her. She then sued and got a ten million dollar settlement. I get that done TJ. What can we do it against me fired Raikkonen soon get a ten million dollar settlement. They give anything let me know would you. Yeah I and I don't know solar wanna get dough black balled by the SEC is so. That's got to be something we can do it again. Suspended fired. And then soon and get ten million dollars. I didn't mean to be too low would you get that they've got Tim how much after taxes and molecular stuff. Or five. I give your fifty bucks. So fox airs this controversial OJ Simpson the loss confessional special last night. And an interview that he gave back in 2006 to a Judith Reagan. Or is it Regan. About how the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. Might. Have happened. But in the interviewee eight cattle loses track sometimes it seems of the hypothetical or he says and then I and then I and then I. And I just thought to the whole thing if if you did it. F. It's pretty black and white. And in fact it always has been. When the verdict came down it was absolutely black and white. In the way that it was seen in perceived. Now I don't know if over time TJ our talking about this earlier. If this has become less of a racial view of as to guilt or innocence Bennett seemed to be at the time of the original trial. I remember again doing nine to noon here. And word came down with the verdict was down and I remember jump and in my car. And had not too though will low. Wherever it. Apartment complex I was limited to standard time bill. Parker extension will also there are other apartments. And flew up the stairs. Turned on the TV. And sat there like it was my own family member getting ready to I mean you know. And everybody can read their idea what was gonna happen. And I would think a majority of white people thought it was gonna come and guilty and apparently. A good number over I don't wanna speak for other African Americans but it it would seem that bid to many African Americans ought to know this is for him up. And sat there watched that verdict committed you just went all my god are you kidding me. So last night this. Simpson talks about the murders and he refers to a friend named Charlie being with them. And handing him a knife. Any talks about going to Nicole's house. On Charlie is suggestion. And many people think Charlie is his Alter ego. Darden did one of the prosecutors last night. He was part of a panel last night. Sorry she goes he goes to Nicole's house to confront her. And gets into an argument outside with a Goldman who arrived soon afterward OJ had arrived. And that drew out his ex wife. According to what we heard last night. Quote as things got heated I just remember Nicole fell and hurt herself and this guy meaning Goldman. Kind of got into a karate thing and I said well if you figure being kicked my ass and I remember I grabbed the knife. I do remember that portion Joseph OJ said last night taking a knife from Charlie. And to be honest after that I don't remember except I'm standing there and there's all kinds of stuff around. Any would there and spirit clarify. Blood and stuff and he went on at one point saying. Anybody who had murdered two people like this had to have been covered in blood. The panel thinks that Charlie is just a voice inside of his head. I and that's what Noel Murray of the New York Times wrote today. And his description Simpson's description of the attack. Sounds anything but hypothetical and if you watched the interview if you didn't see it last night. It's just weird it's just bizarre. Darden said at one point I think I think he just confessed to murder. He may try to describe it is hypothetical but of course it becomes. I did this I feel this I saw this. This notion of Charlie. Charlie is OJ said Christopher Darden this is no hypothetical. This is reality. It's called one of Entertainment Weekly talking about DOJ broadcast last night hates. The decision by fox to air the interview. Said the network fell off the human decency wagon and thinks that we learned a little. It wasn't so much hypothetical as co Harry incoherent she writes. Much like Geraldo Rivera's anti climatic live opening of Al Capone vault there wasn't much better. There are. I could not disagree whether more. It was. It was fascinating. Fascinating incoherence. Bomb. You will use sat there and I thought to yourself. This guys play in the system. Surely have to be smarter than OJ don't play the system. And to some extent he's won and there's some extent he's lost. You'll never convince me that the Las Vegas. Charges. What they have memorabilia. Didn't cost him more time than most other people would have gotten because there was a little bit of a day. You may have beat the system but the system can slap backs over keeper no locked up as long as possible. There's I've publication called decider. Are you familiar with them at all TJ. This is say that says that I had to go fight and they worry is the first entertainment and pop culture destination site. Created to help today's on demise demand generation discover the best streaming content. Through a unique blend of pop culture expertise and hilarious insight toy itself. Into another website. Geared it to more meals. Decider takes off thirteen memorable parts of the special including Simpson's downplaying although domestic abuse incidents. And they also point out that he didn't make any money from their broadcast last night. But some of the points that did decider points out Simpson remembers the baseball bat incident with a Nicole Brown Simpson very differently this was just bizarre. This happened in 1985. When they ultimately took a bat to Nicole's car. But at one point he talked about Iran having a conversation and he was bounced in the battle awful but ire. But he ended up breaking her windshield whether it. And last night he said he described the event nonchalantly he said hey she's my wife. She's okay. I broke the windshield. It's mind. There's no trouble here. Saying that everybody read that incident completely wrong. One of the oddest parts about the BD TL of that against Simpson casually drops that. Nicole Brown Simpson was pregnant by one of her boyfriend's. One of the many details in this interview that has never been heard before. And he claimed last night that he he kept referring to a ski mask and a nice that he always kept in his car. And he said he kept the ski masks there when he was looking for golf balls he would hit and the knife was for the crazies because he couldn't carry a gun. Already 71 days into the year. 200 in 94 days ago it's march the twelfth. James Taylor seventy years old that it Liza Minnelli is 72 of Mitt Romney 71. Barbara Sheldon. If you remember they old TV show get Smart. She was so much better looking and let everybody ever ever heard of pork. 85 years old. 1894. Coca-Cola sold in bottles for the first time in on this date 1876. Alexander Graham Bell successfully spoke the first words on the telephone. By calling for his assistants and saying. What else do I need to get. Terry Hatcher denying a tabloid story that she's broke almost living out of a band. I read the news available at the Pentagon has agreed to give the president his military parade there won't be any tanks. China what's the point. For the those old deal about separates the tanks rolled out and China is establishing over five million acres as the national park for giant pandas the carpool protecting endangered pandas so they will be able to Roman. And breathe freely. NASA revealed that astronaut Scott Kelly who spent a year in space returned with altered DNA and is now different from his twin brother. Interest it. And a fairly most of us are just done with daylight saving time. The person who promises to have pitched the a penny and don't daylight saving time maybe that's what he's be voting for next time around for one thing DSD is hazardous to your health. There are more automobile accidents on the Monday after daylight saving time event on a typical Monday. And on the Monday and Tuesday after like today and tomorrow after daylight saving time takes effect. We have a 10% increased chance of having no heart attack. Another reason they say to dump DST. Most of us don't want it only 35% of Americans surveyed thought daylight saving time was worth the hassle. Now are we any exact opposite of what everybody else says I want it I did but I'll stay right at all that we got it now now stop. Don't go back does this keep this. This is it. What can you log. I don't know TJ I think that puts us in the minority. Awaited them. We're always in the minority it. Tuesday night's Mega Millions will be worth 318 million dollar Wednesday has. Our ball we'll be worth 420 million and now my two numbers that I always ride expired today. So all procrastinate and then one of those numbers are coming in those next two days. That would dispute that would just be mile walk or not. There were a lot of money on the line against. So this woman. Organ woman. Who gave drugs to children in her care so that they would sleep. While she went to I tanning and cross fit classes. Has been sentenced to 21 years in prison. Needle and has has it been telling parents I'm. The daycare worker. They've been telling parents that they were not allowed to drop off for pick up their children Nokia daycare center between the hours of 11 AM and 2 PM. Referring to that time has nap time. Actually what the cops say is well it was nap time there were drugged. Records from the a local gym indicate that she was either tanning or doing cross that during those times. The children were found to have melatonin and their systems melatonin is an over the counter or natural sleep aid. That they are gave to the kids is a woman gave to these kids to make them sleep while she was away. She should be in jail for 21 years. But believable. Saw a woman on a horse rides into a nightclub in the night club closes down I'll give you that just a couple of seconds. Had to adjust our schedule that this week Tom. Father's Day will now be on Thursday because we've got North Carolina basketball on the Friday. Against the lipscomb the beginning of the big dance to 45 PM among the Tar Heels play. So you'll hear that on news talk element in WB Tia so we've moved Father's Day to Thursday. And melt ago calls earlier you followed column and not talking of which deaths. Annual event will be the 24 year we've done Father's Day on her that marks the sixteenth. So while we've moved it to Thursday and were trying to reschedule decked Daniel and Larry sprinkle to come and just talk about radio Jack Daniel can now I have his voice on the airwaves again has no computers over. And so low we're gonna try to move them to Wednesday and if that doesn't work out we'll figure out a different date to get those two guys to commend enough. I'm in no shoot the breeze and drums and Jack are you a chance. To say goodbye awards show radio ownership from whence he used to work with. Couldn't quite tell all allow that after. 400 years of employment or whatever was so I and that's that's the way it works its. That's the way. Your corporation probably works the same way. Know what they're all afraid of but I'm. But they all run scared them to where that is. Elizabeth Warren in the news all weekend long first of all she says she won't be running for president notion of running for president should running for the senate right now so she's not can admit that she's running for a president into honey to honey because. That would be counterproductive to what she's trying to do right now she wants to be a senator again. For Massachusetts. And for her to say anything about the presidency would just be suicide because people don't want to US senator that's running for president. I mean purse say. If you're running for senate they want you don't want the senate seat so that's what she basically set on Meet the Press she won't be running for president not and Tony Tony at least. But how many people and this is what the moderator send as well how many people have said no I'm not running for president I'm running for the senate Melanie get the senate seat Iran's president. And then the other is. Trump went to Pennsylvania for a campaign speech sound like he was running again and maybe once I don't know although he made some. Reference to maybe he won't run in 220. Maybe he'll say I brought you this far I've done all the heavy lifting now let's see if you can come up with a Republican I can continue to do the hard work. I've taken the brunt of the abuse. Now you pick up the ball and not continue to give people tax cuts and I'm deregulate things and it but I doubt they'll have. Anyway I'll lose with warrants had yesterday when she was on that Meet the Press program that she won't take a DNA test to prove her family's claim to a native American ancestry. This is why the president calls a poker hottest she does not like that. Saying I know who why am. During her a 2012 senate run as she was accused of having falsely claim native American ancestry to advance her career as a law school professor of she has said that she has always been told by her family. That they have native American ancestry and stated that she didn't use it for any advantage. She says she told. Harvard and the University of Pennsylvania about the background after she was hired. And it also appeared in the directory of law school professors warned continues to be dog by the issue because. President trump dogs are about it always refers to her with they are slower Pocahontas. They Berkshire eagle newspaper in Massachusetts suggested last week that she take one of the commercial DNA tests that are now available. And said dish she'd be vindicated if Richard native American DNA and she could dull or you know on offer apology to a native American tribes of the didn't. But Warren said yesterday that she wouldn't do it. She told the family. She said telling the family history of how her parents fell in love her father's family was against the relationship because her mother was part native American. So they'll vote. And Warren said that's the story that my Brothers and I'll learn from our mom and dad. And from our grandparents. And all of our aunts and uncles it's a part of me. And nobody is going to take that part of me away not ever. And then she was pushed as to why she wouldn't take the DNA tester didn't take the DNA test to find out for sure and she said quote. I do know. I know who I am. And never used it for anything never got any benefit out of it anywhere. Close quote. Now the very idea. That a politician. Would not be telling the truth about something. I just found he Ludacris is overall find it hard working. Patriots. Public servants exactly TJ public servants they are. The good and the this moment of sarcasm was brought to you by. Drift. Dripping sarcasm. Find the internet's original we had a chance to talk to did he hadn't Three Dog Night we're giving away Three Dog Night tickets party give away a pair today. All weeklong we will revisit part of that interview when we come back it's. We are pleased to talk to a Denny hadn't who you know from a Three Dog Night I don't know the we've ever had a rock star actually call us at the exact time he's supposed to calls mr. but now argument. Good and I've found early because I made a mistake about farm in late July shelf and that's not a good thing did they put you honored they blow you off the job but they. They gave a lot of swear words they didn't do want bear the but I learned yeah you know as it. You'd use scare me a little bit because. I know you're in the beloved right here in the beloved John Hancock. That's led that that was so well that's a rumor but you know I'm the one that started it. Yep but you know it's every gags that I've met that I was gonna lead in his name as tiny. Whereas in 300 pound cat. And but you're coming to town in April you'll be into ovens auditorium on April the fifth he still having fun. I'm still having fun and you know been out we've been together fifty years the end we go out now we will we get we gotta gotta figure that everybody almost everybody who lives and different states and we just like fly out we're flying up in the mine. That's tomorrow and then we're picking up a tour bus forward. For four days and they're not where offline home. So it's it's it's wonderful you know it's it's a best of both worlds. We're out we're friends with a banned out here called the David Brothers and yeah. And very very Kroger crap yeah they're friends of ours enough and they kind of gotten into the same deal though fly out on Thursdays and I do three or four dates and then come back and that gives them time with family and did make him feel like the road dogs all the time fifty years he can't remember every every jam you ever took a part of but yeah. You remember how high you were in 196869. I used sold I think probably what you correct me about. More tickets more concerts more albums more than anybody during that time period out. Well you know most people it's kind of Henry red but that it was The Beatles is the first stadium tour we didn't second stadium tour before crisis doesn't match before anybody else. We had that rod bureau for us what the cases opened for us I'm not that cotton. All that we did Atlanta Braves stadium. Where the first guys to bring in that big screen this big PA system leaving the field didn't even do that of course I'm not. Sam what we liked The Beatles on that level but yeah with Brad federal thing and we're we're we were we were. Probably the biggest. The biggest drop on earth for a lot bigger than the stones. I'm not that sounds crazy. It doesn't when you look down your hips when you look down and all your number one hits when you lay and that this thing it's inching to me has. One is one of the signature songs from that decade and that was an only number five song liar was number seven. Easy to be hard one of my favorites was the number four you know I mean you don't even have to get into your number one hits to all of sudden bring up songs that people have I mean there were there they're part of the fabric of our growing up. Yeah I think we have like 888 built Saint Louis at 41 top forty hits in a row we all the records. Further that but. You know I am not number one is Laura I he had timing saying. Then you know you can you can that you commit and beat number two behind The Beatles for two weeks ahead and does not make it because you're timing was dropped. But yeah we we we we actually we. We had we had a lot a lot of media a lot of people moderate its yeah I am and I'm real proud of I'm proud of the band you're not I would be doing it now. Going out out I did okay money lies is that somebody else could result out so I'm not I'm outside Mathis should surgeon for snakes and stuff but it's. Bad bad joke. Some of your music's been used for commercial purposes is that does that put money in your pocket and how do you feel about that. All I think it's great it's at recognition is great I know there's been their biggest two different versions of one. One position our commercial and one is a I Cadillac. You have let go of what followed we got we have Tucson on divorce come on out as well and if you have sales figures that we had that a lot. You know let. So my my race my son that day at all and they say well what they'll. It can't what do we have to do to really make it and I would just tell me that you have to be great lies. If you want longevity you've got to really that you go around wants to be hot. And people see you my peace after ourselves of Bologna and you know as a result. That would with magic instruments you're not gonna last that's I feel about. Ardor. We we can guess. Well and and Marla and listen we're looking forward to around like this that I senior and a number of occasions a couple of occasions there's been a long long time but all of the end of and so enough Thursday April the fifth to know hopefully will love packed the place. And I hope it I'll open I hope it turns out they want your better shows up you guys enjoy played ovens this is a good rooms off from that standpoint I think you'll enjoy the acoustics in there they're well. If if they if they like how we found on record we sound you sound like a record or better and that will also be thrown in one. At least one new song and it's hard to get the fresh reaction that night night which Israel crazy. Is part of blues. I now that as the press further children okay at some Fella yeah Burton. If folks say well hopefully get what what was that what happened first but I appreciate it John you're. If you are pro Q man. Love it and my heart. Thanks thanks for being a nice guy appreciated her dad hi Denny had and Three Dog Night April the fifth. Thursday it ovens auditorium. If you're going to get all weeklong gave way appear today earlier era and level giveaway fares Tuesday Wednesday or Thursday even heard bothered that we we have heard you discuss the Danny had no no Three Dog Night ovens auditorium in April the fifth and the limited chill on Friday since North Carolina. Moses do you have big dance. The game started about 245 so we should hit the airwaves some plays the 5 o'clock hour while the characters you've always been as well. I thought everybody who made the pancake breakfast on a Saturday thank you so much for coming out. Appreciated. Where a great time. We people showed up early and then it just seemed to be a steady crowd to give that a gymnasium packed for pretty much sold two hours. Gave us a chance all they if Lindsay guys were there. And the VT guys were there and they gave a solid chance to wander the room and have some real one on one time with a lot of years so I think that's the thing that we like best about it is that the the cub scouts the Boy Scouts take care all the work and it gives us a chance just to mingle and drink coffee and talk and and many have you got a chance to meet my granddaughter. So why. I was sent over the proud Gramm pat beyond unknown on Saturday as well. And my thanks to Phil and Maria for a break in her by. So like you're doing assured of so many people and Susan said she hardly even flinched when you go whoa buzzed up on her. First that she's what five signal was six months old. Sawyer where you know I mean armor granddad shoes she she used to see in peculiar look and things that went down. Big old thing like that also know Kendall walked up on her anyway Hugo came that was very cool enough. And we have been type some programming notes since the big dance has started North Carolina plays on Friday starting at 245. So we won't get on the air until sometime after 5 o'clock on Friday. So we have moved Father's Day from Friday till Thursday. So will do far far 24 annual Father's Day. Celebration. Amber looking for you to call and tell us about your dead wood on this or 24 years it's on the anniversary of the death of my father. When my dad died I came into the broadcast. That day and said day call and tell me about your dad. And of people did and we've been doing repertory for years cents. And no we got music that goes along more than and all of that so I'll look forward to to our annual Father's Day broadcaster we will now do that on Thursday. We were to have Jack Daniel my good buddy Jack Daniel and malaria sprinkled. Too long time media. Spent GR radioed a jacket no Larry bay and now radio around here for a long long time and know the stories and Jack. I don't even think I know all the stories about Jack. Jack was in this building. When John boy and Billy were. Being put together. And so was John boy and Billy's boss for a good long while and ran the end from the for the day it hit the air until just recently. Is no competes over so he can be on the airwaves again so now we've moved Jack Daniel and Larry sprinkle to just kind of reminisced about Charlotte radio till Monday. At 405 PM. And so we'll just keep on for as long and so we want people. So I Jack Daniel Larry sprinkle. Two mainstays of Charlotte radio and Charlotte. Com media query worked with the and does so we'll have those two guys in on Monday Father's Day broadcast is on Thursday. And Friday UNC and lipscomb out of Nashville Tennessee and I game should start about 245. And with the post game and all that stuff we figure we're on sometime in the 5 o'clock hour and we'll have Three Dog Night tickets to giveaway we'll give way pairs of Three Dog Night tickets all this week. Including Friday's sell after the game is over and after the post game is over don't go away usually have a shot to win three Guidant doctor dog night tickets who were coming. Dublin's auditorium on April the fifth. All right I nightclub closed down imagine now your club here on the dance floor and you're having a killer time and your sloshing beer and everybody is around June and also and a woman and a bikini rides in on male white horse in the middle of all of it. If you're thinking man this is probably the greatest craft beer I've ever had I think hallucinating. And it happened on Wednesday in a south beach Florida. Veterinarians animal behaviorist and horses all agree that horses don't belong on dance floors of the horse freaks out. And everybody else freaks out and police were called a bit later reported the DO horse sore saw unharmed but there's all sorts of frivolity ensuing now. And Jen and Vince notes short point that it was crew over the course. There's no no word here and they follow the story about what happened to deal woman and a bikini. Well I'm just concerned. More evidence that third hand smoke is bad for you yes third hand. Recent experiments on juvenile mice. Suggest that third hand smoke from cigarettes the residual chemicals in cigarette smoke leaves on endorse services. Could increase the chances of developing lung cancer. Recent study back some of the Tony seventeen researcher that a third hand smoke does a bad things to our bodies. There's our radio website that I belong to oil and it has to do with old radio studios and and one of those radio announcer geek sites and people have been around for a long long time and it shows all those studios back when we had pots and turned tables that you could sit on. Old gates turned tables and stuff like that. But there was a picture in the Arab world KB CO studios and go over to the right hand side. Was this big and ceramic. Tan. Covered bowl looks like a dog bowl. And it was our ashtray. And we used it was it was a matter and ended that the ceramic bowl actually came from military school it was our. It was our. A military school issued. Good social I brought into the studio I was a smoker at the time. It was price about three inches tall and ceramic round bowl. And we used to take coat hanger and build it then did the right way so it would fit over that cusp of a and then with these little indentations and where you could stick the cigarette in their. But it just reminded me that I've been a radio long enough to where you used to be able to smoke in the studio can you imagine. And array engineers hated it because all that residual smoke and stuff would get on the contacts and get on and independent studios must have just smelled like. Hell. Can you imagine a set and her smoking today withdrawn around. You can't even drink water in the studio with that are installed on here. It's voted in the studio they don't do that anymore than they are you get smoke anywhere anymore apps and I don't so everything's good but. City go to. This study out the claims that well. Talking to your dogged. Like you want a baby is the best way to build a good relationship with Europe up. Yeah I duck. If I get on the following. My west secret she's afraid of her shadow anyway. But. If I talked to were in a baby voice which I do all the time she saw. Just the sweetest little thing I ever saw no wiggles are walking or roads or you know just as Swedish she convict. But when I also an all pick up the phone to make a phone call middle of the day and and then I go and heard the voice amusing right now. John and talk radio club promoters. And she leaves the room where she's she's certainly have some brother vivid conversations with. 800 numbers from time to time I believe. So she knows that. That has sometimes phone calls can get oh well direct. But television unlike and anger and animosity in the room. But deaf I'm not baby talk and Hersey Hersey she's underneath the bed doctor Katie slocum from the department of psychology at University of York since she wanted to figure out of there. Was any benefit to the playful way many owners talk to their dogs. Think to myself this is the stupidest study ever does. Why is everybody talks to that'd. Researchers rounded up 37 dogs placed them in rooms with people saying different types of phrases and using different types of us speech. And first the dogs listen to the person. Talking to them and dogs speak the classic high pitched voice coupled with the good dog direct phrases like who's a good book but it. And so like my wife doctor. Job in a separate room people spoke to the dogs enough flatter tones coupled with adult directed speech like I went to the movies last night. And a site has monitored dogs for their attentiveness and found out that they chose to spend more time with those who talk dog you speak. Well does. We're now much that they'll research costs about. Color your eyes. Round. People would brown eyes are trusted. From a blue eyes. I got blue eyes so I never thought tries about a month although a burden to people fled to wood floors eerie. I.s have your attention at the moment you meet somebody how much are you. Much you trust them could be as simple and so being born with brown eyes. The searchers. Revealed that the reason. Behind our biased towards trusting brown eyed people more than those of any other eye color researchers and Australia's city area. Used a personality question near a narrow in their work. Which revealed that dark eyed northern Europeans are more agreeable and less competitive than their light ID counterparts. Need darker a north Europeans I color the more likely they all are to be all to restrict. Sympathetic to others and eager to help. Conversely. Wider eyed people are more likely to be observed to be competitive. Egocentric. And skeptical of others' intentions. Well had to describe me as all of does it TJ. They. Texas Waffle House employee given a college scholar. Or ship because she's a nice person. You heard the story of Tony Williams she's eighteen. They she received an outpouring of praise after a photo of her cutting the fruit of an elderly man was shared on social media went viral when everywhere. The a customer was a regular at the Waffle House he had recently undergone surgery was using an oxygen to act in this photo shows Williams. The eighteen year old and a man. And the photo was shared on FaceBook by Laura wolf who was touched by the young woman's gesture. Without hesitation she says she took his plate and began getting up his ham. May seem like a small low jester but to him that was huge. I'm thankful to who have seen this act of kindness and caring at deal started my day. While everything in this world seems to be so negative territory won't wolf rotor passed well. Post. William support in this Waffle House to save for college caught the attention of Texas southern university and as a thank you gesture recognition over congress. However kindness TCU president or with a 161000. Dollar scholarship. And the mirror. Bobby Hocking. Honored her with her own day. Lamar cave in Texas I guess that is. The eighteen year old Livonia said hey it just came from the heart. She still plans to work at the awful Waffle House or she goes to college. Good her. Love stories like that. I'm Jeff Sessions. Some are reassurance from a attorney general Jeff Sessions. Saturday for those states were marijuana has been legalized you're worried about a crackdown after the Justice Department in January ended up. Obama era policy that discouraged. Federal authorities from going after marijuana businesses in states where the drug is legal. Sessions explained that the feds don't wanna have dar don't have the resources. To take on quote routine cases and will continue to focus on drug gangs and larger conspiracies self. He said in response to a student question after a speech in Georgetown of the law school there. That federal prosecutor's court haven't been working small marijuana cases before. And they're not going to be working on them now. It still remains illegal under federal law. But for all my friends out in Colorado there for that just doesn't is gonna go flying through their front doors summer afternoon a non. Probably not gonna happen. So that's what you go there an Amazon is updating Alexa. So that you don't have to say her name so much. And with the change what you'll be able to Jewish you can follow up with a second question for Alexa without having to say Alexa and again. So if you Astra question how many. He does insists animators and an inch whatever care period then you can say well how many engine as an effort without having to say elects all over again. Apparently the new follow up mode feature will have to be enabled by you before it can be used devices like the echo in the echo doubt we'll give you five seconds to ask a follow up question. Hi after an answers the first run lighting up well blew it indicates that is still listen to this will be custom made for like mark Harrison. Who is used to press conferences were you don't ask a follow up question within point five seconds. Somebody else basically takes your time and uses this for their own no personal closer. The way they'll end up costing about 3 o'clock I appreciate being here don't get Father's Day is Thursday not Friday we moved to Thursday.