Charlotte's Dr. Michael Kruger's Upcoming Lecture on the Bible's Origin

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Friday, September 22nd
Dr. Michael Kruger on Biblical provenance. First Anniversary of the killing of Keith Lamont Scott by CMPD, his widow and CMPD Chief Kerr Putney. Fall fire safety with Charlotte Fire Department's Kevin Miller. Free health and exercise clinic at North Lake Mall.

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I'm mark Thomas and this is Carolina focused news 11101993. WPT. 1079 the link. 102 point 5610 in the fan that's where we look at issues events and happenings that affect the Carolinas and the Charlotte region. Welcome. So let's be joining us through this morning. Manulife with a lot of things in Charlotte. It revolves around churches and religion and theology and we got an event coming up on October the second. It's the par water lecture. With doctor Michael Kruger speaking about the artifacts of Canon manuscripts as a window into development of the new testament. That's a mouthful of a title and to explain it all now is doctor Michael Krueger joining us good morning doctor Kruger. Thanks Margaret bwic. I guess my first question is explain the title of your lecture. Yeah well the title while lecturer is probably about awful for most people but it's probably best understood. If stop people tree grass you'll Rawlins tents are wanna explore where the detest McCain from how we collected those books together that make up pork. 47 books in the new testament that's called the the new testament to. NN com into that want to waste that has slight so that issue with the way I look at it in the lectures stupid. The remnants of the it has not left on we call manuscripts of copies. Of the detest we understand that Egypt or places like that so it's going to be an analysis of agent manuscripts. Out held so limit our Christina probably just was put together. Well I know that we have a number of people here who are probably non believers. And people who don't have a tremendous amount of faith. Effect just recently we did an interview. Discussing the fact that millennial olds are the most. A religious if you will generation to come along. Since these kind of surveys have been done so I think there's there's going to be a certain level of skepticism. Initially and for all. In all honesty and as one who was atheist for thirty years. It's. You know it's looked at by many as OK a bunch of guys got together in the writing about sky fairies. And I mean that's I took to put it in the most raw terms. One of the things that could motivate the lecturer in my own academic work to this point is that there are a lot of misconceptions out there about how many total was put together. People are pretty skeptical about it they think it was a part of of church council or. They think that it was a late idea that Christians are forced on the church and the sort of bank. So part election is designed to show that the idea that because my collection actually goes back braver early within early christianity and so it's not so so the late idea imposed on christianity but sometimes it was there from the start. So it's EEE and you have the documentation I know a lot of times people will look at various ancient texts. Whether it's writings by homer or whomever. The go back thousands of years and the actual. Hard copy if you will. Exists. Several thousand years or at least hundreds of years after the original text was supposedly written. But I guess here I'm I'm inferring something here you're saying that's not the case with new testament manuscript. Yes so in in the ancient world we won't ask about the reliability and new testament to his character any main actor from from that time period wanna I wanna get into that his. Close to the original publication at Texas we can't so small gap between when the book was written earliest copy and you. You indicated just a moment ago that that those gaps are typically very march in fact. On average about tiger's gap between the publication of the book in its earliest copy of problem between 500000 years. But in the new test and obviously it's much much last and back we have copies within about 3540 years. An adjustment production. Specifically what would those be. All of me wanted that gospel John. Yeah after the little doubt there have read the gospel to audited pretends to be one of the most loved of the gospels. Com it was very popular with the early christianity. Probably written at the end of the first century era and eighty or 98 the an early copy a little minister called people if people do which is dated around 125 ladies 35. Plus years after it was written. So it's something that it would be relatively. Current yen in the overall scheme of it why are there any original copies left I guess would be much you know my initial reaction to that. Why now they're wiser you and again. If it's that close. Yeah well. They don't yet understand the way ministers worked an ancient world as the date they wore out like any book Wharton. Com they date. Department script to survive today. Often the case and conditions of the city humidity. They Wear out from use their loss to destroy you by insects and so books just get one out lost on the early church I think wasn't thinking about so much. Preserved in the originals as if they're to be put an museum their their concern was to get the contents of the original how. And the way they did that individual by copying them Tom and so if Paul wrote a letter to the Romans the Roman didn't think OK let's. Let's protect this and some secret chat somewhere and hide it underground rather their idea was caught because as much as possible. To get it out to the people and we applaud the fact that there wasn't this sense of of preserving sort of one manuscript the sense was flustered Serb attacks and to preserve the tax make it as many copies as possible. I guess that but to me what that brings to mind is the fact that sometimes we look at. Manuscripts and you're referring to these as books. But. Honestly it wasn't until Gutenberg in the mid what was at the mid fourteen hundreds 15100 that we actually had Movable Type. We could actually print a book as we know today. We talk about books these aren't something that you go down the library and their on the shelves and use pull them out may have printed spines and that sort of thing. That's that's not how these things were kept. Yes so you're referring to the idea of probably obviously the pretty impressive work things were stabilized in the angels' world things were copied by hand by broad. So every book we have financial world and I use the term book your loosely of course every book we have everybody have a major or was it to hand copied manuscript. Describe put together. And this is the way it was then that Tucker preclude our problem. And actually did I hate your big worry oftentimes not even books as we know them but more like scrolls. Blacks in the Christian world they're more like book and this is actually one of the things aren't going to bring up among lecturer. Obama on October 2 which is it that sort of thing that made the that early Christian writings unique in that certainly helps us understand company just was formed. That they were not on scrolls. And the fact they were in the probable we call products and so codecs that the typically book we used today. We don't think about it the codecs but that's so all work that. Tell our first used to think about it the ancient book but it is a total exports format what may Christians unique is that they're really. We want Eugene F format in insignificant numbers in this time period the Greco Roman world still use scrolls for literary writings the Jews to use scrolls. It was Christians that you the codec and that's a very intriguing. Destroy local development. And we are talking to doctor Michael Kruger who is the president of the reform theological seminary here in Charlotte. He's going to be speaking at Queen's University on October the second about the history of the new testament. And it's development. Here on Carolina focus and I guess the one thing that the kind of stands out in. All these transfers of the in and writing the manuscripts and so forth. This is something that that it didn't happen instantaneously. We weren't Greece you know texts and faxes and copy machines that sort of thing. And you mentioned that they were written by hand. This was a very very time consuming and laborious task was. It was I mean that the work of describes what it was tedious to be sure exhausting. That really had the war artists stay on top of their task and pay attention. What's in Washington noted early christianity at its drugs are very conscientious and their work in fact. They went off and copy attacks and now go back in and proof freed very troubling collected themselves but to have others also. Scanned and and to look over the text with with a lot of careful must make sure was correct so what we see as early Christians off the clock beating groups. And this is sort of the beginning of what we call that early script cornea these sort of copy setters if you will work versions of write books and secret evidence that there are very careful what they did. And were they written primarily in Greek. Hebrew Latin. Yes and just it was originally written agreed to door copies in the early centuries during Greek. And this is the focus of my lecture on. On the October 2 in most X critics focused mainly on the Greek our minister so we have a lot of copies and other versions Portland which is well these are called the versions. We have a lot of Latin. And could bidding Coptic which is nature Egyptian language. In many many other languages as well yes there are copied thousands without copy and editor of the languages but will be focusing. Just don't greet during the lecture. Now did they suffer the same sort of translation issues and challenges. Since. Jesus supposedly spoke Aramaic and I'm not mistaken. In translating that into the Greek. Yes so we don't know what language for sure Jesus spoke and there's a there's a lively debate within scholarship today about that. Deter possible there it was the primary language in which he taught that we just don't know for sure. Wise though obviously that we read the gospels there written Greeks as someone took the teachings of Jesus and air America. Translated them into the language of the day and have been. Fairly common because the language of the day like what to calmer Boeing which is being apart was Greek and so you're going to get that teaches that Jesus out. In the world that made sense to put a satellite which people were used to reading and hearing. And so yeah there was a translational process than right from the start of Jesus spoke originally. Oh. And I don't necessarily wanna get off on I'm too much of attention but you say the language of commerce was Greek but weren't. Wasn't listed in the Roman empire why why wasn't why wasn't it in Latin. Certainly people did you black and certain segments of the empire but that but the impart you understand the history of the prominent part it was a hell on them are out of work that was probably won't buy. That the Greek culture in the Greek language so much so that you didn't count on it didn't in Israel. Greek was a common language. Problem in this is the regional variety we think the gospel writers borrow recapitalize these early it has a letters were written in Greek appalled wrote. It into the Roman church he wrote to the relevant in Greek. Obviously the late second century it would begin at the it's estimated Scripps start kind of be copied in Latin and any significant way in Latin certainly wants. And Portland which are at that time period the creek was still very much thought that both those sort of language of the people. And why it was the change made. Was it to the because there the Roman empire where is actually heading more in decline at that point was not. The changer for to determine the war from Greek in the last. Our world isn't just creek and the Latin bomb that that they just they continue to be got a degree for thousands of years after the com all the way up until the fourteenth and fifteenth century until Gutenberg. Solve it is just that it was also put in Latin also put Coptic also put army and also put a number of the languages and ancient oral. So it was just designed. That those translations were designed to spread the word is widely in as far as pot. So it's similar to the efforts that are made today to translate the Bible and the various languages many of them. Not having that many speakers. But that's seems to be an effort in a modern day christianity at least in the United States. Absolutely that's very analogous to we think about spreading the Bible all over the world we want it in the language to whichever group that's going to do so. We got the Bible course and then many many languages now obviously very popular like which is French German Spanish. But then it's been like to finish tenth in some remote part of the world to and still being translated there's. There's a number tribal languages and other type groups that still hasn't been translated into their language yet and there's groups around the world right now in court all those content out. And some of them actually are here in the Charlotte area. Yes incredibly misses it we're cliff. Yep that's. Is is an organization that does many of the translations. And again we're talking with doctor Michael Kruger. Who is president of the reform theological seminary here in Charlotte going to be giving a talk at Queen's University on October the second. Is as it relates to the manuscript as they window into the new development of the new testament. Now you mentioned some of the oldest ones were from about a 125. AD. What other. What other concurrence or. Equivalent manuscripts are there. Could because you mentioned the book of John being the oldest. What about the other books Matthew Mark Luke knew about the engines that are. Make it strips from the second century that are exciting to note problem and over copies of map view during the second set and the second century. We have almost a complete copy of John from the late second centric OP 66. Which actually now he's almost complete as they beat the cover page or the the opening page should say. So the prologue there intact with the title which is fairly rare. Two world you'd move books get worn out the first pages ago that from the back so that's worthy. We actually also. Copies of right in this time period that that that work have multiple copies and a single volume. Till we. Forceful gospel codecs from the late second century. Which is a combination of several magistrates. Together that would would have content all for gospels. And about it W the third century receive these collections circulate in significant ways a whole entire collection to Paul's letters. Full gospel collections and so on and so it was clear that by the time. There was a an emerging consciousness with an early christianity about what looks to rebook boxed copy which books. The church valued and appreciated. Now. You you mentioned the number of books in the new testament it 24. 27 as I said when he suffered the I should know this right. Whether it's children or books of the Bible. But they weren't there are some others that. That may not have gained as wide an acceptance. They're not included in the new testament. Absolutely packed all talk about that also among lecture one of the interesting things about early christianity not Alina. Plot for manuscripts of more economical tax but also. The sport to be administered so what we would call apocryphal tax. One the most famous of these courts become the gospel of Thomas which was not included in testament but people hear a lot about it today because it has an alternate version of Jesus and christianity and people often intrigued by side Thomas was not included in a testament was not from what we can totally popular at all and early christianity. Although we do your time to time. But Tom it's tension it's it's it's roundly condemned by a protester writers. Mom and we only have a few copies in Greek of Thomas from the from the potential. And older those and why wasn't it accepted I knew there were talking about the apostle Thomas yeah correct. Yes so the gospel Thomas has been in the doubtful Thomas but it's not written by Tom. Problem we find is these these other gospels so to speak we're pretty confident about the date of the gospels. Cities are going to be written in the second century or even later. That the sort of consensus right now that Thomas is the second century production. It's the second center production and and obviously wasn't written by the apostle Thomas injured much of adults. And Thomas attached to it ness was pretty common for these apocryphal tax because they would wanna get a hearing and they would try to get here by by attaching an aide to a they had. Notoriety or significance. Mom and the earliest copies of Thomas or increasing. From the third century. And they're thereof fragmentary copies there's three of them up from boxer because Egypt. So even at that early stage of the church people were using. The church kind of for their own purposes. If I might go that direction. Are. Yeah its it's not it's it doesn't sound like people with changed that much. For the last 2000 years yet well you could argue or 17100 years. Yeah absolutely and certainly incompetent between that generation an hour and hour. I think that most intriguing about looking at the landscaper tropical studies in the early church is just how. Consistent. The books they read them with the books we read now. That's sort of a popular idea floating around out there but you look at does the manuscripts you look at historical evidence citizens in the way that way at all. Practicing that the early Christians are fairly unified around what books to read in the as a cork. Collection of books and utterly Condit that everyone sort of understood belong to. And the new testament. And we're talking with doctor Michael Kruger president of the reformed theological seminary here in Charlotte. It's going to be giving a talk on October the second about. The artifacts of Canon manuscripts as they window into the development of the new testament. And now we're discussing them will be here this morning and Carolina focus on mark Thomas guide to be join us. This. What prompted you to put on a lecture series such as this. Is it to reinforce. Is it to evangelize. What's the what would you say the basic thrust in his. Well at all lecture series is in its second year. It was sort of last year and this is the second installment of it and the and the idea behind that lecture series when it was started. Lies to you explores the intersection between fate. In the sciences. And it forced reformed theological seminary is is that they as a benefactor of that lecture series in other words we we're the ones at that that provide electric but it would set up by other. Other folks. Related queen's university in an idea about and that it justice to say what happens. What we believe a religious side with what we see it historically on on the evidence side is basically the idea behind. The lecture series and so can go that way that a term future years we will have a lot different topic but the the thrust of it is I was what we believe that with the world out there. At the idea behind the series is going to be manifest and mild lecture and talk about what we believe about and it has mixed outfits of what we see. Did you description and in the early church. And I think its interest thing because is as I mentioned at the beginning. So many people today are on church. A religious and but they're still seeking and they're still looking for an act some kind of answer. As do the meaning of life and direction and wire we hear you know the the big questions if you will. And I know in talking in some of the interviews I've done. The attitude tends to be well you know it's like. Religion is like a guy a guy with a big book and keep to beat your bed with a we've always different rules and regulations. But this is this might be away for some people to approach it not from a doctrinal standpoint but more of historical standpoint. No that's exactly right that's I think that the idea on the lecture series has to help people seated. Religious beliefs in the Christian world more connected to history. Expected Q what we call sort fact and this lecture on Yemen is not going to be assortment. It's not going to be sort of theological. Or doctrinal and terms of its Ross. Electron going to be given as is helping people understand how an adjustment was put together where came from. My my experience over the years speak into law a lot of different groups both on academic side now on the church side is that people have a lot of questions about the Bible came from. Date may agree that they've read the Bible parts of it they know about it they they realize. Mitt it did its claim to be god were by Christians but they they think will work this thing come from anyway in. Watch I think that the way it was put together as a reliable way and that trustworthy there's the right books and it and so. The purpose of the watchers as to compact and the people that were not. Christians. At all quite the deal with those issues that that those issues have been looked for many years well understood as a lot of evidence. That supports that organs and sister city of new testament to invite people come out and and see what that is. And I think it out from the standpoint of the popularity of things and derisive elected to Vinci code. Yeah you know people are looking at this and saying really not it can't be true you know in in and so they grab on to fictional accounts or. Various alternate explanations. For what you say does have actual documented historical proof as being written at the time and therefore being. Legitimate and believable. Yeah you could educate repeal the law about our culture wanna came out I think 20052006. Summer remember correctly. It is tilted people comes to religion you know love a good conspiracy theory. They love the idea that you know the treatment been surprised all these years and only now it's gonna be uncovered and you people always intrigued by alternate versions of thanks and I get it's it's part of sort of the cultural. Sort of fabric that we live in. But the but the debate Chico unfortunately spurred the sort of took theories about what the Bible put together this have no basis in reality and they they really are truly protection. And to the people ideas now what I've noticed over the years is that. The idea assisted in the psyche of people and they get on the Internet people repeat them and they gonna get repeated so much that people believe them in the example that that the idea that the Bible put together by constant pain or that's taught that seems sort of created the candidate the new testament to promulgate his own theology Europe. Or things like this and people always surprised to hear that that's just simply not the case and that this is just another example help people begin to believe things that a basis. Historical practice so the purpose of the flex or try to sift through that record at stopping get down at a the nuts and bolts of what really happened is that there's a potentially or into the. Bible. And doctor Michael Kruger with the reform theological seminary here in Charlotte. You're lectures going to be on October the second how can people get information more information on attending a lecture. And how can how can they become better informed. By the lecture. Just. Believe there's a page on the Queen's University web site. Are regarding election don't have the URL offer up my head here to be can be posted on the WBT site which you perhaps split. There's a link there that people conclude that told them about the lack terribly good at 5 PM on that Monday night. Forget the location but you can find in the Queen's University web site where you can just Google. My name Michael Berger Queen's University AM accomplished or cut off. Yeah that's golf yet the Duke Energy auditorium. Thank you to be specific if not a problem not a problem. So it's it's something. That if people have questions if their skeptics. And it might be worth an evening of your time to. To investigate. Absolutely and on by people come out would love to have them elect has said this is going to be. Just an exploration of the historical basis on new testament to going to be. An hour or doctoral lecture me some work but it'll be designed to help people understand what. But the facts are what really happened and I think it's going to be in like eight people to see that way to second there really is. And treated and attachment that's that's intriguing shows us that it was there from a very early on. Doctor Michael Kruger. We wish you well and thanks for being here in Carolina focused. Thanks mark could be reduced. You are listening to Carolina focus on news 1110993. WPP. 1079 the length. 102 point 56 and the fans it's also available for podcast at WVT dot com. I'm your host mark Thomas thanks for joining us this morning. This past week was the first anniversary of the killing of people a month Scott by Charlotte Mecklenburg police. This past week there were vigils and remembrances. Memorial eyes. Keep quiet guy the vigil was held at the apartment complex where Scott was killed by a CN PD officer sponsored by the anti police group Charlotte uprising. Police accountable we can take down a police state right several people spoke against police. That cities bill is not taken accountability for the way we police found. Structural systemic here. But some older speakers encouraged the mostly young crowd to make an effort to get along with police he saw what she's doing with make sure is and peace in the the night ended with two Chinese lanterns released into the sky to remember Keith Scott. And Justin car. Car was shot to death during the last year riots uptown park garrison WB TV news. People months Scott's widow Ricky is Scott spoke to the media and took questions as well. I mean as far as the community I'm ad titled I'm not in the communities this community has been great for me. My fair reason why I'm here as far as being. Having faith and the police department. I'll have to ask do I see things any changes no. Now what's your message to the community when you are. Heard a lot we're the ones who. I just want the community to know that. My husband was a great game keep the Moscow was a great man and if we lost a great game in the community wants to bring me no matter way. He did in his past. His past was not him. On September the twentieth of last year they didn't even know who my husband was this makes it very clear when they place separating him and I didn't even know who he was. So no I have no faces for us. I'm not saying I'll call today that is not what I'm saying it's. Just up in my shoes came my mother did come home to less. What they went home for the years. Saturday night. What are some of the. Better training from my understanding. Wasn't enough training that day. So better training. Understand that everyone isn't the same neverland doesn't respond the same diet the into the game as an editor Manning brings his injuries. Was the reason mace with his slow reaction. They need to make your case. You are raising flags meals tying him after this. What kind of conversation if any if you have with them on traffic stops. Raining with police. Union it. From my old I have four older children and the other man of the hour. They've seen exactly what they needed to see they apparently think he says I can't believe. Speak for my 40 does not mark the younger. Sure and I'm old enough just to. Express themselves on how they feel we as far as speaking on what to do when an officer stopped there is really nothing other main. I mean we've seen. People abiding by looking officers say. And still in the event. So there's not really a conversation rather than try to do your best to be safe. I pray every night or be everytime my children my son's most definitely need only be able to come back and I hear from the and then night. That's not fashion have to go through that. But I do Floridians. Because again I have fat. Coming up we'll hear from CM PD police chief Kerr Putney. When he spoke with WBP's coach Thompson. Thanks for listening to Carolina focus on who's 1110993. WBT. 1079 the link. 102 point 56 and fans. Also available as podcasts that WPP's. Dot com. You are listening to Carolina focus on who's 1110993. WPP. 1079 going. One or 2.5 six and the fans also available for podcast that WVT dot com. Police chief Kerr put me spoke with both Thompson this week on the anniversary of the killing of key LaMont Scott. Chief of police in Charlotte. Mecklenburg curve flattening good morning sir what are what are we appreciate so much you being here and I will start off with just asking you the basic question. How did yesterday go because we know. We knew it half individual. We get a press conference with the family members of Keith Scott Beckett the site of the shooting. I would lot was talked about about what you all were anticipating. With yesterday's anniversary so now a day later how are things how did things ago. Everything went that far. Think the beauty of it is all protesters. Protests that peacefully. There were a lot of events two to celebrate the world and it's happened over the last year with partners. Barbers and people like Greg Jackson who throw those a lot of positive going known as well and now we have no issues were happy to receive and we continue removal. Did you have a chance to see the a press conference held by the family Keith's got yesterday no. Do you mind if I play a clip or two from this to get jury to react herbal okay I'm gonna play you this is from the the attorney for the family Justin bay amber. You know this is about 41. Of the deal more difficult press conferences that I myself have ever had to give. Home and I say that because. The grounds of state law. And ordinances with regards to the citizens review board. Prevent me from talking about. The very thing that every single person in this community has wanted to know from the beginning that one of the facts. Right there are things that have come to light. That we can't disclose. The city hood. And that's up to them whether they will or not but I can tell you this there is a reason why for the first time in twenty years. Since the commencement of the citizens review board that the city of Charlotte. Did not win. As citizens review board appeal with regards to the officer's actions. In any given instance there's a reason. The department in the city put out some of the recommendations. Chief but Nia what's your reaction to that. There's no surprise there but on the court. Well of course what else players we put up the recommendations which we can marvel. We are continue to look at how we can implement there was some reasonable rational. Recommendations made by the the Herbie. Again this is the first time that happened and I think that's. An indication of anything negative. And one applaud the the year before they're going to war to. Do some important. For this community they've made recommendations that would look to implement as many as we possibly can cover reasonable and enrolled. Follows all the other rhetoric around. Part of what happens and I just ignored this we've got work to do forces fax. The back of pretty clear if people willing to beat them. Based on the review and determination to be able I think it's very comprehensive effort and I think in the neck level of detail. So anybody who wants to the facts before you need to go to the DA's office of meddling can read actually here as a a great deal of information and great it would be killed about the truth and that's what we're basing her. Determinations on in as we are hopeful applicant to look at the derby recommendations and dynamic organization that. Gonna play one more cut here from his. His widow a rookie at reiki is Scott yesterday. The last seen anything any changes known. I don't. I just want the community to know that. My husband was agreeing to keep the Moscow with a grain and we lost a great the community wants to remain a matter way. He did in his past. His past was not him. On September the twentieth of last year they didn't even know who my husband was this makes it very clear when they've placed bets believing him they didn't even know who he was. So no I have no faith that us. I'm not saying I'll call today that is not what I think. Buff put yourself in my shoes became my mother didn't come home to less. What they went home for the years. So that was his widow speaking yesterday what your response there. Again as a symbol fourth. Probably about that apparently they did suffer a loss. As far as how come through well people might not won here by. It could have been significantly different outcome. With any so we can count. In particular this last one of the park opposite repeatedly effect with a weapon. But the weapon. Has that happened we would not be having this conversation. As if as simplistic as that sounds to true. We get people who cooperate. In an organ countless. We can communicate immediately. As soon as we get their cooperation. Even in the swap call as soon as people. Cooperate with the lawful order. We bring resolution without forming any. That could happen exactly as well but that's beyond. The police officer's. Ability to control. We have to get cooperation. And we can communicate and be fiscally massive secret and unfortunately it didn't happen right at him. Which arc into by the chief of police Kerr Putney here live on WBT. One of the questions now the the F and we attorney and I Ricky has got took a few questions from the media yesterday one of the questions for her was. Have you spoken to officer Benson would you want to speak to him. And she said no and no a Mac question for you is have you spoken to him can you give us any kind of update on. Officer Benson because I think it it in all of this the last several days we hear a lot with her a lot from the family we don't know much about how he's doing these days. Yes I've spoken to him number comes I. Try to stay in contact. With anybody is going through such a traumatic event. He's holding steady he's doing good work. Again my heart that it's barely do they have been through quite a bit. Some losses could never come back from the situation that you. But. I think you can bring his corner and he's resilient he's compact he's doing good work force. I'm not gonna disclose anything that we've talked about it between him and me what you did that is from him. Respect what he's trying to do for the community and make this city. Well yesterday obviously the anniversary of the shooting out tonight would be the anniversary of the most turbulent night of protesting in this week of course is what it is the one year anniversary. Things went OK last night everything was peaceful. Any reason to believe that it would change tonight or tomorrow night. We're supposed to vote to pay for sure definitively but what we think is will have some more protests peacefully. If anything happens to appear before but I don't anticipate any issues. I applaud this community for. I engaging in typical conversation. And I think that is a lethal force and I hope that continues. As always I appreciate so much you being accessible and coming on and talking to us and a we appreciate which do for the community. About between that I represent both they did fantastic work for the most part they're very very good people and now in support of every time they do when I believe is the right thing to do and hold them accountable when they throw and a privilege and honor to be working at such a great group of people. Thank you know very much for coming on this morning. They're appreciated Gary is the chief of police curve buttoning. You are listening to Carolina focus on who's 1110993. WBT. 1079 the link. 102 point 56 and the fan and it's also available as a podcast at WBT dot com. I'm your host mark Thomas and against so glad you could join us here this morning. Are on the program. And the fall is a time when you know people just love the fall it's it's a time when the smell of burning leaves walks through the air. And people think that's so romantic in you might have a bonfire you might have a tailgate party where your barbecuing here are having some sort of fire situation. But it's a time of year because of that reason. That we need to be a little bit more careful because even though we've just the experienced some rains from hurricane Irma. The fall oftentimes is a very dry time of year. And the fire safety is something that should be first and foremost. Before you take on any of these. Any of these activities and joining us now is chief fire inspector or Charlotte fire department Kevin Miller. Good morning mr. Miller portrait portrait or good to have you on here. D.'s I guess my first question is do you generally see more fires in the fall the kind of get out of control. Are here that we we do we see a little bit more are just just due to people doing a little different things down a little bit more activities. Of more track and we. These things of that nature so here we we could see more of this country. And I know last year in the fall there were some really severe wildfires in the western part of the state. Did that burned thousands of thousands of acres. A lot of times these things start simply because someone has a fire and it gets out of control. Yep yep exactly on a lot of it is common sense some sound if you're prepared to receive opted not to use in the conference split. A lot of it is it can be afforded. If conditions moved into of course and here in new book you're you're right that you start. Something real small mind and. Now I guess my first question is burning leaves is that something are bearish ordinances in Charlotte's. That the cover burning leaves in your yard. Yeah week we don't allow any any burning in this city limits. I'll Mexicans so I'll ordinance local ordinances we don't allow that in the city limits book. We do allow people can have wildfire picks but they have to do certain dimensions. I'll be used for grilling or eating outside but as far as just opened during the believes we don't allow there for the city limits. So someone is going to do that. And there in the city of Charlotte they need to think twice. Yes they definitely need to think twice on. They could probably agreed to step down and make sure that we have been approved pit area missiles comic Moore took control barely one couple. Costa water supply available war fire extinguisher available. In some cases. Both football sport you we really don't allow that intensity just can really should not do. So something like is someone wanted to have a bonfire. Out. That's that that's kind of that's probably not on the list of things to do we there's a note note we don't want Warren bonfires. Chrome and pretty. We don't want there. And one about tailgating I know a lot of people like to have you know they can get a little. Yeah extremely there in their tail gating and enthusiasm. Oh yeah oh yeah building is big right now on the seasonal produce season's start and now. Yeah we we we have K okay patrols we go out and make sure that people are. Abiding by gluten general. Rules are we don't have anything specific but we definitely wanted to mention that there. It. Extinction it charcoal. Completely eviction was completely out which does not cooking under any kind of step and I'm not approved for flame resistant flame retardant. Making sure that they are just doing things. I'll cabin and so we can't afford to have been extinguished and believe the low of state had extinguished itself do so because until he patrols round and round picture everybody's being safe. Well let me ask you about the extinguishers beak is even though that may put out a fire I I am is something like that effective on a charcoal grill. No we knew we would recommend that although tropical groh would recommend just just little water to be on the charcoal grills. Well because certain people that we use. Wrong extinguishers we have BC extinctions we have ABC extinctions and we really don't wanna do it confusing rather than just tap water. And so if you're tailgating. You know bring those bring a bucket along with US yeah and and and we also recommend that they can pistols at the trop almost pulled into a local and now. Insert type containers don't knock impossible it is usually battle with a coffers on them they wanna put him plastic or regular brag about stock work. So we want to make sure equipment now regulated. Container. So like your regular rule out trash can if you have something like that if you're gonna look a facility. It would need to go in like a metal dumpster or something like that. Right we wanna prove dumpster we wanna color make sure we could become a war on it. And then put the medal contender it's usually you realistic contenders suppose this is safety approved could trainer. A lot of people won't have that shall we cut it really stressed and Bob. Make sure that they put out the extinction with water and make sure that this really completely out forty legal theories. The I'm not I'm not sure I wanna go down the road of talking about the Carolina Panthers and dumpster fires but that's a whole different issue. Part of the program. Our friends and we FA NC I'm sure we'll cover that if need be. But you know it it is it is it is a time a year that people do like to get outside and you mentioned the fire pits. What sort of regulations. And minimum requirements. Maximum sizes are herb is this the type of thing that's covered on fire pits. Oh yeah definitely we have done an opt not cool book so we just we want to make sure that far pitch in the last three feet high ball two feet down an additional three to fire. Our head of about 25 feet away from the structures or any combustible through parched roll up into their nature. So we won we do regularly that as forest fire pits are concerned street keep trying to see with. Now is a fire pit something that people generally make themselves I know that we have advertisers that say they will make. You know they'll build you fire pits and and that sort of thing is a something with the average homeowner. Shooting gauge yen and if they wanna build their own. Are there guidelines that they were gonna go to find out the guidelines for building a safe one. Well it quote the quote local fire department local station and it c'mon didn't take a look at them just make sure that there. The good distance away and generally when files are follow the same rules force size of the it is concerned of the three feet by two feet. On if it's issues strictly for five could not growing but totally two different things. Production usually we political for the after party they could start is is going to local fire department trial defamation. And our talking with Kevin Miller agrees the chief fire inspector for Charlotte Duff fire department. Here in Carolina focus. Anything any thoughts any suggestions that you would have for people you know we've got fire extinguishers people water supply there. Anything else that people would need to be mindful of in the fall it comes to outdoor fires. Yeah it just just just making sure that wherever is going to be atrocities there is a competent person make sure that. There are taking taking front seat view very seriously. All we know that people would they have tailgate. Crew and things of that nature Victor alcohol involved of course so did just it was a little different so we just wanted to make sure people will be. Safety conscious across the board. All of a net debt relief helps us of course the border consoles depiction everyone's safety and people have been you know people that I have been trying to have fun filled pixel. Really doles of the main things we have someone that's competent. Ball dealing with damage is being responsible. Given Miller chief fire X inspector for Charlotte fire department. We appreciate you being here in Carolina focus all right thank you for perhaps. You are listening to Carolina focus on 111099. Degrees WTC. 1079 the link. 102 point 56 and the fan. It's also available to podcast at WB ET dot com. I'm your host mark Thomas so glad you could join us here this morning once again. And one of the things that we always need to keep aware of especially as the holiday season approaches. Is fitness and staying in shape and doing things that are gonna improve our health. As as we go forward in time. And joining us now is Cheri Chisholm Whiteside who is with north lake mall good morning sharing and Harry upon greatly blessed. North like ball has been doing something and I you've been doing this for a little while. Having a free fitness Saturday. First Saturday of the month. Yes so you start it did in January. It's 2017. And we decided to have aids free at class on on and every Saturday in January. I'm able to partner with CY NC okay. I'm it was so well received. In seeing it we decided to extend it though we now have a free fitness Saturday effort Saturday at every month. And our partners at the plane's PA provide. The instructors in that people are invited to come out and just doing a free one hour exercise class. And I know all you know a lot of people particularly older folks. Go to the mall to walk with just an outgrowth of that as a way to kind of direct these people who is the what they're doing or. Was this just spontaneously that you decided on your own. We know that during holidays. People can't eat more than they do normally known. Sister. January. There. Is to perhaps get rid of some of the week that they may have game. So we decided to keep that for that reading detective. The community for her again. As well. We do have our mom blockers on it it in me quite a crossover because we have mall walkers that come to this class now though it was just. Happy didn't it to have. People who attend why people shopping cart break and then people who are all lockers all in the crack now. That the class who say he is actually run by the YMCA. And what what's what's involved with. We do different types of it and it exercising those sometimes it may be a bit crap which is acting up cracked. I'm sometimes because these Google. Sometimes it could be aerobics though there different types of classes but he instructors come from the YNCAA. And the participants come from the community. It's that great way to I mean feed you wanna get again this person you're you know. Or wait and stay active and you know do some pains that go towards your well. And I think I think you hit on something there as far as you know people being able to explore different things that they might be interest in. But to go ahead and spend about a money to join a gym to find out you don't like Zuma that's not really. A wise investment you might like something else entirely and this is gonna give you kind of a smorgasbord. If you don't mind using that comparison. I. Two to kind of try out different things. We we used several different types of classes. And they always have the classes where you can be at expert level. Intermediate level it began apple so basically you different ways of doing. All of the knee practiced on it Natalie and I and you get people. You hit. You'd get adults and you get here. So it's a pretty broad cross section of drilling anybody that would go to the mall with might have an interest in this. Exactly and that's what we did it was something that. Elkhart lake has really opened its doors for the community and we want to be more and just stepped lately do your shopping we also wanna be good neighbors and we thought that was something that we can do. And the benefit to our shoppers Marquette you know. And people like taking advantage of it and we're really happy that feedback. And we're speaking with sugary Chisholm Whiteside from north like mall about their free fitness Saturday. Again it's first Saturday of the month correct. And it starts at what time. It. Now do you have to pre register or anything or can you additional. You show up. We look at you and that's every first Saturday do you see this expanding again in January 2 be maybe more than just the first Saturday. Where's that kind of an at this point. It looked at this point we really have developed a following our effort Saturday that there is a possibility that it can be staying. I'm Q board Saturday's in the month but. Right now we're just dealing with the birds that as a month. And it gives people like us it gives people a chance to try different things straight different exercise programs. And and see if they like come and give us something to do with the mall and take off a pounder community. Exactly. Sherri Chisholm Whiteside we have from around north like mauled we wish you well in this. And thanks to be in a Carolina focus. Thank you for having. You may have heard of a little girl that got hit by a foul ball in New York. At a New York Yankees game this week WV TVs Alex Giles looks at one local family that suffered a similar fate some of them nobody's really have to group. News of another horrific. Foul ball incident brings back bad memories for Eddie David. He says he got emails and texts as news of the Yankee Stadium injury spread from my first reaction was we really don't think back. What happened. David and his family were attending a game at BB NT ballpark in May of two when he sixteen. During the game his son James took a foul ball to the head he was rushed to the hospital I Hawthorne. And. I'll welcome back ha who had skull fracture and brain greeting on both sides of the brain. Very bad concussion James David would spend several days in the hospital luckily he's recovered nicely. And he isn't opposed to going to another live game bloody wanna go back. Yes four clothes. BB NT ballpark does have safety netting designed to protect fans we spoke to the next GM about this Thursday. Where all the way on the outfield side of the had dug outs and we feel this may have much safer environment yourself what will be on the recommendations for baseball right now. But it wasn't enough to protect James Davis his father would like to see even more safety net for more features and we're behind and then the last people will be endangered. He'll continue to advocate for netting extended well into the outfield and in the meantime hope this latest child hit by a foul ball. We'll be okay. Thanks for listening to Carolina focused on who's eleven and 993 double BT 1079 the way. One of 2.5 six and fans it's also available for podcast that WP feet dot com. It's the next time he well.