Charlottes Opinion of the RNC, Celebrity Pay

John Hancock
Wednesday, July 18th
Hancock discusses the RNC and how the people of Charlotte view it, and the amount of money that some celebrities made last year.

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This is John Hancock. Name of that man dead Vijay. John. RNC. TrailBlazer. We have. Republican national committee's site selection committee. Are apparently. Back Charlotte on Wednesday is location for the 220 national convention official announced won't come till Friday. Which has. His is pretty much been known for ever that the official announcement would be on Friday. And when I say I mean like you know three and a half four weeks ago well we were hearing from people that are involved with the Republican national committee that took. That's when the announcement would take place. But. All arrows point to yes following me around contentious vote the other night a road to accept. The bid so we'll talk about dentistry segments are Republican national committee's site selection committee apparently has backed Charlotte. For the 220 national convention. And that's according to two. Republican officials familiar with the process. In other words. Keeping right down with the excellence in journalism today. That's been conformed. Confirmed by. Quote on quote sources say. And it doesn't get any more official than that and now today's journalism. We don't know who this sources say is. But he or she is very. Very accurate and influential. What nationality would that be. Asian. All this to say. It. Would sources be their first or last name. Inquiring minds want a new does an RNC. Charles will be the likely. City where president Donald Trump is nominated for a second term. And let's of course he just decides he doesn't want it. Any longer and and then who would be. Please don't tell me my parents. And Ernie gets conversation we have to have although there's a Rasmussen report survey today decidedly democratic voters. Our have found that they're just not looking for a return of Hillary Clinton Bernie Sanders or Joseph Biden for the 20/20 presidential race. But I instead they want a quote on quote fresh face. And I wept preferably 0180. So. Presidential politic and and we're still low wave more than what two year to two years. 2 and a half as you see it's our August September October November. My two years four months or. So I anyway while I talk about to said the GOP picking I think it's an interest in that the accompanying article that to a you'll find the Charlotte Observer and elsewhere is the heat. That lark and easy eagle student is a taking for a having been a Democrat who voted for. The approval of the contracts attended event contracts with the Republican National Committee. The other night. And he has seemed kind of his being the deciding vote. Which isn't exactly accurate but from a timing standpoint and from a not really quite knowing where he was when the meeting started standpoint he is the one ministry kind of become the focal point for all of the ire. On behalf of both those who oppose the Republican National Convention. He apparently. It's learning what stood talk show hosts learned a long time ago and that is that. Social media. And the Internet. And email. And texting. Changes. August people in a whole lot of access to you. To us say things about your family and your heritage and your. Oh just cute in general. Which I as I read the story written by Steve Harrison in the Charlotte Observer today I thought this can't be. This would be a liberal lefties that are basically. Aiming this hatred that. At Clarkston Eagles and liberals are the caring people. If the Republicans that are alleged jerks. Right. I mean spirited. Non tolerant. Hate children hate women hate blacks hate Mexicans. Surely there can't be ire among the left him there but can't this can't this hatred this vitriol all cannot be coming from none. Peace love dove lefty proud candidate. Well wait a minute. Isn't that one of the reasons over a little concerned at least some for having their RNC having their combat engineer into when he would be. Because of violence protests. Who would be doing that violence and protesting. The Republicans who are holding their convention here and getting ready to and nominate Donald Trump over again or would that be the people that are opposed to. The Republicans nominating Donald Trump for a second term of office. Oh what. Terrible weather is that we we've. Tangled web we weave. When and no wind and issues change windows DO when did the entire change when did it. When today hate transfer over to the I just forty hopeful people. Well let's say two years from right now oiled. The in July day go vote 20/20. We'll be just a couple of months away from. Well I guess we don't really know when they are convention's going to be. Whole life why did they had the Democrats scheduled early. And there are going to be end on July of 22 bodies so our two years from right now the DNC will look take place. And then you got the Olympics. So it's probably gonna be August. Before you get to the RNC. So in two years we'll be within. Couple weeks or a month of have in the RNC come to town. All the plants will have been made. All the security will have been planned. All the new equipment will have been. Ordered in delivery. All the press passes will have been printed. Charlotte will be. The center of attention. What will be the climate of the country. Nobody knows. The you don't know you you have no idea on. What to. No steel from the Charlotte Observer and misty Paris and here. And Jim moral and media. Group. Political landscape in 22 when he could look a lot different than a dozen 2018. Special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation can be long over. The democratic controlled US house could have begun impeachment proceedings. I knew more conservative Supreme Court could have voted on significant issues including Roe vs. Wade. The economy could be in the midst of what would be a record long recovery. Kim Jong-un could derby on his way to denuclearization. Other new Korean Peninsula. And the terror for a 2018 could lead to more favorable trade agreements 1221. Now all of that is conjecture right and nobody knows exactly what will be. The result of any of those issues. But two years from now. Will be and heavy anticipation of all the Republicans coming to town. And all of the press. Maybe this time. What's her name at CBS this morning all accept my offer of mine WBT coffee can. Norah O'Donnell. Just ignored me last time. Like she wasn't even listening to WB two. I think maybe I should just under one early. Just in case I'm not. Here for it. The Republican National Committee site collection. Aside to selection committee today according to sources according to two Republican officials. Back Charlotte's bid and so we are likely the city. We're our president trump will be nominated for a second term. This will mean we are having our second national political convention. In a decade. 22 when he and 2012. Pretty impressive. Just to join the list of cities that have. Sponsored. Both of them or had two of them. Is. A feather and in no Charlotte's camp. When it's all said and done west. When we get to our the end of August 20/20. We get to two years in a month from now. We'll still be a feather in our cap for won't be a thorn in our side. We're all the convention have gone off as. What you expect conventions to do with. Some difficulties. But by and large. All the delegates are home. Everything there is the our president is renominated. The focus is on the election coming up in November. And I Charlotte is so some are managed to. Dodged the flames and you know all of that we don't know. That's that's where the. That's where some of the critical thinking I guess. The convention expected to be held late July or August of 221 they haven't said an exact date the chairman of the year Nevada Republican Party congratulated Charlotte on its likely. Saw action. The error Republican none national look committee's site selection committee met this morning and Austin. May have sent me to Austin. Probably because they know I'd been some list of around Lake Travis at friends houses or something no job under their neck ever the convention. Loan come back down on Friday when they make your announcement. I can or gone out to Barton springs and played oldest banks and got some sun. Drank some lone star. It's in Franklin. All of Franklin barbecues so the most overrated of this settlement soon so many other brisket places to run Austin that are. Probably give it Franklin's gone commercial Aristide now. I Republican national committee's site selection now will meet Wednesday morning in Austin. And by that time all the entities from our Charlotte will be in place and. Charlotte was mentioned several times this morning. Our Friday morning as we know all the entities will be in place. The job. Opening invocation. Actually mentioned Charlotte. By the prayer this morning it was kind of already said. According to the Nevada GOP chairman Michael McDonald. I am delighted to have it in Charlotte I am very proud of the mayor and city council on the job that they did. That's great leadership on a difficult vote. I'm referring to the 65 vote that we went through at 36 hours ago. 48 hours ago. 46 hours and fifteen minutes ago. The so I think it's a win win for the Republicans have bigger in Charlotte the site selection committee adjourned no public announcement. Tom Telus will be up for reelection not to. The governor's race will be held a note Tony Tony. Cooper against. You think. Could he possibly leave his radio program to seek public office again. Or is he enjoying the ability to. Blow the place often play golf what he wants to. Nobody knows. Lyles in four City Council members flying to Austin tomorrow afternoon. Negotiator chauffeur I could probably get some time off. I know what allude street I know I know what time classes break although classes would be and a session right now. I can take you to the talked our nationally aware of his name Whitman the the first mass shooting. I can take you don't Barton springs although there's some topless that's going on there you dream of being able to handle that. Judy I sold to be going James Mitchell be going injuries will be going on target for Dario will love being flying onto a Texas delegate from the or Charlotte regional visitors authority Euro apparently arriving today they're already the whole world's watching the ready to accept our invitation. Other political landscape in 22 when he could look completely different and the deciding vote which is not really true but it is kind of a thought that way all Larkin Eagles then is getting some heat we'll talk about that now. It's all the official we'll find out officially here. A day after tomorrow but. The Republican National Convention. Republican National Committee excuse me site selection committee back Charlotte today and so I think at this point it's just a formality to get to Friday and have the official announcement made everybody should. In place. Mayor Lyles and Charlotte to regional. In. Center City College you know dollar and everybody the news to be there will be there. Chart regional visitors authority is sort of trying to say it. So. Greta Steve Harris an article today about how much heat Clarkston Eagles didn't market Eagles and is that taking Democrat who. At least is perceived to open. Two cast the deciding vote. Timing. Plus he won that meeting has one of the votes that nobody really quite knew which way it was gonna falls. And the article today he cast the deciding vote for the RNC and now this Democrat faces uproar from the left. When bombarded on social media with expletives and threats. After he voted in favor of approving tentative contracts with the Republican National Committee. And the O local host committee. That's contrary to what the left disposed to be all about admit. You're supposed to be about exploded soon. And threats. Threats. From the liberals. Really. That's not part of your DNA is that. But your deal was compassion and warning to help everyone. Violence at the RNC that couldn't come from the left good at that would be contrary to what. That's what you have disdain for is the hateful illness. Of the conservatives right. How can you adopt a principal like that that is so unbecoming. Eagle since that I would be doing a lot better without the Internet. Welcome to my world Powell's. I long enough for the days of her doing a show here and. Coming in the next stared the day after the day after that wouldn't. Having. 1516. Letters. Or walking by killed go lower Jackson's office. And asking him how many know pink slips they had to go pink slips were represented numbers of complete phone calls into. Undersecretary. That it landed on their desks that they would then have to respond to or not. There all the sudden we got the Internet him. Who at a texting. And then messenger. And FaceBook. And all of these great ways that you can. Still police. Threatened. And be rude to someone. Without having to put your face or your name in front of it. I'm thinking of of freeze that starts with chicken but I'm not quite sure that I can use the second to. But I think we all understand exactly. Doubtless I guess would polio suffice. Eagles and Monday's morning had a meeting said debit politicians should always be thinking about the next election. And and and independent fact he's actually quoted in this newspaper article is saying it's not the end of the world if I'm the only on the city council for two years. In fact he may find out that being in the public guy and having people have access to you through Internet into our texting and well if you might decide that maybe the public does not exactly were he wants to be. Little easier maybe to go back and just be. Able to cherry pick your. Causes and lineup on the side that you have a real true passion about a supposed to being in the cross hairs of every issue that a City Council person mass to. Has to deal with although I always thought the mission of the City Council to our run the city. Is it to get into every social cause that ever existed. Is this most read more about management post and it is necessarily a stake your claim post. Eagles and represents a district one that covers south in part of uptown deal worth bill heights. Try on hills plaza mid would. Not a whole lot of Republicans. In and that. Says it's a smaller percentage of Republicans than the city overall 18% to 21% in the city. Blow city. He's Caesar at the right party he just. A cast the wrong vote I guess according to. The people that are. Responding to him with. If this is accurate expletives and threats. First time candidate defeated patty patsy Kenzie who has now come out and said she would have voted against the convention. And channel left the door opened due on May be saying that she might run again. For a City Council. And he's say quoted in this article as saying hey listen if I'm just a one timer. Not the end of the world if I'm on a city council for only two years. In fact he may he may wander out here after two years. With a deep sigh or relief. He has a draw me. I era of liberal voters for a couple of reasons he was one of four democratic council members to us support the convention but. He was. Had a non committed going into this meeting and in need is just from a timing standpoint. Of the vote the other day seen as the deciding vote. He's one of five new council members under a forty elected in November. Which by the way I like. I didn't agree with a whole lot of Braxton Miller Winston I had to say the other day but I liked the fact that he says that. Like and guitar for car. Don't necessarily mean I agree with everything that they SA but I liked. I like the raw now so like the freshness like go the fact that we've got some direction on City Council that's. Not to go all stayed in over sixty years old so I Doug Doug I'm I'm all for you guys. Then I mean I agree with everything that you us stand. While I don't really like the white supremacist remarks and all that crap that came down the other day event. Throws a blanket over an awful lot of people that may support the president for as simple reason as the Supreme Court nominee. They have nothing to do with any of the reasoning that you over throw around fairly liberally the other night in the in the meetings but the fact that we've got a City Council that's got some new blood on it. Instead of this staid old. Stagnant and I like that. So get them keep talking speak your mind and Democrats in the house happen is slogans when he eighteen midterm elections you know right around the corner and the house Democrats have a new slogan they're going with. For the people. Never do it. Joseph the slogan on the first tried a better deal. Mozilo and that they were considered filled resonant. For the people. Boy if I was a Republican opposed like say Jim Puckett two of the county commission vice chair of district one. I'd be Trimble and in my boots now that they have the now they have the slogan you Trimble and a jump. For the people lecture hall. Yeah and original to the front and that that didn't go into targeted an academic one Alston also wrote reprimand anyone. Hit civilians are elected body you know month. You need guys that you need a guide Jim we know you need a guy can you not to Galveston County funds do I take me with you to those are you want to get lost on there. We don't help you know Newton you can open firm sure now I I'll I would think so and we might even have time to attend some of the convention stuffed. Thought well good that I did you know it felt like that the color that part of it doesn't Alice Welbourn belt where it would have been supportive over so our world good except that. Cannot force my way you know remind them that there are Republicans who live in Mecklenburg County. Not the city of Charlotte and the toilet or about briefly whether they marketers like one of the things destroy that City Council vote. Forgive. Particularly young and new ones news we operate in effectively take consolidated stroll. CD Sony government. Clue when you're. May kill and revel wild and and divisive. Comment about the Republicans contend the live out in the suburbs on the emerge out and none in the city of Charlotte. You're insulting the people can pay for the show who also will be short what Robert before. The short report directly on the short Serbs reform. The show. Courts because Karen taxpayers are bogey finish or doesn't do any of those things. Lieber terror porn star. No throwing out. They're really neat. Rhetoric about your party because it's been overwhelming majority in this controller. You're gonna find a sensitive with our Portland where the council and we determine their own. Porter school but those are the disconnect between the folks who have McCarron and control. Hope you're doing driving that wedge are holding their own constituents loving lord in the big one those guys to be that would make that. Make that connection down the road will be sure what he's probably doing a better job for the people he represents even though the Democrats. That some of the others who were continue to drive a wedge between town and pretend that. Really have time for that will people really take the time to analyze that a rule they just go with knee jerk reactions and remember that this guy were also partially responsible for. Donald Trump coming to town and then I guess I guess my secondary question to that is and by this time. But I his next reelection bid below election bid would be over but. What if we do see a very contentious convention know what if we do have a vote so mob violence in the streets. Then again he did they did the finger pointers come back and say I told you so. Well the problem is it's this history of them into the full of people sitting on the council right now albeit before up. Of some of that confrontation and so your point earlier going to be. The people who were who were no. Holding the problems it's not going to be Republicans are going to be celebrating that their parties there so the new Democrat that may come back. And then fly Diaw and then bring the bite of ultra good that a lot of hypocrisy you know and lord they're gonna have to make the case in the media whenever the same problem when. We're not gonna fall against old and ask them if Serb and intend to make these big against former governor Pat McCrory and that is what I want to boot from them you have to do. The right thing regardless of what the party. I think but think of the right thing for the people and towards soak up all important element to a very good and very thoughtful also think. But I'll I'll have done a masterful job of doing this and and thinking about. Know how we want to be there you look we've reported that the world class city. We are now there are some who wouldn't want that but we all our and that's when they go listen to do today the step up and they have the this part of the national political process. The comfortably in orbit close. I also. Did you give plaudits tour and I think the meeting the other day take charge she was a stern and share and as she did. And and the way that it was organized in the way that they let people and do the our room and no soul and so forth I think. But I kept it from my getting out of control so I know I applaud her for that too. I not to beat a dead horse a small point but our hero what's to be said about a mayor who fight so hard to. Not to be able to let it there Charlotte express its it's openness in and open mindedness and and but also to be a mayor of the city and and not to a welcoming address to the candidates are to the delegates who will be coming to town. A little bubble alone five connected girlfriend and a bit. By the time we did they're a lot of that he took some awful about it she changes her mind. One of the things we have to remember and it's the same thing the Republicans better remember when the Democrats are here is this does not these. Natural party of Donald Trump does play you a live national party of Barack Obama. It has been national party of the Republican Party and that includes. Good though that the comptroller is that the jump pockets than nut yeah and you know the apple cores and and everybody's been part of that community. And then hopefully about won't be able to build that. The Republican Party from any one candidate. But Jim net debt said if you're not for trump then you're not part of the Republican Party right now that's pretty that's pretty much been proven in the last six months if if you are not approach robbed than you are anti Republican. Well nobody that they're Republican the god news also make sure that that fifth. We define what being improved from bill. I I am not a huge fan of Donald Trump personally but I am a very big fan of much of what he resigned from economic. Or new do you have and then those issues so one of those things that you're new you have to be able what part of be a politician who may have had a burst. Listener and a door you know. About yourself from the person. And the policies. And the Republican at the northern at all. Now and that's that's a hard offense to straddle because I'm on the same one as you are and a one point five and if I say anything negative here about Donald Trump. People forget anything you've ever sent positive about oh lead the outcome of terrorists or North Korea are all sorts of both positive things that make amount of oh where he's had taken a stand hey I appreciate appreciate cola Jim bucket from the you know aborted Burke county commissioners of the district one. On WB two. All right I'll watch all of the talk shows us tonight and and watched the of baseball all star game. I was in seem to watch the other networks yesterday on not trumps clarification of his Russian remarks. I don't see any reason why it would be Russia as opposed to what he meant to say don't see any reason why it wouldn't. Be Russia. I think the message of the last 24 hours essentially has come down to our policies and things cities said with the NATO and things cities said to Germany and no policies in these put into place salt which some good review it and some degree do not show Oreo support for a Russia. And so you have to look at his actions and maybe analysis so much to his words and and maybe that's. Maybe that's the lesson of this presidency is sort of. When. Observe. Rather than listen. I was gonna say read but then I think of is tweets and in that can cause a confusion as well. But if you look at some of them the policies he's put forward. And does some of the things that he's been able to accomplish. I'm not a fan of his style in any way shape or form. But there are some things that he's doing that I don't know that anybody else would've ever. Either risked. The divisive ness of having done them. Or would have had the backbone do I try to pull them off in the first place. Now today. Yes to blood led Tuesday he says you know he has full faith and is US intelligence committee. And then yesterday. Well another amended today. He kind of contradicts himself for laureate said yesterday. He was asked by a reporter ahead of a cabinet meeting whether Russia is still targeting the United States. And he said thank you very much. No. But his director of natural match national intelligence Dan Coats. Is. As recently as Friday had warned about the potential Russian attacks on the US digital infrastructure. And then had said again and AS statement on Monday. We have been clear in our assessments of Russian meddling in the 2016 election in their ongoing pervasive efforts to undermine our democracy. Coach also said last month that Russia was targeting. The US in ways that could affect the mid term elections. So to some extent the president contradicts. He is Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats today aware of one word answer no. A little bit of a discrepancy. But we've kind of get news to discrepancies. So. Don't say what I say. See what I do. Tom. Told said during a meeting with members of congress that his administration is aggressively working to repeal Russian interference with the U a library's elections this year. I think you said that yesterday to. With the meeting with the with members of the of congress. So are. On the one hand he says no and on the other hand they're working aggressively towards working to repeal Russian interference with US elections this year. It's just a kind of a moving target to take issue can again be used to it's just exhausting. And then when you add that on to the press. Which has had him and a cross hairs now for the whole time he's been in office and even before that it becomes especially exhausting. And that's why I asked those of you who golf often watch ship Hannity. And and in the know CNN or anything else MSNBC here's how do you do that. I'm just not just. Now some of you all are just so. Singing with the choir that it's. That's where you get that that that's where you get it. Because you are go home and you'd just. You just overdose. On people telling you what you want here. And IA if you overdose on anything that's just not a good thing. But I I don't know how you do it physically it just to me it's just exhausting. Any other part of that is. It may maybe that's why for some of you critics are Terkel and from time to time maybe why I just don't understand I just don't hear any jury in real quick all. This is just not in the it's just you're just sold locked in to this vitriolic that's why I'm kind of surprised that. That's what we talked about in the first hour was the the reaction. Two Larkin Eagles and other Democrat who is kind of perceived as casting the deciding vote. The other night for the Republican National Convention. And and he's getting so she's in Boeing bombarded on social media according to a Steve Harris an article in the Charlotte Observer. With X what is in threats after he voted in favor of approving tentative contracts with the RNC in the local host committee. And I didn't think the left was supposed to be about expletives and threats I thought that's what you were opposed to. Was the vile nature of conservatives and Republicans and as president. I thought explicit threats were one of the things that and appalled you about the atmosphere that's going on right now. He slugged out. So why everybody is cut out. It is bad girl makes no sense to me. The left tells you they don't like people they don't name calling in the said the other. But any other day you or anybody that is a supporter of trump was a referred to as Bill White supremacist. Big pardon. So I anyway and there's enough on hate and vitriol to go around for everybody has suppose. But. It's I just find it exhausting. And down. And I don't find it to be instrumental in us so moving forward in a positive way. Is always were a stand and here in the middle of the street fighting with each other house a stretch exposed to get around us. And that's the problem traffic's not moving at all. Democrats want to it trumps interpreter to testify before congress stepped. I just reaching for straws aren't that. Just. At least three democratic lawmakers want the house to subpoena the US translator for the trump who meeting. They didn't take notes the other day that everybody else in the room with another wanna go after the interpreter. That's not gonna happen is that. Surely that's. And how. Arabs and Israel like around the bottom of the hour followed me up 430 news national hot dog day we'll tell you some place three your river pretty good dog. I think that that that that does some upcoming concerts that are a good and the testes are tonight. Visual wonder what your gonna watch on TV all star game last night was pretty interesting. Went to bed I guess the 78. It was too little on American League. Woke up this morning found out when extra innings and know the American League won eight to six. I was pretty good game for wanna wash Lester on. I'm not the world's biggest. Baseball fan and longer because. I don't know when two players. Yup your Molina from of the cardinals about the only got a new and so on last month. They've they did they did the opening no lineups and stuff and I just kept by another color Iraqi guys but to a disk Obama look inner mountain who wanted. Just to AAA all struggled. So while they ordered their good game last night and I enjoy SB's are on nut tonight. I Danica Patrick I think here's the hostess is she still waiting. Rogers. And inquiring minds want to know. But to the phones go on WBT Thames up pay Tim. They got it well I'm just curious. If you want it to disrupt democracy in this country. Who could do a better job Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. Well I did that would be the perception of technically wouldn't. Well I'll say that if if if golden blocked America more like brush or wanted to be socialist. Who'd better and that bill won that going to be Hillary ordered put it being trump. Well but the group creates. And ended the day of the best explanation I've heard of this for this to some extent. Was who would create the most have a coup would create the our perception of erosion of US standing aura ally alienation or all lack of confidence in the but I the American way. That that that bad that's what I have heard is being if there was a motive behind the Russian they would want Donald Trump in their for the exact reasons that Donald Trump business stirring things up. Well I'd be on the witness I think under Hillary. Should be replaced them up for Supreme Court job that does. They would have no border and we think ordered socialism really fast and deal that would would just basically destroy itself. But that could very well be true Larry I had think an awful lot of people walked in bed voting Booth strictly based on the US Supreme Court term ramifications of that song bomb happy people at least thought that aspect of it through. It's you know I don't I don't have a problem with Donald Trump or not these NATO country and say hey pay more. Because we are getting used by those countries. Now I don't think I do either that's why say if you if you look at actions if you look at things that he's done if you look at. I like the tax cuts I don't like the fact there were heading to the deficit but if you look at even the terra thing is undecided as to this point does the North Korea thing is undecided at this point there's a lot of things that are hanging in the balance that. Could do a a good changeup and I'm you know I'm glad he's got the backbone to basically. I'll put it on the table and then not back up from a solo from that standpoint if you look at his actions. Then you'll get an opinion of one Donald Trump if you read his tweets and read his words and see his contradictions. I then you'll get another one so why that's why I say I you almost have to watch what he does instead Alyssa know what he says. Yeah well. I think we're better off under trumpet that's just my opinion. Allied I don't know that I disagree with that I mean I die I wasn't Poland for Hillary of all people I wasn't pulling for Hillary but. You're right about the Supreme Court nominations that loaded taken a completely a different bin and Sunday that we would have had to put up with for your for generations and decades but I think it just would have been more of a Barack Obama. I think getting old already would have retired. Well acted very well be Sotomayor. I'm go against Bergen and and may be others as well down there are packed. You know to some extent you kind of wonder what happened with Clarence Thomas. Clarence thomas' kind of given indications over the years that maybe he's about to go worn out murdered her. And go do something else saw many if he's gonna do that toe into you just isn't that what happened underdog trumps watch. Not because at least then you would be replacing a conservative with a conservative. They wish for the conservatives is a that we get big Ginsburg or. We want someone. Basically says okay I'm done. And then you get yet another. And then the other part of that is how important mid terms are. If you read that poll which I think has been contradicted sense but if you are read that poll where does showed that. Republicans can walk out of this thing with a 5248. A difference in the senate. Well then you would absolutely be crossing your fingers Rory another Supreme Court justice because then you don't you don't then maybe you can. Put that female justice on that was too conservative. And to get through this time around. But I know we'll say. We'll wait and save but that I mean to some extent the the answer somebody else I heard somebody else someplace the other day say why would Putin want. I'm Donald Trump then as opposed to Hillary Clinton. And and in essence the answer was for the very reasons that your city. I'm for their for the very have a that is there have been good for the erosion of very WS standing among now some of our allies are alienation muscle of our allies or. Lack of confidence by from the American people or. Our perception that America is not to. A great anymore or you know I mean. But that would be the reason. So. Say. Went down. The president came out in. He out. When he described his meeting with Kuerten is one of that ultimately bear more fruit than has NATO meeting. In now. It in Brussels which show was itself. And acknowledge triumph. He indicated to some of that for a would be our North Korea flavored. He said that Russia has agreed to help with North Korea were relationships with us are a very good in the process is moving along there is no rush. The sanctions remain. Big benefits and exciting future for North Korea at the end of fraud the process is what the president claimed in the roughly an hour later he returned once more to the a topic any tweeted. Some people hate the fact that I got along well with president prudent in Brescia. And this is where he comes over the new phrase he said they would rather go to war than see this it's called trump. Do arrangement. Syndrome. So put that in your. Book of phraseology. TD yes it's the trump arrangement syndrome. National hot dog days and the espy's and more weather read the news today oh boy now. 199. There's days. Into the year Torre came well over par halfway retirement. Here. 166. Days ago. July the eighteenth 195318. Year old Elvis Presley recorded my happiness Memphis recordings service and a Tennessee as a gift for his mother. 1969. After a party. On Chappaquiddick island. Do we all know we're going now. Senator Ted Kennedy from Massachusetts drove his car off a wooden bridge under way tides swept Paul and ending is passenger Mary Joseph affect me. Crowns and I always calls me of whenever I mention system. Just incidents that we don't know all the details of this type thing down now. Another words. There was a chance you could have been saved. FDA is warning that does certain dogs foods may Ellie do all heart trouble in your pet. My wife hears that Julius JJJ. We had a west he wants it at heart problem. And first west do we ever owned and so my wife started cooking for that question that was not good. And and then during not makes lifetime we got Clapton. Just the greatest dog ever lost in two years. But Clapton benefited from. Not megs. Heart condition because he got yeah she mixes chicken rice vegetable. Mixture. And now the one we've got now. Megan. She gets the home coach could joke. We've got the Pincus damned dogs you ever saw your life they open up those things that just nothing four and in the so. We like kidding we teller I said billion bushels the good dose of my chicken I just forever Bagger zone. My wife could no more do that the blood went. Although. How many people had dogs that have lived like 161718. Years and beat new you know bags some their brother all the wrong. Tell the dogs get home cooked food at home. I need out of OPEC. Course milestone on a hand basket just a maybe that's the reason maybe that making your own gravy things are so good for you. I don't know. I acting tourist guide enough British Columbia was so forced to panel for his life after a fast swimming grizzly bear begin charging him. I bet you do you could find. The panel would start to select a voter after awhile and it. At a grizzly bear come and afternoon and into Michigan twins sitters sisters are running against each other for a county commission. Thought I'd you know won. PureAV twins he went to school with that you could not tell the difference. There have one go to one glass in one go to the other that was supposed to be there other than into this. Funny eighteen asked vis Iran denied annual awards event celebrates the best sports moments of the year hosted by Danica Patrick. Arthur Ashe courage award will be presented to the female gymnasts who came forward with these sexual abuse allegations against the US. Teams of former doctors so that'll be on ABC I you're thinking ESPN but it will be on ABC tonight. Add HP film. There's a book. Well they say a book a day may keep dementia away a brain exercise the benefits at any age. So even if you read it as a kid because study finds that exercising the brain unity age may preserve memory. Researchers questioned whether 300 elderly individuals. About their life long participation it'll actual pursuits like reading books writing letters are looking things up at the library and then every year for an average of six years until they died. And the subject took tests to measure their memory and their thinking and what the researchers found is that folks who worked their middle muscles. Both early and late in life remained more it'll actually limber than those who did not. This is why when I quit doing this for a living I'll get up every morning and do exactly what I do now and that is read two or three newspapers and you show for about probably does start to show prep service for news broadcast. But I know if I quit doing this first as a best of my favorite part of the job is is the pursuit of stuff to talk about. And and and the other is I know a bit of fight just. If I don't do that and I will I'll just turn into. And who knows maybe I would enjoy them. You know worry as he doesn't know who he is but he seems half. They look better without diabetes and good dissent running sweeps over a long and gotten amidst the Lincoln just fork lift me out of the bonus room. But apparently I'm. Vermont my dream a vote of a checking out that way also not going to happen. Ice cream speaking of have you ever wondered ice cream headaches are triggered by the sudden change in temperature as the ice cream touches the top of your mouth and initiate the the nerve reaction of swells blood vessels in your head. Did you ever hurt maybe did you know that is the roof of your mouth that is the culprit to to the brain freeze. George was talking about this earlier got a severe case of brain freeze of what like a slower appears on the like that today it's the root for your mouth the nerve center. On the AM out this day overreact to the cold temperatures and then no tries to heat your brain. So this swelling of the blood vessels is so what is more commonly known as brain freeze. And luckily the intense stabbing pain now in your head usually lasts only for about thirty to sixty seconds. But when you get about to the 32 part you're just convinced that this is the one where it's never going to ending your head's going to explode messes bitten. But jury too much anguish to be able to actually text someone and say goodbye. So the tip is the best way to avoid getting an ice cream headache is to keep the ice cream on the side of your mouth. Away from the roof of your mouth. And good luck on that. Because it doesn't really work. An Alabama man willing to walk all night long to be on time for his first day of work here at this very. Employee's name is Walter Kerr who works for a bill Hobbs a moving company he was so spotted police spotted the amount. After he was a four hours into his tractor work. He would have had dual walked at least fourteen miles this car. Didn't work. So we left it like late at night so he could be on his first day of the job. Early the next morning walking fourteen mile and police picked him up took him two very breakfast and then learn to discard broken down the night before that he had been walking since midnight the officers gave him a ride to the whole worry was supposed to. Hope another I'm overloaded truck. And when the homeowner was told by the police what Walter did to get to work she shared that on social media. And after hearing about Walter's inspiring journey to work the CEO. Of the company that he was working for bell hops. Decided to surprising was the gift and on Monday the CEO loop Markel and gifted Walter with his car 2014 Ford Escape. At Walter not been helped by police he would have walked about seven miles to get to his first job for his first day of work. And then the homeowner. Set up and go find me page for Walter. So. That's work ethic and that's the kind of guy you're looking for and got a guy you wanna hire. It's very cool story. Barely afford goes to. Our place restaurant in Mansfield Texas or breakfast and. Hostess seats to coupled with other children. Waitress spots a tip on the table left by the previous customers waitress didn't don't wanna bother them Scioscia. She let them take their seats and get settled in before shall Specter to grab the cash. Bob and in this situation before ever jury said though table there's attempts at merit from the previous. When the waitress gets back to the table to receive. To retrieve the tip. And greater new customers. The money's gone. Later that day the waitress in the owner of our place restaurant scroll through the surveillance tapes and discover what it happened. The footage showed that one of the children. In that party picking up the five dollar tip meant for the server showed it to her parents. And then slipped it under her menu. Repair it seemed to notice their us sneaky plan met. Didn't do anything to stopper. This is where parents are afraid of their kids. Restaurant's owner decided to serve up some justice without getting the cops involved he posts the surveillance video. Footage. To FaceBook. And how did the family hoping that they would return. To write the wrong and with hours of posting the video to FaceBook the owner says the girl's mother was back with the money. He said our rule is if you make it right we delete our post. Off of FaceBook. The restaurant has called down to our customers before apparently who have left without paying. Well. It. Surveillance cameras. They're everywhere. People didn't cannot forget that we're talking about the microphones that are now showing up on not just Smart speakers but. Like the new trash can that's been developed. And you don't have day in the microphones are putting on stuff now they don't have to be connected to the Internet earning a dentist and it's a trash can open. And it doesn't and after it detects move. But leaving Bennett closes. In slowly but surely we're starting to get more things microwave ovens. Were you sick you don't cook this at 70% for four minutes. In the microwave oven cooks it for. Foreman it's that 70% or whatever. And we're getting to a point where our whole house to give voice controlled and the idea of you never back a long long time ago when. Cell phones. But who. Were more people word you you these seemingly would see somebody talking to themselves you look at your rear view mirror and you would see somebody talking to themselves. In essence. What they had. Bluetooth or something like that yeah. And they were having a conversation with somebody on the phone but all you saw your rearview mirror was. And Jim does it's hard to ascertain whether somebody's talking or whether or not they're singing along to a song but generally you can kind of figured out over a period of time. Are you see somebody is that before we were used to it walking down the straight. Talk to do himself. Thing got to me I mean loony people are there in the world has not been ninth guy today have seen docket to resolve blog on the street. One hour used to it. Now it's almost. Strange if somebody's not look at marathoner. So we're pretty ancient stuff. I its national hot dog dared. Which. Demo of a good hot dog. So all the sudden I am really thought of Brooks which is not even on the slowest that I found today. But. Not only is that the best hamburger I've ever had but they're underdogs are bad units for the same reasons that Chile. But anyways from options Korea Chile man is on the corner of south trial on and fourth streets here have been held. He was just named on money magazine's ten best dog joints in America. He's a cart. He hangs out of south trial on fourth streets chill demand. Bogus Frito pie dog. National hot dog bit today greens launches like legendary been around here since 1926. Everybody did Henson's drive them. Other side of 485 on the side of independence. You gotta figure a way to get off of independents and get over there to. Get on the side street to go down there I think it's called CP CC Elaine. It's up around Matthews area. It looks at and if I'm not mistaken was or not like a topless place or something right next to it. And it doesn't look like a place that you would. Say oh well let's go there. But that's been one of the well kept secrets in Charlotte for a long long time hints and drive and asked and they do a pretty good dog too are pretty good murderous well. JJ is read option for three locations in Charlotte one of those ceremonies boulevard. They know what they're doing. You'll find a dog down there that you Jack Beatles which is in a note dot. Does a pretty good dog and I think they're getting ready to open up I don't think their open you up but didn't they announced plans to open air Jack Beatles and no amount Pollack. Kick stand murder over there on central avenue you been over their TJ back to your old neighborhood. Match Chicago dog. Which is down there on the relic on the green. Which you guys do in Chicago style pizza now I think as well we used to do alive commercials for a match Chicago dog back when nomad as mob ran the place of the moms essentially run in place now Matt's gone off to a his financial empire or someplace. But demand chug a dog is still a great place to get a real Chicago dog Vienna beef hot dog and a classic Chicago style toppings. Park road soda shop. At part pro shopping senator is a great place to get a dog. He used to be Jimmy Rufus places and he sold it to one of his employees and she's just done a kicked on and it's an old kind of fashioned soda shop. Right down the street from us pink keys. Well no more head and now and freedom drive. Think he's a Wiener wonderland. Love me some think peace. And of south 21 drive then. Would the one that still left over there on independence boulevard so it's national hot dog day and you've just been given all sorts of options. To go celebrate the occasion on your ride home. You're welcome. John Hancock radio program. 5 o'clock coming up on around the corner and we'll tell you where you might wanna find a 132 billion dollars worth of gold. Shouldn't. Most of whatever you can make. Congratulations. Sometimes you see the amount of money because somebody makes in a year and you just think yourself. Mean I don't know about you but. Well that didn't Judge Judy. Number four on this Forbes listed just came out 147 million dollars. If I ever made a 147. Million dollars a year you would never hear from me again. If I ever made twenty million dollars a year you'd never hear from me again. At this point in my life if I made five million dollars in the year you'd never hear from me again. Well maybe you would. But I mean not to the point of now this may come as a stunning. Revelation view but. I don't make that much money. But congratulations to people like George Clooney who made it. According to the world's highest paid entertainers report from Forbes. Annual celebrity 100. 239. Million dollar pre taxes. In the past year now part of that was because today he sold a company that he and some others had started off. Called a castle amigos tequila company. They sold it to our drink giant by the name of DR geo. In a deal worth about a billion dollars so I don't know how much of ego out of that was probably a couple hundred million bucks. An and I don't. I couldn't name a George Clooney movie if I had to. What's along with Vegas. Ocean City he's in that right. Yeah that's about the only thing I can even go and I and I do new rule wallop that. I George Clooney every you know I see him on TV shows are my I'm not that crazy about and so politics but. But I mean c'mon. When you have you've Rosemary Clooney's nephew. Like her. In good looking guy. Got a stunning wife. Is it ever pretty good life. Brad what's his name is a good friend is. Pit yeah. We're certainly. 239 million dollars less your jaw dropping. Com congratulations. I don't know who needs 239 million dollars a year but I mean you know we didn't get it I guess go get it. I think it's and to some extent it's little obscene. But. Vega. The world's 100 highest paid celebs made eight combined six point three billion dollars pretax over twelve months of 22% over the last year. Eleven celebrities cross the 100 million dollar threshold this year. Clooney when even the top one or on the eve and on top. Floyd meriwether. 285. Million dollars pretax most of which came from his August 2017 fight to O'Connor McGregor. Clooney came in second Kylie Jenner. Top 3166. Point five million dollars she's one of the card this year it's. Which I have never gotten. Famous for being famous. And I think that. She's got to make up empire. So that's that's where she made her money Judge Judy number four on the list 147 million dollars. Which came from the sale of her TV library for a hundred million dollars. In by wanna buy my old VHS steps. I got some super Dave Osborne on there. And there are probably some old movies probably some older Friday night Cinemax with topless stuff and it. To shift to diligent and you know there are anymore I mean not even have a many more. Check. Yeah probably don't have them anymore. We announces I got married probably. Landfill. Jacksonville Florida maybe. I'm sure they made a bad for other rock. Dwayne Johnson. Number five on the list 124 million bucks you know after taxes. Agents all that stuff you probably not taken home sixty million of it. We can live on that sixty million. You know there's an awful lot of people that are busting their butt to try to great attitude to our retire at a decent age. And there's a ton of people that the recession said don't know there will be no retirement for you are no life circumstances and stuff like that. But I mean you know it be your your opening get a million bucks in the bank in par in most of that's 401K. And they'll be taken text is out of that takes us. He said Texas. But they congratulations to your. No no I mean congratulations I don't know India on this. In the past two decades 700 plus celebrities have appeared on no forbes' annual list raking in a total of about a hundred and about eighty billion dollars and earnings. And it took 700 celebrities have been on the list. There's probably. By about a 150 of them that are just like me if I make that much money one year I would just push a fast and that's exactly what they've done they've looked at their Baghdad to zed. What do Mike Jordan. Why am I even get out of bed in the morning. Love you but I'm taking my 36 million dollars in the bank and don't buy myself a nice log cabin in the mountains. Near Breckenridge and let me know if you need anything. Well well Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous what's your favorite decade of music. Online poll thirteen hundred online voters people's favorite decade of music. Most of bit younger skewing crowd 24%. While there's a tie actually 24% said eighties. 44% said seventies. Now CNN's running this thing right now these are a series right now called 70s90s. Two thousands I don't watch the two thousands because it's utterly done. But I have watched the seventies and the eighties it's the only CNN all watch. And that's pretty acoustic stuff. But then I was there for so it's kind of walk down memory lane. Armed music wise I'd probably be more prone to either. A lot of the stuff that's come out the last decade because I try to stay up but to date on music. Or. Seventies cadets were the songs that should get the radio could take me back in time don't run around there with the skinny and Brent and Todd and all those guys in my car. You know that was seventy before we were. 18% said 60s13%. Said 97%. Said fifties. Because the other 7% of what is it fifties are dead. But the all due respect. 5% said they liked the current period of music. 2% said other and 6% said we'll let. Rarely. John Wilson disinterested me. CNN politics is doing today hatchet job on our older friend and don't we BT talk show host Jason Lewis. GOP congressman once lamented not being able to call women's slots anymore. Like Jason on whether Tate teeing off on adjacent he's our he's a conservative there's no two ways about that Sawyer yeah I guess sooner or later. Republican congressman from Minnesota has a long history of making deeply misogynist ticker comments on the radio including lamenting the two women can no longer be called slots. CNN's cave file reviewed several months of audio from our representative Jason Lewis on the Jason Lewis show. A syndicated radio program that Louis hosted from a 2009 until 2014. Well with the tagline America's mr. Wright which was CO same tag on that he used when he was here. I don't remember when he left here but it was so after 2009 because he wasn't syndicated out here he was syndicated out above Minnesota. And then one day he just got fed up with the whole thing and quit on the air and screw it I'm not he is to fill in for rush. In fact and Jason and iron out of the closest of friends I don't think were vital enemies anymore but there was a time period when we were not to. Extremely tight. And. It's a best days are the best hosts a guest host the rush or perhaps. Is the smartest guy I've ever heard on the radio. I don't have much respect for him as a person. But he's the smartest guy I've ever heard on the radio. He was a guy who could do it was a guy you'd be elicited Jewish show and all of a sudden he'd say something like. Well I was like that. News booted 2000. Six Supreme Court. Ruling known bug. The adjuster vs McCormick are where and you think who knows that. But he knew it and he now knows this dolphin none. He had got out of the radio biz and and ran enough for the house up in Minnesota. And was narrowly elected debt to represent Minnesota's second district in a 2016. Is considered one of the most endangered house Republicans. In the mid term elections. CNN rates the arrays says a tossup. The most competitive designation. And so they've gone back and grabbed a whole bunch of his. Audio from his Jason Lewis show. And they have both sound cloud. Asked if to be on days they raise they go 123 at least three. For. More clips from his or radio show. Examples of his. Of his work on the radio. I'll give this to TJ and a second won't put it up on the Hancock bridge WBT duck congress and our Jason still has an awful lot of both fans and followers here put up DNR one. Where they're behaving like bird lives they walk in lockstep is the most important thing or 2.5 year old unmarried woman. On getting near paper tells us there is and that's Wiegmann reduce do you really want offered. I mean. War is that's all the other issues the and a problem. Socialist Jews class warfare you know we can figure out a way to tackle wells this one in Europe that far down the road. And you say you're a human being. I've got my suspicions. But I aren't I does not you're not you would not bring you have no you have no cognitive function whatsoever if that's all it takes a bite you walk. When you're always surprised a lot of things got a lot of department of young running around that don't look Osmond he's focused on is shooting get the women's vote and it works. She's worse. So visa pays and that cookies I mean you can't eat it all noted to determine a and in that clip he was like talking to the ten man. The ten man that needed to bring. Scarecrow needed burning. Lion needed a heart no occurred courage. Ten mended heart. And Dorothy just needed a lift home. And total needed to go party. It didn't end a nobody and anytime he started to do that other than they had the yellow brick road everybody I don't know I don't know. Although ahead Toto. Peed on the one which. She would you say she would that she would have had the meltdown right there that would have been slow much better than the bucket of water. But they would've ever thought of them I have so way and AFP's sudden. Taking aim at two our old buddy. And Billy BT talk show host. Our Jason Lewis. I wonder why does CNN's I guess they're just fine and out they just send in this article this what I have been able to read. Bet it's one of the most contestants so obviously that would be worse CNN would get in and try to be an influence and every contested close contested race they give to try to. Finally get the world to turn around the world war. The more CNN like direction. Filled with love and peace and just like go left is going to be filled with love and peace here in July or August to vote 20/20. Time is ticking away. Had four tickets. That's 2018. International champions cup presented by Heineken feature Liverpool FC endo Peru showed Dortmund. Comes up this Sunday July the 22 ad to a Bank of America Stadium at 4 PM. So for tickets to the 28 to international champions cup presented by Heineken. And all you have to do is call in 7045701110. With the correct answer to the question I'm about to give you and you'll be sitting in BankAmerica stadium on Sunday at 4 PM. Four international champions. Soccer. According do fifa rules. How long. Can a goalie. Hold onto the ball. 7045701110. George will take the first right answer according to fifa rules how long can a goalie hold on to the ball. First one and you win the tickets before tickets. To the international championship which is so this Sunday Bank of America Stadium at 204 PM Gupta another chance three to win tickets. Tomorrow. Turner who were found us. There's a I guess a journalist by the me Maria. The steals. And she reaches out to Anthony boarded before he died. Reach out to his assistant to see if she could secure an interview with him. He's hot commodity dad to show on a CNN you know zones over. She gets quick reply. How about Friday February the sixteenth. They met at 3 PM in a Manhattan bar called coliseum. Which I know. It's I had no idea that that was an anti board may not hang out but it's over there on kind of the west side don't Columbus Circle area. So I'm. Mysterious figures she'd probably get 1015 minutes to talked roach had two and a half hours they talked about everything. And I read excerpts of that interview yesterday it's in our publication run off online site called popular PO PULA. And. The transcript weather center compensation was 20000 words I mean they talked about everything politics and Hillary and try open. And and it's above and I tried to be. Kind of boring I had been in other parts of it I found to be fascinating. She. Some of the stuff that some of the things that this year highlighted in this article I read yesterday. He said I did attain the notion that I'm working toward a goal or a date. Were I could sit on a Tuscan Hilltop in a hammock with a stack of books. But I understand now that I can't do that. I can do that for short periods of time but I can't I just can't in other words the idea that it's what many retirees find. That finally you don't have to do anything. You can do whatever you want you to sit around listen to music all day long or if you love to read you can sit around and read all day long and if you wanna do it in your favor location in the world did it you could do that. And it did you come to the realization that for a short period of time that would just be great. But ultimately you have to have some purpose you have to have something to do. He said the way I acquire things is really changed over the years may be that's a function of age and two marriages. I know very much what I won't. Make me happy. The perfect car will not make me happy. The perfect house will probably make me sad. And terrified. And then he went on later to say our house is a commitment you know. You have to take care of it. And then you also have to consider who gets it after you're gone. He said when I acquire like a book that I really love. It too difficult before me because I think about. Kudos one pass this onto. I guess I can relate to that in some ways because I looked around and also some of the stuff that means something to me. In my house. And there's not anybody in my family that would give a damn about it. Though they may surprise me to be a couple of things that one of those so my sons are somewhat soon nor want matter I would you know and and maybe if they know it means something to me that I would increase some of the sentimental value to it but by and large. Is sending I go you know I walked through my mom's house and apartment at one point. And she was Cindy you know beer go through or tell me what he want I mean you know when it's. And and ultimately it's kind of depressing and you don't wanna hurt her feelings but you just kind of walked through their news in think you know. She has a break front China cabinet type thing that's been enough house better in my life ever since today I was born. I got figured she knew why would want that I I'll adult. It's made out of a wood that I don't have any longer have an interest in and so on me you know there's a few things send little things that came down to my grandparents and so on and so forth that I would like to have. But as far as jewelry or anything like that. And so I you know you don't wanna her bio mom ceilings and in the same with me I don't wanna hurt anybody's feelings. And they don't wanna hurt mine health care what you do my stuff. I've got paintings that my grandmother payment. We can't throw those in a landfill. So I Capel. But they're not on display. Nominating. Disrespect to my grandmother. Can't even begin to tell you how much I love my grandparents. I've got a portrait of my grandfather that they had made commissioned in 1960. So. That'll do I do with that it's hanging in my closet. I don't wanna thrown in a landfill. But my kids will. And quite frankly I don't want them to feel guilty about that. Anthony brewer day and he said if you travel even a little bit. You realize straightaway. B you are insanely rich. Like anyone we call middle class. Your insanely rich. When we went to the Mediterranean on recruits. And we were all over Italy and we were all over Spain and we were in France and we were. We heard so that including Monte Carlo which is a whole different. But they weren't we when you see the way that people will just. General people and then you get back to the United States and you look at all these houses that are essentially are all but liked castles over the air. It just reminds you of and a board is exactly right what we call middle class god in comparison to the rest of the world places that you go. He even upper Echelon places that you go. And to the masses. You are unbelievably rich. I told them to you noticed that and about America only in a heartbeat. When you travel on you come back and see what it 270000. Dollar house is in Charlotte. You're insanely rich. He said to sit alone with a few friends half drunk under a full moon. You just don't understand how lucky you are it's a story you can't tell it's a story you almost by definition can't share. I've learned in real time to look at those things and realize. I just had a really good moment. And we've all had those. And you can't. Portrayed them on to anybody else it's your moment. If you are peaks. Ruins. Sunday is get mad vote bonuses were challenged the perfect fit for the past few ever almost knock yourself out marking here yes I have popped myself on the night before yeah are they slip out of one man and Alcoa or just populous I don't know much easier and it vision and long bruising here in the studio. Down goes Frazier can shoot if you describe the GOP and Charlotte. In it's a done deal sources so. Millionaire really as I mean the committee. That the site selection committee voted thumbs up on Charlotte down the whole group while the men the Republicans will vote on it Friday in Austin, Texas but. You know it's a formality. Well that ought to make everybody happy. There person angry Democrats still here in ten well we were talking earlier about Langston again and they the Haiti male and the threats and I and I thought that's so that's so none left I thought they were the peace love dove let's all get along let's look at let's help out everybody you know party yet this is. A lot of people angry will chat with a couple of Republicans who were in Austin. About that in men as some of the Republicans. There are a little surprised that it's still so. I assume vicious and some of the your comments that are being made to the Democrats on City Council voted for just the mayor by the way it will be headed to Austin she's a Democrat but she will go down there and smile for the cameras. If they're surprised they're not paying attention. Yeah well I don't mean that there is a video of the business spirit of the country is not come down on me motivated to do the angst is it is still. The strongest it's ever been one of the concerns about the convention is. That this'll Condo ahead by the time we get two years. Two months down the road and they're bitter boils over in Charlotte. Yep messy what happens that's exactly longer concerns them com they have. The soccer team got out today. Yes that's global is just looked so cute and their soccer uniforms did you see any of the press now I did not but I understand they set up a course or some form so they could show off their soccer skills that they did at I think you know these little guys that. All of the questions from reporters had to go through a psychologist or psychiatrist due to be vetted because they'd in more upset the kids but these kids just seeing none the worse from aware. Well and that's what you would hope for you out things I don't. There is a national hot dog dare yeah I understand that we were talking earlier about your options say here in town and Forbes magazine or somebody. Named chili man. The -- what in the top ten in the country and they named him number one that was based on Yelp. And it's the second year he's gotten that he's an amazing dude he doesn't ever restaurant he's got a car uptown and I mean like today I was up there with him. I it is an amazing success targeted there were thirty people in line at a time is a what does he get for doc about four bucks I think. So if he's killed a hundred album. Newton. I don't know Argus has some pretty good money -- I've done modernize if he's McEnroe I read a pretty good loading its reputation is is great on this wonder I've got to be can you make a living doing that well he says CAA he's got the big bread winner and his family his wife's got a big time bank job at one of the banks up there and so she knows that he'd like to be outdoors and so he he just plays and he says as he put it mama earns a real paycheck. Play your feature I am tonight on no successes six so I'm I'm sure all learn all sorts of things about Chile memo undated nobody does this was there's all sorts of options for you had no Charlottesville and her dog enough. And he's against top of the list yeah. Some aren't very good policy you wandering here in the studio just few moments the nights are in town just oh by the way is 70 Ford and I'd play in the Red Sox affiliate Pawtucket. And up past red sock all star Ellis Burks will be in the stadium much tonight so why you can get on down and get an autograph and none meet him. Charlotte knights had to be BNT ballpark could be a better place the weather's not gonna rain and it's probable toasty outside dampen outside the last three hours so I don't know the structural find out just few minutes when I opened the door off loading darkened. Now find out that it's. It's a lot harder than what I thought. They found a sunken Russian battleship. Rumored to have gone down not with what would be now all of the equivalent of 132. Billion. Dollars in gold. South Korean treasure hunting team is a teasing out big reveal. Said Tuesday that they announced the discovery of the Russian imperial navy cruiser. Dunn's close. Which is believed to have been carrying 200 tons of gold when it sank in 1905 during the error or roof show. Japanese war. They found it Sunday a mile off full veil South Korean island that I camper announce. In a depth of more than 14100 feet the ship was easily identified by its name on its stern. We spotted things that look like treasure boxes. But we have not opened them yet we will open them up according to a due process sit on official. To be a Korean times. Adding part of the things that will surprise the world could be unveiled at a press conference in as little as a week. According to the reports. This ship this Russian ship in 1905 was carrying gold coins and 5500. Boxes of gold bars. Used to cover wages port fees and fuel costs for the entire fleet. The company. Including experts from South Korea China the UK and Canada. Add to that half of any of the treasury will go to the Russian government. 10%. Will be used to fund a museum and other tourism projects. Here at this islander. Where they found the ship. And a portion will go towards building a railway line linking Russia and South Korea through North Korea. But you're talking about a 132. Billion dollars in gold so that would mean that the Russians would get. Six the five billion up there something like that and everybody else would split the rest. They take 65 billion here and 65 billion there are no for you know archer you're talking real money. Kerry McFadden sheriff elect. We'll join us tomorrow and the 4 o'clock hour so I'm looking forward to. You know before he was when they walked into a neighborhood he would say. He's homicide. You name it TV series you did what they say now. He's the prisoner to voter. We'll find out tomorrow and Jeff Newton because the saint Jude dream home tickets go on sale starting tomorrow mile builder will be with us tomorrow at 505 so all look forward to seeing you at 3 o'clock and or Charlotte have six next.