Children's Credit Score, Diabetes, and Revenge

John Hancock
Wednesday, April 25th

Hancock talks about protecting your kids credit, Diabetes, and Revenge at Work.


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This is John Hancock. Hi there other are as Wednesday's regular game. Sunshine go by the way and the sunshine back. George walked in the building everything went dead body. I don't know that's coincidence or. Story that Mike just did about kids and drive them. Prudent thing on CBS this morning about a million kids suffer ID theft. They get your Social Security number. And then they use that because that's that's let's. That's a version no Social Security number that's and nobody's. So they start open accounts and the strange thing about it is this. Most of it. Are people that know that kid. In some cases. Family members. In some cases. Parents. Well I guess water destroyed their own credit ratings so they try to go up piggyback onto the kids to see if they can't. Have you checked your child credit report lately you may want to more than they are a million children. Had their identity stolen and Tony seventeen according to new research. The child's credit report. It's a blank slate. Social Security number they use that kid Social Security number created entirely new identity and by the time the kid grows up and finds out that he or she has been victimized. The crook has done so much damage that at that point it's really really difficult to a correct if you've ever tried dude fix a mistake on our credit reporters somebody along those lines. It's. It's the most frustrating thing you've ever gone through your life. Equifax can no screw up all your information but. God help you were exposed and you know you need Equifax to help you correct our Brenda problem notes. As sole. I send us to be fascinating says with every new account that criminal opens the criminal. Adds credibility to his claim. To that victimized child Social Security number and then the credit report that goes along with it. And that can make it extremely difficult for a victim to and it fixes record the other part about this litigious Kenner voters have made reference to. By the time they were big kid actually starts using his Social Security number. Well somebody could have been using his idea for ten years before that. So he can be wiped out. Before he ever gets started. It says more over 60%. Of child victims know the crook. 22% of these frauds are perpetrated by a parent or a step parent. Now think about that. Mom. Marius. You know. Yeah I had one I've ever uttered a verb I'm gonna wanna username I just. About said John at not autorad. But mom gets marry later or starts Dayton. Some dude. Which gives him access to know information. So he goes in and uses the kids' Social Security number but he's who's gonna discover that. It until he's long gone. Sixty per chance senator child's victims are unknown to the crook Tony 2%. A parent or step parent. Other relatives including uncles and cousins and siblings. Account for a 10% of the frauds. The most common perpetrators are quote unquote family friends. So the child guardians. May have a personal relationship with crook. And kids they say kids who were bullied are far more likely to be the victim of ID theft federal quite understand the analogy there. I mean that did the tie in there but. So they say check your child's credit report. Freeze the child's report until he or she is old enough to apply for credit that may be the best advise us on the whole. We've learned after the quack who faxing and every time some mud company gets hacked in your information is. Put in jeopardy. No we've learned that you can go freeze your credit reports on broke for freeze your child's credit report Intel he or she is old enough to apply for credit cards which I guess in kind of a roundabout sort of way. Also. Keeps you in a notice to wipe your kids doing a pretty savvy these days of 14151617. Years old so I never would have thought to go in there and try to. A manipulate my credit report to maggert credit cards I got to gagged and then I can't remember when my first credit card was it was too early general that I was eighteen I've got a thousand dollar limit it was. BankAmerica hard. The precursor to visa. And. I got on a Tuesday and I was in Phoenix Arizona for the weekend. Spent 11100 bucks started off in the holes. Hundred books over my credit limit. On making no money and and after I got out of that jam I said. I'll never get myself into this again I've learned my lesson. In about two or three times after that when I got an credit card trouble I finally did learn my lesson. They say the earlier fraud has detected the easier it is to solve. And for the vast majority of child victims proving that they didn't take out the loan that appears on their credit report is as easy as showing the credit bureau the a child's birth certificate in some cases. Remember if that fraud is discovered until the child is older than fixing that record can be an absolute nightmare. So I just RAA he's talking about crimes that kids are perpetrated the news here's. He hears crimes that are perpetrated a tornado kqed. Usually by a friend of the family or a family member of having to do with his Social Security number. Which allows whomever wants to get access to that. To apply for all sorts of things because there are no blemishes on that credit card on that Social Security number your kids too young. So thank you guys are free Iran. And if all the sudden he he opens up a bunch of accounts of non defaults on all of a no no worries just goes and finds another kid and other Social Security number. Pretty scary stuff go check your kids social. Credit report. As you know I had child had a credit report addition together associate in every got to credit report. So there you go there are thirteen after 3 o'clock. There's an element in that event really be team. Well trouble appears likely to win this travel ban case that it was before the Supreme Court today the Chief Justice John Roberts and the justice Anthony Kennedy both of the kind of a signal support for this travel policy. In the arguments were heard today. The the bans challengers almost certainly need one of those 22. Strike down this ban on travelers from several mostly Muslim countries. The court had previously voted last December to allow the policy to take full effect but. Wednesday was the first on the justices actually considered the travel ban in open court so we'll see where that goes not quite successful and in the courts would be don't worry a judge. Washington based US district judge by the name or John Bates. Has ruled against trump on the dreamers program. He's the third judge to rule against Trump's no plans to up to in the federal program that shield some my young immigrants from deportation. He Washington based judge US district judge judge John Bates today calls the department of homeland security's rationale against the deferred action for childhood arrivals program. Known as Danica. Arbitrary and capricious. Which was the Chevy heavily when it. They give the Department of Homeland Security ninety days to better explain its view that dog Danica is unlawful and if they can't. Come up with a better explanation than they would have to accept. And process new as well as a re new Idec applications so. So that's what's going on with the court's. The supreme court's not a final ruling you have been journalists and should be your doing a great in the favor of the the president. Because we trial has god of the jury late this morning. So loved ones who were all that goes. First trial ended do without a verdict after a jurors were deadlocked. Is eighty years old. He's charged with what three counts. On any each count carries a maximum sentence of ten years in prison. Three counts of aggravated indecent assault. So I mean if he gets convicted. Either be appeal won't stop all that so but I mean deviated they've thrown in jail to Dessens. That I read this saying that for sympathy from let's just say and then that's that's pretty much wrote it is. The a panel that was headed up commission on a basketball college basketball that was headed up by the former secretary of state Condoleezza Rice. They were tasked with. Reforming college basketball they say the NCAA should. Should work to weigh in at the one and done era and punish coaches and programs that she more harshly. This is a sixty page report that came out today. Dead at one point got acquiesced back to the NCAA and said they didn't really wanna get involved with that but. Ten people including some misses a coaches have been charged today in our Barbara Cano is one of them. Oh win and a kickback scheme and high profile programs Arizona Louisville. Kansas I think was in there are all been tied to a possible NCAA violations. Commission offered some pretty harsh assessments of the NCAA enforcement. And thus says the environment surrounding college basketball encourages. People to cheat. Now. And would sooner or later won't take commissioned to do that but they arguments or the discussion has been going on for sometime but that the idea of paying college athletes. Which. It's it's very ludicrous when you look at all the money that's involved and non how much they pay coaches and no soul and so forth that they wouldn't actually just support product from somewhere another knife you say a college education I guess that's fine. I'm except those kids aren't there for college education those kids are better play basketball. And there are there to promote the but the athletic programs. And it's these schools were more serious about actually supporting. The educational aspect of that they wouldn't be playing on Tuesday night Wednesday night Thursday night games. And not turn Munson the idea that. They're expected to be in class every day is ludicrous. So why there's. This sum does sometime I would assume sometime soon that discussions gonna come down the line there's too much follow the money there's too much money on the line. And the product the actual product that's actually bringing in the money you can't pay a coach. Millions of dollars in and then on until some kids that. He can't have a plane ticket home to go barriers mother or something along those plugs. Tom. Kim John I don't know what's called a very honorable man not yesterday by the president. So we're getting closer to that nuclear summit that north Koreans some holes they were all that goes trump is suggesting that his nominee for secretary of veterans affairs Roddy Jackson. Maybe he should drop out from the senate confirmation process he hasn't demanded it. I'm Jackson has is was the hot White House position has been accused of excessive drinking on the job improperly dispensing medications and fostering a hostile network environment in neo White House medical office. But trump said he should buy behind Jackson and that would let him choose whether ordered to withdraw or not and dumb and I think Republicans and and members of congress are trying to come to Jackson's a you don't have as well so we'll see where that were all of that goes. We were talking yesterday briefly about the music industry. And you can't discount. Today's music the way that our parents and grandparents discounted our music. Because to this generation. Well I'd say it's you know I have no Pulitzer Prize just was awarded to. And I Kendrick Lamar that that'll show you to some extent the impact that to rap and hip pop of I don't know society and but down. A whole industry is Jay tried to I've talked about the got a couple hundred times but when I was working concerts work and for a fail on presents back in the Colorado back in the seventies. You were put out albums. You did concerts to sell albums. Today. You put out albums. To sell concert tickets. It's completely different. Online music streaming has now become the industry's biggest money maker online streaming like a Spotify and apple music have overtaken CD and digital download sales. To become the recording industry's largest revenue source. Our rapid growth for streaming music services is help the music industry posted its third year of revenue growth with total recorded music revenue. Rising eight point 1% to seventeen point three billion dollar streaming expanded by 41%. Counts for 38% of the industry's revenue music sales fell by 40%. Over the fifteen years ending in 2014 as music file sharing services eroded CDs sales. And revenues for 2017 which were just 68 point 4% of the markets 1999 value. The whole industry has changed the whole model has changed streaming. Is now more important than downloading. We're back to they doctor today. My diabetes type two is well under control my a one C is that we're still reading was back six point three that's oh what it still was the last time I was in their so our vote. Managed to maintain know what we did. Nothing ever happened to me. In a bizarre. No do you end up in an emergency room I'm not a July the fifth. And by July the ninth zero diagnosed diabetic type two and basically revenue until my weight down. Demi. Back on a treadmill again. Got me eating a better diet. I haven't had ice cream since last July 8. And I can't even tell you how many marks a monumental if this to me. I haven't had much candy your chocolate or anything like that at all I've had a handful Eminem's. Over the course of six months. I just because every now and then you just gotta. Have some you know but. Would be people write me all the time and ask me how my list just goes on bent I got down to 195. Pounds I went from a size 38 pay outs. To size 34 payouts. I just was bigger now a lot of that. And then I went back up 20205. And then to Tim. I'm so I gained fifteen pounds back. And I cannot lose that weight to save my life and I don't know I don't think it's my body saying that that's my natural wave and just. And just not quite sure what it is so. I had ordered premature about this but I actually met with the help their people yesterday. Because I thought to watch what's happened with Freddie and a watch what happened when mark and I watch what's happened with trojans Nokia and and our whole programmer Tom are heard about their program I. You know that this year and this meant theater in an exercise enough. That it was exactly what I was doing. But then they've got a couple of twists and turns that did that makes their program really beneficial so. I don't know if I'm going on now or not but along I wanna get back down to one that. In other words I got six pairs of a size 34 parents have been Mike closet right now because I'm back up to 36 is again. Which is still show up outside shorter vehicle's sort of the lower than I was a year ago. But. God I'm gonna I'm going back down. 195 at least in 185 if possible. Which I think will make me look a may see aided. Especially from people who have been used to route to see him a drug got an article. That I had pulled not too long after I got back or to the emergency room visit and all that stuff about diabetes type two. Because. I just find this to be fascinating and since it's been nine months since I hit on this. Since I have I'm not trying to become a spokesperson for a diabetes type two but. Half of Americans have diabetes or high risk of it and totally unaware of it. The metabolic condition is about as. American as you can get. This report car from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention nearly half of Americans have diabetes or pre diabetes a good number of those people. I haven't been diagnosed don't even realize the predicament. A year ago today. I had no idea and those who have good people in this building the we'll tell you I had dug gone from 24222. Lawny. And people said hey you're losing some weight how are you lose and it. And I can remember in my since the sarcasm which you all were aware of. I said I don't know but until I get to 185 I'm not going to the doctor to find out what's happened. And then I found out that what I was doing was I was losing weight because of diabetes. And then it all came to a head in July people would diabetes have too much sugar in their blood. I'm surprised I had anything but sugar in my blood because I was eaten whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. Lucky charms I love lucky charms. So I mean that was you know that my diet was what do I want today and and now much of it do I want. And I got comfortable with being overweight because quite frankly way it just didn't really care more. 64 years old chicks say look at me. If the disease isn't controlled you can wind up with heart disease and nerve damage and kidney problems and eye damage and other serious problems I had no idea about all that. The new report combines data from the CDC in the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality in the Indian. Health service in the Census Bureau. And so here's some numbers that I just thought I'd bring back around because some of you guys have diabetes and you don't even know and I hate to tell you that the stupid little game that I play. I'm from time to time I'll walk and to rush shopping centers in wal marts but I'd look at people and think to myself diabetic. Thirty point three million people number of people in the United States who had diabetes and Tony 159 point 4% of the population. Has diabetes that's nearly one in 101 point five million is the number of newly diagnosed cases of diabetes among US adults. In 20:15 there I am. That works out to six point seven new cases per 1000 people 24%. That's the percentage of Americans with diabetes who don't have a clue. That they have a seven point two million people. Diabetes ranks. On the list of leading causes of death in the United States number seven. Type one diabetes occurs when the immune system prevents the body from making insulin type two. Which they used to call adult onset diabetes. Occurs when the body can't make enough insulin or can't use it well that's about 95% of all diabetes those cases are type two that's when I got. 84 million people number of US adults who have pre diabetes which is a condition characterized. By elevated blood sugar that puts people at high risk of developing type I knew I had diabetes but did you that's what I had. A year and a half ago. Works out to about 34% of American adults with a pre diabetes. He's around watched TV and watch all the TV commercials Dubai and all the fast food restaurants and everything that they do I mean come on that's stuff looks great. And it's did you generally not as good as that is it's advertised. Is it's kind of like the pictures on the covers of frozen food that you see in a grocery store. It always and boy if it if it looked like that when you love pulled it out of the oven. It looks great. 51%. As the proportion of America of adult diabetes cases that occur in men. The the prevalence of diagnosed cases of diabetes among native Americans is about fifteen point 1%. The percentage of US adults diagnosed with diabetes who are obese. And you can answer that question for yourself. According to your body mass index. 61%. I'm US adults diagnosed for diabetes who are obese. 41% is the percentage of US adults diagnosed with diabetes who got less than ten minutes of moderate or vigorous. Exercise that work. During their leisure time or as a means of transportation. 16%. Of US adults diagnosed with diabetes who are smokers. 35%. Today that he used to smoke but quit that would be me. 74%. Of US adults are diagnosed with cases of diabetes who have high blood pressure. That would be me. 71 are seven point one million of the a number of American adults with diabetes who require some kind of hospital treatment or was discharged and Torre fifteen. Well that was going to be. That's where I ended up that's where I thought it was either a high altitude sickness or seven a heart attack. And they had they got all that under control in about two hours and 45 minutes and and as they were don't get ready to release me back into the high altitude 7522. Feet of Colorado law. Estes Park. They it took a blood sugar were reading on me. 400 and something. And the guy the doctor whose name I have written out at home wants cinema. Letter in the last year. Said dough man I think you're diabetic. When did you see your doctor and I said we'll all be home bond no Wednesday this was a Sunday morning. And Barack Obama get to see him by Thursday and he said do we'll do that. So Susan and I read up on diabetes for the next three days sitting up there are the Rocky Mountains. And he had told me. Don't go higher altitude than you are right now so it couldn't go out trail ridge road couldn't do with some of the stuff I wanted to do so we. We read up on food and says that number also read up on the symptoms of diabetes and as I went down the checklist by the time I got to the doctor recommended told him I had diabetes it'd really needs him to. Tell me. So I'm not to rehash old stuff all bring this back up again at some point or another because I think it's important there are some of you or out their. If you'll go to Google symptoms of diabetes you'll find checklists. What do those checklists. Tired losing weight can explain it this that the other. We diagnose yourself. But 27. What they say 27 million people out there have diabetes don't have a clue. That you. College Baseball that I had BVT ballpark and then enough Friday the teams back in John frail homestand with a good so Friday. They're here all weekend long story. Get to a baseball back to BB NT ballpark but apps data and Gardner-Webb. First pitch tonight 605. And BB NT ballpark Charlotte knights dot com he needs more information on that or ticket availability or all that kind of stuff this part of their collegiate baseball series so laps David Gardner-Webb tonight would be B and T ballpark at. 605 PM. So guess who snuck into town yesterday and. Nobody voted to apparently Joseph person knew about it. The billionaire steel company CEO Alan Kasten bomb apparently was in no Charlotte yesterday a source familiar with these. Matter who was not authorized to speak on the record just said not clear row where the bid for the Carolina Panthers stands at this point there's an instant article written by Joseph person in the Charlotte Observer on their. Website. Charlotte to observer dot com. Without Mark Richardson who is now the real estate business here and in a Charleston. But mark was obviously is one of Jerry sons. And was. Very involved with the team are right up until a dead told the sun's CEO of and all that worked out and know what that all men and I've been episode ever known and known pro and none of our business anyway but anyway they a person chased him down and said though it. You got a favorite. Have billionaire I think you'd like to see sell the timid and tomorrow the guy that we kind of talked about a week ago. I'm out of Charleston. Is. Is probably remarks. Favored among those seeking to buy the Panthers. Interesting article apparently mark met Navarro. Few months ago came away impressed with him and and the more you read about Ben Navarro the more you find out that anybody who meets this guy apparently is pretty impressed with him he does stuff for. But I child's education down and no Charleston and people that work with him on a single rave about him and he's kind of an under the cover drive guy doesn't necessarily. The need to have the spotlight he goes things about things in a meticulous way hires people unless the do their jobs I mean does does the reputation he has. The first thing that we ever heard about men Ben Navarro. Was that one aspect of his business was debt collection and that that might not go over real well with the other NFL owners because obviously that can. Second spark its own negative reaction. And if you urban chased down by a debt collector I have not in Torre's somewhat better than maybe thirty years but I've had experience with them before that and I wouldn't wish that on anybody. And now there are regulations that or and it. Make it a little bit easier you should know your rights of very tree ever got a debt collector after you because there are things they can't do. And there are things that you can demand. And if about they way. Back to have been Navarro. Mark Richardson said. He likes the guy well enough that he'd consider remaining know with the Panthers is a limited partner of Navarro wins now. The ridges and grooves to Richardson's family owns 4849%. Of the team which means the other fifty some odd percent. Is owned by investors some of the biggest names in Charlotte. But if those guys were to decide to stay and if Navarro Aurora whomever that was gonna by the team. The winning bed decides that they would. Entertain thoughts of these guys staying in this minority rule that's money that that new owner doesn't have to come up with. So glad that's what Mark Richardson pointed out said it would make sense for Navarro or any of those who do have been wing billionaire to up. Have some sort of current Parker's role their interest over and remain part of the ownership team that's cash that Navarro or. Whomever wouldn't have to come up with Richardson said in this article written by Joseph person. So Bob. Allen cast involved the steel CEO was in town yesterday. And then you got David tepper whose they had put your manager and then you got the e-commerce on turbine nor Michael Rubin and questions are whether or not he's still at around over. And then you got Navarro. Who seems to be getting the most ink right now and he had tomorrow's the guy who's believed to have bid two point six billion dollars set according to the New York Times. We expect to have mr. Richardson to pick a winner in the next couple weeks or so and then a vote by the NFL team owners could come at their meeting in Atlanta on May the 21 for the 23 and by that time although with the first pick of the NFL draft this which happens tomorrow. 8 o'clock and I can't wait. So are we ever try to do. Seek revenge on a co worker. Has anybody ever drive. They're getting revenge on you. This article yesterday came out of a USA today. And be edge last night. Morgan Fogarty and Matt Harris is matter Stallone and watch the movie good reform era that was there. That was there a subject matter last night and I got to read this thing the consequences can range from ped did you disastrous for those who get caught up in this behavior. Now as I read this nearly half of US workers have sought revenge on a co worker I really thought of co workers I've had that I had thought about. He year. Back at it if it in his station. Magic going to details it would just make me sound caveat I've ever done never implemented abut. You could sit people love her fault. As some people. Make themselves vulnerable to be set up for a fall. Anyway as I was greatness has has more than four in 1044%. Of people. They did they tell the surveyed a thousand people. I admit that they have sought workplace revenge. Bart George. It. I have security guards on the part much you know come and tell me if anybody's lingering around via charts. Voted to Rivera time. Did know somebody that wants of was sent to work and that in went to his desk and know that. There were four valve stem sitting on his center dose can he can figure out why there were four valves him sitting on his desk until the government to go home in the death of those valves students went to his car. They're working or shoppers supplement Palestinians they got on evolves to impose reported then that darn easy to get out. But. So that's that's kind of mean. You can build the valve stems back here and and you can but the air back in the tires front it. It's it's it's it's time consuming. Said the number may seem high but the definition of revenge includes fail a lot of different scenarios at the top of the list is. Causing a purposeful decline in the quality Europe quality of your work. That's revenge they say in a sense but it's not exactly. You know leave enough severed head and a co workers bent and if you're. If you're causing a purposeful decline in the quality you're. Or quantity of work of your work. Then I would assume that means you're mad your company. You're trying to as somehow or another get back into our company. That's. A bad that seems ineffective to me. It says some of the more spiteful types of revenge include spreading unflattering rumors. Quitting and and and bandage unconventional way. Hiding a co workers possessions. Those rounded out those over the top reasons. Like car keys. Computer. Chair. City should go without saying that are seeking revenge in the workplace even a toxic office is a terrible idea. Well doing something that harms they are co worker. Might bring you some short term satisfaction it's petty. And in some cases. Like I want to name below. As some can even be criminal many of the methods used well actually no harm your career might might land you in big trouble. Yep they know who's doing a survey showed that only 36% of entry level workers have sought workplace revenge. While 45%. Of senior managers and 38% of general managers out. You think you'd be the exact opposite when you're living give you that stat again survey showed that only 36%. Of entry level workers. Have salt workplace revenge. 45%. Of senior managers and 38% of general managers have. And I would have thought it would have been a lower case guys that would have been do in this petty stuff then I've been known. And it makes sense when you're looking at revenge is a power play Apollo positions with more power. May have less fear of losing their job. And in addition. Higher level employees have more power to openly seek revenge against lower level workers because of their lofty positions. Managers can now mess with lower level workers. In ways that might be hard to spot like a boss could give out unpleasant work assignments. Or deny overtime. Or aside subordinates to unpleasant ships out of out of spider is a measure of workplace revenge. And I really thought revenge in those regards but I've known people out of work and radio stations where. They decided that they would like to have them quit. And that's exactly what they did they put amend. In air ships that are not conducive to below what they wanted to do today basically kind of said. Made it all our. If the person's working two jobs. As another job saying in the evening storied 9 o'clock in the evenings. Then a manager can move you to your shift that would add that would. It that would collide with those hours and that puts the work heard a predicament to either. Anybody ever been the the victim of a revenge of a co worker. 704571110. Anybody feel like testing up and talking about how they've ever. Would taking us somebody's lunch out of the refrigerator would that be without would that be revenge over the dispute hunger. And our US picky about stuff like that is I am I would do that because I wouldn't I don't wanna eat your food. I had no idea I'd you know I'd. Yeah. I thought he yourself which. And I'm being yourself or die readiness and which I didn't make myself. Or that I didn't you know that my wife didn't. That'd make. An advantage to guys at one point my wife wasn't my wife she was. Just to work or someplace where she's been my coworker. And Steelers sandwich now overdosed owners there which then. Well the beauty of a happy marriage. You can. You can steal each other cell which is extraordinary and North Carolina or wedding bells. To have a dog called. Savage. Having to hide bad indulge your sandwich you know attend their marquee just haven't print of small proven that sort of thing. Well there's I've survey out talks about worst best and worst entry level jobs to be a lot of college graduates that are coming out today in the next a couple of months. Best entry level jobs systems engineer. They had to think about this is that I don't know what have these jobs are. Injured here. Electrical engineer. Hardware engineer. I don't seek train engineer here anywhere I don't think that's about same thing is that I'm web applications. Developer. Entry level jobs the best L environmental health and safety engineer electronics engineer. Certified nursing assistant like a nursing home. Which there's gonna be a growing demand for that but. Well you going to be a special kind of person to be doing Mecca or. Industrial engineer number ten. Best entry level positions architect. Worst entry level jobs. I don't see the word engineer in here anywhere. The worst entry level jobs sheet metal mechanic because I would assume automation and machinery and refinery operator. Automotive mechanic. Why would that be. Are you always gonna need our auto mechanics some kind of are at least for the next. 2530 years. Even for the used up air craft paper. Does that mean they're not pinning him anymore they're basically put none. Building inspector tool and die maker these are the worst entry level jobs carpet under. Boiler makers general understand the carpet girl like I don't understand the automotive mechanic. Flores similar. You assemble those on the floor right. Welder. Are they your workplace stuff. I assume it's sold out I don't know for a. Act but standardized plays a video comedies on tonight so. You can do it and put on your Nehru jacket your bell bottoms and head on down there for the spells Stevens. The study an adult. I assume he's far doing the same bit. I'd go see him. Just just because very he's probably still funny his crutches probably justice. And politically correct to zero was or maybe even more so now. You are desperate now. But anyway Andrew Dice Clay is down at comedy zone at do you have an exchange music factory tonight. The other thing you ought to do is I go to get my perk start coming given to this website. This kind of sprung up on us but it's replaced the other check in from time to time the Wells Fargo tournament comes up on no. The thirtieth what is that a week from Monday. And so we're getting all geared up for the tournament and if you go to get my perks dot com. They got gear they are all this week. And a chance to play eight great golf courses. These five perks that are running this week Monday we did a dozen Bridgestone balls. 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Because an editorial generally or is written by the publication which in this day and age probably has. An ulterior motive. But an op Ed piece can come in from all of the angles and people are motivated to write op Ed pieces as opposed to being assigned to write op Ed pieces in the most part. Published in the quarterly journal of political science researchers found that op Ed pieces have a larger long lasting effects on people's views among both the general public and policy experts. And Andrew prior to pock. Assistant professor of a political science to Yale and this study's lead author says we found that op Ed pieces have a lasting effect on people's fears regardless of their political affiliation or there in two initial stance on an issue. People read an argument and they're persuaded by it it's that simple post quote. Researchers concluded opt has already cost effective way to sway people's views so. All beds they do change people's minds I am I'm sure they probably. Inflows mine on futures. Wednesday April the 25. 115. Days a year 2018 and we have 250. Days ago. On this day 2003 Southwest Airlines fired two pilots were inappropriate conduct. Under the story they removed all or most of their clothes mid flight in the cockpit of a Boeing 737. They claim they had spilled coffee on their clothes but the airline ruled that the U Franken god just a little too far Federal Aviation Administration said no rules look for good behavior that. Distracts crew members. There is actually no specific ban on flying naked. That it distracts the people in first class. Alpha chino 78 years old today. Chicago's O'Hare and midway airports will begin offering travelers unlimited free Wi-Fi that's kind of becoming the deal load airport throughout the country an Ohio woman was sentenced to eighteen months in prison. After she tried to pass or probation drug test using someone else's urine. Unfortunately. The year that she is tested positive for drugs. Eight. Driver the in the UK. Kept flipping off police are driving past to traffic camera. Need police eventually arrested him after they examined the photos and noticed that his car was equipped with an illegal radar Jammer. So it's okay you can flip off the cops you can flip off the cameras. But it is probably not a good idea to have illegal stuff up there on the dashboard when you do. And Amazon will now deliver packages to your car trunk then made a big deal about that too yesterday. You have to have a certain. Drive a car almost all GM vehicles. With an active on store count and all those within on call from a at 350 model here on work. Lil work you need do I download the Amazon key gap and lock your car. The car needs to be parked somewhere publicly accessible meaning like on the street or drive where a parking lot. Private garages and parking garages or no go by the way and a within the realm of your delivery address. And the apple allows for a careful tracking you verify your cars parked correctly get alerted to a four hour delivery window see exactly when your car was on walk to block. And get delivery confirmation. And as for what can be delivered anything that weighs less than fifty pounds. Is it bigger than 26 by 21 by sixteen and is so fulfilled by Amazon and is it worth more than thirteen hundred dollars. Which. No leaves a pretty wide open. CNN Mac MacFarlane explains. He's had what what he's had delivered is in an experience to convince Tim that the future is an urban deliveries he. Explains that porch pirates are such an issue in Washington DC neighborhoods. Now that he's been shipping packages to nearby relatives Billy picked up for him is that he. I had to borrow Volvo from Amazon to try out the service. It's Hyundai Elantra GT doesn't make final cut yet. You can bet if this because popular they'll find a way to make possible burglar then these areas these storefronts and stuff where there are. Allowing their retail locations to be Amazon dropped ball clubs Fox's so much brilliant. So anyway you can get you can dove back just delivered to your car now in night court start Terry Anderson died at the Nashville couple weeks ago. Medical examiner in welcome North Carolina lists influenza. Have a heart disease. As contributing to his death he died in his sleep last week he was six feet five years old. We're looking at a picture on channel three right now there's a water rescue underway on the south fork river in no Belmont. Trying to determine try to figure out where exactly this to us at the bridge. And use the bridge. I guess my question would be which bridge. But that looks like the bridges the seven before bridge going across. To a Belmont there's a huge debris field that is come down the river all Logsdon. And stuff and apparel there kayak or got caught up in all of that debris. And from what mark tells me the the end of the kayak is kind of sticking up out of all that debris and the kayak Hurd is. Not totally submerged in water is heads above water but everything else seems to be under water and we'll just have to wait CEO world that goes I can't tell if that's the bridge the world it's a no bridge they're going over the John now I think it's Armstrong rode in on base it would have to be Armstrong because it's the south fork river delta could top. Because based on the traffic map it's showing that there's traffic held up on that particular bridge right now now. And in the south fork river would be go down further Khatami as the rivers where I'm thinking and so would not be the bridge I thought it was. So anyway they got a water rescue going on men know what's being here and considered Belmont that would be down the road just a little ways though like underway towards what had billowed area. And but I still haven't seen in their pictures I can't. Can't pick out via a kayaker. There's a fire ladder truck that is kind of out over the top but it's not. Doesn't seem to be a long enough to be able to reach. Where they need to reach so Hiroki Verizon and elemental cause traffic problems as well and would that be will consider an Armstrong. Probably. So then we will see role that goes stood as the time goes on. You can see that Kyle Acker in this debris field that has caught up in the south fork river and a guy on an extension to and I assume that's understands or profile a pro ladder truck from afar department. Which extended a lot of lot further than what I've seen in we drugstore where open I and no harness down I thought. And now he's probably within what you figure eight feet of the guy. And trying to give him roper trying to lasso women don't want appointed to lead to add to what degree he is wedged GM. To all this debris. It or whether or not you can just lift him out of better whether or not he's almost locked into the sued debris I don't have any idea we'll see if we can eavesdrop on channel three. Throwing sort of excuse Carnahan felt I think I am I some put some rope around underneath both arms. At this point. And trying to fast that make sure it's tight. So we can I would presume the school we try to raise him up but as we've pointed out you don't know exactly what's underneath him as he moves what pinned up against him. There's something breaks loose could it could you know cause some other wounded. You know up piercing of some sort that you play another good there's metal wood you name it we. We just don't know it is in now water today and it's moving quickly and saw a delicate work here. Being done by first responders rescue crews who've been on this thing now for some time he's waigel a bit. They as you point out the breed it's it's encouraging he's moving he seems to be alert I was there talking. For the first responders they're above him that trained I was swift water rescue firefighter. I'm not sure exactly what department he's worth but. There are doing everything they can did to bring this person effective. Okay. We are here from our producer that our picture may have to break away here shortly because of sky for you have to well as it. Pastor from time to time it's the fuel to stay in the air so we are watching these seems very closely here though it felt water continues not to rush. And that has been happening for about the last at least ten minutes herself perhaps longer as the kayak and. Yeah you know these are briefly very of that (%expletive) on you because now I can see the kayak for the kayak Issac. Really some distance away from the guy and the debris field him so he's nowhere near the kayak. But he has caught up in Nusa giant debris field that obviously has collected over. The over the last couple of days because all the range is on the south fork river we understand it's up there by a catfish cove. And which would be to India south of us south Belmont and not Kramer an area. And on Armstrong for road. And and for those of you were familiar with that part of the south fork river there it is what appears to be an old. But impartial of an old bridge or so or something like that big old piece of concrete sticking out of the water. And that's why it looks like that not all that debris kind of got caught up on that keeps it going over. There's kind of like a mini falls are right there were there I would do would have been would do increases. Descend into the water if they if he went down there are so the fact is the debris fields not moving is kind of vote. Damaged in solo mobile try to keep prize on that channel channel three's just had to cut away. Because the chopper needs gas. So I assume they'll probably come back and do that in and then head on out there again and we'll try to monitor that situation and it as the afternoon goes on as we head into a rush hour. Some of you we'll be seeing panhandlers obviously when you're on your way home there's a town north and none of us is we Fayetteville. Who had the new law. That finds people who give money. To panhandlers. So alone offering up today don't net when we get into the next hour. Now some updates on the the guy who drove bill van down near the streets of Toronto. Apparently aiming for women the father of the White House so the Waffle House shooting would cut to a little bit of an update on film. Jeff Bay's those. Amazon were to talk about ams on a couple of seconds ago his do some renovations to the mansion. In doing that same you're doing renovations to your mansion as well larger market. Sure it's so much the same and other pretty much the same size 45 bathrooms is that Belichick got. Where you need 25 bathrooms or less you really have a severe problem. He. It's been revealed that the Amazon CEO Jeff pays us a renovation now plans for his mansion and no Washington DC. 25 bathrooms a planned suffer the renovation includes eleven bedrooms. Tony five bathrooms. Five living rooms to elevators 191 doors. Three kitchens. To libraries. That sounds like the kind of house that you would have if you just didn't really care for your family. I'm like whenever you Clinton is denied all make sure I'm gonna differ when. We're good bedroom you play here when Georgia into the house or you go play and occupied. To work out rooms and wondered gigantic ball room. A pervert that I believed. To dancing mark. 27000. Square feet it's the biggest home in Washington DC renovation and expansion will cost about twelve million dollars. Asian pilgrimage reservations can got a dental while Osama. That big help. Also throws a story earlier today actually happened yesterday. They outmanned stood off freeway overpass actually this happened last Thursday I guess. A man standing on a freeway overpass near Detroit is threatening to jump commit suicide. Thirteen tractor trailers lined up underneath. The bridge. To break his fall in other words they didn't give him very validating your part of to kill himself. The troopers closed on both directions of the interstate nine 696. And asked for the trappers truckers help hoping to protect the man in a case he fell Lori jump. It took about three hours to get the man down off the bridge in all thirteen trucks packed in tightly. Under the overpass to minimize the gaps between them bows bursting I thought of two. Under the roof of a truck rather than the fourteen feet to the estimate below and removing traffic and all that stuff that's pretty into the story. We've had people that are very threatened to jump off bridges tear gas and county and elsewhere during the show. Arm and some are rather they figured out way to get thirteen tractor trailers to bag figure go underneath the bridges. And and feet tied enough together so that if you fell. And be a five or six put deal instead of pretty interesting stuff. I will look give rise on what's going on with the debris field. The river up there in detail and you know Gaston County. And come back on the other side talk about Fayetteville who is now finding people who give money to panhandlers bring you up to date on a couple of the tragedies that took place this week the Waffle House shooting in the the Toronto. A ban them massacre sort of speak and marijuana in the news again today Sanjay group dot. And the amount of money they're pulling in on taxes and where those taxes are going in the states where it's legal. And is that hypocrisy just say hey kids don't do drugs but. We can build schools with the taxes from it. Yeah. I. And yeah. President channel nine no photo video on line now back and none of this rescue worker all know whether truckers like. Five feet away from. And he he's birdies. And the guy in the debris is so to his neck and no debris and I'm not so sure they can get a harness around him or get doing anything now. So other than him holding onto what appears to be kind of a thin rope there trying to figure out how to. How to do that there's a lot of rescue going on. It DSL fork river in now Belmont McKenna thank you Verizon now and so we'll have to rely on a news sources to bring us up to date on that one but does does have going on for sometime. I don't think if you're Armstrong and our roads for road. Oh over by catfish code question is were led to believe this were the says that should not cause necessarily significant. Traffic. Own problems but if that's your cut through. Then obviously that's gonna be a hassle a lot of people would use that from a Kramer general or from a Belmont to would do and take what Joyce lane and come up over there and my take that down not take it up to new hope for no better in through there are so where it is Oprah fairly popular cut through area. And no one that you probably want. We're taker right now until you finish this. The so water rescue that is going on. I was watching and I don't know what was going on there are under Wilkinson boulevard at about Ashley lane or the Wal-Mart is there is a kind of a trio. Of rotating homeless guys that. Stand out there are with a cardboard sign one guy's got a guitar he's he stands there and a median enough plays guitar and and there's a couple of others in they seem to be cattle like our regulars I don't know if you stock your territory your or stake your territory you know if you're. But. There was a TV camera and a microphone. In this guy's face that a today when I drove by they had taken him over to the other side of the street worthy of a school bus parking lot of news. And I'm gonna think at about a story that I just her red in about what's going on in Fayetteville. Kind of a controversial approach to. I thwarting. Panhandling which they say has become rampant down in Fayetteville the City Council down they're just passed an ordinance. Banning vehicle occupants from giving items to pedestrians on the side of the road. Some city leaders say that the law is less about panhandling and more about pedestrian safety and keeping out traffic moving along the busy streets but either way. Fayetteville police now have authority to issue civil. Citations. For violations. With a written warning on the first offense but 25 dollar fine on the second to violation and a hundred bucks for the third. This is if you're giving money to a pin and or not if your panhandling. The enforcement of the ordinance has not begun yet the city first intends to put up signs as part of a public education campaign. The ordinance so will not apply to up parking lots or private roads are news that places like that. This is an ordinance that was modeled after one that's been adopted dent in Charleston and that's been around for. As two or three years. And it was controversial when they brought him. That ordinance didn't start panhandling in the city instead the panhandlers began sitting or lying down on sidewalks along major tourist thoroughfares in the city. Charleston City Council responded to that development beckon April. With yet another ordinance that bans sitting or lying down on sidewalks along king and market streets in the heart of the commercial district. Between 8 AM and 2 AM. So lob. Panhandling for mediums is their rampant all over the place North Carolina Highway Patrol says interstate changes in interstate exchanges. Are the jurisdiction of the city. And it can't intercede. Highway Patrol. Down here on the ramp coming off of us 77 now on to morehead street were generally short ramp that's always been our. A popular place four of people the panhandle as well. Which is right. Within what a mile or less of they are rescue center. Currently. Charlotte only regards aggressive panhandling specifically wanted to involves people who were standing in line and ATM or outside of an uptown business. And you read articles all the. I'm about whether or not you're actually helping these people are not. On in most cases you're probably not. Your probably you know feeding have an or. Enhancing oh our lifestyle. That's not healthy as opposed to actually helping them. Now we hear people led the call here from time to time when we get on the subject to talk about two. The guys who say you know those signs as they won't work for food or something like that offer more very very rarely accepted. And then we've also a reds and stories and and then some interviews over the years with. I mean some of these guys are pulling out some pretty good money. 15200 bucks today. So I'm. It has got to be kind of a problem. There's. Does that bother you understand and we're here in the lane right next to the median strip and there's NORAD the widespread in your sitting there the guy walks right up alongside your car and you make Don can I contact you were no you don't. Or you give a money. Or food. And remember somebody here in the building on staff curious something and all like and some kind of food and her car. We're just that purpose not to have the money but to actually hand them. Sorry that's what's going on enough Fayetteville. In. And and that's uninteresting approach to find the people who were giving the money to the panhandlers rather than panhandlers who were asked. TV gets a hit and everybody. Like there's also reserved cooking shows on his desire of Milosevic and his guys period. And I yeah you can yard drive hard pressed to be as successful as he's been with so what he's done it. Even including the negative publicity of stuff then you got to chip and JoAnne games fixer upper down there in Waco. And they essentially have just retired from the air show because they're enterprises have gotten so big that they don't keep it needed or wanted to be longer. And I was reading today that and until they hear you get. I actually a couple of formulas were they got another good looking guy and another good looking girl and they are trying to you know and it's and I don't know sometimes it doesn't work and sometimes it doesn't work. Bob. All about dale hard and our junior. He's doing a home renovations series called renovation realities Dale Junior and Amy. Beyond me DIY network premiere date has been set the first episode will air on Saturday June the second at 9 PM. They must have already shot a good deal of this say if not all of a third are renovating a dilapidated 150 year old historic home in a Key West, Florida. Comment but she is do what. July I mean I don't remember. I'm just gonna go on from memory but I think she's she's due sometime soon. Renovation realities Dale Junior and Amy has a four part series focused on. What happens when the world of professional auto racing and home renovation intersect. His it says here earnhardt's affinity. For home improvement didn't come to life until after he retired from NASCAR. His wife. Is an accomplished entire interior designer. And they got Brad married on New Year's Eve 2016. And in fact he was during the building up his North Carolina home that Dale Junior met. His future wife Amy then an interior designer with an Atlanta based architectural firm according to the DIY network. So this will be a base say a limited series. And was it just pulls unbelievable ratings in which case. It'll be a limited series following. And the goal was to turn the home into a contemporary seaside retreat. And it shows all the obstacles that they face which is part of the deal including hurricane Irma who came through apparently when they were shooting to sing as well so. That's the next stab add to. And renovation show. Reality series tailored our junior and probably work out just fine she's she's gorgeous and and and needs you can't get much proper more popular NATO's. I watched him do something where he built a tree house. On his land I think it was up in Morrisville. He was on one show waited a visit there's a there's one of these shows where they do tree houses. There's a guy goes around and builds his elaborate tree houses and I mean and trails to me was like a plane that you could sit on and nothing else. But some of these things are you know winding staircases and really. In exotic and exorbitant. And Dale Junior had built a tree house out on his property and this guy had come biter check out what he'd done and also know the one that I saw that Dele built there was no simple task either. So apparently does have some on some skills. And then the wife is an interior designer and so why wouldn't they is as popular as he shows are why wouldn't they don't give that a stab him. And then he's part of the NBC broadcast him because we had Kyle Petty and her last week talking to us and nine he had said that Dell would get things kicked off on the NBC cited NASCAR. In no Chicago I think he said was their first place. And dale junior's part of that NBC team now that includes Kyle Petty you know and other so well. She role that goes all right I will love. You bring up to date on the Waffle House shooter. And some of the victims in a Toronto which were predominately women and one may be behind that attack. And then James shot junior was the guy who couldn't just stand by when the guy was a shoot out that the assault rocked for rifle at the Waffle House in Tennessee. So he's the one that pulled a rifle away from the guy. But he also has now started it. They go find to be. Campaign. For the families of the people who died and were injured. And I'll tell you about that as well because he's raised wave more than a 100000 dollars already that guy is gonna turn out to be he rose hero when this thing is also had done. How can I loved it to the news that took place or the by the way they did do rescued kayaker. That's been confirmed by a pretty much all of the TV stations. That good that we're covering it so they have gotten him out of that to water. Oh we're so Scott had written media and a said the dead zone that was at that spilled way. Which is between the south fork in Lake Wylie but they're very keep water in the river for the old a Mary's mill. I'm debris they say pretty much just stays there are so how this guy got to. Caught up in all that debris I have no idea but I would assume maybe something having been with the storms you saw in the debris fields as yellow kayak sticking out of one area and then some distance away from that he was caught up the debris of the profoundly. They finally got him out of their. Earlier this week of course we have via Waffle House shooting suspect. And the father is facing charges. National police are reiterating that it charges not only have been brought against the suspected shooter that lawful house but his father as well. And a solution based charges borrowed bird bureau of alcohol tobacco and firearms and explosives so special agent markets Watson. Said the dead Jeffrey rankings act of her returning vets the father. Begins to his son is potentially a violation of federal law. Rankings right to own guns was revoked by Illinois authorities after he was charged with unlawful entry at the White House last July. In fact the very gun but he had. In one of his earlier endeavors is a wanna use the other day at both the Waffle House the one that his father gave him back. Father returned against Jewish so I know once they were returned to a so he should be charged and I don't know what the charge would be accomplice to murder. I don't know if you can go that's stronger not. And then maybe you disagree dizzy bear any responsibility for us what is son dead. Now this side story to that is this James Shaw junior. Who said he just couldn't stand by one a man with a assault rifle began shooting people at this Tennessee Waffle House. Nor could he stand by and watch the families of the dead and the injured be saddled with financial burdens after the mass shooting so days after he's hailed as a hero. Does he rushes this gunman. And disarmed him. And saves. I assume countless lives. Instead it just resting on his merits. He starts to go fund B campaign. That has already raised and I just checked the number of 148241. Dollars. For the families of the dead and the injured. He is that I heroism was recognized on Tuesday by the Tennessee state legislature which presented him what they are resolution their reads in part. If they hero is a person noted for courageous acts or nobility of character than James Sharp junior is a hero twice over. Four he has demonstrated both his courage and character in a manner fuel. Could ever attempt to emulate. And now on top of all of that the icing on the cake is go fund may campaign has almost a 150000. Dollars to help the people who go to the families of the dead and injured. That's of that's that's a pretty cool thing going on there. Tom. Also the update that we got on the of fan attack in Toronto. And the victims were predominately women. And some of the online posts by the suspect in the van attacks suggesting he may have presented women when Nomar garrison came in here yesterday he was talking about the guy. Apparently. Had Derek. There are problems establishing relationships. With the women. So the suspect in the deadly man attack in Toronto ahead post today AF FaceBook message just moments before he plugged and abandoned did this so crowded sidewalk and raised the possibility that he may have. Nursed grudges against women. Possible echo of the 1989 massacre of fourteen women there remains one of Canada's most dramatic acts of violence. The 125 year old van driver was charged Tuesday with their first degree murder in the deaths of ten pedestrian city mowed down note and rented van. And I got a story here that talks about vehicle attacks are the latest threats worrying authorities. Now I'm not trying to be. A Smart Alec here. But. Why is it. When somebody goes in and guns down a bunch of people it's the gun's fault. But when somebody drives a vehicle and shares down debt kills down a whole bunch of people. It's the individual salt. I don't quite understand the reasoning. I'm pretty busy day in the newsroom I imagine there may could be foam coming out of Mark Garrison felt today as well we had the river rescue of their own self forward in the Belmont area. And then I is is still ongoing got a story this stand off for other guys they got any Charlotte Jimmie kind of particular. And yet it's east over psychological building it says cycles results of a wind overdrive on look troll but a swat team has surrounded it they got the employees outs. We don't know if a guy has a gun at reporter it was reported that he may we've got Joseph Gillespie on the ground there in there we're gonna live to him at 605 and get the way to start that yeah. Update on that update on the the guy who has been rescued dough from the river so I don't know mark has some effects on not that I don't have. You're gonna do a special dirty restaurant just segmented six Tony people like that. Yes and Charles will be and whether restaurant dead then he tells me he's not real crazy ballot find alternatives to your putts kind of unusual for him peace likes everything you eat normally and Wednesday. Isn't this Charlotte 696. Assets six yes it's 635. And will introduce you to a Charlotte paint her she lost her memory. But gained an amazing skill in the process it's a it's a fascinating story and sometime during the broadcast between 6 and 7 o'clock. Would have please bear with him a few breaks into tears mark will start to realize that he hasn't our show tomorrow night. At that he probably ought to go home and eat dinner with his family and not hang out on me paver patio on the back end strategy here and just. It's just a hell that no one should ever have to face that's right because OK he's going to do the show tomorrow night with who are big frank Garcia right RC are gonna do it. They had two hour special leading up to the NFL draft and you've got to have some expertise there he got an Garcia a former player and Jim's okay who. Is the only one that I know all of that is been instrumental in every panther games since their inception cannot think he has missed a game not even for illness since the team arrived here right now and you're right and I the I don't know of anybody else sickened they get they can say that so he also got a record there's so that's some inside stuff for your Carolina Panthers on your care by Carolina bands are stationed. News talk element in 993 WT Markel singer if you aren't Alter egos. As a judge about the story. That. It was written on ABC this morning. In regards to the Toronto van attack. Vehicle attacks are increasing in popularity. As a method used to do you know to kill people a group by mass killers and terrorists. The recent attack occurred in no Toronto on Tuesday afternoon guy rents are Ryder van goes out and most down and be able mows down more than ten people killed ten. Law enforcement Sais that vehicle attacks are becoming the preferred method of assault. You get a weapon it's easy to acquire. You good ol' place were a lot of people are congregating. And and that's the recipe says Jon Cohen ABC news contributor former counterterrorism. Coordinator at the Department of Homeland Security who said quote. That's the recipe is being used by people who are conducting attacks on behalf of terrorist cause. And that's the same recipe is being used by individuals because of some perceived grievance that they decided that they wanna go. A commit mass murder. And that's the that's the the challenge facing law enforcement. Since 20s16. More than four team in such incidents. Have killed more than 100 people. And injured more than 500 around the world. Mohammed. Ten Harare a czar is the guy who drove a car. Into an area of students in 2006. In our backyard University of North Carolina Chapel Hill injured nine. Sentenced to 33 years in prison. Basis and other terrorist groups are repeatedly called on these types of attacks in 2010 and nicest propaganda magazine touted trucks as they mowing machine. To attack westerners in four years later an ice is spokesperson suggested that followers could. Run him over with your car. Since the UNC Chapel Hill incident there have been sharp uptick in attacks. A couple of years ago needs France 84 people including numerous children. Died after a terrorist cloudy and Dutch truck with explosives into a large crowd during the steeled you remember that. That same year Ohio State University one person died thirteen were injured after a man rammed his car into a university courtyard. He then got out of the car with a butcher knife and started attacking bystanders. In 27 team 27 year old Ohio man James sealed junior. Drove his car into a crowd of people protesting. Obama. Via united. Unites the right rally and no Charlottesville Virginia. Killed one woman injured more than 35 others. A few months later in New York City the FBI charged a 29 year old man from Uzbekistan. With providing material support for a terrorist organization after he allegedly killed eight people by ramming a rented truck into AS city bike out. They since have put barriers up in a lot of areas of New York City to keep people from being able to get cars on the sidewalks and by 2000 places like back. So federal state and local Homeland Security officials have been warning of a vehicle attacks for years. And they happened sporadically and you don't really add up the death told though when you see it right there in front of you. When it shows. You bet more than a hundred people. Have a bit new mowed down since Tony sixteen. Fourteen such incidents have killed more than a hundred people and injured more than 500 around the world. Vehicles being used as a weapon. And again I'm not try to be a Smart Alec but I think you've got to bring up this subject every time somebody uses a gun to kill multiple people. We seem to have a mentality at least partially in this country to blame the gun. But every time a van or truck. Goes on a sidewalk or mows down. Equally. A short amount of people ten dead in Toronto. We blame the driver. And it's just it's it's the perpetrate or it's not. They've that the method it's not have weapon that he decides to use to kill. It's the individual who's killing. As it does set the way actually. Back tomorrow at 3 o'clock. Looking forward to the NFL draft tomorrow the special from 6 to say 8 o'clock or with the Garcia and and so you want to set the table for a what I think is one of the great news and sports. Although I wish they still moved into wish they still don't develop Saturday and Sundays to look good enough that. In the front of the TV 10 o'clock in the morning and no watches knows there's like the old New Year's Day is back in the days when you get up and start watch and bowl games and by the time the the last bowl game which is why I like the Orange Bowl. What happened late at night man your eyes were just popping out of your head and you felt like garbage you knew he'd wait too much crap and it was the same with the NFL draft but stuff. All be excited to watch it tomorrow and get on the Friday and then all of probably let myself on what we know who we get on enough for Saturday and Sunday but the NFL draft tomorrow. And the specials from 6 to 8 o'clock. Mark Garrison was Charlotte the six is coming up next and I'll see you tomorrow at 3 o'clock start here on this very same radio station John anchor Charles post below that and we are out here.