Chris and Vince Coakley on Being Related to Law Enforcement


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Retired police officer and I'm getting curious sheer. What was that like growing up. Knowing the danger you're you're dead walks into every single day more my father it's career law enforcement he retired about fifteen years ago as an assistant chief with the Charlotte Mecklenburg. And you hear lots of stories. As a son of law enforcement. But he told us on more than one occasion. The most frightening. Call they can give it boost domestic disturbance. But 'cause of the unpredictability. The level of emotion. And you have no idea. What's waiting for you when you knock on the door. And if you're home and calling the police because of how bad things are in your house right now. That may very well be the most emotionally distraught. When you've been in your life to that point. And this sounds like the situation with the the two officers we just lost. It sounds like a situation where emotions are high they couldn't have possibly known exactly. The situation. Until they asked someone. And that opportunity never roads because of how high the emotions and or. And that the level to which the person involved. Had given up on reason. It escalated far beyond. Any ability to issue said there was never never place for any conversation none. Yes it's so disappointing. It's it's so depressing to think that they could abused their skills. Two DN escalate the situation. Given the chance. Race these were experienced officers knew they could of helped these people and that's what they gift for showing up. We talked last week. About the out person with a knife they theorized it was suicide by cop and I wondered aloud if nine shots were two man. As song of a law enforcement officer I'll tell you this. How would rather my dad emptied his clip re load and it did again. Rather than not come home I hear you man. And here you bless the famine god bless the families it's. I kind of can imagine. What they're going through because I blade awake at night imagining the same thing myself that became a reality for them. My heart couldn't go out to them more than it does bless their hearts I hope the community rallies around these people. But 'cause their fathers. And husbands and Brothers. Blade they went in the most noble way you can trying to help strangers. And the thanks they get is they don't get to live the rest of their lives out naturally blessed the hearts of those left alive. And thank goodness. The work. The people willing to take this chance on our behalf it's the only thing that separates. Our society from chaos. Are the people willing to take this chance and I couldn't be more grateful for the. I assure that with you man I absolutely share that with you. Then I appreciate where you've shared your because this is exactly. I think he can express is the heart of so many in this audience right now. The just the sentiment shared recognizing. I mean these these these folks are doing this every single day and they're taking this risk. And it's for the most part we don't even notice it goes on. Unless there's some sort of incidents like this that draws attention. These folks are walking into danger every single day and the expectation is clear that they will continue to do that. And as that's item that I read before the break communicates. Its. Something they're not necessarily compensated well for. Yeah and there is justified is the outrage in this. Surrounding this it's sledding and outraged take the wheel that led to this situation. We have to. Figure out of sober mind devoid of emotion how to make good jobs safe for further down we could say hey look shoot first ask questions later because that's what they're gonna do. But then we have even more dead bodies if there's a way to make. The jobs safe for for law enforcement. I am all for that may be that's a venue that has been exploited too its potential. Have tried I definitely hear ya that's I think a good place to start would be to. Can't stop the hostile communication about police officers absolutely I can certainly testified to what I've seen the past few years. I've never seen this level. A hostility. Openly communicated about police. And it's it's really reprehensible. Wolf the second the door opens the bullets are going to fly what demeanor do you expect the person on the other side the head of and not that that's always their demeanor but how would be as defensive as possible. How would be as careful as I could I would err on the side of caution noise in my life was on the line and we need to understand that the public needs to understand. How dangerous and unpredictable. This job is. And cut the guy some slack. Tell me you appreciate what they do and act reasonably yourself. Don't Wear your bravado on your sleeve when you see a police officer understand. That they take that chance every day. And that they don't know how dangerous you more give them a little less to worry about because they deserve it they deserve our cooperation. Do you see 1110993. WET.