The Chris Ferrell Show, Hour 1, Sunday, August 12th, 2018


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The increase payrolls you know. Why should we. Why the stars. Dynamic. Yeah I've kind of gotten past the point. Where are really worry about. What to say. Why I'm glad I don't get nervous before shows. I just look forward to the chance talked. Paris it's been that way for me since before our god showed businesses. For years because this is just my kitchen. There's my house. Then there's this chair in the studio. Nurses or spend the second most time. And just live baby might as well beyond maazel will be. Reading a book on Monday. No wisecracks about how that would be more interest. When incredibly. Crazy. Couple days. Mission to the song. I. Listen Amanda robe. Is it. Along go to the song. Goodness gracious what they can do is. Six. Signs are. 3210. Liftoff of the mighty delta four heavy rocket with the NASA's Parker solar probe. A daring mission to shed light on the mysteries of our closest are now why is. They started blasting off. A good four or five seconds. Before. Listen this again wasn't wasn't. Ignition compared to the countdown. Six. Signs yeah. Five site to. 10. Liftoff of the mighty delta four heavy rocket with the NASA's Parker solar probe and daring mission to shed light on the mysteries of our closest star. They clearly were not deferring to that guy. Clinton is loosened my heirs and not know by just had to switch. Thank you worked for whoever was shooting the video. But that is just just Stark County when you think it's getting close Flickr. I thank goodness gracious. OK when I say well I say lift off. Real lift off okay. Wesley lift off an excellent five yeah. I'm ready to. One a. I'm not sure you worked for NASA. I guess it would have been on reflection pool. To speed up. The last five seconds when you see there are. There are really well. Lift all there are there good. Half mile into the sky. Chris are also exploited on Sunday morning. I don't think anybody's and the probe. Who I'm not sure. There's gonna ever be. A person on the sun. Now live in person. Well now I didn't think we'd ever. Nose a kilo thought. There or television channels long. Mission to Osama shot off at 3:30 in the morning. Now Cape Canaveral out inherited bill. But. Real estate and Florida's expense. Cannot think you got a lot of people would go to bed early. 331 AL. I can't shoot your firecrackers Altman. Let PL. It will do they have meted. Then it pick any PM you'll want. 3:31 I am alone. Well conditions have to be right some. Well I'm telling you they're not. I'll be slippery and. So when mom. So our our. We're we're we're sending someone to the sun. Look at Walden voted there are sure did it. Let time take care of it. We will be. The first nation. To conquer the sun. Make America bright again. There's a flash earned freedom park. You have Alabi. Now it's not Bonnie because. Reason I know the s's. There's like there's a kid told. The suspect was running at the park. Win. The day. Displayed. At the park. So they were running. Win they did it. No nerve. There are video cameras everywhere now. I don't need to see this. Police sketch of rather face will be playing. Happened at 5:30 PMI is saying. GAO's release consider and have to do a reasonable hour. Plus Islamic inning or news. Royals are running symmetry to. And Paula the the number that's. But I haven't caught this gad and want to call crime stoppers. Murder more peace. You know I usually. Talk. To criminals on the Iran. We have someone's on the run I figure there reliant as Loews lake and monitoring the news. Hoping not to hear their name. That's. I I talk to those people because there's a good chance. That we're the way they're monitoring the news is probably not sitting still. And from a television and that's not going to give them. Live and local news. All the time anyway. We're just probably all their interest it and until they're reasonably sure they've gotten away well. Or until they hear their name and have a decision about. I usually talk to those votes. I tell them you can't take back which did. But you can. Handle it properly. From here into the right thing from this point. And you will be helping yourself if you do that. I tried to appeal to their. Sensible reason. And convince them. Bet there if they handle it right from here. The authorities. Will work with them. To see that that benefits them and somewhat. I don't know of anybody ever turn themselves in the pros. I said so. That's a reach. Other one does one today. Are both bought. Of having me say your name. 6 o'clock on Sunday more and and that's enough to keep you from doing. That bad thing. It served a purpose. Usually talk to these. But the freedom park flasher. Worse she got to keep a radio. Herb Pope birdie. Bernie even Australia. Well you know who say that have earbuds amber is still got. Well. I don't know. Com crime stoppers uniform. Anyone. Does something similar. In your area. My during the night. In the South America. August North Carolina. You are still over 42 days. Total fall. But seems like a lot. It's August 12. So for Judah is the phone. Christmas is just like three or four days outside of fall. In fact I think if Christmas were a week earlier. There would technically be an autumn holiday. Now that's hilarious because it's all. North Pole pray for like Christmas. Jing Jing in jingle plane. On your sleigh. Which you don't do. Across the green grass. It's really just a celebration of the stark one enter. And I'm sure. My mind has subliminally. Turned to that for copper. Because coming nine DN muggy again. Nine in muggy. But I am surprised the freedom park flasher didn't. Wait until later Justin Jones. To sort of be cool or. Now realize. Darkness my defeat the purpose. Whatever that is. I I'm not gonna say I understand but. There's there's a process you follow. What just about any crime that. Soledad you know they rob a bank to get money. They they. They hit someone because they want to hurt them. I don't know what. Flashing. Accomplishes. Story came. Even even streaking. Makes Morse and that says it was running while you did it. Cedar street and it's amazing. The war words will do. And exposed also all of this oh streaking through the park one day. About filed Thursday. Well hold dear. But if you're listening. Now. But if you happened to be listening Asian nation turn yourself. Put some pants on. Qatar yourself. This gross Terrell show on W reach is a strug 618. Pay down. And so we're getting closer to the point where others say. Equinox. With the equinox flavor to the day. Where and you know 630. College like 6:30 where you're talking. Morning or evening. We're getting closer to a although our temperatures. Are whether there's moisture in the air and hopefully will. We're real self as rain later. It is telling us. Yeah. There are still afforded due date is summer. So let's. Take a sunny disposition and to them showing. Screw Searle a WB today where is the time go what do you folks. I'm so glad I get the second hour on Sunday at 619 WDT. Pressure on Sunday. Had WB here in Charlotte, North Carolina were. We bring you latest on our mission to the sun. I have the feeling. It's really done mission. I'm a closure to the song. I'm not sure can be planting a flag. On this one. Yeah. Number it's not so much missions of this. Mission closer to this. And we've ever then them. More pounds for every. This eighteen. The sun. Might be a little. Disingenuous. The surface temperature of this long. Bloggers there. Any man made material goods. What stands so. I don't blame. The plan is to colonize. Although if Phil were we've done has starred. Ninety. Quarter to one looked up to. 10. Lift off we have the Marlins narrower heavy rocket with the NASA's Parker solar probe and daring mission to shed light on the mysteries of our closest star. Shed light on the song. Similar to worst a money. But the guy even through an zero. Was she watching the launch. Now I understand. There are afraid and don't wait for you can't. Really control that. But come on man the other. We're clearly not listening to you. So they can give you know you are you doing to zero it's really another six seconds of detachment. So what. Launcher you're watching. You're supposed you're supposed to call the mission to the sun right. There are other launches are there. They did the job is count down to. I think it just opened up. That's all I'm asking those. But ground and broadcasting. Because. You know the story hours or weeks still surely Rafa. Find me a break as I get older Mary Agnes. But come on the countdown. May away. Good luck. To the Parker space probe. I don't know who Parker is or why they would name a probe after him. But I heard. Is gone off. Well we're not going back to the moon. We're going to the sun. The us. In line of space force. I told you it's been a dynamic. News and real. My goodness it's. It's been a cosmic Newsweek. Well the first and human being on the sun where. We're gonna put missiles on Mars. In case. You're just talks and they. Smack. We will not just conquering the sun. We will conquer. The other seven plants. We've already got to go Kart on Mars then. Don't trials. New look and looked up at the stall Orangemen. But down to earth. No I'm not doing the story. Now Seattle Wal-Mart and there are now. Balance got a splash of sadness too but what a story. We'll talk about that met this morning in the morning nine year old gentleman. Who stole plane. And crashed at. And he should girl get push off that bridge. Sixteen year old. Nova. Very old story. Not that important she's got you know she's going to be okay. And that's what's important. But we don't report the planes that land safely. Make that abundantly clear later in the show. The sixteen year old girl who was I believe she was diving I believe million. That was to eventually jump off the bridge. But she was pushed all. Buyer for around. Some friend. Imagine have a friend at the bottom. But she has got to be okay. What Cobb mind about this story from believers Thursday. Was that networks call it up prank. Or dangerous or. Well thanks. Sixty year old Jordan homers in his nursing punctured lungs and four broken ribs in Washington State hospital Ohio someone pushed her off this bridge. You'll hear the crowd counting down brain on Wednesday. Saying you know this team hesitate. And I was like taking to the wolves are getting ear but does it operate. And then she wished she ball screening almost ruled beat. You can hear her hit the water I can't let it state it's a bit higher. Earlier this fall. Being an at and eat it TE that was a beauty it's. Helped me at rock. Some framework for national. About five seconds earlier there ticks. Signs are all songs around thank you very much and why it's there okay. Wow what Bryant. Punctured lungs broken ribs. That's a Mariah until they want. A sudden the report. Someone. Pushed her off this purge. So I'm thinking juvenile. Literally and figure who could not the most grown up elm bolts. And the following. Oh dear. Sure we'll button on our bridges. I used bridges. You think I'll want crazy woman up there. Our son off those very determined that the friend that pushed her was. There's a female. Islam one was some lady. I'll it's cute men. All breeze so hard on because her kids. And at least they were doing more than staring into their phones I'm happy for any kid there. Goes outside the Tuesday. Now. You don't have to jump off a sixty foot bridge. To have something to do outside. But this nice to see kids still getting out. Sixteen year old. Victim of the park. Is going to be all right. Thank goodness. Thank goodness Kazaa. Seriously doubt. People are sure. What I wanted to. Well with. Bloom your result. Michael Ryan hall's does it ended about whose walls are good. We got real loose standards are what constitutes ranks these days. So Bear Bryant stir. Bonuses or golden age. Let him know. That people doing things like. Putting suitcases on sidewalks pushing a button and running away. Let's brag. I saw someone. Internet prankster. Catch a spinning kick to the head. From. From a work bystander. The father crime has just been committed. And just before it closed down. The British the guy. Someone comes running up its. Spring Hill OK guys think in part Hanoi Vietnam America is I'm just didn't suit. Chris Earl on Sunday more than two or viciousness apple picker what he acts this Sunday come on don't care that. Don't carry that lighten anger and through sunrise with. Beautiful Sunday morning moon's south it is going to be. Another nice today. La if you don't mind. Or warrant for a little humidity. There were not gala that smaller there. MI Rangel later I would consider that to be a good thing. Some other good things that you join me as more means a world. Miss world who Chris Villarrial grocer will show on W BT and Charlotte, North Carolina. In the United States of America. I'm very glad your here. Will be here until 8 o'clock. And that's an hour and eleven minutes from right now because it's 649. A radio dot com station and. Missed the hot. I'm group. It is August 12. Climate change. Already. We live way out there and move. They're the Sunday morning. Boy is that ever. Sun today. Good day where you finally harnessed the power of this well. We will conquer the sun. After we do that. The missiles on Mars shall mean. America. Pretty much run easily observable universe. Well how much good that's gonna do us. Tallest building in in the death stars. Oh wanna weaponized space. Vice source Columbia branch of the military and I'm understand that you talking about a budget where there. Also under anything but military would be unprecedented. I hope the spirit of it isn't it's. Gain advantage. And be able to destroy our enemies. From space. Eight. I just don't want anybody pushing that agenda. Now I understand. That at somebody. Leads us to space. So far is. So far has put me out on a military basins in space moralist. You know for a militarized space. When the purpose of that to be to use. Satellites. And stations would. It float them over adversaries. So that we can. Kill anybody from the sky. At any given time. Bridge the military and I know all that NASA take this and Elon Musk Roy Elon Musk may be due the he sent out cargo space. I don't know where to put. ICBM. Does but. If you're coming from space sets like beyond. Intercontinental. Just CB ams. Cosmic ballistic missiles. Well you'll have long enough. You'll sailors decision. This cursor arrow on WB too its 615. It's not serving yet I'm a deal like the merchants. This not ten dollars is 999. Sector. Those are what people think of our intelligence there. Gobbled perennial fool. Just how many ninety nines are we talking about here. There's at 99999. Well at least it's not ten grand is judges act. I couldn't I don't think Goteborg muscle to spend the I have to thank you for spending your time when me Chris Charlotte WB to me and we're going to do this for another hour. Long Sunday morning. It is approaching. Deb Tobin and 7 o'clock.