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The Chris Farrell you know. I'm good enough to. It's pretty much all you. August night. That's not scared more. Morning eight. Born in the year 2000. Register Wasilla. Still have to do out. Zoo was thirty years ago. Why do. So no of the processes change. As Albert Hall assumption and lose the school helped out worth I guess I think we basically signed up for the draft. School. Prize. Yeah our Murillo concerned about that because things have always been noisy in the Middle East room. Knowing your kid you know they say. Teenagers they got to go live forever man they think their and the struggle. Know that they don't Bogut is how low as one. And they've crossed my mind all the time I didn't wanna get. Shipped off somewhere. Fired for cause of that not understand than. Get short changed fifty years in my life. Life expectancy was only about seventy back. Then. Then they cured polio. Chris Euro the onus on them more news 606. Neighbors ever call cops on your. Mine have it's been there was a big gap. Used to ballad talk to the cops. Law enforcement follow. Up isn't anything derogatory. They were law enforcement. A couple of times the year. Regarding noise ordinance it's. They would stop by to remind me. No one exists. No he had. I remember now. And that's about it I mean. They would they wish their calls could all their calls can be. That peaceful. Arian someone calls the cops because they're hearing too much not always. Ironically that's going to be. One of the more peaceful calls. By the officer answers that night. If you're dealing with live music. Are alive in the always. No you know. You'll go from lawyers to music and they've been making referral law. Come up on a band police officer pulls. Are this must redeploy is currently in Nancy who won the shaken. They get down so there well. Knock her off by Gascon is somebody is compliant and if you're cooperative. They won't give your hard to Alba. Love multi you about that instrument they play. And reference that it is indeed. Hard to find a place. To make noise. I furloughs or enjoy making noises. Mr. and so are among the well as we didn't. We didn't seem any females pastor wrote the known. When straps or stick saying. Well they always show love when we were done rehearsing. But the consul gave me a break they know what it's like that have to look for a place to rehearsal there or young ones to. And never want everybody's head that everybody's. Drowned two of rock and now Furl. Even though police. Officer responding and through the noise complaint. But if you just some jerk who won't turn to stereo down. More than noises. His people shouting at each other. Oh my goodness soon. And Foleo was then brandy thing. Well Leo do you use. Asserting our words are disappearing. OM GLO well. We're didn't live or words as fast as we can largest and the way. But it. Do use Leo yet. Law enforcement officer. This also all line and so's. Considered maybe a little more respectful and talk. Although not. Just refers to. The original. Copper badges. Certainly local constable swimwear. But Koppel is the guy and the copper badge. Copper is. A semi precious metal. And so just not ever buy it was a walker the morale was supplement you can do you know. Make one pennies out of Colin the cops on your neighbors. It is a pretty rough stuff. Pretty rough stuff. LX are searching Mann of port cells in the middle of the night was the where his family was probably home a spray rough stuff that's rough stuff. Noah also your. Levin nice neighborhood. I'm bigger now that your neighbor in the nice neighborhood. Deal on methamphetamine. Well first heard this play above all was about the audience root for the show but. Turns out some buys us all that junk alma. All of the world to do area and that and that makes the news. Tragic. Story flags of social. Now you'll have to make much more much noise and not nice neighbor reduce some attention. Meth lab work met lab on. Have I mean. Poll that meth lab. Yeah other neighbors. Saw. Various vehicles. Always and I bet there was a cornucopia. All makes and models. It was not just pulled people doing math. Now I feel like I have a heroin forever Thomas lived with us whisper now. You probably saw some eyes scars and they've probably saw some young people make a big deal lather car. You know I am. Barca. 30000. Dollar car in front of 121000 dollar home. Well outside their private basement entrance. Now Oregon apartment downstairs. That month. Memo afloat explosives. It's just the easy and I he'll live in the basement c'mon. But. These neighbors are vigilant there looking out for one another. And they're sharing. I united front. This neighbor summed it up. For all the neighbors. Legged dude that book is there world one voice. I read about it it's an upscale neighborhood so when I know what neighborhood in that I found notice my neighborhood all the people driving in and out of the neighborhood and it's nice that the neighbors keeping track of that and showed that you know they're watching and protecting our other neighbors he's just really can't stop people from moving in an idea what their situation is self. Mean he got caught and hopefully he gave them away for awhile. Listen Rock Hill by the way. Kevin dale dry. Particularly. Rock hills a bigger plays down. New in the united doesn't seem like much. Next to Charlotte but. You wouldn't want a walk across at. Not for the people are for analysts as long war. 321. By Kevin they'll love. Half of a mile from new York road school. So. Theoretically. A kid kid. Pick up the news. Methamphetamine. Or Ecstasy. Avoid sniper round. A 135. Doses. 54 ounces of so gam ma hi Pedro boxer boo. Urich ask Sid and I'm thinking that's passes and all mellow. It's G-8 should be. Then let the stuff that not sure date out when you put the when you when you slip at their drawing. I mean if you want of bogey were you on your own brain. There's lots of bugs and that was that was say has entirely your business. We got a budget. GH real life and around. I'm 54 ounces. Yeah that would. That would mellow low post blog and detail that. Can't imagine that. I mean. I can't imagine 54 else's as a lot. Doesn't mean colleges she had to stake out and in. So they try to get it close to Joey chestnut that's. There were zero mind eating those for browns have been. And then CN. I have real well man. Good for them. Good for folks in Rock Hill. Cuba the dirty stuff away from the school. Listening to me in Charlotte. Let's ram. The first day of school. Public school. As. The two when he showed up. We know little more time than you thought you did Diana. I thought it was soon or I'm. Like do probably. Am busy year. During the school year I simply more driving to do more places to be. Endless summer of he takes off Meyer NG but that's okay because I don't have as many places to get. What about the time it cools office about the samba. Itinerary fills up again. But we here in Charlotte Mecklenburg have until. August morning seven. To return. Our children. Two other teachers. Asa one to college. Earlier this week. But I want folks. Even though it's raw. It can be really rough. Always stood Tom away. As they don't stay so us. This Cris Merrill sub in my shows marring his two hours I give a woo woo. I will be with you until 8 o'clock. And that gives us some time to go over listen back has only six night king cam yeah. I'm radio dot com stayed there. A smooth. August 19. Wanted to. It rained yesterday. Person before them sound in my voice cuts. I loved it. Our place is pit. During the perfect time of day on that just steamy day here's a word you want. The humidity turning and terrain. Right at the park. Where. The suns not gonna come out. After. Bay get all the make it incidental going into night time. But it cooled off for a few minutes. An hour before sundown. No it was the kind of cloud coverage. And kind of brain. That are assured that. So on now. And that. Can happen. Rule. Going into. Nighttime. And that's the formula. For a perfect. Sleeping and one other. And why you saw I saw the rain through the one and Norton stood my garage. And just felt the temperature lower. Just fell to draw. Just stood there. Some have bigger area. There is another line. Just knowing. That for the first. Night know why all. And our area and hasn't been that different for the whole region. The paid months and then. And didn't fry. My day is summer. But this was. The first. Night of memorable league good. Sleeping more there. I've experienced in what it feels like a couple months. And just the sounds. You almost want. Step out into it and then you realize you have to because you left your. Car window rolled down. That's okay. Because the weather hasn't felt this nice. And log in. That's not gonna bother me. This Cris Merrill. On an August morning in North Carolina. It's 621 AEA. I am. 93 WPT. Chris or launch on the moon. Marley and the Mets. Based civil Cold War. The I'm not crazy about us against them love us against us. Seen some natural. Matt Harris and Matthews down. ABC. Talk about it. He argument from the president's supporters is why she's gonna like John Brennan had a security clearance he has. We've come pretty political since he left office he's essentially accuse the president of treason. Is that it's not like the administration's gonna call this guy up and ask him for his advice what you say about about all of this. Well first a huge part of this is the current administration's whoever that might be Democrat or Republican. Depends upon people with years and years of experience it's not as if they go out and seek to have these briefings. They give briefings because people want their experience what might happen on national security issues. The other thing if this wasn't a political decision by the president. Why did he not revoke the security clearance a general Flynn. And John Bolton both of whom are incredibly political all of us obviously John Brennan has had a lot to say and he's been very critical of the president. But he is the president has not made this decision in a bipartisan make it it's all people only critical of him and nobody is political on his behalf. Yeah Michael Flynn just for those who don't remember the former national security advisor John John Bolton the current national security advisor full let's switch to go to another major story. Out of trump world in the world of politics generally the ongoing trial Paul metaphor who ran Trump's campaign for many months he's accused of bank can tax Fridays on trial right now. The jury is deliberating and in the midst of all this the president is weighing in a rather extraordinary way but did you take a listen to what he's said on Friday. What you look at what's going on I think it's a very sad day for our doctor. He worked for me for a very good very good time but you know what they have been. Also. Initial critics are saying that the president may be trying to send a message either to the jurors who are not sequestered in this case for a man for himself what's your take. Well I don't attribute a lot of Korean strategy did the president on this I don't think he thinks sit there in the Oval Office I'm gonna do this and airports can affect the jury and therefore might. Since some way help man afford it often all of this I don't think he's thinking about this I think the president viscerally responds. He's upset about it and I think he's just doing that that's on one hand his intention. The problem is it's not circumspect to do this in the middle of a trial I can't think of another president in modern times who has spoken out publicly Wallace trials going on with somebody that work for them. And seeing what he thought of that person in the midst of this so. On one hand I don't attribute some grand strategy but on the other think it's certainly not circumspect and I'm on the back. His lawyers if they could tell him not to do it would tell him not to do it but it's one of those things the president really shouldn't be weighing in on these. So many things to talk about. It's easy to get them. Views for each other. We may hear names from different scandals. It's. Willow. Know what did stormy Daniels had to say deer in the manifold which a couple of well. Steve bang he's the. So many different so paupers. We didn't get a reality star. We got a reality network. Wow. Pass Bob mule our efforts. Crowded. And trump world. The latest twist than. The tangled web. Downing report from the New York Times revealing White House counsel dom again. Has cooperated extensively with the special counsel's investigation and president trump tweeting it. He quote a loud White House counsel dom again and all other requested members of the White House staff to fully cooperate with the special counsel. Began reportedly shared quote. ABC news has confirmed again has met with Mueller seemed at least three times and it's been questioned for more hours than any other member of the White House staff was gone in for an interview. In those interviews according the times began described quote the president's fury towards the Russian investigation. And the ways in which he urged mr. McGann to respond to it. I thought you had shot her I should hoax it's a witch hunt hopes again also reportedly gave investigators quote clear view of the president's most intimate moments with his lawyer including the firing of former FBI director calm me and what he says with the president's obsession with putting a loyalist. Antarctica Russell Crowe his. The Mueller has a lot of conflict also directly yourself that you know that mr. Mahler is highly didn't like it did in fact. Call me. Is like his best friend. I did going to conflict after they got right but sadly missed footballers get elected but glad I'm writing a report we did not they did know what I did. The times reporting quote mr. McGann was also centrally involved in mr. Trump's attempts to fire the special counsel which began resisted but investigators may not have discovered without his interviews his cooperation with the special counsel stem from a decision by the president's first team criminal lawyers the times reports. In a statement white house Press Secretary Sara Sanders said quote the president and Don have a great relationship. Two senior administration officials tell ABC news the that you have a frayed relationship. Mean Janet openly expressed his frustrations and according to the times and again it's called the president's team Kong behind his back to denote his volcanic anger and. Alone. Now. I thought at first. That was a compliment. You saw heard and ball it's about his anger part. Really makes more sense of the compliment. I mean. King Kong wasn't that angry. Considering. What he was put through. Was league. Isn't. A degree of my. Anger. Sometimes appropriate. Often times broke through at. Came Cong and fought. He has had detractors. Come around from all sides. And you risked his neck. For rewarding low. Carrying calm when there was nowhere else to go. He did. Sinners stage right in the spotlight top of the city top of the tallest building and then down the highest platform. There are laws. And so. Pick all weekend long. While. Folks would. Differ. On whether or not he deserves. That type of compliment. But. Her call him king good long. As an insult. Really wacky frame of reference. I told you are words relieve us. No but King Kong was a big scary guerrilla. Really big and scary doesn't mean you have anger problems. You're fear. New York choice. Choosing to be afraid. Some thing. Or some war on. This is not the same thing as that person. Or situation. Or movement. Burying you any malice. Being afraid of the other side doesn't mean they're doing anything wrong. Dearest typically born. Of being M properly prepare. And while. I have never believed. And giving. Any single individual. Too much credit. Or blame. For the state of the nation. Because there are just too many factors in play. For one person to take credit. If it's good. Or blame. If it's bad. It doesn't come down to one person. Lesser reaching for the button. While burden on certain technical or. But to this morning. The actions. Of any one person. Have not been enough. To determine. Pay freeze citizens. Fate. If you're afraid of the man in charge. Is it because you're not prepared. To challenge. His ideas. Or you would rather column a big monkey. Then have to explain. Why the growth we've experienced for awhile. When head positive growth for about a hundred months in a row something why. The president has only been president. Door for a part of that. I'm not a kid I was a homeowner. In 2008. Now was scared to death. We have done a wonderful job. Not just in the past couple years. But in the past decade. Burning. This aircraft carrier of a nation and around. You don't do that all madame. And you don't do it in six months. You don't do it and one term you don't do it one election cycle. You remember. It was scary. I'll love it worsened where we are now. Maybe it's time. Stop firing and each other and men enjoy this you know before. One AEA team becomes. Y 58. We should take about five minutes. A radio dot com station and. Cheryl. Sun. You never think to yourself. Now. News. This horrible lapse. Ever cross your mind. I have no it's a crazy thought who would. Who would want to coach here. Still work left. And modest work we're talking about it. I told. Horrors fail. We have vacationed. It. It's like a vacation. Yeah I mean loaded up cars and. Well tanker just look tears. She's a little girl it ripped away from another real world. Bono's college young. How old. Real world. News rather. Are places challenging it's crowded it's noisy in the they're shaken to arrive in that environment she can. She can take what college has to offer. A number we've. I'm proud of you terra Lovie. Well of Mecca Jarvis. It is today. And there's school of thought that. Tells us. Work less. Give more done. Make your boss happier. All Rebecca Jarvis from your lips to God's ears. Even education. Cameron Diaz in the holidays seven off. We are overworked. And under vacations. Last year Americans forbidding 212. Million vacation days. That's more than 62 billion dollars in lost benefits. While there are some strong health benefits to getting away including lower risk of heart disease. What might surprise you he can also help the company's bottom line. Take steel have CEO Mark Douglas who started giving employees a limited vacation. 2000 dollars a year allowance and a three day weekend every month. In the initial reaction when we announced it will present for the people erupts into clapping and sharing it gave everyone a sense that accompanies really. Cared about that wellness and this has really contributed says the morale. The results the company has seen extremely low employee turnover in the big case inside and can only be used for vacations and I've had its. People thank me who have said I wouldn't have gone on vacation if you didn't make the only music or vacation. Alexa Tierney has Bennett steel house for almost four years and says it would be challenged to go back. Not having as much flexibility around here's at all. It seems awesome and I'm not saying I could never go back to that but when you. Had a taste of something really good let's make it challenging to do match she appreciates the trust and respect for the company can find he's doing good work in getting everything done. You can enjoy your time off my productivity is. Better that. 'cause I have that patients take vacation. Number one W sin ever by 600 dollars. That's what I'm taking my vacation. Now. So like the kind of thing that the new boss. Might be open to is all things are gone great things are going. Rather than they ever have in history. So here's some of your money Burke. Moon. But I don't know. Start lobbying for that. So now we need it for the wall. Warts closed out the favorable off. We're not gonna cover this and toys against Cris Merrill and other amenities it is 659.