The Chris Ferrell Show, Hour 1, Sunday, August 5th, 2018


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The increased payrolls you know. Felt like it lost ten. We showed up for. Now joins burlap yet. Stories right. There are still hope cloud to me. Okay. I understand where they're have a little fun was. You know you laugh or cry. So I've chose to laugh. And I've got another. Professional baseball team in the same Syria main. Just just give all the so boy and go watch a better tame. Most towns don't have that option. Here's your third Prado was the Yankees. Chris earlier in the song no more and. How would region forecast. The fact. Oh regional forecast. Thunderstorms possible lawyer day high of 91 Scobee humid. Again this week. Analysts see lows 73 tonight. Showers and thunderstorms early. Tomorrow ninety two's stray showers and as soon and so modernized. So in the very end. Tuesday afternoon and punish you are low ninety's when today. Isn't low ninety's thunderstorms possible okay so are always did you Talbott that wall would like to say is that it's August. That's what I meant to say. Oh have been much more. Concise. It's August and North Carolina. This state. Over North Carolina North Carolina State. Which is where old B. Relinquishing the my oldest daughter two and laurel week. Barry's gotta let the birdie fly. It's right. There's a million reasons to be happy. Everybody else is happy. I'm a mess. I'm an absolute mess how do you do us. Oh god idealism go. I'm hoping she has. Prosperous career and oh wonderful life for non. Daddy won't seem as. Square. The older she yeah it's. Early shall have that impression I'm actually pretty square. 609. On the Sunday morning senator degrees outside. So nice more. It's not hot yet he cannot feel it is going to be sticky. Well walked in and it was the same temperature. Outside. Becky about thermostat inside. But the air was sticker you can feel there is given a chance. So warm this up. There's plenty of substance in this a year there's planned mortgaged her in this a year. I'm glad seven billion not ninety. Just wait. Love old adage is not the heat the humidity is actually true or nothing can be more true. Dry heat can actually be kind of invigorating. You throw and that moisture in the air. And old man. You could block ten degrees at all. And still less comfortable that it would be. All right get this stereo because this is important because. Police in Salisbury. And I imagine other places if we haven't stuck around so Alter your. They're looking Furl. What might be. Some birdie dangerous man. By now most of you heard the story of the couple that was shot while having a picnic in the park in Salisbury. Sabrina Percy. Forty years old forty years old. There are now on the right 34. Charlotte the park. Eating a sandwich. And we've had stories. Lately people go on for joy August. And getting assaulted. I know war. All human beings are just. I highly doubt that. Carries the same way. For all of us. You just have to wonder. What some people see. When they look at you and me. They clearly. Don't see someone. As important. As Israel. You authorize yourself. To remove someone from earth. That's an awfully arrogant. Statement. It's cruel. And is gonna ruin your life to. Installs or look in porn advocates and up for. Now on the old Earl powers. 32 years old. 510 to two warning. New gene that William black junior. 24 years old. Six foot 280. Pounds. Willie Earl Williams junior. I don't know what the seniors. Knowing the singer plays a role. This is less likely to happen. They stick around just long long enough for naming rights and then. Skip out or are. These are your sons killed people's impart our aussies are drawn. Almost point four years old. A solo juniors. Eugene what am black seeing your world war. Well are you now. Let me band. Really Earl Williams junior sturdy to. Me is. Had time to. Lose his way of those folks ever helped helped him find. Anyway if you see any of these people. Are there are all from Salisbury. If they did this would be a little surprised if they're in Salisbury right now. If you're them. How would be some more oil and blow. Monitoring the news. Hoping not to hear my name on the radio. What now there were past that films. Why don't you think. Of doing the right thing. From this point. We saw you ambivalent do as a double murder armed broad daylight do we do we. We got you names we've got two pictures. You not get away. Show up to the police department and talk about this has the best thing you can do for yourself. You think I'm crazy. No police say all the talk me about it and I. And I you. You can't undo. What you are accused of having done. You can handle it. The proper way. From here forward. And that's the opportunity. You have. Stole one good thing you can still do. Because. Even if few escape to. Safe place with no way extradition. You still have to live with what you did. And maybe I'm giving you too much credit. For having the conscience it would take. For that to be a liability to your future to live with your guilt. I hope. Asia this I hope. I took a while we're not going to all wallow in Merck. It's so today. We're gonna have a good Thomas Moore and we're trying to cover the news that matters. And remind ourselves. That it is Sunday. And Sundays are different. Family. Yep get ready for early service. So we travel we keep fuel this way. There's an. Stay instinctively kind during your heart. No sun rise seems like more of a miracle. Her cold weather news. Who's it's not a miracle happens every day come on man. What are the odds. Mario odds that we find ourselves here. Together in this form. What the ability. To experience joy like we hang out. We were built with love man. And the sun doesn't just keep us warm it's gorgeous. It's beautiful. Perez lovers everywhere. Pick some up and music. Fill your pockets. In case you need some despair on Monday. We're got a lot scum on the op us. Waiting gas stone now. A lady and her sixties I believe I heard she was 67. Was kidnapped and resolved. My fellow who climbed through an open window. There's no fun part of the story amount. Other stuff. But did not release. Information about the suspect. It's and it seems a very selfish. Desire but. McConnell hope this will somebody she news. So we don't have a serial robber crock Kleiman third girl garage windows. And Estonia. Biologist type and Estonia. But you knew you can't ignore the news. Specially when somebody is on the loose. Who stole cell phone. Credit card bank card by the way use and any of those go on which golf for a these and any of those gonna ditch call. And eighty dollars in cash. Eighty dollars kidnap and somebody kidnap. Happened an old lady for eighty dollars. I can only hope. That we continue. To grow law. Through our entire lives. Not just that were adults are they saying there were reached full physical maturity. Our listeners are Smart we all know that or never too old to war. I hope we continue to develop. Because they're clearly adults. Lacking empathy. And it breaks my heart. Why you put our heart back together. This to fix that this to work on this to be part of a solution. Will try to do that this morning as we get good information out to the public this is Chris Furl. At WBT very oh my goodness that we're this time though the gas. Start talking to guys in the time disappears. It's six point 108. He. Brewster launch on them. Good morning. Toward a new amateur Mike Brewster of the I got up also were shattered yeah. It's inspiring that's good for morale. This Sunday morning. I'm mentioned my new kitten hamster for a there's a lot of stories about animals. Mark is currently. And we'll talk more about. Next half hour we're. Talking earlier about where the dads the products of the environment. Our pets. Are domesticated animals it's hard dependent on us just as much. I won't talk about how do that responsibility. Walk this cursor on Sunday morning study future. WP exe on some low shear line. I respect your Sunday morning. Sound. It's another United States. Boys song. I'm option. Call me. So. Like the beautiful gift of still defer to your own way. There's no excuse. If your emotion. Some want. You are emotional on. She did you. That's why do our structure. Play Notre Dame over. That's. A smoke. Turned in yesterday and organize new kitten. But that's all. They we have all the cats now. So if you. Miss cats. Stop Obama. It go to what a but this little baby. Baby kitten that was from Bob the department of redundancy department that was a baby kitten. But just the sweetest personality and the world. We saved slot that student will be on our. And it's just been and and C an exercise for eyes. Only word I could think of was highly inappropriate. It's been an exercise in love and care. Having this little creature now. Very varied life affirming. And Katsav personalities. But they can't eat us. So we can always impose our will if we have to rob talk about domesticated. Cats I'm not talking about tiger's. So don't try to hit me with a technicality there. More noise and him to a care. Dogs. Are very high heel. Products on there and fire. Mainly because they are so eager to please their masters. We have a responsibility. Towards domesticated animals. To retrieve them. And they domestically. Acceptable. Faction. Otherwise they become a liability to your household and society. Plus is just main. We got help me. To meet people feel entitled to their main. Guess what just pitcher in a bad mood. That's not an excuse to be a jerk. Because you feel like it. I tell you would be bigger than your impulses. Be tough that way. But so many. Bull terriers. And Bull Terrier mixes. Are basically. Urban fashion accessories. The pit bull goes with them goes with the shoes guzzle the pants. Richard usually down around some are near the dog's ears. I know this is a C. My own eyes. You do to. Care for that. I find it a loving home. Because. If you treat your dog. Like it's part of your dawn collection. It's gonna try to make you happy. Rock and roll hall. The attack happened at Chicago where a 57 year old woman was mauled to death by a pit bulls Saturday. Bites to her neck and throughout her buddy the dog shot and killed by officers when it charged at them as they arrived at the scene. The owner under investigation. It follows Wednesday's death of a two year old boy killed by two pit bulls and a Philadelphia home. On the same day another attack in main saint to teens and their mother to the hospital one of the sisters requiring two surgeries were mangled leg. Dave packer ABC news. If you could give a dog. To a person who's. Main objective and life is to come across as tougher then you. Less than animals heart. I don't blame the talks. I blame the owners met weaponized them. Usually by raising them in a caustic environment. You ever meet a neighborhood dog no oral supposed be careful long Ahmad told an eagle pass strange dog. But that. Like cue from the moment it could sniff your open hand. And felt the notion. You want their to do harm. And treat you like a friend right away. Don't pay that back. While removing the law bits and them. And replacing. It. With on demand to malice. None of these had to happen. Domesticated dogs are inclined to kill people. They're just a few that are stronger and off. If that's how they've been raised. It can happen. This is not a case against rebels. This is a case against animals. Falling into the wrong hands. Yes I know there are lots of stories and animals need homes that doesn't mean just any one. Shouldn't own a pat. There are people law won't trust with the remote control. No. There are people just oblivious. To how what they're doing affects the world around them. And they don't need to be given powerful ball looks. Walters yet. Bad route. That rap belongs to the owner. Because. Dogs are so eager to please us. They are global com. What ever we want. If what you want. There's a killing machine. Take yourself out of the mix. Don't give one. I may real for some help. I hope the sponsors are here it's Chris furlong Sunday. It is creeping up on 640 non. Do you feel a radio dot com began to mellow store. And find something that fits the bill for this time. At all. Thanks. Song. Most famous for being. Here's what. Think the surprise diamond Dave. While man. Dropped dead legs ten tabs Sloan job is sorry and I know it was a huge hit it. And well liked it too. I've grown up. You realize allied Van Halen Moore is a guitar band that there's a certain size or Brent. But that one will stand assessed that Thomas Soros and through this blues the us. Some music. Comes with a accessories. You know certain look on your face or certain. Date you're strapped in. Drop dead legs there. Can't road rage while listened to that scholar at the musical equivalent of put on your bath robe. Target angry you know us hard to get angry in a bathroom. Truth. Sales made up. Deter. I have covered a whole lot of not soon. Uplifting stories this morning. Our folks and blue. Catch all the heck they can and when something goes wrong forum. Once someone missed judges. Or when an officer. Does something bad. But. The people who trained to become law enforcement. Part of what is instilled and there's so you're basically always on duty. If there's danger afoot you run towards. Our cal only notwithstanding. I liked this story. Fourteen month old Lucio was eating one of her favorite foods chicken nuggets went up by eight got caught in her throat she was just looking at me scared. I just nailed at that moment that she must be joking anagram pulls her daughter from her stroller interns or he's down pounding we see on the back but it's not working Palm Beach Gardens police officers Robert I Allah and Raphael Guadalupe make were at the right place at the right time. I remember feeling somebody approaching me from my side and it. He was his truck and look like so calm and I was just like thank god he's here. Officer ideology grabs the BB he turns or face down and begin striking are on the back he tries to clear the food from her mouth by hand when that doesn't work I Alice strikes harder and the piece of food just lodges from BCS throat. The little girl whose life was spared pictured with her family and the officers all smiles this city honored both officers praising them for their heroic actions. Pray AG's. Also I was while. There's a secular state. How wonderful. Is that. And how quickly. Are you reminded of your priorities in such a situation. And how blessed were those folks. But those officers were player. And how well. Does that make me. Or someone. Like my father there Richard Cheryl. Whose career. Law enforcement. By the way that I am sorry ass slip through the visit yesterday you. Know what ours like keep you work plan for shifts to these. You understand me regarding that better than anybody. I I appreciate that. Muscle folks look at bird shifter slightly just lazy. Good talker. If we don't mean a thing about it. But thank heavens. Our men and women. In blue played all Wear blue book. They know what I mean. Some heavier run around right now on patrol. First thanks you for thanks for listening. I appreciate that. Guess what else I appreciate. Every thing else do you do. At 7 o'clock.