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First world something more. No fly men. I've seen all over the place at the trolls are old and up Plame Wilson after. So my son was. I'll screw. What can simple clothes you know. I. I don't think package. Teach myself to stop pilot. While playing video games. Dollars and employee of the airline. 29 years old. He crashed 2185 miles away from the airport. There's all kinds of footage of saying that there was a pretty big plane. I'm 76. Seat. Horizon air turboprop. Suddenly search able to think of a private jet that's not built to carry certainly six feel Shalala good sized plane. He was trailed. By military is. Now wasn't space force we know what. Mission of space force or in place. It was a book ended. By a couple military jets. I yeah I guess they deserve some. Credit for restraint. They didn't shoot this guy down. There's a lot humanity in that call. I have no idea. If the military jets were privy. To the conversations. With the air traffic control over which. Revealed Richard Russell. To be. What sound alike during Oscar. So unbelievable. What a way to the one choice Tomei. I didn't hear a guy. On that reporting. Who did memories in the live. Could anyone have been careful. Are flown. Is there any thing anyone. Could have done. To prevent this. One there's no sign. It's something this. Heretofore unseen. Has ever happened. Nine will be able stolen crashed airplanes before. I don't believe they taught themselves of flight simulators and did tricks out of the ocean. Bernauer first. 732. Local time on Friday. Air traffic control. Gotten in touch with Russell. Who flew for about an hour. Then crashed. You're Tron island. Robin island with about twenty residents. Believe they say it crashed into a woods near shore I believe. No one on the ground was hurt. If a male I'm not a correcting. CN man nor. Fox or anybody else. As reported and that he stole an empty plane. There might not have occurred to me. If I had heard the man's voice. But I plan wasn't empty. The plane had some eyes. Son. Summarize those bemoan. I can. Not definitively say he wasn't a father I don't have informed me that he was. And can't imagine. That that wouldn't of been included in the statement. Faithful husbands and loving sons. Those are the kinds that make for good fault Ers. You and your point that out too there's a possibility once I I don't think he had kids. Nearest point nine. Notice. Odd thing to say I'm glad he didn't have kids. Every did. A guy. I heard and that reporting. You are doesn't. If you're a broken guy. As he described himself. Big. Kids are going to fiction. But they give view. I'm very meaningful reason. To wanna fix yourself. And this guy. The guy I heard rules were slave and the guy heard good the bad and the on this. The guy I heard. He was amazing is cracking jokes always. Spend the plane around and Ayers flag upside down and. Slap on top ten feet above the longer. Batteries in the Lil. Now he is still applying. These days. There's probably saw open I'm guessing in the Patriot Act. That. Sees to it that you go away for you very long time. I don't have problem that. In this case. I think it's sad. That the fellow here he mentioned the trouble he was down. In the air and he had no intention of landing. Of course he was coming. But now. Though he wasn't landing. Try nine years old. It's too bad that wants up in the air. He was. Lucid enough to realize. Man there's no going back. I can't change my mind. I either finish the job from up here. I spend the rest of my life in prison. I hear point 19 years old. I don't know why. I'm. Kind of apparatus and wishing I was in place. But I'll wish there was something he couldn't hold himself while he was up there. Something he could've said. To convince himself. There was worse landing in the line. There's a Skiles couldn't full lips it was. You've seen the footage most of you have seen the footage. And this is not the start playing. This was also the snow will blow prob playing this big Houdini didn't walk out on the wings are one of these things. This was a 76. Sneaked. Turboprop. Every carry 76 people. I don't know how big that makes it but power Powell physically longer wide that makes it. It was an impressive size plane from the for a judge saying. With what he was doing with that plane. Peco landed at. They got talked him down. They can be alive. The plane could be okay. All these people. Boo he may do. Cared about Hamburg much. What may miss them today. No folks I would. Valuable lesson not see and hear but I'd. The only lesson. I can get from something like this. Isn't really an actionable. Lesson. What Carl is. This is the case. Well some wine. Giving. No. Indication. Whatsoever. But some things and there are never gonna get the figure out why. But something. Was very wrong. Until manifested in this bombastic way. I would hate to say that the listeners were kind of helpless. This one feels like. So I feel like a guy on the phone not like a guy spanned thirty air. Never flood plain before. Boy she'd gotten up there yeah I am I mean you're gonna steal a plane. When you're already up there. Then I'll wish once she was up there. The adrenaline the site meant. We're slump than. We are convinced him that he has a reason to live. And if you land the plane. Don't work with Kia as you've made it abundantly clear or not. They're hurt anybody. I would say about yourself but. I don't know all that could be pretty quick. This simply afraid at all no fear in his voice whatsoever. So apologetic. Well also add. When some jokes in that there are good Elba. Air traffic controller. I know I'm gonna do I just launch. Whispering sweet nothings in my ear. And I think I get a job as a pile in Alaska have. Oh I bet they got anti aircraft. News org about getting shot the air. Apparently a Mets opened to omit this be done in his own hand. 'cause he didn't want to be shot out of the year. Intimate if you're intending on crashing much of stir up ground coming up to major. The sky has reasons he said he didn't know he had scourge is Paulus has gone wrong. He couldn't even wore himself. I guess Roloson is that we are. Helpless. To a degree. Bless our lesson hands. Cause we don't know. Win. Any given. Relationship. Circumstance arrangement. Is going to be over. If we cherish something. We need to do so actively. This Chris Farrell on Sunday morning. At WB two. In Charlotte. Crazy news man. Strickland freedom park. If you're listening. Where did you buy your radio. Watch yourself on freedom park. And watch up Brothers. Not only was. Someone killed and chesterfield county yesterday. But someone most killed in a motorcycle accident Dave for a lab in chesterfield county. Down page a one way woods. Prices why. As you convey. People get upset. People pay attention. Something irreversible. If you cherish. Someone. Do so. Actively. Kucera WB two in Charlotte that's approaching 720. A radio dot com station. Can move just don't storm. Go ahead. Heard like gunshots. Come on bill all. Press room. A hole in the sky. Both of America. With a song. All ahead. The sun. So. Suit. Was verse. I think I might have been the first to say that right there. We're going to the sun. Don't you think that the heat from that thing. Keeping us alive. From so far away. This is a dumb buying indicator. Then maybe we're supposed to keep our distance from the side. 94 million miles is close enough. But we're going to conquer the sun. We're not conquer space and space force. And you know next time. Some ideas pushed off a bridge will be able to save him from the sky. There's BO warm sun day and this is the Sunday. We conquer the sun. The issue and sun day. In America. Now we know a lot folks have always mention that days so enthusiastic. Matters. It. And no lie at the time. They've opened their bones. Missiles coming. I claimed the sun. The name space horse. Chris Earl W bridge two's six drawing or WP AT and Chris Berle show where you can count on us. You're shooting foul. We won't go off early. I don't miss it. Why don't play. Paul Potsdam. Weekly presidential radio. I haven't given up hope on that either. The state of emergency. Here of over three peat and this true well. A year ago the city streets became a full fledged battles have a white Nationalists converged on this normally quiet college town. Protesting plans to remove the statue of confederate general Robert. And now on the heels of that new rallies planned by unite the right the mother 32 year old Heather hire a counter protesters killed with a a car police say was driven by a white nationalist. Plowed through a crowd of people is speaking out I didn't come to. Since mother's death the anti defamation league says there has been an increase in the white supremacist propaganda efforts. This year alone radio tracking almost 500 incidents more than all of last year. Heather's mom says she will be standing with many of the same people her daughter did. One year ago and hopes this week in reignite conversations. She thinks the country needs to have a positive. Nonviolent. Solutions. There's no place for hate. No place for patience. Give me applying. Verplank is reassuring. First girl WT austerity mormons or change. 739. I do have my eyes open for the. President's weekly radio address I. Might deny he's put. Someone down on Saturday last week and now maybe I got my hopes and I'm not. Thank you realistically that we would get 12. Weeks in a row even though. He's technically had eight days to do it we will hear from the poorest. We will hear from the president regarding. Charlottesville. And all things are racism. Why am I don't really there's no dementia and between me and my fellow man. Slight. I hate this something we watch on television. And then take to the streets. To act a ball. Face stiff very small home I'm not seeing that. That between people. I think you put me in a room. Well the motor ran about my age. From anywhere. It's possible. And completely up to us. To get along. There is. Nothing per dominant. That forces you. To consider. The negativity first. You can find something wrong. With any thing. And there are times. When mistakes need to be weighted well. For the good of everyone. That's what you can ask yourself. Is this good for more people than not. Or am I acting with a sense. Of personal entitlement. More and from. Where. Regarding any thing. We don't known each other. The fight between the president and the NFL players do. Neil or raise a fist. It's about not wanting to beat to hold what to do. Would you left. NFL player. Tell you. It's taken me. During the anthem. No and they have big kill me I might take it on my back but I'm not taken an arm on the well there you go. We all like being told what to do. Especially when the topic. Is America. I'm also. I believe. You let folks out themselves. When someone. Is offering new a window and tell their beliefs. The world. Look through what else that tells you. Check in my mind with your priorities. Is it big enough a deal to make a difference. If so why if not whine. But that would make it up positive exercise. And the money. Is in keeping us divided. What's in the news. I can't tell you how many times of seeing Rachel madcow on fox. Where Sean Hannity on CNN. These guys advertise for each other. You think there's not a wink and nod among the billions being made. The agenda. There's not right or left. The agenda. Is division. So that people know. How big a piece of the pie baking count all. Well I suggest we motivate ourselves. With things they don't run around like pieces of pop. Horror like the endurance it takes. Told live a life of hate. If you're letting them what you're against. Shape your priorities. And personality. There are people around you. We need you to insist on more from yourself. I'm guessing that if it matters enough to you. Thank you bear the understanding. Needed to figure out some things matter more. But things closer to use. Put the human beings first. Case by case basis. It's the only fairway. The only way you want people. Approaching you you don't want to judge for sins of the father. I'll won't be I'll bring it up I didn't do that. You have a right. What's right. I'll still play in the last segment if it happens to come up. But. ABC. Has some thoughts from the president. Regarding. The Hugh. Of the national discourse. These days. On the eve of the anniversary of the deadly protests in Charlottesville that shocked the nation president trump is calling for unity tweeting the riots in Charlottesville a year ago resulting senseless death and division we must come together as a nation I condemn all types of racism and acts of violence peace to all Americans. A year ago the president was heavily criticized for his response the clashes. We condemn in the strongest possible terms. This egregious display of hatred bigotry. And violence on many sites. On many sites. Taking 48 hours to call a hate groups by name racism is evil. And those who caused violence in its name are criminals and thugs. Including the kkk. Neo Nazis white supremacist. Then walking it back hard line. That blade yes I think this blame on both sides president trump is responding to accusations of racism made by Amoroso monocle Newman who was fired from the White House late last year. She was asked by candy the president attacks on athletes are causing tensions with the black community. Chronicled human rose to danger trumps reality show the apprentice it's. It's fine. Now she's out with a book unhinged unheard you're at the administration's highest ranking African American official until the White House says this quote riddled replied and false accusations. According to the Washington Post which received an advance copy of the book she writes the president is quote he racist misogynist and they can't. The president has called Amoroso a wonderful woman but he had a new name for his former friend. And divisions seems to be the agenda. Despite messages of peace to all Americans. When they came for your emotions. They're aiming around. Your reason. Don't fall for. Don't fall for. 'cause we are in this together. Whether we like each other or not. This make the best. And ourselves. And each other. Chris Searle WB two days. 11:10 am 99 point three outbound. WBT dot com. A new podcast mushroom. Search Chris Ferrell. FE RR ELL. Searched a chorus girl shown. On your favor engine no. Luggage and there are more comes up. The other cursor what comes up presume. There's no there one time and metals. He likes dogs. Monitored there. Isn't that funny. What can happen in the new age. But followers just gurgling myself. Well as early Google in a new friend who read the same name. Now we can both use a friend. Glad you're here 757. US UV or radio dot com days. Bruce Pearl was disclosed no sun bath had fun with the was held today. 756. Noise in the right now it's background tells me. That we are rampant laughter. It's more frivolous have fun today. Social breed the metal. Would that it could we lost in 59 but he was born on this day. And eighteen anyone. But name sounds familiar but just don't know who it is director of ten commandments. American movie maker. Jane Wyatt. From Father Knows Best bang and I mainly mention this. Because she lived to be 94. So. Listen to our friend. Andy Smith from yesterday and just some retirement planning. Her when she learning her. Austrian physicist. And Nobel laureate. Offered got you bras there. Offer Nobel intent on a moment. Sir mix a lots birthday. Pat Metheny. Born 54. Picasso. When Metheny and Picasso. Pretty abstract home. In the year three. Venus. And Jupiter. We're in. Conjunction. Which. Many people of faith. Theorize. Was taken for the star of Bethlehem. Three years ago. Jimmy Carter revealed Tillis. They had brain cancer. Pork guy you know has this been three years he might. You might have to slow down on a number of houses he's building. At the age of 93. What an amazing film. I just an amazing how those alive in the seventies to I remember the Carter administration. Our member and they I ran hostage crisis. Mr. Carter's life since then. Has been something to admire. There's a Democrat. When it comes to someone who used his life. To help others. But doesn't mean as much to me. Humane planning this is Chris furlong Sunday. WBT and Charl a lot of you.