The Chris Ferrell Show, Hour 2, Sunday, August 19th, 2018


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So I don't know. Most of the time you don't have to wait for the for the rest of the ball. Worst pitcher tonight. All okay. I know war. Freedom drop was so proud that for birdie. It's pride week. Now I know lives. Just walk with the very. The bottom line them. Dying. But. We're coming in one of Charlotte's. Bigger festivals. When the kids alone. I don't know. You play those sculpture I don't. I don't know what they do on the kid's zone at the pride festival. How would I know you're saying I'm. My guys this looked like me. I'm an old way of thinking. I suppose book. Motion clips from the pride festival may remain. Many they may do the kids there is should be back at their houses. You can't have everything okay. Not too much or wants it. Reinforces. The not jobs and gives ammo. Two to the paranoia it's. Just remember. Not every body. Was born that way. We'll later in the hour organize. Having musical tribute to our. Put back in history it's. Many musical people or celebrating. Their. Birthday to about two. Samples of that for which they will be most remembered. And the musical. Well les or are people these are musicians and all of these are people known for other things. But I Obama away. Put out a demo tape. I remember. Try to heroes in Ramallah as well. Just thrown them at passing cars open. Open water wouldn't slip through a window into the tape day. Possess toys some I was playing you demo tape well. Fallen to give any saying by the you know sparkling reviews. Just met Baghdad and lied to us. So like OK give me your honest opinion. Okay when your pain in exchange give resume here again. People want to reassure. Its. That injures to numerous search. They want confirmation. Criticism. I'll do the criticizing thank you very much. Thought to be human. Like these folks there. All wanted to be rock stars. Around Libyans some fun melts. Nor are all a move soon very human. Plus the guy who founded hires root beer. I thought that was kind of cool no opponent and I thought I thought I was kind of cool and refreshing. And didn't contain any alcohol. Wow this guy was. He was born Charles he hires. Nice name for our guy who grades so many jobs not. Spelled that way too. Charles. Was born. On this day. In 1850. War line. We did not lose until 1947. The guy that made his money and root beer. Web domain ID six years old. Well he probably smile a lot. If you do something like that for a living. They approach you take to make it fulfilling. Should consider yourself to be. On a mission. To make people. Who would be kind enough to do a little business with you to make them a little happier today. Then they wore yesterday. How can I make it a little better for. There's a black and do that the money you'll come. Danny Continental's. First guy heard and put it that way. Should do what you love the money will come. War wall. But at. Do what you love and no money not come and is a little easier to take. Just when you think about it. If you're able. To live and away. That you would glare of. If money were no issue. Torre. You see that's the thing about money people think. The residents. Of money. Solves problems. But what is solves. Is the problem of the absence. Of money. Best thing money can do for you. Isn't like you go think about something else. But there are folks. We are going to change bear. Position and live without. An extended hand. And when people are out there most raw available. That's when we should be an hour most on understand. Seeing someone. Under employed. Is not a time. To feel superior. There's a time to be. Inspiring. Encouraging. The person that'll show up burlap minimum wage job. Has the makings. Of the type of person you want in charge of the future. When you're old. People willing to start at the bond them. So many people. Entry level. Is below them for a first job. There are people who never worked for minimum wage. Don't be one of these people. That looks down. On the people who have to work a lot. For a little. Because you are exposed vein. Your lack of understanding. That it takes you very. Off. Person. They show up for a minimum wage job. I'm sure. I've seen too much of it not to be Shura. You can stand in the middle of a road with a sign. And make more than minimum wage. Course you can. Plus sit there will stop light twice. I seem more handed out an idol like we have in my pocket. And I work and war. I won't borrowing a third workarounds. But work work work. Not quite that hard to know. I know martyr. I have respect for any one. Effort team. Have respect for those. Who are trading. Their labor. For more. Because we need more. Of those kind of people. The future is going to be. A better place. After all there a future. That is where you and I. Will spend the rest of our lives. Chris Tyrrell on Sunday. In his 78 seeing. On a night seeing. New buzz saw got this so far as the chronologically speaking. A radio dot com stage again. I'll let you made. Monday August. Suddenly for the series in Charlotte. Great fight again. About one of those places. It's. The more bad should. You watch. I war hero radios. It's. I'm probably here. Now. Why me. Why other forecasts. Over the course of a shift. I was. Getting gas. Very early in the morning and titles before I came to work one so talk. 3:30 in the morning. And I bought probably want a man led to another. Fifty worth the gas. Just so rocket read the extended three day forecast. Oh you mean that thing you heard joy times yesterday. Oh yeah you and the the thing you're gonna get a brand out of it. When you get to work. Which by the way you're on your way. Let your. Your brother studied that closely no matter what the cost. But thrift the job AZ. But I was only fifty cents a today. 08 dearly have a meraz and spend three dollars is important. Spent three extra dollars watch it again. Bono gave you their pick of the week here. Highlights from us from. Sport you don't watch. When you're done pumping gas. When you've had your fill. When you're hand. Releases. It squeeze on that nozzle. That screen grows. Sold out at the movie theaters just. Just this black wall comes down. And your viewing experience. Is our Obama. The slight. I spent 2182 dollars. Couldn't let me see the last score. No. First one. Ahead is your money. It's one good thing about more expensive gas. It takes. Less time to pull. Wanted to dollars' worth. And were wasting less time watching television. News talking 1110993. WPG. Where we leaves local. Chris furlong Sunday. Understand Bob we'll. President's weekly radio address yeah. They're here the boss' voice. Don't read the play. Now well you have broken. Malicious laughter. I'm speak for. Table waiting did. Well man. And the very important to me. Very very important and I've added tremendously but for having done that. Our balance of anything I'm giving up a bigger voice. Many people don't even know what we did that rally as the bigger boys and that's OK we've made because I like taking on voices like that. I've never respected about that battle lotteries back. Had senator Byrd said it best if you know anything riding your recorded when you were before all of these committees including the activity. So he had against her reporting never did that my guys came up lately. And it's a good fit disgusting things right they look. I bet I'd say it again. That whole situation that they rigged which got. It's just totally rigged bill they should be looking at the other side they should really give it all the people they got fired wide gap. All of the people that got fired basically look at their roots are and his wife valley. Revealing whipped by the way indirectly Russian. They should be looking at video make you feel better all these FBI guys who got fired demoted. If they're really wicked head it's not got it and they rich quick shot back that it prolong its. Lawyers for your wits. Rigged it would show on. For a double negative. Coming away Shonn you know. We know the wedge on is what I read the switch on. There's a worse time for the fixes that. So. The outcome as a foregone conclusion. And this is all just. And exercise and fall. This is all just ignores. You believe that. Or is there enough transparency. Do believe there really sides. Because I think they're just pieces of then the agenda. Is knowing. How much high. You can count on. Well the president may not be done. Not stripping security clearances. Apparently it's a pretty powerful reeling. Note but a lot of these guys know a lot of the stuff wildwood. I would rather earth the president. Keep them close then. Forced their hands. He once asked combing. Can I count on you. For absolute loyalty. Combing responded. You can count on me. More absolute. Honesty. Honestly. Is. The real story. Honesty is reality. Honestly is. One years. Honesty doesn't need. Verification. Or validation. Because it imposes itself. What's true is what surreal. Honolulu loyalty. Can help clean up along the masses it's. Her palm area. Who's. There is badges next on the chopping block. Former CIA director John Brennan you're stripped to the security clearance project now calling it an egregious acts in vowing to fight back. The White House says it's not about settling scores but many are saying president trump is sending a strong message to his critics. Announcing the deal bombing errors CIA director will no longer have access to classified information. Citing his erratic behavior. And wild outburst on the Internet. I've added dramatic. But raping young back there. It doesn't say they're trying to file if your credit Mike taking away. I'm giving up a bigger voice. Brennan an unabashed critic of the president who called a meeting of Vladimir Putin quote nothing short of treasonous. Saying he won't be silenced I will fight on behalf of those who still have differences. This latest battle with the president comes after sixty former CIA officers. Signed an open letter on Friday condemning the president's decision adding their names the list of more than a dozen former senior intelligence officials who call transaction to attempt to quote. Stifle free speech. President trump. Seemingly eager to pull more security clearances from current or former officials who had either been critical of him or involved in the Russia collusion investigation. His potential next target. Justice Department official Bruce or whose wife Nellie or works first fusion GPS. When the Clinton Campaign hired the firm to compile the so called steel dossier. I'm Trump's alleged connections with Russia. Before taking off for fund raiser in New York the president had not holding back. I think bizarre is that this place I suspect upbeat take it away very quickly. So much of it is all sounds like Eric search from. Professional wrestling Ramones. Has no respect. As low life. One name call and my kangaroo island name call. Why is how is the turn off men. Folks you resort. To. Calling someone who's. Not bear to speak for themselves. Something derogatory. It's not so much slam. He wouldn't say the same thing directly to people thing. And a fumes now or maybe even most cases he wounded. It's just the notion. Of characterizing. Someone who isn't fair. Negatively. On their backpack out. Maybe. If you're going to. Label someone. A low lies. In front of fifty television cameras. Maybe you should. All five that. Or invite the person. Two worst bomb. But what calling my name and does. Is switches the discussion. From what was hopefully substantive. Your personal. From irrational. Too emotional. And you get. Further from the solution. Because the other side needed to buy some time. Throw an insult out there and the news and we'll for the next two or three days will be about. Call me all that down. And by the time we get back to the substance. Maybe the substance won't be his big news. Which is what we want because we are secretly happy with the status well. So not only is this name calling and run in the salt. Whom the name is directed. It's an insult to the rest of us. I don't need you obtaining people. With broad strokes. Our problems. And the solutions. To our problems. Are far more new launched the mapped. It doesn't do any good to. Towards solutions. Now it might do use some good at their rallies your base. What does it work further common good. Does insulting each other war towards the common good. How much time do we spend insulting each other. Do we spend much time. Working towards the common good the this is Chris Merrill. Have some hope mean. Good is common for you today. This Sunday. In North Carolina. The best date and the best country. On earth. That is the United States. Of America the united. States of America. I said we will lose and our words but let's let's take that went back. So not just. US a those letters stand for something. All turn your back on the notion. Well they you know I did it. United States. This is gross per hour wind then things down on Sunday. August 19. Warning a detain. Going to be partly plow your part lease on main. Mainly depending on your disposition. Here the tiebreaker. Bring some Figurs of song into a person's day in case the plural Juan is. Hiding from the Parker space. Boehner now let's go one. Cardinal Gloria. And 74 and a. You hear a radio dot com's Dave again. First her home. Almost Sunday. I. Wrapping things are bomb mom. Well we're glad you're here what's new this morning. Sarge look first Berle show on your favorite. Tension. Tom what pops up. Jeffrey RE LL. They feel like this kind of thing you know. And there are probably. And also blanks on. How to get help. There was a great day for the birth of greatness. Not only. Me and venture. All the founder. Of hires root beer. Continent and same thing here about him and bring her beer. Charles. Had a birthday sir. Or herbal right. Known for. His air time from. Oh. Paul this greatness yet we still live among the commoners. All the right it was born. 1871. Now here was born. In Ohio there was born in Dayton. But that's not where the plane took off wrong. First in flight there. Is. North Carolina. Happy birthday to the most incredible voice and the history of hard rock music. Hi. I feel. Better known for his role with the Cold War. Now that's on Sunday. Yes that is very human voice. Happy birthday and Dylan. I personal failure for. He shares a birthday I told do we get a little musical career. Shares a birthday. What do. World renowned saxophone. Honest. And 42. President of the United States. William jerks and cola. Who is. A year younger. Many Yang Gil on he was born and 46. There's the land themselves. The deal. I've lots of us. Cigars go undrafted moves. For a president. Lay out water was pretty good guitar tour. Mike Huckabee is an average bass player. He seems thoroughly enjoyed them. Head Victor wooten on the show it was a must living bass player. Is say you look for the common ground. RL mica a big. We talk about the base. One more. Or birthday. There's also a musical Byrd today. Thanks to. Those four. Wonderful. Way. Provocative. Letters. Rio Marcy. At our door. Born today in nineteen for the day. Well I I guess herb. Band would be the masters okay. Love. Only Ben really associated what Tipper Gore would be. I'm not gonna leave her out she married her mark on music. Five bringing. The masters for the national stage. And in honor of your birthday Tipper Gore. How all that the mentors players out here dozens chorus girl on Sunday. Love new.