The Chris Ferrell Show, Hour 2, Sunday, August 5th, 2018


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Double BT. Bruce Pearl on Sunday. Jeff at the the newsroom pod show. I'm makes me feel like a big shot. I won't let go of my. Russell role. Moves out of Florida. Source spiritual music out of time. How will not enough. Again they got some old records. Love flipping through the old. Thrift store section other records along Holmes. Old gospel stuff. The Gaza bush Elvis hair. Most men do on the gospel music. Man let's impose some interesting stuff it there's really some interesting stuff there on. Want some passionate performances. Some interesting takes lyrically. He had heard every song there those loans. There are some of Boren strange. But the problem that went to write down the middle lower get. Goosebumps. Drilling go on them. Make straight time. It out and little Sunday in your Sunday awaits. I'll play did. The president's weekly radio address yesterday. 'cause I could because I had it. He slings have always come down this morning it's. Now said. To me it's important that you hear the president's voice. On this show. I'm not gonna read G is two weeks 'cause I'll speak in broken English. I might be reports worse tweets are read but that's. That's that contributors business and I don't try to tell other people how to do their jobs. But then I realized that. When I play at its invariably on Sunday. And those who tried to make a point appearing at one they can. Cause only get about one month. They would expect. On Sunday and so I say I said yesterday. And I'm I'm about to do this that I would play the president's. Our weekly radio address. Again today. If I acted squeeze and the Manhattan 512 some. I think considering I just play a minute of The Black Crowes I guess I can't really make a case for not having time to work. Does not want to hurt you know I was I was here from our show yesterday. Surprised browse. But that'll ladies and gentlemen is sick. How do us a little different this time seat. This is the second time I've played the president's address in 24 hours. And so. I feel all. A bit of an obligation. To include the democrats' response this time. Normally I don't play the democrats' response. This is the second time. To mormons in a row. Well where I will have played the president. So when lead general sense of fairness. I am going to span. The Democrat response which doesn't go on forever it's regarding health care. Which concerns us all hands should be of interest. To us all bubble right now. Back by popular demand. Or just because a senate do it. Enjoy Allman the president of the United States. My administration is committed to giving every American the opportunity. To find a great job and have a rewarding career there's nothing like it. Whether you're a high school student or a late career workers. There's never been a better time to learn a trade hone his skills and pursue your dreams. Last quarter the United States economy grew by four point 1%. We've created three point seven million new jobs since the election. Unemployment recently fell to its lowest rate. In almost fifty years. Unemployment for Americans with disabilities. Has reached the lowest level ever recorded. In the month of general loans 600000. Workers and injured or re entered the workforce. Pretty good numbers to continue this incredible momentum we launched the pledge to America's workers. More than 100. Companies associations. And others have pledged to train or retrained over four million American students. We're encouraging companies across the country to join our historic initiative. And pledged to invest in training Americans. For the jobs of today. And the careers of tomorrow. In the last two weeks I establish a national council for the American worker. Which will develop a national workforce strategy inside the modern eyes and long awaited perkins' career. And tactical education act. Which will deliver jobs and training to more than 11100 million students and workers we're very proud of that. When we invested our workers we are investing in our people we are investing in our communities and we are investing in the American dream. And every single day we're making new American dreams come true. Thank you and god bless America. The notion of people re joining the workforce was always a little confusing to me because I don't believe that means. Someone who went out and got a new job I believe that someone. Who was looking forward jobs decided to start looking for job I believe that's what. Re joining the workforce means. Not all. Who are these people that spend time looking for jobs say it's too hard to find one so I'm gonna stop working. How is that an option. How can you afford to just drop well. If this makes me big art I can live with this kind of ignorant. But the only way I know to make money. Used to war that's the only way I don't know. I couldn't raise money for a golf ball. Except go to work for that's not that's how you get money. Labor creates value. You can trade labor. For currency. SI get money. So the folks that drop out of the work force. What do they drop to their parents' basement. Always don't wanna put gas in their cars assuming they have borne. And I eating. Have a large family. And dropping out there isn't an option. And it's not. Something I do anyway I. I'll never stopped trying. People who know me know I'm not frozen their I'll I'll never stopped trying. I don't give up a dual a lot of my. Pursuit in solitude. I'm alone a lot because of the hours Jackie. When I am always trying to accomplish. Something. Even if it looks like I'm just sit mayors darnedest thing. But the folks to. Just drop out of the workforce mostly nice. Mostly nice does not have to work for money. You know what a bag is still use money. I bet that money comes from some lawyer I've just taken a wild guess here. Doesn't mean he uses somebody else's mind. If you're able bodied make your own mind. It's called pulling your weight that's a generic terms pulling your weight. Roy you're away. Leave a better than you found that. Let love dodger path. And I think. You will be able to. Live your days well. And be able to sleep well not. Speak in the sleep and we got the democrats' weekly address here. Senator Brian shafts. Democrat of course. From Hawaii. There is going to take a couple of minutes. To speak on the topic of health care. Hi everyone I'm senator Brian shots from Hawaii. Republicans are trying to take away your health care. Now if you're not hardcore Democrat you'd be reasonable to take that statement with a grain of salt and do your own analysis and research before taking my word for it. After all how can there be an entire political party devoted to taking away something that matters so much to so many people. I can't explain their motivation but I can tell you that this is really what's happening Republicans are working at all levels of government to take away people's health care. Let's start with the states to any Republican state attorneys general are fighting in the courts to undermine our healthcare system and take away protections for patients. That includes people who have pre existing conditions. And as of today Republican governors and Republican controlled legislatures. Have stopped seventeen states from expanding Medicaid. Which means they're denying two million Americans affordable health care. The trump administration is fighting in federal court to take away protections for people with preexisting conditions. They've ended a program that keeps insurance companies from discriminating against the sick. They're sabotaging insurance marketplaces. To make it more expensive. And the redefining health plans so they don't cover basic things like prescription drugs and maternity care. And now they're posing bureaucratic red tape. To make it harder for people who need Medicaid to get Medicaid. And in the congress it's even worse Republicans have tried at least seventy individual times to curb changed or canceled the Affordable Care Act. And they've tried to pass budgets that would cut Medicaid by a trillion dollars and Medicare by half a trillion dollars. And now they're trying to push through a Supreme Court justice who will end protections for people with preexisting conditions. President trump. Has already joined a lawsuit to get rid of protections for preexisting conditions and now wants to appoint someone to the Supreme Court. Who could tip the balance on this case. No matter where you look they are relentlessly trying to take away your health care and raise costs for everyone. But we can't stop them we Democrats believe the health care as a right. And we believe that everyone should be able to get the care that they need no matter where they live or what their economic situation is people should not be punished for being sick. If you've had cancer if you struggle with a mental illness if you're pregnant and insurance companies shouldn't be able to deny you affordable health insurance. Now we won the battle together before. When the Republicans try to take away people's health care. But we're gonna have to mobilize again. If this Supreme Court nominee gets through the process it will be harder than ever for Americans to access health care. You'll be harder for women to access reproductive care it will be harder for patients to keep the protections that they deserve and need. And that's why this fight is so important. There is too much at stake to do nothing so please raise your voice and join us in the fight for health care. I hope this information was of service to our listeners so although I have the feeling all I did was drive the way aged between so quickly pulled deeper. Why can I can live with that because you know it would need to get over that of India. Us against them mentality when it comes to other Americans. That's what's cost us more than anything that's what's cost and thus more than any differences. The Torino us any ideological differences we let them make us a weaker team. Yes there are things we need to work at all. But that doesn't mean we should dish unite. Find the common ground and make the progress that can be made. And we don't get closer to that with the vitriolic. Propaganda. This Chris furlong WB today it is seven Tony one. First her own son then. WB TV radio. There's a drought Bashir. You know plant road yesterday. Nice to hear people grow old school. Little push me. And after she's got to go out. Four over these pedals. No description of the shooter. Made available. Snitches get stitches so. So I don't how much cooperation forget the person got shot. This girl so I'm going. UC 1110 and 99 treaty WPT. Plus a panel. We'll. This is student writing com. Guys. We will live longer now. For these guys to. Oh my goodness it's. The club around. Well. Coming sound comes. Speaking of sound. We do hear from our President Bush. More often than not we have to. Read his thoughts. Com nog are worried the tweet about a match and it's in this report. I think it's so old Colleen that the president feels and he'd do. To. Did it down and the dirt and roll around with his detractors. He should be busier than that. Button. This did get a lot of people talking us. President trump hitting the campaign trail in Columbus but before leaving through leading insult that Ohio's daybreak native son LeBron James just interviewed by the dumbest men on television Don lemon he may have LeBron looks Smart which isn't easy to do. The president added. I like Mike. An apparent reference to Michael Jordan what earlier this week LeBron James spoke to CNN's Don lemon about a school for at risk kids he's opening in his hometown of Akron. In the interview James accused the president of musings courts to drive people apart. He's gonna do sport. To kind of divide us and not and that's something that I can't relate to sources never wrestled and everybody was always has something to bring someone again. During the trump presidency no NBA championship team has celebrated at the White House this year the president said James cavaliers and stuff Curry's Golden State Warriors weren't even asked. I didn't invite him and I didn't invite go abroad yeah. And I didn't invite step very. The president also rescind an invitation to the warriors in 2017. After curry said net thrown in rooms and as a solution that fits. At that time James himself took to Twitter calling the president a quote bombed out. The number one. Job in America the point of person they're someone who doesn't understand the people there really no other people. Had a strong rally in a suburb of Columbus, Ohio there are signs in support of LeBron James Blake best season that LeBron and thank president with the water. I don't rally your voters others seem conflict and what they do you think LeBron James should probably keep his. Personal opinion is not the game's all time greatest seeming to side would basketball's current king. Jordan saying in a statement quote I support LJ he's doing an amazing job for his community and CNN London firing back. Criticizing the administration's immigration policy in the process tweeting whose real dummy a man who puts kids in classrooms or why do you put kids in cages he added beat that's a reference the first lady's anti bullying campaign. Tonight Milan to trump also speaking out for communications director issuing this statement praising dean saying quote. It looks like LeBron James is working to do good things on behalf of our next generation. And at the First Lady close would be opened to visiting the I promise school in average. I apologize for the U interference on the back to a park can't explain that. I've made blame mistakes. And was not racial. I'm the last line defense I apologize on my number out. This isn't the fight to panic mr. Perot has this looks bad eight. Not a clever thing. And the messages sent. Anyone can call. Any one stupid. And the faster they do it the more likely they are to be projecting. Believed busier than us. The bigger than this. What the man do the good he's doing. He's doing good things. Don't feel bad if you have to learn from somebody. Never too old we never stop. For 72 years old and think he can't still learn something or you're too proud to learn something. Good lord what was your frame of reference grownup. Oh yeah yeah. Avoid the war. In a million dollars from bad. Teller by Howard's Smart yeah. Not Don lemon sit down and talk to you. About a deal. You could be right there. Just you won him. These stupid right should be easy. Mail. Or you gotta hide behind tool Twitter bird. He had behind you'll Twitter bird Mr. President. These guys would be well on the talk to you face to face. Not a doubt in my mind. He got Tom to address some via Twitter. Yet time to look him in the odd. Now she got the Secret Service you probably do. But he Stonewall. This very disappointing sir. I'd be worried about bigger things. Do you got bigger things were about. What is all Robert smaller gonna ask Cisco given the chance George Stephanopoulos. Spoke to legal expert Dan Abrams about just that. President's words that we pretty cleared the attorney general should stop this rig which I'm so there's no question this is an effort to undermine and undercut. You pair maybe hinder the investigation. Does that necessarily mean it's legal obstruction of justice. That's a question the Robert Mueller is gonna have to assess what's this how does this tweet fitted to every other action the president over the last few years now exactly you don't go to. And they won't look at this tweet in isolation it won't just be bush that tweet obstruction of justice. The question will be did that tweak in conjunction with. All the other evidence they have all the other actions of the president's taken all the other things he has done. Does that together. Reach the level of obstruction of justice and again I think it's worth reminding people. That most people do not expect it even if it does reach that level. That Robert Mueller would seek to indict the president set to report to you saying to report to congress because. Because he's the president and of course the impact of that would depend on when he sent that report to congress which congress receives it actually which gets the question now is how long. Because Robert Mueller allow this back and forth this analysts say month negotiation between his side in the present to go on over the interview. Let's be clear all we know about this alleged negotiation is through the trumps up. We don't know exactly right we don't know exactly what Mueller saying we're not saying in response so. How serious is this negotiation. Unclear Robert Mueller is gonna work on his timeline. Not on the president's not on Rudy Giuliani's. And at some point if he feels that he's not gonna get this this is an interview work. He'll look forward not just his timeline though because we're heading towards an election looks good early September seems to be his deadline. For any real action before the election this point. You would think so but again you would hope that Robert Mueller is not working on an election time lot. I mean he's got to think about it in the back of his head B you also have to think that this is it didn't investigation and he has to move forward as he thinks appropriate regardless of the election time. Oh wait then everything's political. Look. It's almost this were. They legal matter. Spears stuff. Mr. President. Keep up the good war. What the other stuff goes you got bigger fish to fry. On TV sports I got nothing in a note to have to share were given nights are home. Two the top 505. The Durham bulls. Actually get out and see a ball and my yankees or Red Sox on ESPN today tonight. That's about it. This Chris Ferreira or I'll come back Ahmad pay tribute to. Someone you probably figured out by now you've listened to show for him not Tom is a very. Close to my heart. A radio dot com stage again. I love him to see. Now it's. 48 years old. It feels good yeah helping you out. Hello whenever. I'm wolf. Do yeah. And I don't know. He would have been. 54 years old today. You're beyond the daughter. We lost in the throat cancer. This man's body of war. And The Beastie Boys were around for over thirty years. This man's body of war. Existed only. Only. To bring joy to people slobs. Nor joy was his many years. I am when we lose one like that. The line of the world. It's a little dumber. And I still mission brother. People who'll be listening to your work for. 500 year. Mill theory on here until he chased me off. Which probably will be a lesson five. But thank you. Thank you thank you madam. Thank you for your work thank you for the joy. You spread thank you for your humor. Thank you for your creativity. Unhappy over them Brooke. Other people were born on this day so. Some guy named Neil Armstrong. He'd be 88 if you were stolen from us we also lost him in 2012. 2012. It was a tough fear for greatness. Robert Taylor who was the Brad Pitt loved the World War II where a fire got all that probably that's about right. Robert Taylor American actor. Paul on this day in 1911. The aforementioned. Neil Armstrong first man on the moon. She may be wrong. Blown up from good time but not just more alone. She was then the movie I'm gonna give you suck. And that's how that's the name of the movie that's all the titles spell and I'm going gay you suck. One of both. Funniest things you'll ever see in your life. You wanna take the stairs. Patrick doing. Olympic gold medalist 1992. This quest to build a world championship but he couldn't finish number one in America. Or some some guy that was like all the titles. Rose's name. Mark Martin some. I believe he lives around town. Lonnie Anderson. It is. 72. Well bless her heart she's. Burt Reynolds old girlfriend. Or wife they were there were married a balloon. Birch lady apple that. Body catch and run from bachelor party. White snake videos and publicly going nuts. I am publicly going bye bye for now I'll see all next week this is cursor OW BT outlook.