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The Chris payrolls you know. Transform your. As the first character on you. I have my candy bar. Bullet casings are flying out of the sky and all I guess I guess falling. Out of the sky at that point there they fly well into the sky one fired in the majors. They just fall by. That's good maybe they're not going this fast. But somebody in note gone. Or somebody's. I say that because there's. So many of these the person my I had some help. Up to forty shots. In the air. There's no. Pine street at West Point the day. I got a friend who just moved to noted. I have community. I take a pair saw. Oh boy. Suicide. And Mecklenburg county jail. North and made to die this year. If this sounds like a lot I know. I am I understand millions. It's something that happens but. Pour in six and a half months. It's un. And so. Once every 60. And wait Susan and my goodness. Streets are dangerous jails dangerous. North Graham. I like this story I'm sorry poll like this story. North grand jury. Got robbed a circle okay. Was shot. But a customer. On his way out. Actually give out the story got them a cookie. Booths. You think you did. Customer gives it's hard start she netted. Father Tom. Police arrived. Both three robbery suspect and the the L would be vigilante. I guess I don't consider that to be a derogatory term. Would be vigilante. Had both fled the same. Now I don't know I don't know what the customer didn't stick around. Know give a description of the guy you apparently don't like armed robbers either. You talk to the Gaza vowed that you know. My description royalty rule looked a lot like your guy to reduce the Solso my sticker gunn's face. Really scared news kind of blurry because he was running away from me has scored isn't good news. It was a rather shoot him with those in the with him with a gun here. If you're one of those good guys with a gun. Have your paperwork in the war. Seriously. Because you don't wanna help somebody out. And then did controllable. Because they run your gun and something's out of whack. And I wouldn't want someone to hesitate. A hell. On that basis. Saying really should stop this bank robbery by Carol remember where I left my permanent. Oh yeah Hudson via. There's it's unlocked Boggs in the and the fifth. It's sheer. Well make it easier. This is cursor on so where they mourn. You can tells us there anymore and you can really hear the jolly. Can idea. Don't dodge the saudis say. I'm a little more solemn. On Sunday. Just a little. This phenomenon. Jeremy is ours. Item. Sun days as a time to reflect the think of them. So tired raises a time to look forward. And I don't mean just analyzed the future what you think it shooter might hold. But I mean looking forward in the sense. Man I'm looking forward to going to ball and are now really looking forward to summer vacation. Saturdays or arc for reflection there from looking for. Well I could have gone I'm looking forward to this day. I think you begin a grasp on that. Got pretty good balance or long weekend. Make sure he'll listen both Morgan and seek in the you know analyzed the contrast because. And I would be. But I would be an important thing to do. A speak gonna do we got lots we're gonna do this morning when he. Andy Smith outs got. Talk a little two cents. Cents. Then to us about the about the tariffs. You know try to bring as soon off the ledge. If you're thinking of retiring soon. First of all. Congratulations. Momma momma get to retire. I'll start a family late Matt has a lot to do with Clinton. When you work. When you work when I wore her hat at W beats the one thing you get Ross Moses. There's lots of advice. About. Retirement plan. And it's. Next meal like a little pin every time because I know I haven't done the job I issue that I'm 48 no I haven't done the job issued done. Up to now. I know there are people that are really coming into their home. So far as all that there at this age and I'm still kind of been the you know tells of some arrows and fresh out of school. You know there's got to get up like that but with a wife and five kids. Tough to. And we all enjoy living and our dorm house. Saw. I'm giving my first one away. Given my first one way to the world only to talk to yell about not bring that up later. I'm sure somebody all have been through it. Well I'm about to go through it I am not ready for that little bird flock. This is exactly is should be of them RE four. I know my have to yell might have do. Let me shoulder along with those C years. And I did give me some occur on or layer this more on this kid real former. And we are really up against the clock care for her own talk to mr. Smith and the excitement which we are definitely going to do is stick around for that. We've got other things coming out of sports schedules such as it is this time of year. And know what's going on in the world what's going on locally. True engine agony here or anywhere else you know how we Dora there this Chris Cheryl show on Saturday morning it is creeping up on 614. He's senior vice president financial planning pat financial engines. And co host of investing cents which can be heard it right here later this morning at 10 AM on wanna be here and myself but for now I'm very happy to be talking to Andy Smith himself good morning sir how are. I'm doing great man Harry good more intense. I'd tell it's so nice that I have all the money that you campers don't perhaps there's a I don't have to plan for retirement just well excuse me I just woke up. Thousand SA has Zeller can now buy it now but you know no matter where you are you gave you got issues and things to plan for but sometimes it's a little bit easier bets. Yeah others there's definitely a lot to watch out for right now. I know bad it's never. A great idea to become too speculative. Buy. Right now what would seem like anybody's guess is as good as anyone else's so what's gonna happen next NEC. Pair ups what the future holds regarding those. I can't imagine they act economic impact. Being foreseeable. He had it in and that's really come a big story there were following right now. You know it is to kind of put things in perspective you know everything that you really started in earnest on July 6. How that's all we had those tariffs of about 34 billion. On Chinese imports and then ending you know China on US imports. You know the next stop now there's the news about the 200 billion. In in imports now whether or not that actually materializes. Is is another issue. You know but what we're seeing right now is that the media narrative. Isn't necessarily jiving with the market reality and so when people are looking at the news and then trying to reconcile what's happening in there counts. There's a disconnect. And a lot of people are are trying to understand what the reasons are for the difference between what they're seen in the news and then what are seen in their investments. What's the best context to put this down I mean are we seeing times like this before have we seen this scenario before is there any history don't call back upon to decide but figure out what's going to be next. Yeah Andy question mean there's always been tariffs ranked in so this isn't necessarily. A politically dogmatic. Issue. You know the most recent tariff issue before this was march of sixteen. Obama. If she'd like a 2% steel tariffs on on certain import so it's it's not necessarily who's in the White House search. Whoever's controlling congress. But he you know when you look specifically at trade right now I mean did trade fears didn't weighed down June's job growth. We signed June headline payroll. About a two and thirteen thousand gain US slightly stronger than expected we saw average hourly earnings. Rise but we saw a year over year gain there so the labor force jump. About 601000. After three months of flat to declines even factory payrolls have surged. So when you think about damning mania fracturing payrolls jumped by 36000. This was the strongest number since 1998 according to the Department of Labor. See you've got all this stuff happening with trade you've got all these nude news headlines. And then like I said your opening up your 40 okay you're trying to figure out what the heck is going on there. Well some of the investment some of the market has done incredibly well. Cheer your date small company stocks you know in particular. Because they sell more predominantly to customers in the US they're not as exposed to trade issues may be is larger companies. So you know US small caps up like eight and a half percent year to date through June 30. So there again what we're seeing in the headlines all of this kind of wailing and gnashing of teeth when it comes to terrorist. It doesn't necessarily jibe with what we see in the markets right now then then that's not to say that there's some short term volatility. But what they see is that people are waking up in the morning there watching the news. There and they're looking at social media and they think that there's something that they got to do in their investments chances are. There's not something that you need to be doing with your investments right now. Smears so you should not always certain react to change. As is happening that's not necessarily always deployed. Oh laughs absolutely not and I'm telling people to you know number one. Don't let the media treat your account don't let the government trade your accounts we see these news headlines news headlines are dead after like thirty days. Your job is to focus on the next thirty years he got to have a plan and in that plan will help separate the short term noise all this nonsense that we're seeing right now and hearing. Verses hurt your chances for long term success. What the our own YD all and are these things we should be reviewing. Our pre regular basis right just checking our investments looking back at. Not just see the numbers were looking. At what it is we don't. Oh absolutely. I can't tell you how many times I'm and talk in the listeners. About their four ruling k.s or they have I so wins last time you logged in to check your 40 okay. Content and they're kind of sheepish about it right Saturday night that he could even tell him of my login or password isn't. That shouldn't be the case now that's not to say that you gotta have it you know in your head all the time but regularly regularly look at what you have. What do you alone how much do you opponent word the owner and what's the allocation. You know what he haven't stocks and bonds and cash. But no matter what those investments are no matter what's going on in the market where the economy or anything else. You have to focus on the long term you have to take care of yourself. Your family you have to be looking in in trying to reach those those goals that you have. But not only that. You don't have to take a lot of risk a lot of times that I can't tell you how many times and talk and the listeners and talking to clients. It during the week. And they can be more aggressive. But you don't have to be more aggressive at the mean if you can do everything that you need to do. In these fairly moderates in your investing save as much as he can for as long as he can do let somebody else be aggressive. If you just have to know what you have and and where you opponent otherwise you're just kind of things thrown darts at a board and the dude that is not. Any sort of key to a long term successful plan. There are ways to mitigate risk or imagined great pleasure start begin in the hope for a professional yes. Well look where that leads. But that you know it you're glad. I happen to know a couple of nice people here absolutely that's emphasis and I and we do I so you know we'd love to talk with you we'd love to help the blood debt. Gonna focus on that on the longer term approach to what you're doing you know if you want some help get out to financial engines dot com. Type your zip we you can talk a thirteen. What I don't want to do is if you take those calls from the pushy broker. Who's just trying to sell you some magical product there's not one thing out there that's gonna solve all your problems. No matter who once it is think that there is no matter how fancy were slick that sounds it's it's just not the case which you need to be doing is saving. Which need to be doing is figure out in a figuring out what your goals are. In goals aren't beating the market goals aren't doing better than your in a note all brother in law goals are this is one on one or oh this is what I wanna retire. This is how much Elena half. You know per month in retirement you need to work with somebody or be able sits at kind of build that plan on your own. So that your not looking at the market you're not looking at the news headlines and freaking out all the time. Again news headlines they're dead after thirty days your job is to focus on the next thirty years we'd love to be able to talk with you about that their financial engines that come. But who every top to make sure that they are working on your behalf they're doing what's in your best interest because otherwise. You're just gonna see you're gonna be sold something that you don't need and that is not any way to get through the market here. A wonderful information can be out your brother in law can just be the cherry. That's visits there on time hopefully my my brother lives and listen I'm glad that yeah that motivates you and as a good thing absolutely. Well retirement plan can be a lot less like the casino gift you take the right approach and I'm going to tell you what I I've heard from so many people myself get professional help go to financial engines dot com Andy Smith thank you so much to join us this morning. Menu the best take care have a great week budget and and you see 1110993. W BT and Luke gross arrow should. I'm not. Will live on the retirement dead then tonight the big war. He does little general store and ten girls go I was burned team. As the finest I ever had seen I'm asking I'm gonna have a war on women who have moment. The dozen names and you really love you really blew up in London this day. So the best so listen devils play the head. You're really blew up and then I didn't understand Mamas and the businesses that don't drive and Blue Devils right hand and then we'll try and mama said that this little visit doubles I had. You can. I'm very immersive business doesn't count them all go confused investors like knew the loans and lines okay. Tonight's lows and as soon found out. And then drove including pin and you I know London club so vulnerable forty. All the easy neighborhood and didn't know while. I never knew one MM didn't. Send them this. And I and I never knew why I do understand Mamas and the business this is devils could head. The devils I had the devils try men. Send them this blizzard doubles I had. Yeah. It's easy test not even their most secret wedding vows to prepare them for. Designer Miguel caballero gaining a loaded gun directly is still look at what you're Leno and pulling the trigger and hope. We'll. The food the points. Their latest products work so my husband. Antioch designs high in bulletproof. Clothing with books for the entire family ties and jackets purses accessories there's include any children's line and visit us at their Miami show room. Florida doesn't stores. You've decided to open in the US market why. We felt it was the moment they USC have a lot of times of course and it's part of the culture. We want to save lives as soon as we see something has a shooting amazing shooting. We need to be there. The body armor is currently 465. Million dollar industry in the US any expected to hit over five billion globally in the next six years. The rabid growth fueled by fears over an increasing number of mass shootings from Las Vegas to Parkland Florida. That's had this gun store in Miami NCR is version of the ballistic T shirt is front and center and rice just over 500 dollars. Gun store owner David Johnson says ballistic accessories such as selling out. We have a full spectrum of the lawyers. For my doctor is we have a lot of realtors. Are going to bid neighborhoods landlords have to collect rent. And that also is a self Florida we have. The home over road rage a lot of people just like to keep this in the back of the car just in case. What was once perceived as products for the highly trained now offered to the general public Nickelodeon comedy got into the business in 1992 year. Your native country ravaged by crime and murder drug lord Pablo Escobar at his peak and government corruption ran. Citizens feel safe there first foray into the US market came after unspeakable tragedy struck. Twenty children murdered at Sandia elementary in Newtown Connecticut. Caballero decided to design their first of bulletproof children's backpacks specifically for the US the cost 500 dollar deficit isn't the chilled. And back gas OK so tell me about this as I hold it it's not to having no it's you know like boot wound. So when the parent buys this backpack they then have to expend their child. This is what you do and yeah see exactly unfortunately I was Syria says fear and anxiety does bringing new customers we already solved I'll see yourself acting out archive yes after an apartment Shays tells us. Are you prepared for the backlash because there will be one people will say this is the company making a lot of money. Options fear. Based not. About T. Is that it's about protection. Currently there are 310 million dollars in US. He's given way to a growing market of people seeking protection. About hader and Robert Davis saw the opportunity. So they started as steadily in the first company in the US to offer ballistic couture. In the times as the doors open here in this store has the profile who's walking in off the street changed from. Yes I would definitely says there's no I get a lot more. Celebrities and politicians. The seats gusting clients anywhere from five to 9000 dollars. Fabrics immaterial all is unique is the product itself. Although most of their clients work for the US government they see more and more everyday Americans. Are willing to splurge background checks are not required by block for ballistic clothing. However he is illegal for convicted felons to diagnose it. Here let felons. Read his Palin dole. Freedom by. Bulletproof clothing. On bell and. America. Capitalism. Steroid no matter how bad. The news is. This good news. Goes hand in hand words there's about to be amended. You have the good news is just terrible. C. Those are opportunities. 500 dollar bulletproof T shirt. Nowhere in every day. There was OP yeah lucky. The Salisbury. Harris teeter got robbed. First of all I'll know who robs a grocery store. But things are huge. The smallest Harris teeter has a dozen registers. Are eager to gain control of that situation. Jake Alexander boulevard Salzburg. Hostages. Take. That's another question. How do you did taken hostage. New supermarket. No word how. Hedge your corner Demi third bios is getting now. He's got to go worry about now. I would make the mistake again in the frozen foods but I. I'm probably a probably climb in there where they were they QBG's. This cursor OSHA on WB two and I used to do see your summer doing referral counselor. So today's television sports listening. I hit it closer to my face to the Princeton smaller and smaller multiple. That's been getting gradually smaller and smaller. Every day. So in elections around the drama turn four Moussa Abu Mohammed toward the sprawls. Stage eight. The stars and half an hour. If you like to watch people exercise early. Mandela by likable mountain. That's challenging enough you turn it into our race. None. There's and understand while Lance Armstrong took drugs but wasn't those kind of drugs. Golf at 3 o'clock on CB ask golf at 3 o'clock on NBC. Boxing on ESPN tonight. Has my interest except I'll be going to bed at 230 in the afternoon. Seven piano morally. Morally. Knights are out of time. It is creeping up on 648. Will be back in. Or if you are happy birthday is around blow out a few candles this occurs for a show on WB two. Radio dot com today. Bruce Bruce Merrill. Weasel like about the job. There built in the she. Well there are for me. Feeling good. Pretty good show for us and play. Oh my god. I'll have enough and it's good. Her home improvements. And talk us through that prepares them. It's probably good. I knew it this. Shouldn't get a big head net. 48 years old. Lots of interesting people or born today. Imagine as cash just about every day. Tom par bull anyone anyone. Bristol boy take. The ice cream mobile. There's a fellow who can feel good about how he made his mind. Bringing Somalis. To the faces of children big and small life. One very wise person whose name escapes me once and but there is nothing about getting older. It softens the disappointment. While your ice cream falling off a scone. And I always remember who. Isn't so correct. Usually remember right before regular towel. Former president Gerald Ford. Was born in 1913. Joey stop holes. Don't know about Joyce dolls. I bet half of the I'll bet more than half of you do. Businesses North Carolina. Joyce dolls American wrestling commentator. And I believe. Believe. Founder. RB CW. Which was second. Only to that Cameron crazies. So far his best sports chorale. Just wonderfully creative people. What's funny is. Extreme championship wrestling fans. Then the Duke University student Cameron crazies. Would probably get along smashing one. Literally and figuratively. A smash finally. Got hammered Gregor. It's his birthday. He's stern. It's the. I remember when they were high end. Boy they call him mayor Gregor. Ford may well those go flag come under ended like armor murder. Carried him for nine rounds knock him out until. The gas maiming tomorrow. What's Floyd Mayweather got a mess around for more deep Bob sack dance. The gal like Honda and correct. I mean it's it's it wasn't a fight it was it was a boxing match. Don't get mad I'm Irish to. It was a boxing match. Why would Floyd. Have to spend. Thirty seconds. Taken that mind. To give the answer money's worth to give some to watch. Bush is our demands and entertain. And so it was McGregor all those sees started trial little hard maybe ala we always turning thirty. He will. In addition self reflecting. I think ideas. So I'm trying to do some self reflecting mound I can't remember for a bit. Wrong. I'll probably get better aside try to do more with a huge. It's a pleasure spend the Morgan we can all always use. A little back tomorrow morning. They let me do this two mornings a week now and as can be happier about it. I didn't get into it this morning sun days of batters how many line. I wish you all know I have Fabiano and send my first one mile oldest one's my biggest. My baby biggest. It was about to leave the house for college. She's leaving and a month. Having five kids ranging from 188. People think all or you're an experienced parent. Why don't have any experience with this. Now I'm just might need your. Ear to reach you and your. Shoulder lane on hold the all can do that forming on the Sunday can you. 7 o'clock a loving.