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The Chris payrolls you know. Yes. But until my personal level. The weather's going to be. Your radio. Emanate from Charlotte, North Carolina. I must say I'm together. Not the needs to be done anymore I think Charlotte is now Charlotte. Charles no longer Charlotte, North Carolina eyes just Charlotte. My include the North Carolina does open up parts important. Am those of you listening to me outside of the city limits. Thank you thank you. You're what makes North Carolina great. If you're up at this time on Saturday. You might be on your way home from some guy about jury for all I know but. It's not everybody who is it just dead to the world at 605. Point EA. On a Saturday morning. Those you have to get up and goes to do whatever you get up and do on Saturday morning. Be it help your booster league ball teams are. Go to that second job or put in those extra hours at that first job. Your Ford its food. Is what gives us the reputation as we have Massa is a hardworking people. I haven't forgotten their matters. And I thank you for joining me this morning. The other power. Has. Now for I think it's as if these numbers stand up and there are few minutes old and hopefully people are getting back on line all the time. Record numbers I have right here froze me there are still about 2000. Without power in Mecklenburg County. The other or 121000 that the leaked. So that was I was quite the storm. And I loved every second of all of the beyond the temperature go down I stood outside. And waited for the developing storm. To. Began. And there is not. I'm not crazy about summer. Mostly goes the word schedule I'll work I need is much night Thomas I care and to sleep I. They say it's hard to sleep for me during the summer keeping the schedule hockey as long as the days are. I understand most people like the longer days time. I'm. Not. Completely on one side when it comes to that but a lot of that has do with my personal circumstances. But those of you who enjoyed a long days this is your time of year this cursor arrow show on WBT is seven and a half. After 6 o'clock rock we're glad you're here this morning. One is dead. Arms arts say. After yesterday's storms 78 year old was crushed when I. Tree fell onto a car. I was on the wall nor. Now believe. Their vote or public have ever buy back on line. By noon today is what I'm seeing. And it's been my experience with duke power. Now I'm not speaking. From a wealth. Of experience or inside information. Just my personal experience. I lived just outside of Charlotte. And there's lots of trees and you know did a good win to take the power down for a little while. And we made a few calls. Two wobbly this 1800 power on I believe that's a mostly changed it. We meg quite a few calls to them. And the estimated time. Marie connection. And the time it actually re connects there's often a disparity in your favor. If they say is going to be back on by two. You got a chance is gonna be back on about one. They give themselves. The only way for. The enforcing. And have the powers out he still let's they usually dues. So let's that's Smart. All we went without power here in the air because low rolling brownouts a ball he last week. And we managed not to stay off. More about fifteen. Meant so time. I don't know the conditions are such that anyone has huddled in their hallway. With her Bauer battery powered AM Mario. Bob. Waiting for the other shoe to drop who's listening to me about. Welcome. Lot going on this more helping the beautiful weather or something to be celebrated. This time last week I was talking about the kids in the cave in Thailand. Sand. I am Holden now. I am holding out for a happy ending. Here we are its next week now they were talking at the top about this could take months. I'm hearing less chatter about that because. I I don't believe they believe that they have malts. There's talk of oxygen levels in the caves and whites. What the weather means there's what they say. The law of diminishing returns. They're phrase. Is beginning to kick in regarding pumping water. Out of the K. I heard they were spared some rain the other day. But that's not necessarily the long term forecast. That's a tough tough story to follow. ABC's Matt Gutman. Well he's got to. He's got the Abbas proximity. He's. He's there or not to say this is one of those feast or famine journalism moments if this turns out okay. That fellow is gonna have. This wonderful story he covered. But heaven for fans. They're not go the way. We all hope it's going to go. And I imagine you'd wake up thinking about that every more and falsely planted a bomb every night. But I'm Matt Gutman with ABC is fouling some reports try to keep the rest of us updated on this. Tell us which can map. He's only eleven years old had an arduous journey ahead and snow and can be seen huge could begin soon. Try to eight inches. Two already submerged camper. Inside the case there's the direction of oxygen for Reid has about 400 rescuers at any given time move throughout the cave. The air supply is diminishing rapidly. Panacea. And I don't like that it's who. And why would any sane person like that. That was my worry. More than anything else apparently this cave is huge. I don't know if they have any where they can go. Farther into the cave I don't know thank you go deeper into the cave to escape more water or not. Well what do morbid possibility but. They've got. Adults with them. They have supplies with them. Spirits seem high from the little bit of footage were gaining for men's side. Probably be heard Matt say the began on the report there that the youngest is eleven years old. I sure am glad there are some grownups and some sixteen year old son Marron. You know I think you'd live us. Is what love manly man and halts. Inside of us. I believe. Situations like this. Is what gives that a purpose. This is the real. Type of toughness. This is the real. Type of bravery. So many men. Are so afraid. Of being. Seen. As a week. That they let this door to their perception. Or what it means to be a man. I don't think a man as a guy that. Beats up stranger for a look in his girl forum. I believe the man has type person. Point dive into a cave to save children. Who would stay there with them. To reassure them. Now that takes digging down deep. Takes more reducing. Your fear. Two adrenaline. You better help you perform a task. I told Deb once we were talking about. How many Ambien in her being a fairly new host and all that just basically. The radio version of stage fright did I give it. And no I don't. And the reason is I learned a long time ago. That but they call stage fright. All that is there's adrenaline. That's all it is. You can recognize that. Harness that and use that energy to augment your performance. What these gentlemen and Thailand. But tasks they have before them. Here. It is not going to be able to call the shots and get this done. And they know it. We've already lost someone. In this rescue attempt we'll have more on that later role. Pay him on. More proper more proper tribute. This is the real kind of brave. This is the kind that inspires. And I have five is a mile and all I just want those kids be okay. They say the pumps. Aren't a good idea anymore. Oh like the sound of that. It seems like that would mean that the water. Is rising too fast for it to make a difference but that's just one that's when you keep pumping. Meg coming to until say more about that. Thai officials say they are getting closer to the point at which they're gonna start extracting those soccer players and their coach from the cave they have to do it while they're still in good health and while there oxygen levels are still decent basically they're breeding and seventeen and a half percent oxygen which is. Basically the oxygen level that you exhale after taking in a Brett. I'm afraid is a layman that doesn't mean a whole lot to him. I wish there was a way to go away from the top. No just dig a hole in his stick your head in upside down hey what's going on down here you know. But there's a mountain on problem. Then have to be a big hole and you talk about the law of diminishing returns taking them. I have the feeling drilling on a mountain that's on top of that cave. Could backfire kind of quickly. But I'm not give up hope on this one. I mean I hope has taught me some harsh lessons. Now you know just as just his love as a small. Valentines and chocolates. Hope it isn't home victory. We'll take it for now. Until we can celebrate. Their return home. Now what coming up on the shows more and what Mohammed and see some moment. Yeah you miss the Cold War. Well I don't worry because we've started trade war. Bob memories. Brezhnev and those eyebrows. Well take a look at the sports on TV well Bolten has under way. There's a pretty big UFC tonight. Listen that features now we do. This Chris furlong WBD and Charlotte, North Carolina is 619. This is for us for our own shares of good morning. WB two radio. Usual landstuhl suit. I think. Yeah. Don't startle. But it appears that way. You can do it suddenly. You know maybe a little bit on the wing scare him. I don't know exactly how you might do that but and maybe you think it's something. Powell just. Not all share that. Man greatly consider you know we we appreciate that. Type of consideration. Sofa. If he's not away. And you think you can wake him up. Given a shot. He won't get mad. If he has to wake up that's the way to do it. And if he doesn't. It is about slip through wants to. But. That's well. You can start someone's where they offer or. Is waking them up gently. It's nice we don't have to run around the house and induced. Linger. There is a plan for game these boys well I I'd like to hear the plan. The C James long man tell tells about the plan here. The time for waiting is over. Originally ruled out just too dangerous rescue is now believe they may have no choice but to dive the truck boys through the maze of flooded passage ways. The new danger. No oxygen levels in not cave posing a significant threat to their survival. Officials say there is a limited amount of time to get the boys and their coach out with flooding rains closing in Thai Navy SEALs for proceeds of buddy de ice system. Fighting them on that treacherous journey mini three miles of the mouth of the cave extended distances are completely under water. The risky operation could begin in the next 24 hours according to an internal US government report obtained by ABC news. The US parts of the international effort on the ground. The death of a former Thai navy seal a stark reminder of apparel they'll face 58 year old signed you're not losing consciousness on her return die from where the boys are stranded and could not be revived and military transport draped in white and black ribbon. Carrying his body to the apple. But many now asking if the trip claimed the life of a skilled driver to the boys the youngest just eleven stand any chance for field staff. That sent shockwaves through the cap and it really made everyone think. And I'm getting I'd point out as quick as possible imagine how much more rain. Who full and how much more water to seep into those tanks officials say they've been learning to breathe underwater. Plan B drill through the solid rock to reach the voice from above. Teams have tried more than a hundred holes but have not yet found a way to get to them. The boys have been underground for two weeks that parents sending them that's his inside the cave. Desperately waiting that's safer time. Polls open no. I feel a little brother or after hearing that didn't quite work out. Nobody is given up yet. A single footage on mossy those smiles we'll see that strength. Don't want that strength to be part of the world's future. So stay on task. Thoughts and prayers have gotten a little cynical about that. Can't hurt or there's. Cursor old WB too its six point nine she. Your your. Chris furlong WB Xeon server. 637. Seventh month of the years of there left on. Ramallah. Let's all of got chronologically. Kind of a walls. For sports. Magazine may want Bolton just started. Okay. And it starts 8 o'clock on non. On ESPN if you must. It's not up against much to don't. World Cup. You know it's so ubiquitous. 'cause of the media bush on soccer. It's hard to tell. If it's gained popularity or not. But pleasure to see whether you want to or not I mean there's. You put it everywhere. And everybody's seen it. That doesn't mean it's popular. That means that she backwards. Popular is everybody wanting to see. And I don't know how the numbers on these games are so far as. Successfully. I know me at the success successful broadcaster and the United States. Always Sweden's plane England. This morning. 10 o'clock our time. Again us. Russia is playing Croatia. That's like. A solid. Texas playing Oklahoma are the stuff that's. Mosul World Cup. Plan their own states. NBA's summer league there's the but does any thing for him. You'll more from a Thailand here. I spoke with the head coach of that soccer team he told me that he's always told the boys to be brave and strong. Just like the team's name the wild Boortz. How old did you learn they had it disappeared. I had they gotten he says he started receiving calls from the parents after their kids did return home from practice. How did you learn that the kids have actually gone to that came. Prop eight he says he went out searching himself. Came upon a bicycles and backpacks of the boys. Oh boy. So apparently it wasn't the head coach. But it took them out there I know they have adult swim with them apparently among them is not the head coach. We're gonna see is one took off looking for. And you see their bikes and stop Assad McCabe that they frequent. I think hey great. Do you call Foreman I don't come. Dig on their look for a man. You can't find them. Before you arrive and the stuff you would need scuba gear to keep going. And although. They'll look so tough down there seuss'. My new age. We're probably gonna get to watch about every business. Where is going to be documented. And someone. There are at least. Camera phones inside the K we know that we've seen footage. And I think it's good. That. We can maintain that type of contact. During this ordeal. And it's gonna make for some amazing. Pictures when they get out when they emerge. That's going to be some new history. That's something we have to look forward to. When they walk now. But that's gonna feel like for everybody. Whatever happens is gonna be walled document. And that's why this can't go wrong. That's why this has to work. Because the alternative is unspeakable land. We liked at all. Producer crew us once again put normal stuff everywhere. There were 2000 without power Mecklenburg County earlier this more and there are 121000 without at the peak. Well I have ever by the open bar and and by noon today. So far. You know your miss from rumbled to and maybe he'll still catch soccer. Also my last week the story of the cave last week there is another story last week. A murderer. And an extended stay America. Motel. Which like robbery was the mode of they're still looking. They have a person of interest but they're still looking for. You know Jamal Griffith. Tell them the cops won't talk to a home. Just declare this thing up okay. Jamal Griffin still being sought by police have been knows whereabouts. Crime stoppers 911. We appreciate it. One must personal look for. None. Trying to address this. Without. Making myself full core idea. But because of all of whom it's critical. Boris is hard. Miller story from last week and young man. On. Flipped over. His car. On his way to. On his way to a fire. He hit another car. There's a fire truck that blew up the salute fresher story. But fell lost control of his car. And a hit another vehicle with two women and it. We're still in the hospital. This fellow wasn't in a fire truck. He was a personal vehicle. Saga we brought during most broadcasts. 'cause it would seem to be in bad taste but. This was avoidable. And the way to avoid it. Won't suffer worthy. Don't fire fired travel safer. And that's just a pariah or. This has happened before. Young man. Typically volunteer. Firefighters. We'll have a lighten their car. In case they get a call while their their regular job. They put that thing in the front and they really. They appeal help us. We show man losses Lafayette have to. And the news. Predisposition. Led him to become a ball Ontario fire fire. Our imagine the rest of them. It was pretty virtuous to. These are the type of people. We like to have. As part of our future. And young women. I can't tell you much about that except the storm the hospital. A fire truck. Flipped over. And don't fire fires are going to be okay. When this was just yesterday apple. And it seems that there are a lot of emergencies. Being created. By vehicles. In route to other emergencies. Just talk about adrenaline. Keep it under your bombed keep it under control. A lot your adrenaline. Don't get so excited. Or so convinced that your needed so badly. Right now. In a different place. Because it could wind up. You don't reach that place. And how awful was that. So I guess my messages for everybody. Look out for emergency vehicles of course. They're not always official looking vehicles. And if you're driving public servant or not if you're driving. Just remember a lot of the rest of the saarc to. And play from families. This chorus girl WBT. It is six Fauria. This cursor Ella WB two young son. I didn't want to pay up proper tribute. To the gentleman who lost his life and touring that cave. And think it deserve something no. Pay. Less raucous. Introduction. Syria who has who has this report. It is ABC's John long man. I can tell us about this. German who gave his life trying to save some kids. Terrifying developments in the case the first fatality in the increasingly dangerous mission. To rescue those twelve boys MS Silva coach error. Former Thai Navy SEALs killed. While bringing at tanks to staging areas along the planned escape route authorities say 38 year old some on pure non. Could rejoin the seal Sony to help the search died from a lack of oxygen his dive on a finding him unconscious in the water. During the one mile swim from weather boy the stranded back to the operation facing K three. A treacherous trek went teams must Shimmy along ropes sifting through narrow passage ways. In the play and winning must died near zero visibility and this currents that way. A new video shows that even in areas not fully submerged for. Don't miss a ball just above the water with fed enough room for rescue with heads below the ceiling continues right to pull themselves through the case. We now know that waiting for the water to recede on its own is not an option authorities confirming that the boys have a limited amount of time before they run out of oxygen. A large number of rescuers in and out of the cave also using up the usable as supplies. All maybe one or two days and that it's always coming. But the big problem did there's a lot to end. K so will they knew them before the thought this film yes definitely. Still the Thai Navy SEALs are hurtful posting a promise to some on on FaceBook writing today you get some good rest we will complete the mission for you. Boy are you see while I was hoping has slowed the water some McCabe. Could subside to the point where no one had to scuba dive through any thing. It doesn't appear. The that's going to work out. Folks there's not a lot we can do from here. But we can. Uses as a reminder. No Saturday. Now backed off the mushy stuff full battles get old creepy and now. But. If I may revisit that had just a bit. Today is Saturday. We don't know how many we get away only get so many and we have no idea how many that is. Don't put things off. You don't know when a situation is going to arise. That is going to compromise. You're access. To those sayings that are part of your daily life. Every time we separate ourselves. We're assuming the risk. The vessel last summer procedure Asha stone. Now us salute. Let's heavy buzz always true. And I'm not saying there's big enough for a hug. Many of these kids could a guy before they left. For soccer practice. There would even now. What everyone is feeling now. But you want to get the most. Out of every moment. We can't fix everything. But we can make. The best. Of how things are. And don't lose sight of that. Because sometimes the news can make you. Question why us all about and what times you decide well. Must not be about anything in particular is fleeting as of the dozens. Quickly as I can go way and four and for no good reason. This didn't happen for good reason. While like that kids go outside and still some more on the world we stopped doing that here. We go outside so infrequently we don't even need to more storage. That's how advanced we've become an America. This is an in place war. Kids still play sports and kids still explored caves and I hate. Anything that comes along that comes Lauren happens this happens a lot. That. News of it would discourage. All others. From living their lives honestly SA normally won't. Is this going to make a parent told her child and no you can't take that walk to your friend's house. Just because the better safe than sorry thing is so strong when you see those pitchers from the cave. There's a kid got a stop going outside think and I don't wanna get start somewhere or they can't rescue me worse gonna take a month to rescue me. I'm not asking anyone to live. But paranoid life. But just keep in mind that. Nothing is impossible. Crazy things can happen. But. There's an upside to that. Things can happen things can still happen. And that makes me think. Something good. May still happen in Thailand. This is Chris Ferrell WBT on Saturday morning and I'll be back tomorrow morning at six please drawn main. All of you.