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And Chris Farrell you know. It was flat out. Us girls girls girls don't learn. I'm awfully glad to whip me. I'm glad you'll still listen to him. Unlike certain receivers. And certain quarterbacks. You know I don't think there's. Anything quite as all won't call scary. But. As intimidating. As someone who walks up to you. And puts their hands behind their back. And Austin patients manner. Asked to say. I'm not gonna knock your hat off. Let's just what he did he walked up and put his hands behind his back. Both guys are six. Goodness gracious. That scrap would be ugly. But cam apparently want to make peace sort of fellow. Held on having nothing to do with the tea. Also cams MVP season. The same season. That Kelvin Benjamin was out injured and. I'd be trying to make friends I would I you know I would certainly be. Taking that a fellow up on an offer to make peace. But just is. And eighties rockers doc and prove to us back in the day. You don't have to get along with each other to be bombastic when successful. Kelvin had. For cashes them touchdown. Or own a motor home. And around. To my knowledge they had made up some. So that's a thing. Intense competitors. Do well. Is they use. Adverse circumstances to their advantage. I'm not quite sure. If Cam Newton. Had to force himself. Throw the ball to Calvin Benjamin. Button ballot. You see the color of the Jersey that's open in the end zone before you receive a number. And you throw to a right color jurors. Chris Charles RWB tearing us seven and a half after 6 o'clock. On this. August today. I would Riggio the forecast except to say that this bill is just August is still August. About nine leader in the day could rain. But some day at night could line now. August in North Carolina. But about competition. So many dreams. Are up in the air. Now I'm not talking about the cut at the PGA championship I'm talking about. Making the roster of an NFL football team. So many dreams just floating above that stadium waiting to land. Waiting to find a home. The Panthers I saw on Thursday night I spent the first quarter gain ready for. Spend the second core driving to work. And spent the second half here running the game. The Panthers that I Saul. Whoever they work. Did very well. Of course there's only so much you can. Derive from these are fellows if you're playing and the second half of the first pre season game. You're fighting for a roster spot you're probably not fighting. For a starting spot. There's time for that. Work your way up. Just like anywhere. I had team draft sykora back in the first round they rarely. Start the season with. But I am happy that. Cam and Kelvin. Can't apparently worked together or just fine. There lotion on my. You took the job first. And I can become your rallying point. That just spiked. The adversity in the relationship that you can still succeed. High performers take pride in things like that is what drives them. Our member of the first. Incarnation of the Charlotte hornets before they moved. To New Orleans. Are Michael Jordan. Store player. And he come to town bare butts are renowned men. But I feel the games were close and we even managed to beat the bulls. Wants and the blue moon. But when those bulls have visited the hornets. Hornets. Had this would be no voice this the. All do that too long. Sorry for. Sorry for how long did it. When. The visiting team had the ball. They would play this buzzing dollars. Mean very irritating I guess the idea. Was to irritate. The opponent. Which I don't think is terribly sporting no matter where York. I mean chatter and baseball chatter in Little League Baseball asleep there and it's. Just because that's gone and we're not asking it's not that far. But when I watched those games. I watched Michael Jordan. But come that beat. And I would be like turn off. The Betty. Don't you see what's happening. It's happening right in front view every time you turn that be on these stings us he's become the B. Well I'm the boss told me to play the bee slow let's get our ballots walloped. Chris Merrill on Saturday morning and we're I have good Thomas Moore has about time to. Talk to Andy Smith again on non. Enjoy waxing philosophical with you folks are renowned man I have to throw on some substance. And he's gonna talk about the markets with us that's coming up next segment. Next half hour we got worldnews local news. The TV sports listings just there and history. Northern you can bet on your plate so let's get to cultural WB tape it is 612. And a half yeah you feel a radio dot com's Dave again. Chris furlong senator listening for and find something appropriate for talking cashier in the city hub. Sorry dog there. Football pearl. The Panthers had their fan fest a couple of Fridays ago and every body was more excited than nervous. Because things look pretty good they always do this time here but. You look at the markets. The numbers look pretty good. But it seems people are more nervous than excited it's a wonderful time to have on the phone Andy Smith senior vice president of financial planning. At financial engines and coast of investing cents which again here on WBT. This and every Saturday morning at 10 o'clock mr. Smith have you been on. I'm being dead man I you have. I've been doing very well I've been keeping an eye on things and like I say. While the numbers look pretty good it is still it's still kind of the people walking on eggshells just bill were you talk about what your client seized. We have I'd say you know it's it's it's interesting that you pick up on that because we're seeing kind of the same thing you know people are looking at the news. On the another top of the people who were. They're they're trying to follow things in common so one more meeting with clients who were covering a lot of what we see happening or the potential. For what's you know upon us here in the second half. But Tony eighteen. And it basically has to do this kind of two different story lines that kind of some global divergences. Right now on the markets and there's three big areas one has to do with corporate earnings. Right so we've finished the second quarter a lot of companies are are reporting earnings. You know a lot of it has to do with monetary policy. So that the Federal Reserve and other central banks around the world what are they doing with interest rates. And finally and you know what's happening with would trade tensions we talked about this last time in terms of and then there's differing story between what people are reading in the news you know regarding tariffs. With China and then what CAPTCHA actually happening in the markets to talk about. Kind of you know what people are trying to expect here with football or trying to figure out what to expect here with the markets because he got beat get ready for the second half of the year. Tensions is the word trade tensions us real nervousness I was talking about coming from people just don't know how this is going to unfold. What do we need to know. Well look to earnings will just kind of go in order with earnings that you know that the major developed markets. Are faring a little bit better then emerging markets took place in Japan. The United States there's still a dancing. I Europe is positive sides to its fading just a little bit for a couple of different reasons. But then you look at expectations for China. You look at expectations for emerging markets they're sinking a little bit. So when you look at your borrowing case when you look at your IRA when you talk senior advisor it may not be a time to to buy more. In emerging markets. You know even with the international stocks which had. Now I in developed kind you know in developed markets so things like you know Europe to some extent. Japan. Maybe some South America. Seven south American companies you're gonna wanna watch that. And then you know look at how much stock in what types of stock which you have in your 401K. We're still overweighting. The US stocks domestic stocks to international. And inside the US were still putting a little bit more money towards larger company's stock then mid cap or small cap stock. So you think about that first earnings peace. Two different story lines two different things may be ditching need to be thinking about there in your in your counts as we move through the rest of the year. Look at what about monetary. Policy that you mentioned. Well with monetary policy said here's the scoop the is that this Federal Reserve. It's hike to seven times hiked rates seven times since Tony fifteen. That apple and see. Is the members think that they're gonna hike rates a couple more times in this cycle that you. You know market may think a little bit differently so we're trying to you know kind of thread the needle here in terms of what the Fed is saying vs what the market saying. Other central banks around the world they're getting active. By the bank Canada. Bank of England reserve bank of Australia they're all set to height. You look at the Bank of Japan and you look at the European Central Bank they're probably on hold for the next year but then they're gonna hike. So when you look at your money I'm having clients who could think about a couple of different things number one I always want to watch their that. Especially if they have any adjustable rate mortgages. Not a fixed. Fifteen year fixed thirty year mortgage against the house but being seen on notes that could reset. As rates continue to change watcher credit card debt anything that has the ability to fluctuate. You're gonna wanna take care of in control here as we move through the rest of the year for your investments. A lot of that just comes down to what types of buying you holding your account if you have long term treasuries if you have long term. Corporate bonds. How long term global or international bonds. Those are gonna be a little bit more or less sensitive to any interest rate change. As we move through the rest of the year so you know you're gonna wanna keep your sensitivity to interest rates your duration fairly low fairly short. So that if we see more rate hikes you're not gonna get absolutely hammered. In these bond investments that you have to goes to the types of things that you that you really need to be watching when it comes to all of the Central Bank actions here around the world. And for a lot of investors this is their first trade war. And that you don't really as did some of the younger ones it could be their first trade war or not. And they don't necessarily know how how to watch their money were guarding held trade is affecting that I imagine you could shed some light on that forest. Absolutely so we talked about this last timing others this difference. I kind of this discrepancy between what do what you see in the media. And much actually actually seen the market's okay you know with trade tensions. Companies right now as they're talking through their second quarter earnings results companies are mentioning a stronger US dollar. More than anything else when they're talking about challenges that they're trying to prepare for security the rest of the year. So far US stocks that held onto the gains. A lot of analysts think that the US is in a better positioned to withstand an economic downturn even if other countries are hit it. How we talked about this with China last time what they yeah stand to lose verses where you know where we are and that tit for tat. And I you know kind of still struggled back and forth. So what I'm telling clients what I'm telling listeners two investing sense right now as saying you know don't let the media treat your account. Don't let the government treat your cap try to remove emotion. Try to remove politics from your money and just realize that there's a pretty big disconnect between all the news headlines and in a lot of the kind of greens meaning that you see at a DC. And market reality if you can do that if you can plan for longer term yup time frames. Those are going to be the things that you can do tended to kind of mentally prepare emotionally prepare. For volatility and I'm not saying that there's going to be volatility and just saying you have to find a way to remove emotion from your money otherwise. You're gonna trade everytime you see any headlines you're gonna trade every time you see some headline out of DC that's that's no way to to manage your money right. It's low salt no longer game Dunlap is absolutely absorbed. Well if people wanna get in touch was viewed need to know more about this where they go. It's pretty easy financial engines dot com. You know just like we're doing for our clients were getting ready for a couple of changes in battle why is within the account for getting ready for the next. You know a couple of quarters of the year he need to get ready for the second half of the year as well because what's come before and Tony seventeen. What's come before in the first couple of quarters of Tony eighteen. May not be what we see later on a year or into next year so you know make sure that you have a plan. Make sure that that's personalized to you and not just some broker trying to sell you some bomb in aesthetic goods. Financial engines that concept time with their local team because you need to be get ready here for the next half. Some org is pretty good time to be an American and all this as an adult. Absolutely you know I'd say it's you never in the history of the world that we've seen a greater or more powerful wealth creation engine then we she was with the American markets. And with that Andy Smith financial engines coast of investing census going to be on attend this morning I suggest you listen to what I will be listening tour Andy Smith thank you so much financial engines dot com if you want more until next time my front. So nice to have access to such a Smart guy. Next half hour Ahmad talk about the fans' loyalty just a bit I have a bit of dilemma all mine it's. This week I will be seen my oldest kid off to college. And it's an ACC school. Does not tutorials. Should I root for now. Pope thanked out loud about that this is Chris Cheryl on the crush Ferrell show appropriately enough. It is six Tony at WPG. Leading Charlotte country city. Only here on Saturday morning. Mean Saturday night's come and bill and their job. Boy not fun. Saturday morning and sport promise war and exciting weekend. Or maybe just more long. Chris heroism. 638. I am. Mentors Tommy here where. 6:30 AM 6:30 PM. Well look the same. I assure you it's morning. There's nothing to be a flurry of this just a morning. I am taking. Mine now adult daughter of one. I am taking my oldest kid. To college this week. Please just leave my heart. And Raleigh. How does it happens so fast really now. I grew up. First as a UN CC. 'cause that's what it was back. A UN CC basketball thing. My dad's a graduate. Of UN CC. And would still remember me. Calling Marquette mark wet. Before 49ers game. Now is almost six years old up and goes don't think. There's a cute you right there are good. But remember in 1977. When the UN CC 49 Ers. Had Cedric Maxwell. And went to the final four. Those exciting. Two BA then. You end CC. Plan. Big Simon has waned a bit in the last 42 acres. They've got football now things are going well. I'm. Well to have them and tackle. Well I got older. UN CC's. Seasons. Started ending earlier. And I looked until dark. That's what the bus or the family didn't. My dad even as the UN CC graduate. You know whats he gonna do when there are no more games to watch. So most people even have their hometown team. Even if at their heart their favorite team. Is lousy. They usually have a competitive. Team. Somewhere in their top three. So that they have a rooting interest into the playoffs and what makes cents. My daughter. Will be going to state. She's not goal and a Chapel Hill it's not going to UNC say. How long do why half. In my transition I'm not going to be one of those house divided things that's it just isn't that big a deal. I do I owe it to her. To start rooting for state. She's not into sports at all. She's and the Madison. Thank goodness. Not to worry worry about are now. Blown out knee while she gets a shot. But I remember the cardiac packed our member. Jim bow ban though. Well a burden to carry the Canon. Pearl Bailey with that. All Libyan radio voice won a voice that. The pipes on Pearl Bailey manhunt. She broadcasting anywhere. Men don't have that voice. I wouldn't had a good trade school I had his voice. I have great affection. For NC state. But the Tar Heels are McCain. I'm not one Lisa says us. I realize I have little to nothing. To do my friend them there's not really benefit them. In any tangible way. I understand that like I say I don't make that big a deal. But I would imagine. My daughter. Is going to be a boost or for all things NC state. Mean she's going to be. A student this year. Where she gave me tickets. Pay Soriano come visit you this weekend. All that's great that you know there's a game this weekend there is. I had no idea. But let's sell it to state vs Carolina. I've been a tar heel fan my entire adult life. And I are remember running around the living room. When. Jordan hit the shot against Georgetown. Now were these kids need to miss those free throws. I kept a little to enter sting a little too long for me you need to missiles reverse David. Nor my favorite player but he did not need to miss both of those three throws. Wells like valve and no in my living room. Screaming like an idiot looking for some I don't hug. If not and the crowd. MI with my daughter. While lower my team. You know I would imagine. Over time. I'll just identify stay. More and more. With nine. Not so little girl. And that's a big switch. Things change in life in ways she wouldn't. Consider ways you don't seek common. Visit would be the first time in my life. Nor are rooted first date. Over Carolina. But it's not like duke where I have led. Disaffection for the team I must say I'm not monies bashers. But I. Like even like force more health. And I run the tar heel games here. We're the home of the story. And boy are we ever. So great place to work during basketball season. But I imagine. Justice fatherhood. Over my. My personality. And not a moment too soon. I imagine my fanned them. Well. Moved closer to home. So it's natural. And all next day you don't like stake. Couple of national titles. Cardiac pet my goodness was or anything more from the map. What Iran. Seemed like every other night there was a numerical. Speaking of miracles. This sounds like something. I have science fiction. But. Science. Fiction. Doesn't truly exist anymore. Are we got a weaponized space. Martha Raddatz. Donald Trump has been enthusiastically. Advocating for space force as a separate branch of the military we are going to have the air force and we are going to have. The space force. Separate but equal there are very real security threats in space but the US has a vast array of military intelligence. And communications. Satellite. With sensors that track anything from missiles to driving directions on your phones and those could indeed be vulnerable we already have a space command under the air force with 30000 personnel working on keeping our space assets safe so some believe a new space force would just add a layer of bureaucracy did is not needed. But to trump team is already turning this into a political cause asking supporters to vote for their favorite space force logo. Intending to sell a line of merchandise. To support the trump campaign. It's nice to have some different news out of Washington bullets now they don't mind your kids over here. Space for so it's comical. Well this isn't. You know we got to put missiles on mar our scouts trying her best. I don't think the other plants are a threat. TV sports today PGA championship. It has what should. Jump out that yeah. Not coverage starts at 11 AM on TN TP. It just can't get start early enough. To pay down. CBS will take over there was a rain delay there you're going to be seen the end of the second round. And something called the junior NBA world champion Chicago. Not I don't know how you have a junior world champion. Does when the senior world champion be the real world champion. Anyhow that's got to be on fox. All afternoon Amin. Starting at 1 PM. And the last hill. There's going to be 845. So not exactly sure what this is but might be worked check in now. This feel like basketball can't get enough basketball. Take a look at the next generation. There is one. NFL pre season game tonight. Have to have enough on the work. Vikings and Broncos. This Chris firmer longer come back and blow out a few candles at 650. Yeah you know radio dot com stay here you're. Being. First girl. In the near up already. Thank you thank you for being. They're just not fun and. Come here every week. I invite you along for the ride tomorrow morning where they give me a couple hours. In addition notes. Their way of staying pious as to give me two hours so I think. May big. Talking about Tom flying most kids growing up can you believe this is already been a year. Preparations are under way to mark the anniversary of deadly violence in Charlottesville Virginia. White Nationalists and neo Nazis protesting the removal of the confederate statue and were met by counter protesters. Sides engaged in violent brawls. And counter protester had to hire was killed when she was struck by car the crowd into crowds. I think this blame on both sides organizers of the unite the rights rally have a permit to march and demonstrate. As do groups like black labs matter and even someone who will burn a confederate flag members of the answer coalition are ready. There's been an increase in acts of hate to end white supremacist propaganda since the Charlottesville I want count more than 3000 incidents mostly in the eastern US. They're being Bea is warning it may expel anyone attending to all try to rally as it did in Charlottesville. I hope that information was of value to our listeners I'm not going to elaborate. Locally we wanna keep ourselves say folks home concorde were just cyclist was killed. By a car. Chesterfield county South Carolina a motorcyclist. Was killed. The old. Conqueror blue was a bicycle. People shot three people shot outside. Shopping Sarah lost boulevard. Know let's let's. People look out for one another. Look twice save a life there are motorcycles. And pedestrians. And pat say listen let's save the pats Lauren. They're just effort. So. Don't get distracted when you drive let us. Well let us provide the entertainment for you keep jas on the road news people locked in the WB two you do. Very important to. Alex haley's birthday is not only the author of roots. But he is author of the a fish. Malcolm X biography. And Ithaca, New York nineteen point one. Mike Douglas. Who introduced the world to Tiger Woods. Was born in 1925. We lost him in person works. Jerry Falwell's Burton. Who shares a birthday there. With Hulk Hogan. Terry bully. Is his. Real name. Let's say if if his real name of his birth certificate name world Hulk Hogan is gonna choices got to become arrests are. And happy birthday. To. Comic podcaster and UFC. Blue stirred Joseph Rogan. Happy 51. Birthday jump. I imagine beer will be a factor. Mostly delta march 6 comeback well.