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The increased payrolls you know. The owners. Right now. You Carolina. Reported sales. Obama. They're. Come to town next wave. Try to control our plan. Els. Nobody wins and our panel's. All right are we exactly. Actually a little. But there are on the road. Rumor or home. Went on for a lot of things we have been known for our own village management. I do believe. There's time to turn that around. It's always okay. To be excited and this on air. Some good numbers from Baghdad. They left most of the starters in for half. Log. Nine for twelve. Mr. Newton. Well ten for thirteen were really. Manner reception. It's a completed pass. Half the people involved are very happy. I couldn't had a touchdown one of those passes soars for a touchdown. And I was tour rookie. Ian Thomas. Who. I believe that. If you're a rookie NFL work. In the pre season. In the second pre season today. Awfully happy. When the starting quarterback. League MVP a couple years ago. Croshere toy seven yard touchdown pass. Where most of point seven yards lone year. I understand that Ian Thomas. Our fourth round pick. We. Showed showed a real flash for. Being able to out run the opposition. Which is just what you wanna do. Provided you're carrying the ball. Christian McCaffrey's from the one yard touchdown Iran. On the second play of the game. Per hour second blurred them on over won the toss. I was. I was in most of his yards. Modest gains. I also love the 71 yard touchdown run. Under no circumstances. Do you do some notes. I assumed a one yard touchdown run and I don't think it's. A good sport. But qualify as a loss or blunder that way. I mean I'm all think bill bloggers going today you know that they've had dirt was just blew a bit higher man how would a good. Moehler got that grounder. What may Amanda dirt was too low. We're teams you know than the score. The score the end of the first quarter is. Known 462. In the off and then. The final score lines are being 52 to three. A villain for left first corner. Boy you say this sense of urgency. Left spoon. Lord distance there was an hour. Respective. Points accumulated. Decision. At thirty bobbed up and we started. Thinking about those things. This is the grocer rose show on WB 2 on the Saturday morning. Don't worry it's always there day. Now another day to a for the summertime yard work. Which I'm Angie do I have in the long let's. My excuses on the we've paid somebody to do it it's. We say that every time there and every time the grass is mowed. Why are we go for a 2 point conversion. I am I against depart this Lou two point conversion right. We're up six nothing more got Graham did no. One understand the fuel goals aren't chip shots anymore. EA do things like. Practice needless two point conversions. Below the pre season that's when you do and I understand. But. Extra points. Are Jimmy's anymore. Mike and hello. There's only on the second season this along with a all the other characters. Except broke these are on their first season of everything. That he missed his only kick. And that's what we liked about him. Is that he doesn't seem to ever miss. Just because he's bin automatic. Doesn't mean don't be Automask. Well look the guy out that I'm very happy we have now. Give them a pre season to the the kicking game is changing. A little give them Tom and a get adjusted. Because. The kicker or may be. The outcast of the team or at least that's the cliche. Idol thing that's really case on the inside. The way a lot of people say is from the outside. Simply because kickers. Have one too many football games kickers have been the hero to many times. Bridget third string linebacker Neal hot Hoosier kicker you can name your kicker. Kickers important city. I remember one the raiders took Sebastien genachowski. And the first round. Take our place kicker in the first round. The guy's got like you're 64 Yorkers. If you see your great one that's going to be that's going to be. Responsible for a lot of points. And they say this. Gamers want and neutral ranges there's one at the bottom of the pile this game is won on the scoreboard. And when they ask and one Super Bowls. My age should Tom Brady is taught us that over. And over. And over again. Never got a big hit the just doesn't. Blanket policy against over inflating things. Then I realized speaking of those patriots. Table obeyed. In Charlotte north Cadillac and that's where I am. Per year the closer you get to Cheryl the better. For all of us. I'm glad you're close enough to your main. I appreciate you tuna. Now we. Big show us left the not all the new uses good not all the new uses. You know. Three seasons Super Bowl titles being in the bag. There's a meth lab. In Rock Hill. Disclose them for now. And see the thing is. Listen learn nice neighborhood. And lots of folks might thing all but got some money you'll dues like get a nice big place or I had my privacy. Morrissey and all these men mentions. Very close together. And so if you're if you're up to something and solid pick land over. Interior square footage. Because you did a nice place with your ill gotten gains. But that's not necessarily hide your neighbor's. Owners when those ten feet from yours. That's not necessarily how they got there's and they might not appreciate you. Being there. Doing what you do after all. You don't work your way up. To a nice neighborhood. To live. Next to a map of lab. Unless math. Is. New York thing. And I. They give it is slow less likely are to live. And Mitt mansion. But we'll have details coming up on that roots. Know what to do it vigilant neighbors and I liked the idea of neighbors looking out for neighbors. It doesn't take much in a tight knit community. We can look up Fareed you know if folks are close enough. Maybe they don't. Turn a blind guide to. Each others'. Misfortune not. Maybe we shouldn't be way out the Millen though or away from herb. Maybe if you need ten acres between you in the next person you know maybe ju I was just out there you know. Murray made the decision to miss and broke. This alleges verbal word missile broke. Well Berber and you or allow laws of motion. Well it showed occurs are also on WB security because there anymore and I'm having more fun with because everywhere you. Please come back we'll have even more. Radio dot com it's. S.'s. And then on which bugs those words. Okay here's it's here's an early Christmas music sales promising. Chris Ross are. No one has been hit the the sixty. We live in the briefly. Girls don't matter. Those 65 yard field. Quite obscure to our good name as. I think is last name is Cameron. We hear from 65 yards and a pre season Dan. I guess where you know in Denver Broncos. Early. There is something like. No team. Is like minus gravity doesn't. They give you hold a full ball out in front of you. In Denver. And take your hand away. You have time to extend your arm again and catch it before falter this SL then the heiress. There is synonymous won't say let's let's nonsense clears that. While the doors me. Room for error is then. Popped. Men out. And Rock Hill. Rock kills trying to clean up their marrow. Well I met this laws. Then feared too many people visiting. That myself survive meadows sleuth. What do you say Marvin brown commander of the New York. County multi jurisdictional. Drug enforcement units. Flags us. Not enough traffic in that neighborhood they can't. Have are richer area law enforcement. But that doesn't mean you per common sense out when. That guy has got a lot of clients would come Lucy Helm. Motor guy made his money. Wonder what business season and that. People give up their cars and with their cash our DNA. And then. Knock on that huge door and. Why he's labeled the service those people. Sometimes right there on the porch. You talk about a low overhead business model. This does god have any. I would like to go meet him I'm going to go meet my neighbor and find out. What his wonderful seek or it is. So I can be more like this person. You bring Cuba. Ornate doorbell. I don't. Include Tim. Door opens. Person stand and there's gotta have their base scratched dog. One truth in their head you're not sure how it's attached apparently. This person didn't make their money modeling. Say slow. Drug dealer. But. Concerned neighbors. Rainforest ditches around us. Because they didn't just let this happen. George. Shanahan. Talked about what they saw. This didn't match up with what day. Thought they should be seen. And they spoke well. They knew George. I read about it it's an upscale neighborhood someone and know what neighborhood in that I found those my neighborhood all the people driving in and out of the neighborhood and it's nice that the neighbors keeping track of that and showed that you know they're watching and protecting our other neighbors he's just really can't stop people from moving in an idea what their situation is self. Maniac cotton hopefully he gave them away for awhile. Honey you. You know a lot about cars are. Our pickup truck so we'll wolf with no cavern they are making a comeback has have been. See an awful lot of you for an upscale never. Masks. And. When I'm. And and. Well look on the diamond dead I never denied the big war. He doesn't lose the general still in the ten girls go I was burned seeing. Is the finest I have heard and seen I ask you know I'm gonna have a war on women who have the moment. The doesn't mix and you really love you really blew up and I didn't understand. So the best the list and then he's glad and you really blew up and then I didn't understand Mamas and the business news is available drive and then. Blue Devils right hand and then we'll try and then Mamas and the businesses that doubles I had. I'm very adverse business it was a challenge all go. As investors lightening the loads of money so billions of lives a little. I don't know. And then drove including Canon mentioned well. No one glove symbol according. All the easy neighborhood and didn't go well. I never knew one MM didn't. The business. And I and I never knew why I didn't understand Mamas and the business as the devils could head. The devil's are way ahead of the devils and then mom saying that this lizard doubles I had. That help restore the Stanley says she couldn't hurt a police is home safe after police in Chatsworth Georgia shot or with a stun gun. And took her to jail Al Bishara was stop picking Uganda lines for dinner salad when she wandered across the street and onto the property of the Boys and Girls Club holding a steak knife and a bag of flowers. They're Good Charlotte I can go it's. A worried employee called police but to hear him making clear she wasn't trying to hurt anyone. And helmets and other English you can sort of ultra old enough. They fired the taser and she fell to the ground the police chief who was there says the officer acted appropriately. He used to. Thank you couldn't duplicate your revenues and it's. Or is this grandmother is still charged with obstructing an officer and trespassing. And has a court appearance next month. Plus gospel. God this. Then the last. Nicer home. Against me oval. Some of war. No tomorrow father if all the pre season football. And lose loses and she dumped more games. Start now one last tickets and soared day's worth of pre season football. Is on the NFL network. But I wanna sell themselves also why is doing. Not hey we take away Thursday night football for last four weeks. Of the regular season. Many don't hide their pre season because lay. We play games that you couldn't. You couldn't watch both the same time if you're. Curious what the local broadcasting. Squads are lied you know always sought. Stop flight that was cool on as a kid you know we had one of those. Satellite dishes that was the sounds of them above ground swimming pool. Look like look like look like cyclops is contact lenses weren't blown. Now I mean those were the wild west days sofa. Story can able okay. He had scramblers and d.'s scramblers. And do you scramble or scramblers and I don't I don't know. The man. The glory days ended. Because I like most people. Wound up broke through you know just an apartment with. Cable are hooked up to it but. There was nothing more fun. Then just picking up coordinate. And hearing that satellite dish outside the murder mourn their route. Oozes. Just whirling to a different position. There's so cool I mean it's always been the case. Where you could tell. But you were aiming at a different part of space. So you can watch different television stations now we're ten years old this is just the coolest thing in the world. It's like you're watching TV through a telescope or something. Know the news from Japan where I. Don't show the commercials. Madison Square Garden what ever happened to be at Madison Square Garden that night. The MSG network. And you know oil wells. Just trial on WB too its so there anymore I'm awfully glad you're here. Wall. I told you about the pretty seasoned pro ball on the nights being home. I'm very much covers the no he being hit until the obscure network should always have sports on them. But then we would never finish roadways so those so far as. We live. Sports of popular interest. There's not Manny. Not many too. The president. Let our president the president of the United States. I assume most of of Eudora listening to me from America. That includes pork we're going qualms. Virgin Islands. Since I got to think of more of territories. I dig our territories and a measly little pieces of us all over the world. Mostly resonate. May have heard them mention in her. Newscasts at the president. Did speak with the press recently. Why would you want a power while with the enemy like it's. This is they were the enemy until they weren't the saying they were the animated before they weren't the enemy and then. So our president Kerry for us. He's got good numbers talk about. There's all kinds things you'd rather not talk about. Permission before the president's disposition has a lot to do. What the subject at hand. But it's got some good numbers. He's is headed off to a new York and New Jersey. To work. You won't hear him emphasize here book we are going to war. Yes. I yell and lots of fun places. In new York and New Jersey. You really have no idea. But I promise. You this particular churn up. In new York New Jersey. It is to work. By the way I know people. Were also. At war. We're going to New Jersey and more going to be all work hand. You see what's happened the economy is maybe better than it's ever been that numbers they're coming out. The best they've ever had we just came out with new numbers. They've been good Baghdad to blow up the yard to look very happy about that and I think by that we've that I think in November oh good good good little. Sounding upbeat they are in good I'll like when the president set up. Using. Spoken with corporate leaders about. How. Make life better for. Corporate leaders. They had a bad thing for all our brave woman. Boy now retiring. He said goodbye dad what do we do to make it even better. Recording dot orderly. And I got to bed at Baghdad because you know we are not thinking hard about we've been accused of that prolonged time this country. So we're looking at that very very seriously look at white beard that report done via. This really how he stated the question terrorism. Things were. Parade their party much perfect but not always dole G here forests that can't. If flu or lying to make it even greater than it already is that it's conceivable. Said did two cents worth before you voted for your tires that are. I'd be surprised if he wore very gracious. When dealing Juan Juan. He has. Quite the reputation. For being rather charming. Up close and personal. We know he has been. Police three times since. A lot more than that when you think about it. Bono and mission accomplished means something I guess she'll want somebody there who knows what that means. Here's a man who has accomplished. Wanted to missions and his life. One of them. Was strip and that exceed. Eighties. Its security players having. Or should surely gonna do me any good having the guy I was the head of the CIA he probably. Knows more insider stuff than you do. Have you talked to anybody else about this did they call your craze clear was I've got mandate. I'm having done that because. Is a very important to me. Very very aboard and I've added tremendously but for having done that. Our balance of anything I'm giving up a bigger voice. Many people don't even know what we did that rally at the bigger boys and that's OK we've made because I like taking on voices like that. I've never respected about that battle lotteries back. Had senator Byrd said it best if you know anything riding your reported when you were before all of these committees including the activity. So he had against her reporting never did then we just came up lately. And it's a good fit disgusting things right they look. I'd say it I say it again. That whole situation midday rig which got its just totally rigged bill. They should be looking at the other side they should really give it all the people they got fired wide gap. All of the people they got fired they should really get hit Russo. They should be looking at video make you feel better all these FBI guys who got fired demoted. If they're really where it had not got it and they rig quick shot back that prolonged. Look out Nellie. Once enemies come and after families. Chris furlong WB it is. Approaching. 650. Org come back a man put a bow on. A radio dot com stage again. Part of our flight to. Not every person on tour. Same place. 6 o'clock on Sunday morning. Where we don't do well. I mail we again. Happy birthday to Shelley Winters. It was a funny lady but she was also and blow leads and The Poseidon Adventure. Combat terrorism may is a dramatic actress. Believe she used to frequent Hollywood Squares non masala Morrissey should show wants. Where is that that episode the Lucy show she was supposed to lose weight. I'm not sure she really lost weight sure she got in two. Some method actors not a Christian Bale on Robert Dinara I'm not sure Shelley Winters did that. For that episode of the Lucy show they had there were. They had heard. Girl old tiger consultant Joseph true. Marge Schott. Would be ninety years old today. Former Cincinnati Reds CEO Marge Schott. Would be celebrated her birthday about. As we all know. She's in heaven now. Principal doesn't. Who. Got Charles Manson the go to prison. Yeah. Was. Out lieu of two by Manson. Charles Manson outlived his prosecutor. Desolate areas 61. Bristol smoke in those boats. To steal on those jokes. I Malcolm's a mall war. Video from the Cosby Show. Now he's financially secure his borrow almost there in 1970. But. I got up Phelan. A lot of syndicates have dropped the Cosby's show. So he's getting less. When he should be getting more reverend worked with the dollars users. This is Chris austerity WB TI alone who.