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Over. It's. It's. Mrs. cruise show. The first birdie. Members port today. The peppers as. It's going to change. After every Prius isn't your. This guy is Dick Cook. Syria cut. There anybody ever pull band and on you and coach you. Nobody ever done a move which. They move which goes in the dark. It didn't cut can lead to better things. Or worse. In junior high school. I was so I'm I'm a tall fell. I almost made the junior high school. Junior varsity basketball. Team. I was basically fighting for the eleventh man spot. The starters news crew that war. And it was pretty clear cut who was second best at those positions. But then you've got that extra guy. Whose. Job it is to be there just in case. Euros down between me and one other fellow pretty much say. They cut for anybody who wanted to try out the trial. And then they cut that number. To fifteen. And then they cut that number after a couple more practices. To eleven. About sixty guys try it out. And the way they cut you. In school anyway in grade school. But Alitalia. Pay your cut. You didn't make detained. What they do is say post a list. Of guys who did make the cut. On the door of the locker room. And saying go look for your name. If it's up there. Show up for the next practice. If it's not. Thank you for your Tom Cohen joined in a dork. I made the first cut. I made the cut from sixteen. To fifty pain. And like I say we pretty much no out of the fifteen left. Ten of them knew they were going to make attain. Which left. Five of us floundering. For the last spot. Also forward. I was in the booster league's war wound up planned house a center at her school ball. Also for. I remember. One the practices between the first and last cuts. We were square imaging. And I've played. And sufficient defense. On play. I wasn't close enough to my man. The man hit. About a twenty foot jumper. With me up out two or three feet farther away from him that I should look bad. That guy made detain. I got cut. Home life was a world tumultuous. At the time and I was playing basketball and hopes on them. There and hopes of giving life a little more positive meaning. And when I came so close and got cut. Only to be cut I. About the worst ever felt in my young life follows. Then maybe thirteen I didn't know what the real problem bullish. And it. Made me decide such I didn't have. That reason to stay. Without being too much and in my personal situation I moved my family. Didn't move but I moved. Two situation Barbie closer with my brother I decide I just tried to start over. And I went to a different school. Want to reject different junior high school for a year and I want to different high school. I have to. The woman who is now my wife. I meant. At that high school. The butterfly effect is real people. That guy misses that Jerome or. When I'm in the eighth grade. Or if me and the right position. And smack that stuff into the stands a lot which is what I sure time. I make the team. I don't move bomb on the basketball today among a move. Lodged just didn't start right. But it lasts. It happened this happened and I got caught. And I moved. And eventually. Met the woman. Who became my wife. We have five children together. They're waiting on mail home. If there war for the bad news at the time. I wouldn't have. The bounty. Of my life as it is now. And believe me. I would much much. Rather have a family. These family that I have now. Then. A spot. On my junior high school basketball today. Then you know lots of people get cut. Steve bands available for parties are necessary Avaya here they Reese is gonna tell small boo about that. President trump under fire for stoking racial tensions in the wake of Charlottesville forced out his most controversial advisor Steve panic. A man who proudly promoted right wing nationalism inside the White House and beyond. Man and a key member of the president's inner circle he left his job as editor of the right wing right Barton news hoping to save the campaign in free fall. As the president's chief strategist his nationalist agenda displayed in his west wing office and then posing for pictures in front of a white board that famously spelled out his priorities. If you think. They're gonna give me your country back without a fight you are sadly mistaken. Every day. Every day it is going to be a fight he seemed to have so much power time magazine calls him the great manipulator. Percentage defense and of course. That's an awful informs and I didn't have my best. This of course Mr. President obviously to my desk. Did not sit well with the who told the Wall Street Journal in April and it was just quote a guy who works for me. And just this week the president making it clear he won the election on his own. Mr. Bennett came on very late you know that I went through the seventeen. Senators governors and I want all the primaries. Mr. Bennett came on very much later than that. In his rocky tenure and it made enemies throughout the west wing. And and battling with the president's son in law Jared Kushner and national security advisor HR McMaster. His allies in the right wing media quick to back him up and and at that incendiary press conference Tuesday the president signaled his chief strategist was hanging by a thread. He's a good man. He is not a racist I can tell you that we'll see what happens with mr. Bannon but what the final straw seems to be an interview Ben and gave the very next day. Publicly undercutting the president's military threats of higher in theory against North Korea banned in saying quote. There's no military solution here. They got us then his departure is just the latest shake up for a west wing in crisis now national security advisor Michael Flynn gone. Press Secretary Sean Spicer gone. Chief of staff Ryan's previous gone and finally Steve Bennett. Not without a job with our regular paycheck just. I hope Steve band and find soft something to do for money. Hey Steve. As a guy who knows the pain it didn't cut. It's not necessarily bad manners. Open your best works and from that well when I disagree on two three things that doesn't mean I don't wish you well. The world needs more of that. This is Chris furlong WB today it is 647.