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The increased payrolls you know. And here's an awful. All trying to. You drive. Orioles. There have been. Look. Football means cooler temperatures. Earlier signs. And I didn't. George Hearn is having back and forth from all those schools. Return of school traffic. Tell you what it. Even though I'm partial to fall. Let's what's agreed to enjoy the summer that we have bluff because there are perks to it but you don't. Did other times a year. I'm not quite is busy. Which I'm very thankful for. For which I'm very thankful. Because high. Noon I just. He just drain as you. Used teasing you clouds up in the sky line. Don't worry it should be Iranian and a few minutes and they just burn off. Maybe you were over. The toughest part. Jewel while I was off. You had to be tough to. Not. I just your outdoor schedule. In July. Pressure cookers stuff. This weeks looking a little more pain. Highs around nine B lows around seventy. And I can say that five more times and that would be your extended forecast. I'll just. Saying that Russia. So a little more bearable maybe. Summer showing some cracks. This just drying the student. Well I'll be I'll be happy to. Get to the changing believes them. Excitement off field work will not leave work on Sunday and a brown kick off time. I have been working Sundays. Right up until about kick off time. For over ten years. And it's one of those feeling should those. Comparable remember the last week of school whenever body wasn't. Why worried as moderate things weren't story there to. Just just loose or. That's what football season. Does around here on Sunday. There's news sure there's news. But even the tough guys even those. Peck razors. Pardon my language. Like their football. So they tend to put themselves in the position. Where they can be. Wake. And four worry. And healthy. Watch the games. And that means a little less rabble rousing that night. Which starts early enough to finish up at a decent time anyway that's it that's Wallach about fall. That and a pretty pretty leaves. The last four. Five or six days. Not cat. I got another cab. It's a good thing dad isn't here to she wouldn't she would. She wouldn't approve of me having so very many can parts. She would say how can you give. All those cats. The love and attention by me and so well I'm not doing that alone. I have my household other creatures. Better help me bad and feed the cats. I found this fascinating this this bill is it is a kitten. So stray kitten really still looks too small. She looks too small. To be away from our mall. I mean we save this one's life originals got down the street it was too will be by itself. And so that made it's really a non choice. Folks we're told us about it. So and now going. We haven't been feeding that because we're trying to get it to go away. You know thanks for the tip but she would us. Think about that first second. I know you don't want a yard full story casts. I'd prefer yard full story cats. To. Living. With not feeding hungry now. As and I. That's just me. I only speak for myself. Now you got a cat with if you ever rescued cat is pretty good chance she got one of these. This miss and harder there ear. We ever see a cab they always look like little rough for eons you know they always look street Smart. You see a cat. With a little bit of its gear missing at the top and you assume. Well gotten a fly. Or it's mom wasn't very good at picking them up when he was very little and handle accident. Or something like that. There whether they they always look street Smart those cats. The ear tip missing discount. Cat version of a net debt to. But. That is not how it happens it doesn't happen third. Feline rabble rousing. Much as you might expect. That is called ear tipping. That happens. When referral. No not a Ferrell can I realize that's most of the cats now not. Muller Crist girls gassed but they Ferrell. Cat a stray. Basically. Wore on the street wildcat. When they are fixed. Spayed or neutered. And then released. Remember spray and release. That's actually a very good idea for fear reasons I didn't know about until we got this kitten. Now started bigger and just pulled deeper on the ABC's of cat them. Win in the humane society. Fixes. A cat. Wallets under that's not done mobile local Lan a static OK it's done there are asleep when this happens. They just take a Lil little tiny park. So I never see one with the idea. Grotesquely misshapen here like Randy Couture some like some. Some college Russell are you know you don't you don't see that BC play any miss in the lol tea. Well that is due to well. Animal control. This cat. Has been spayed or neutered and rural east. And should not be brought to the shelter. So. I get out of jail free card. I'm also a cat. About. To push them one of its New Year's. So hold gruesome when you put it that way but them. We overall intention behind it is. Quite virtuous. Like to say they do this when there fictional. I'm sure they knew they would say yeah I had no idea I was broke. If you're cat how many. Different ways are there to kill the time. But it turns out. But a fixed storage. We'll keep other strays. Out of the neighborhood. And of course they can't popular. So. Spay or release. Is good for animal control not just for that animal. Before your neighbor. So next time you see a little cat orbits near Madison. Note that if you take a man. You'll have to worry about what to do with blog kittens. Then maybe take one end the problem with cats are a little bit different than dogs the biggest problem. With. Dogs that need to be adopted. Are people that want them. Until they didn't. And that's just sad sad sad to me. But so many dogs and yes boxes of kittens. Are just left at the animal shelter. We theorize. That this cat was just put out. And it was simply. Released away from its home. I know the notion there rather than taking it to the shelter. It is to. Save a little mining president does cost money to do arise. And also to give animal a chance. Maybe somebody like my family's gonna come along. And save it. Or maybe is gonna starve to death on the awards. Are you. Can't take that chance and that's why I've got so many caps. We know what I can live with that. All pay the price. For a clear conscience. I'm not trying to guilt trip the end any time. But just consider. What is today. Your moral priorities. Our. Applied them to the least of these. Terrible least of these. And maybe thinking about saving it. There's a gentle story to star Maureen amidst all this. Sexual assault and shooting and double murder and everything else decide. Start you off with kittens. Been advised. There's guys Chris girls' chorus girls show on WB today. So glad to be here also are the more I'm with a tool 7 this morning now will be with you 2 hours. Tomorrow morning. I'm very much looking forward to that. But hey we got fun to have heroes they're going to it's. 618. And a half. Cheryl doesn't really need. Drug radios dot com station you just mentioned. Traditional blood. Is that. Know your car go away. Oh yeah. The stop and Dag yeah. Wake up and it was okay. They don't score. I think that so more days it. You can. Get them to arrives. I'm gently. Just got to be away and no one to miss the day. You don't want their data star golf. In some kind of jarring fashion because I know from experience. There that can shape the day and you can don't necessarily. Come out of that mindset you know and so. There's a gentle way you can. You can think you know. Smell the coffee can do it in Japan. Now you might. They disarm council. Presidents. Daughter. Loves her dad. She's different than that. They mock the trop is not a kid. Chelsea Clinton was a kid. The Obama kids. Were kids. They've locker trop is probably one of the ten that most influential people in this country. Pam when she speaks on issues that matter and the president react some believe. That has broader implications. Died Kara Phillips tussle more. Migrant children in detention centers thousands of them separated from their parents by the trump administration a vaunted trump speaking out for the first time. Describing it as a low point for her. Pulling in the White House for burger Collins who's the kids at the border issue what is your view. Yes. We sat. It was a low point for me as I way I feel very strongly about and time and I him. Very vehemently. Against. Family separation. I am a daughter. I'm an immigrant. My mother her up and Communist Czech Republic but we're a country of laws. And an axial stormed the president's daughter and senior White House advisor. Also asked about the president's repeated attacks on the news media. At his Florida rallied. Supporters hurling insults at reporters. The president himself has called the media the enemy enemy of the state so in front of her room of reporters his daughter was asked. Think the word that Indian people. Sorry yeah yeah. You know now I do not feel that the media to enemy escape. She also spoke for the first time about that infamous trump tower meeting. Where her brother and husband met with the Russian lawyer they were told had dirt on Hillary Clinton. You talk a roller schemes and did you go about it from power and did you went sixteen before. For BC news or. No. And help. Everytime I hear. The media is the enemy of the people. This store media out. She well knows how would I know they were so bad if they didn't tell us. Six point. Press. My administration is committed to giving every American the opportunity. To find a great job. And have a rewarding career there is nothing like it. Whether you're a high school student or a late career workers. There's never been a better time to learn a trade hone his skills and pursue your dreams. Last quarter the United States economy grew by four point 1%. We've created three point seven million new jobs since the election. Unemployment recently fell to its lowest rate. In almost fifty years unemployment for Americans with disabilities. Has reached the lowest level ever recorded. In the month of you are alone 600000. Workers entered or re entered the workforce. Pretty good numbers to continue this incredible momentum we launched the pledge to America's workers. More than 100. Companies associations. And others have pledged to train or retrained over four million American students. We're encouraging companies across the country to join our historic initiative. And pledged to invest in training Americans. For the jobs of today. And the careers of tomorrow. In the last two weeks I establish a national council for the American worker. Which will develop a national workforce strategy inside the modern eyes and long awaited perkins' career. And tactical education act. Which will deliver jobs and training to more than 11100 million students and workers we're very proud of that. When we invested our workers we are investing in our people. We are investing in our communities and we are investing in the American dream and every single day we're making new American dreams come true. Thank you and god bless America. Wells. The president did a weekly radio address. Families and on Saturday more. My Sunday hasn't fallen at all. Plus I'm thankful you look at sports. Are presented here as big of a surprise which. I've been nice man might be people who don't know what's coming up so they're known on the message so. There's a chance all were on this again tomorrow morning. If I can faded and you see I've only got two hours on Sunday. And the things a minute and 51 seconds long actual. That we can move something around. Played a spot to play the present a problem you'll hear the president's voice on the show kind. I'm not gonna region his tweets you'll hear the president's voice on the show I think that's important. Many. Makes one feel more connected to the issues. And the more our human face we can put on ending things about her right. I mean it's easy to get worked up about an issue. But when you consider the humans the effects. You become more human yourself. And that. Is the perspective. From which we should work. The stuffed crust. I usually do this here are some Medusa. Television sports schedule. On area lawyers again. That's what time your. Ones waiting for football. As a bit of a tees have in the hall of fame game. For good two weeks before any other. Pre season games. But today those guys plan on the fourth quarter pre season games. Those guys are fighting for their dreams. The outcome. Of the game. Might not be consequential. Every player on the field. Is going. To play feel like their career depends on it but 'cause at Dulles. And I think that's. Dairy varied interest ankle where people. Look upon pre season football some contempt. Because the game's artificial Eagles starters will hold big deal. When there were presents. The onset of football season. And Don used to do this and I do now learn from him is that. During a pre season game. What he does to keep interest into himself. Is depict a whole year to watch. And you know you can you can switch players every every. On every day now I feel like. But look at the individual players rather than they over seaworthy effort is on the field. See who's fighting for that job. So very. Very interest in no way. Two enjoyed. Pre season football. Dahmer and former. I'm not a mention it every show real small since last football sleaze. Karma burgers gonna fire on October 6. In the UFC I don't know how the UFC. Affords him. He broke poorly made a hundred million for fighting Floyd Mayweather or. Why take the chance after that. After I have a hundred million dollars. They're gonna have to get past the body guard if you want punch and you can it's a I'm not gonna go get pushed for more money. It didn't punched his idea make your money. And so he would tea. Homage all business to get punched my job is to watched the other bloke who's. Know how long did us all the personnel idea destroy. A tell me some mock balloon. All there is this on television today. And you know it's common doesn't ever leave it out. MYT baby. And ten television baseball. Seven piano and Charlotte knights. Welcome Omar the door rumbles. The fabled Durham bulls. It's. If we. Forecast. Means that maybe Stan home to watch the game on television. Might be the right play well never tell anyone don't go to the ball. Scattered afternoon strong arms are still wanted daylight now 7 o'clock elegy decide. If that means it's riskier not. But if not for my schedule. I drug Od try to go couple Tom tomorrow. I just lovely environmental law when it reminds him. We heard from the first daughter. And we heard from the president. You might wanna hear from his former lawyer. Not a math work. Trial has started. And all my goodness we've been over this before how do you keep up with baldness. Beat Al wished the scandals would go waged so we could focus. On moving the country forward. But the implications. Of these scandals are too grand toward a war. So let's. Let's take a peek a little scorecard here for Leon Amanda for Trout Keira Phillips has the source. From my AB CMS Phillips. He was right at the center of the action running the truck campaign for three crucial months guiding the candidate into the convention and Paul man afford has done an amazing job easier some Swiss ball. All manner for. But president trumps former campaign chairman going from his jail cell today one of his criminal trial. Prosecutors say Paul metaphor believed he was above the law. That he lied to the IRS and knowingly file false tax returns failing to report tens of millions of dollars he made. Working for a Ukrainian political party with deep ties to Russia. He's accused of hiding the money in offshore bank accounts. Opening more than thirty accounts in three countries and using that cash to bankroll his lavish lifestyle. Luxury real estate fancy suits antique rugs. Special counsel Robert Moeller star witness. Metaphors former business partner Rick gates who also served as the president's deputy campaign manager through the election. Gates pleading guilty to conspiracy. And making false statements in exchange for his testimony. Meta ports lawyer charging gates is willing to say anything to save himself. Because he embezzled millions of dollars metaphor allegedly committed his crimes well before he joined the trump campaign. They taste doesn't involve any allegations of colluding with Russia to meddle in the election but the case seems to have shaken president trump. Is specially after FBI agents raided man of ports home just before dawn last summer. I thought that was a very. It's pretty tough stuff. Mr. President to wake him up perhaps his family scare I think that's pretty tough stuff. The president now distancing himself from the man who once ran his campaign pulled not a foot was replaced long before. The election took place he's only there for a short period of time now trump still legal team is shifting strategy. Moving from this simple declaration there was no collusion at all. Everybody knows that to this from the president's lawyer may I mention they're looking in the federal code trying to fight collusion. That's a crime. It's not collusion is not a crime the president himself tweeting collusion is not a crime but that doesn't matter because there was no collusion. And I hope this information. Served our listeners are so screwed us for early this 650. A radio dot com station and it's happening live. Right now land. First rarely show on Sunday morning. Saturday morning which is what this. Well I'm trying I'm. Going despair oh yeah. Sarcastic shock. All of this. Development. And I don't think effectively call the global development I believe this was just. Trying to move. The plan. All along. I believe on this person has zero credibility. And here's just another lesson. Through that and and I hope our president isn't too Doral. Two there except the lesson. He should take from us some Martha Raddatz. New evidence that the threats from North Korea is not over despite promises from Kim Jung vote that the June summit. He would. Liquid fueled ICBM is at a facility on the outskirts of Pyongyang. The same facility where North Korea built its first Intercontinental ballistic missile. Believed capable of reaching as far as Washington DC. And that is not all secretary of state Mike Pompeo confirming just days ago the north Koreans are still producing the material. Needed to create nuclear warheads. North Korea continues to produce fissile material nuclear bomb material is that correct. And I'm trying to make sure right I stay on that correctly but yes that's correct. You just trying to make sure I don't cross into classified information I have my trend is that they yes they continue to produce special material. After his summit with Kim Jung un in June. Trump declared there is no longer a nuclear threat from North Korea and on Monday boasting a term progress with the regime and we met. As you know with chairman Kim minute you haven't had a missile fired off to nine months we got our prisoners back. So many things have happened so positive but now experts warning there are clear signs of deception on the part of North Korea. There are good things have happened. The big one it's still a big question. Things aren't subtle things arsenal with North Korea we shouldn't poor shall shall not dilute ourselves. Happy birthday to queen Elizabeth's mother. Herself. Lived to be a 102 years old. Slower ninety two's Leah. Known quiz gum by agreement hand she's the road feel pretty good these days. Happy birthday to Louie Armstrong who lived to be seventy. I guess jazz musicians don't take quiet the care of themselves let. Royalty as. Richard Belzer who is famous for getting choked out by Hulk Hogan and complain about it. Well Agassi would be happy about that any long ago. Wrestler wrestler. He turns up 58 years old today. And met with players. Happy birthday. To Barack Obama. 44. President of the United States. Put it in the air sir. Entire time was up until tomorrow Dutch say I'll love you this is Chris Terrell and all of you.