The Chris Ferrell Show, Saturday, July 21st, 2018


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The Chris Farrell you know. We open champions. Snuck up on the our children face defense. The way through. That's why do Saturday in different. Golf. Osama. So all. Little Van Morrison. All the once wars girls girls first world. Pledging to be here this morning. I'm Gladys Saturday for your. Whatever that means Torre whoever Saturday means story. I'm glad it's there that hey you don't want to spend maasai are these digging ditches. But hey at least there's less traffic. Release is gonna be. Yeah Scobee. Who are you might get rained out today. Must now stay out of the ninety's I think the line spas come later. But can be severe. So. Wolf. Post fourth fireworks coming up perhaps. You're lucky town. Not everybody listen to me is in guest down. They give it up. For your homestead. Most more than ours will. Lived in Charlotte most of my life. I moved. To. A bedroom community. Across from the could tub or river. When I decided the star of family. This ingesting down biology finger. You're from around here. You know with the gas stone again. Takes a rhetorical breathing. Warm. Or. Does that you see is spend taking that rhetorical breeding for so long. The debt. I the year eyes. Then there is a generation. That has gravitated. Towards. They descriptive of gas stone and a and gas Sonia. Is exactly what it wants to but he. Well there. They're single leaders might not feel that way they. One. Grow along with the rest of the area. And I guess that's. Always supposed to be the motivation for local. Leaders as to grow our community. He you don't lose some places. Really are that bad the way they tar. And every way year. Everywhere. Is how Lloyd is. Because the people. Currently occupying. That area. Want it to be that way. There are the ones making it that way. So they instead of a prison you're in a five star hotel. You with the same people. You may save believe in your room you're gonna feel OK just. Don't want to the pool. Earlier look at the meter not. The people make. All the data for its. When the president. Unfortunately. Referred to large areas of the world. In a more derogatory. Manner. Then I can repeat. And that concerns. Me. Knowing you can't quote the president of the United States. On a news broadcast. Not buckeye is. Of any kind of confidentiality. Agreements. But 'cause of this sure. Vial it's. Contained within the statement. I didn't think god lived to see that. We all know what. The president. Called certain. Parts of the world. Not that long ago. More gas dog is god nicknames to. Will Chicago. As not because it's kind of windy. There's a good jobs. Let's say its reputation they're trying to change your reputation. And as a person. Who does some business. In gas stoning and a there's nothing wrong with Estonia. It's ready to be a part of the things. And it seems to be making the F word the you know. Residents seemed I had enough of the old reputation. I just heard some of the negative things that go on like the crime rate in bed. The violent you know the prom did promise and we are those the little big gap out of Charlotte that Nevada comes tape. Nor little city outside of Charlotte that nobody comes to. It doesn't. Hell. Being so close. Just such a major. Metal Koppel looks at why there're minor ones. As Charlotte, North Carolina. You would think. The people that war. In the area. Would work and the city. The biggest city if they could is that tends to be worth the money he has. And this fact. Makes surrounding. Areas quick to be stigma ties to. If they aren't a lavish. Sober. Small towns. Like war I'll live. Midsize cities. Like gas stone the end. It's supposed to bring the jobs of the local leaders to grow the communities. And they about it. There and proactive about that lately. Trying to adopt that hash tag loved the gas stove in the as. Slogan for promotional thing. I've been third guest on any of the people where exactly were they want day. But. There is a photographer. Who's. Name my producers should give me Walter and Heather Burke. Are husband and wife photographer two games. That were charged. Wit the duty. Of showing the beauty. That is. Gas stone. I want to. Rebrand the city have there. Have their abilities. As photographic artists contribute. To. The rebrand theme. Other city. Now there's a there's a birdie noble calling if you think he can pull off. Well we started asking cash tax pop up on our FaceBook feed currency Graham feed it just seems. Like a no brainer it seemed like the perfect thing. Burning kind of keep continuing on doing it ensued it develops and there. That was Walter early on did you catch and develops into. A puff of a national Walter. Very vivid has a camera. So bomber and were gassed and rising tide raises all ships. And it's historic. And no I don't I'm not using that as a polite euphemism for dilapidated. You go third Estonia and you can see some buildings have been there for a very long time there might remind you of how Charlotte used to be. If you've been around long enough. And you know you are not cook Clark grew as walled trying to find his. Way back to the enters today did mainly ear you're going to be find your release today. It's gas stone Ian not Detroit. And they want you to know that. Hash tag love gas stone. Well manned. I'm man I'll want to help my neighbors to the west there. There's lots of bad you could say. About. Anywhere. Nor any thing. People get the joke then. And the reputation. You haven't even really earned begins to snowball. I think our friends in the lead mine. Deserved bears and that. And I think us being the big Brothers who east. There will sub mile. Doing well enough let's. Let's spur a program. It would be the polite thing to do there are remember. We're both in North Carolina. This dress Wear out the movie to the house are immoral and. There's other wonderful. Things come up like Syria. Soon the sewage spill attain got hit by terrain. Right and Ashley wonderful as I was saying. What we have. Information. And were going to do what we can. Tell horror and what this information is trying to teach us. We'll do it together. This chorus are also excited. I got come here to give hope we do. Great this week for bill. Now why am I playing sick as a dog. There's armed citizen though. Sewage spill and Harrisburg. Congratulations. So Olympia. Women in Harrisburg and chums banks. Might not be upper lip to stop. Hash tag loved Harrisburg lose. No no. I'm not sure photographer. Is gonna fix that problem. 400. Gallons of sewage is not a lot. There's I'm from out of town was now law. No never. Anyone's who's gallon. I pitcher milk jug. And then now well there every day so is however many gallons slow. I in this case. I picture a 400. Mill. It's. Pull our own. Not mill. I figured this out Bhutto's. There was a strong order and the air and enough legs. Don't put it this day and. Fire fires say is no mood danger to residents. And the area. Because there was a strong when that day and. All the dangers are the people downwind from that. None it doesn't work like that. Well so I guess. For now. Harrisburg. Is. Steepening. Presumably over the Colin with the when you bounced a multi Baghdad. Harrisburg is steepening. They get it cleaned up. And time join joy they're Saturday. Nam before. So amorphous signs that matched at. Thus Chris furlong WB today. It's late to want AA. I got another half hour with the jagged two hours tomorrow. When no other do on there there Beason may end there there. You know you'll never know Acadia. But I do hope you enjoy. Now we got more coming up it's extorted. WET. Democrats barrel this year. W me. Dresses that. No but I thrashers this. Mom my ass that you don't. Be. The sheriff's bloody camera rolling as he arrives on scene of a tragedy avoided. The volusia county sheriff says Jessica Kyser noticed a baby in a car seat in the back of Nissan in a strip mall parking lot. It was 93 degrees outside at first she thought it was a dull. But after realizing it was a living breathing baby she opens a look car and pulls police mom arrives to 44 minutes later. It's fun immediately breaking down. Good feeling. Okay never. There were being 25 child putt toward deaths so far this year according to kids in cars daughter were thankfully this eight month old is not among them. Thanks today. The last. To avoid the this makes me. There's your world. Put something and in the back of your car. Like your cell phone or your first. I have found that children. I saw. We're gonna have to bush. Locating devices homing devices. Why I've put on the remote control sometime. Now you can't find the remote there's a button you can head in the or you lose your cellphone seed do what everybody does. You have. Someone else call from a different cell phones. I had joke about that you have to come check out nightclub act here. And a. But it seems like your kid. Are kids. Would qualify. As some playing important. You can put in the back of the car. Tour a mine view. Your children are in the back. What a. They're blows me away. And I couldn't. Coburn the stories CI have. I have discretion over this now rom executive producer of the crew has her own show lie. There are exactly the show that I want to a year. If that kid. Pat made it. We wouldn't be talking about this right now. My heart would be too heavy. To elaborate. All I could do. Would be to think of myself. In the same situation. Not the parents. Situation. The Childs. I'm not going to ask you to imagine. What these kids go through. Because I don't think you can consider. Or through seconds. And not. Imagine. Fan fest is tomorrow at 10 o'clock. Orenthal books. Pouring it on board at least have both topics but. No big in my advises them. Follow bought some pigeons. I don't believe everything's free after. But it's a good time to be had. Until there are some boy of people still haven't. Never meant to the stadium is a gorgeous day. You know supposedly getting older now. I'm Barbara the first on Monday Night Football. Came to what was then Ericsson stadium it is now Bank of America Stadium. That would be Bank of America Stadium. But this was still early enough film franchise ahead. They original naming rights. Al Michaels came to town for Monday Night Football. I think he went on more during that broadcast. About how amazing. This stadium laws. As he did about the game itself. Course the Panthers are still a pretty. You franchise. So there's a good chance he did that because it could remember the name of the players but you know. It was probably still reasonably impressed with the stadium. The open championship. Starts right after me. Now I pushed it back an hour so there wouldn't be a conflict. Those published tomorrow. Something called BA basketball tournament that's going to be don't just beyond. All day. I can't even tell by looking at those. Of whom the teams are comprised. I had my recent members of the student body Euro alumnus or something. Well well be entertaining. I'm Benny Hill soar away. The CEO of well. There's on ESPN two. All evening. Now I know ESPN has always had some. Relationship. With the CFL. To live games austerity even. I'll know him man's will affect. Possibly. Know people love a good comeback story. But they also like train wrecks. Word dynamic species are waiting. LYT. You know about say. And Tampa baseball bay B. Tonight's. Welcome. Indianapolis. At seven PN com. I assist those 7 PM goes television. First pitch is 704. There's a reason for that check into. So the not rights. Are at home the next couple days. They start at 1205. Tomorrow. Special alert night games tomorrow night's game tomorrow. Is at 1205. So they gonna have to go to the early service. And apparently all that plus an idea about. Plan on sun the early about pushing that back a few hours last week. Feel they have a phone to. Baseball among the most virtuous of pastimes who has waited just to know. Have some harmless bond bomb hundreds of kids. Gruesome like politics. That's all a big joke. We opened will love beyond this 7 day round. Tomorrow morning as well. Then there's a birdie dude UFC tomorrow. Talk about that tomorrow. When rich men. President. Has invited. Wooten. To the White House. Vladimir. Wooten. Isn't via seen her. Our form her higher ranking KGB. Official. Into the White House. The best way to keep America is. Secure as possible. I'm skeptical. The White House announcing on Twitter that president trump has invited prudent to Washington in the fall and discussions are already under way. Catching the president's own Director of National Intelligence thought it gone it's. The White House has announced on Twitter. Hit bottom of prudent is coming to the White House in the fall. Soon begin. That's going to be special and. The invitation coming as director Dan Coats here openly questioned president trump for having a two hour plus one on one meeting with prudent. At that Helsinki summit. I would have suggested a different way. But that's not my role that's not my job so. It is what it is. But the president bristling at all the criticism says he's been tougher on Russia than any other president in recent history. Getting along with President Putin getting along with Russia's big positive not negative now with that being said. If that doesn't work out I'll be the worst enemies ever have. The worst she's ever had. While details of what the two leaders discussed during their summit remained largely unknown. The White House is now shifting away from president turned seeming endorsement. A Vladimir Putin's proposal for Russian authorities to question twelve Russian military officers recently indicted by special counsel Robert Mueller with Americans invited to watch. In exchange. Moscow would be allowed to question American citizens accused of unspecified crimes in Russia. The president seemed enthralled by that idea I think that's an incredible connection and the White House still not dismissing Putin's proposed. The president's gonna meet with his team and now we'll let you know in an announcement on that. One of the Americans Russia wants to question former US ambassador to Moscow Michael much full. Pleading directly to the president not to let it happen in my government I hope will step up today and categorically. Swat this back and when I mean my government I mean my president of the United States of America president Trump's own party slamming this idea now I mean. And absurd the senate passing a rare unanimous non binding resolution that no American officials should ever be made available to Putin's government for interrogation. I aid. Don't decry. The approach. Of trying to endear ourselves to our adversaries somewhat. I don't have this blanket no no policy though a lot of people seem to have. Man he seems to like NORAD the series morning likes our allies to hear him talk. And but bombastic. Rhetoric. If this doesn't work out I'm gonna be the worst enemy he's ever had. Give yourself some leeway server. Thank you make a soft real little butter. As Chris very old come out and more out some candles here and his government's pledge from Juan known. And I want she was a twelve play it. Up what took place. We'll go drove five. I am glad it's me. The hill but just think. He doesn't seem to be quite Dona Neff. If he was a nominee and tornado warning. Imaginative brave souls get a quick listen promote uncle Joseph adds. In the midst of an all out assault. I'm human dignity speaking to Latino civil rights activists from across the country former vice president Joseph Biden lashed out at the current administration's policies at the US border with Mexico criticizing the handling of dreamers and immigration. Test the lives. Lives. About immigrants about crime about cost a great community. There's Chevrolet lies. Factually inaccurate Biden also denounced the administration's handling of the crisis in Puerto Rico after hurricane Maria de Schreiber ABC news. Were pero quarry just Ernest Hemingway's birth today he won Nobel Prize you know that man. Alfred Nobel hundrer dynamite and we'll see all the Mars 7 o'clock.