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The Chris Farrell you know. Two quarterbacks who want. You know if I had some months. Best news for Israel along the Bruce Pearl. In the show up to me how I'm. I'm awful glad you were. Six so Moret now. I'm in Charlotte, North Carolina so you. I want your notes off. Just because tomorrow. It is safe for 25 start. It's not a rogue game. It is rare to have 4 o'clock starts on the East Coast. And that is because. Of they want real sure everything done. Across the country and so we that they save. For Clark from the West Coast were there. Three hours behind position. Paul but this is a rare for 25 kick. Our coverage will start. At 130. I know these are my beat your whole bottle weigh us. Tune in for a special. One and a half hour addition of the shows cooking with Charles Jenkins. Tomorrow. This happens every football season. And weekend programming. Gets scramble all the players. We devote eight hours to the Panthers. We have comprehensive coverage. I haven't heard the other 31. Broadcast games. In the NFL. I'm sure we have the best. A bit we do have about I can't imagine ours being better. Real this listen to a panthers' big. So this about Mitt about Mick mix and last season. He's not a play by play guy. He's a spoken word artist. Who. Find Susan news. In sports. And when you listen to him down. You're not just listening to way professional when you're listening to an artist. Nemesis Rahman. I mean I mean look Robson numbing us but how much I think about right. I'd followed my life into the business that's what I think about Rand and Mick mix and that is he he couldn't be better. You better read too much. But we've got a three hour pregame. And the first regular game of the season. There's going to be lots of questions. The fans have now I talk all sports on here but I'm not. A student of sports history I don't. I don't watch much television. I just enjoy keeping up with that. As us. Healthy distraction that's what is a hell is that you know it doesn't. It doesn't hurt your liver doesn't give you a hangover not the way I do. And so sports for me it's a healthy distraction. But I'm going to be. Probably talking. A lot more sports. Minute for minute. In the weeks ahead. Because. I have. PTV. Schedule. In front of me. And it looks like a ticker tape you know those long and all due to old machines at. Listen this things. It's it's. This is longest my forearm. And halfway up my hand. And I'm 64. This is just a beautiful fantasy. All how happy about this. Because. You talk about a drought. This is a nice healthy. TV listen I've had one. I've had ones that recently. That you could of Britain not postage stamp. We'll sort out on the road deal like the Little League Baseball let's. It's been in saying. What happens every year. And when the season. Literally kicked off on Thursday night. I was here holes right here in the same chair. The weather delay. The there was a weather delay for the start. Of the Philadelphia. Atlanta gamma Taylor's case resistant to change somebody has to win hasn't. But while I was Dario on one. No like like that. And we've got them next week. We got to go there. Resist any more planned tomorrow. Four point five and on grammar. Cowboys is that some kind of some golf football organization. Stock last week about. How there are so many. Fans of other teams in this town hall. Typically. The visiting. Team. Is well represented. And Bank of America Stadium. Listen rich guy. I do not want you. Selling your tickets. Or giving them total client. Or any other such nonsense. Just because the story. If you need 400 dollars to make the ramp that's what. That let you get a pass on that otherwise. I'll watch your show up or your poncho can't take a number Eleanor. Hello slave. Lighten security which is doubtful. Imagine being a folk holed some guy who depend upon a number all guys do. Pay. 600 bucks to stir the back when number old. However water going your way out. Don't be afraid to get wet. Social football that we did your sugar bowls met with our hearts broken twice. This a football town. We paid our dues Heather's been here a long time now we're legit. We're not the new team anymore. And the closest the cowboys hugest he's talking about. Very high profile game that's why. It's at what point five. Even though was on the East Coast. This because Dallas Cowboys. Banned imperial obviously Cam Newton Cam Newton is the other feature it's. He probably gets talked about nationally. As much as the Panthers themselves. First you're seasons removed from a MVP year. Scrape. I'm awfully glad he's our quarterback. Now wish him nothing but the best decision. I am not have to worry about the Wanda Kelvin Benjamin. I didn't look happy with each other in the pre season but then they played a great game. And I know from experience. But I had to serve all relationships can be very productive. 'cause you don't want. To fail. In front of your nemesis. If you throw it if you throw the ball were rocking catcher. I don't like Q. I don't want shellac anatomy. Intersect is a drop the ball. Know your infant daughter of call. But tech opens up in buffalo. Earlier we went to the Serb Boley was out for the whole thing. I don't think we're going to be put them up next to Sam mills the welcome Famer we're gonna have over there. And this is Saturday that means college football hall. Over the place. I'm looking at this and I'm distort we're gonna we're gonna cover all of this this morning Mike basically be a sport share of duke. At northwestern. Today Duke's at northwestern. When he experiences. Not Carolina. The North Carolina Tar Heels. To whom we are home. There at east Carolina today. At 330. The game will be on ESP NU. So it's down Merrill way is by the fear. If you're a hardcore sports fan you've got that much cable you've you've you've reached ESPN new level if you're. If you just live for this stuff. The earlier games Georgia Tech. Is that south for. Don't think South Florida while vases cupcakes do in. How far does Mississippi State Kansas State's new game only has been. God this is just Wallace like. I guess in the best analogy and remember. When. These Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue coming out. Doesn't afford Internet was and everybody's house. And the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. Was. A big deal. It was okay for to be a big deal to use. It didn't make fuel fervor. Cool for. For the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues we got what kind of got passed on the tiles. And ladies depend on and what letter you're playing with a but I look at the sports schedule. And it reminds me. Of when the Sports Illustrated swimsuit. Edition. Would come out. When you flip every page to fall. There it is. Count all some. Disbelieving. Kind of painful. Look at a I feel same way you look at these kids can't walk Jamal wants. Leo at Georgia Tech a four at. Southern Florida and Mississippi staking his you know I can't I can't be all these places but not my call black gangs today. Number two Clemson it's playing on ESPN tonight. It. 7 o'clock. There at Texas saying them. I expect them to take her business. Beautiful Tommy here. Although the weather this week. Is going to be pretty much the arm pit and it's Ben. For the last 600 years it feels like are more like three months. All math I know because I keep track because there are things I do outside that I can't do it's too hot. And we have been and Boylan. For three months now. No offers if there's a nice cool evening to gather you gather take advantage of it because. This whole next week and we are. Overall we're into the second week of September. Is not unusual at all. Forrest who still had out warm weather this time appear. But it's been relentless. Tomorrow. Is going to be a rain cooled day. And the highs will be in the lower eighties. Instead of the lower ninety's where they've banned. But that's going to be able cousin Lorraine. I don't want you miss in this game because of moraine. I don't want you selling your tickets. Because of the rain. There's few other things should go you go just look out for one year. When you attend a major outing and there's a there's us splash of personal responsibility that goes with that. No talk about that a little more come a few minutes this curse for Errol. I WB 28. In September rate that's not the scary part 2019. Comeback enjoyment now club gave me the 411. On scalpers of which we might see a few. You are radio dot com stay here. Bruce Pearl is here on Saturday morning. A thorough job before like my job. Visited the distinguish yourself from anyway. If this is my last show apple. I'll still be the guy who play the dead scores from W. I think it's. Talks have added to. Don't know how I'll feel about. Unnecessarily. Kinda Bob Bob looking for. Perpetuate. On the crews were ocean. Actually this. Time. Our office mentioning now we can programming gets scramble all over the place during football season. Know Scott is gonna cost me some air time I'm not going to be on tomorrow. And it's it's going to be a week to week thing is gonna depend on who wins the Panthers are playing. As to what weekend programming. There's affected. I will be affected more often than not it looks like on Sunday. Isn't just to squeeze that goes well. And I'm not a client I'm not mean I don't. I don't buy this time mom I'm an employee of the station so in that regard Amman expendable. Not nice. Big jam in town tomorrow coverage starts here. At 130 that's what you need to no coverage starts he year. No one birdie if you start off that way and stick with us you're gonna be fine. You start feeling crazy like you wanna go down to the stadium and buy a ticket off the sidewalk. And navy got the money play I'm not gonna tell you not to do. But there are some things should look out for. Inspect the ticket closely. If Pampers. Is misspelled. Towards the exit. Bearable while borders. If the if the scalp or introduces himself. My nickname or we are letter of the alphabet. You wary. John beloved dog that must mean. They call me Q. And definitely and mrs. doses this is the dead giveaway. If play. Run away laughing. After they get your money. That might not be a real ticket. Chorus girls six Tony. News talking 1110993. WPT. Bruce Pearl on Saturday. But I'll be here tomorrow should get you want you can. I'm gonna look. I made six birdies haven't. Remember. Good chance we'll walk a mile walk from Bob Walker mob. Well you've probably never heard of the guy. We've got locked up first. Plus I'm always going. George Stephanopoulos a former advisor to the trump campaign was since those fourteen days in prison after telling a judge she was deeply embarrassed that a shame for lying to FBI agents last year. It was a significantly lighter sentence in this six month maximum federal prosecutors sought. Defense attorneys say their client cooperated. Puppet topless was the first person to plead guilty and special counsel Robert Mueller investigation his case was also the first. The detail at trump campaign official having knowledge of Russian efforts to interfere in the 2016 election in Washington Jared Halpern Fox News. Thank you good to which I'm sure I'll. It was surf from. Just know. No locker. Days. Weeks. Bruce. Looking forward to it but that doesn't sound like. If he's gonna do fourteen I. We're also. There's a federal case or is not gonna go to. Jail. Some are throwing. Going to prison for two weeks. They're people would go on vacation for two. Can't understand has. That's more like. Eight taste of prison. Then. Actually. Being walked away. It's more like scared straight. We've had people on both sides calling for. Folks on the other side to go to jail or pick your topic. And it's starting to happen. On wonder if the heat. Turns up on the president. Enough. AFP will. And vote. Hillary Clinton. Mentioned William Mason in my people who jail almost arson in Europe people. Course the president can't sing you to prison he can what you wow but. Trump knows some people in Washington now. After draining the swamp these. Very familiar with the people who have replaced. And I suspect if you wanted to make a big deal. Out of Hillary Clinton. Again. He wouldn't get some help. Well I want to keep the music cavium topics like this Morgan we only get one hour together this week there's a good reason. Football season has gone. I watched it lamm. In Philadelphia. Here. On Thursday night. There's five TVs and we're supposed to monitor what's going on albums I was doing my job of and best business in the world. Marshall like moaning country took a well like money apparently not enough. But I was sitting here my least. Favored teams in the NFL would be. Yeah I I'm not want these types at root against people I'm not want these types and it's happy when somebody gets hurt you know I'm not a lunatic. And essayist for me it's a healthy distraction I want to remain such. Bottle like Philadelphia. But when they want the Super Bowl last year most happy for the fans. You can do both you can you can do both. Too many lines and heads in the sand. But I decided I'd be rooting for Philadelphia in this game simply because Atlanta. In the same conference is the Panthers and so bad for them is good for us. Most a close game. Mrs. defending Super Bowl champions. We are going to Atlanta. Next week to face a team this had ten days' rest. It is opening home. And has just come off. A last minute Waltz. Philadelphia was behind and to roll. Prop their final possession of the game. Isn't one of those drives where the team you're rooting for is on defense. And there are ahead by two. And the clock is running now it think all the clock is running out and were ahead by two. I shouldn't. Feel like we're about to lose this game but no kickers. In the NFL. Have kicked before. Well people don't count as a real football players but they've seen footballs before and up singing and Todd Sauerbrun as a monster remember old punter. Nose like six Bobby. And Jackie into the stands. No problem at all. I worked for Al Gardiner at the time and what was in the news or as a rivalry. The rhetorical. Rivalry. Between. Todd Sauerbrun. And blue was Martins. Gramatica. Down in non downed Tampa Bay. Warren Sapp days. John had a mouth on music care. Pal tells me one more and not give them on the phone can't see if we talked all. Like OK I'll always I always got along the arrest cold cold calling people. I haven't done that while a sudden today tops in this week. A sidekick for someone. It may mean booking guests. Faced up to cold call people. Force on rocks. All the time. Sportswriters. Seem particularly a first look at. I'll leave that there Rick and but I had Todd Sauerbrun number you know we're the home of the papers say. There's we're we're the home of the Panthers. Coach Todd Sauerbrun okay. I let the answering machine. As soon as you average the blow room. Auriemma met stitched. Promise Wragge. Well personality. My main characters honest. Josh Norman was he had Seattle up on him. There are pretty respectable group our guys are gonna earned mom. Happy about. Of all people to not be playing because of suspension. Thomas Davis. Yes he's 35 but he's he's got fourteen years in the Leo and smash and people. Who we need him tomorrow. Cannot believe suspended means. You know I spoke real subtle on either the thing. Now Thomas can come come watch a game here or an open invitation to to Thomas Davis has some good good man. And I'm happy that our team. Is made up of folks like him. JJ Jansen is on the roster again this season. Long snap. He's the one pants are kind of no personal. And I tell you you walk you want talk about a good human beings. Google JJ Jansen and you'll see as much about charity work issue will. Football. This guy has got twelve years in the league. Plus account people we have on our team. And that's why. The don't want you sell your tickets. These guys are worthy of our support. It's going to be an interesting year. And you're in the best place right now. Where you are right now. It's best place for keeping up. This Chris furlong Sunday. 648. Mo come back and go over listen Matt. You are radio dot com date again. For us for all wrapping up and share their mortgage. Laughter. Paul we're glad to join me. It's your significant other away. And no. It. You know what you gotta do. And work in sunrise. Just I. Don't scare him. What Florio Big Three. Big big can be gentle you know you don't want you don't want startled the person as you as you write them ops. No drug drug thing is something that maybe you wouldn't know. Do it kind of gradually. Ions I don't. I don't. Smell a pot call triggers something. Yeah. Yeah. That's running. In a related story. The company set up by Michael Cohen now offering to rescind the hush money agreement with stormy Daniels. And jobs plan twenty million dollar lawsuit against the adult film actress for allegedly violating the deal they're asking Daniels who claimed to have an affair with president come in 2006. True paid a 130000. Dollars she was paid as part of the non disclosure agreement. Daniel slur my club and not he has vowed to compel the president to provide testimony under both nikkei's. But the new development could hinder that if a judge dismisses. Daniel's claim some Angel Fox News. And then you know we are always lead local. Hookup. One not only. September 15 puts a week from today there had scorers and more useful. Present to you. Know one and only stormy Daniels. Stormy Daniels. Is going to perform. Stage act. Then morsel. Lads got little American flags all. The couple are. Making America will chew us. But put them had. Gotten to know they're in the sue her for twenty million dollar you see I was afraid that this was going to be. One of those cash in. Cases. And that. Adult film actress would become. Something to which to aspire. Paging get rich and famous that. I didn't want that happening and apparently it didn't. Scores as the chain and I'm sure it's pretty nice place I've been one strip club in my life until it store and looked. So it has this probably classy place of bars that that goes. But it's. No book deal no. There's there doesn't seem to army should she got locked up a few weeks ago. In Texas Utley for touch and a customer there it turned out via. They all are often some kind of technicality. I had to do with her employment status. Apparently. Contract workers. Have more leeway. As ago us. But the game around here's football. And ten the television. Could Taba at Winston-Salem state on AA action down. And say come forward and so let's slam. Forward to that Florida State well. Lucy Florida State hasn't canceled cupcakes season. But the NFL you're going to get to watch tomorrow. Islamic side. 1 o'clock on CBS Steelers. At forums. Planes Steelers fans here. The game opposite on fox will be Buccaneers saints. So the conference games are starting up early. That's a game of interest for Panthers fan. So we did get to 1 o'clock games despite our team. Being at home. Panthers cowboys four. That's from television coverage starts kick off four point five. And bears at Packers. Tomorrow night. This curse Cheryl.