The Chris Ferrell Show seg 2 12/2/17


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News 11109 the united. I am. Bruce Sterling doesn't include. The no if you listen to the song. You listen to this song. Online. The comment section. You'll make reference the reference after reference. Too hot may. Now. I happen to have seen the episode but the reference concerns the fact. That. Good dog in the baby on Family Guy travel into the future. And you see the daughter. Walking down the sidewalk. Drop dead legs plan. She's not supposed to be. No attractive person on the show. But in this scenario deep into the future. She's an attractive person. And under the comments. There for you. Listen to drop dead legs on line which is most famous for being the big east side. Of John. Remember John. Number a huge hit that was. The worst song on allowable. Mom. There was a good album 1984 is good well. Well you re all these references hi meg brought me beer all the stuff I'm Mike. Children. This song has wrong. 433. Years. Take cure hot May Day again. And and and go go jump in the light. Hot Megan. Is drop dead legs as Van Halen. It's Eddie van hail. One of the greatest. She mood this blues he has troops in history guide his. This float away on a cloud listen us trying. To make sure feel like you smoked. Pop mirrored. She well. This Chris furlong WB to he would Tesla. Approaching 625. Bomb. Went up I I promised you a story about. Porch pirates ABC's Eva pilgrim. Seems like they were they've used her for Thanksgiving story but anyway Eva pilgrim. Is broken. And this is running out this references shopping I referenced before without the knowledge of this reference in it and why should guys summed. Say to us regarding. Protecting against the porch hearts. She does us. Where do you know of getting and hate. Here after a record breaking Cyber Monday does deliveries are starting to pouring it and that means it's prime time for package that. Porch pirates don't real bridges they followed delivery driver didn't snatch boxes in Chicago residents in what neighborhood. Catching an alleged feet. In the act police and discourage taking the law into your own hands but near Denver cheers Ted Beason federal agents are leaving date packages on porches. Peyton tracking devices inside. I see it. When I talked about well the third thing as a won't fill up the package is attracting device syllable habitable mean that but it's. I I didn't preflight the story so humor becomes reality. What was what was the joke for me it was apparently a pretty good idea and they started doing. But if you're if you're live in the neighborhood were police early evening. Bait packages. On your mortgage because I think got so you're and I area where the leaves are most likely to strike. I don't know I think of think of you know looking at some condos let's. Our. Local head on over overnight. Else talking about freedom drive. I shooting. At Wendy's on freedom drive. Not pass it. Going and Colin. No les. No suspects. Injuries are thought to be life threatening. I don't believe this was an attempt to rob the store. I believe this was an altercation in the parking. There are so many cases. Of unsolved shootings. With nonlife threatening injuries. There's a subculture. This this snitches get stitches subculture. There goes around shooting each other. In the leg in the but what ever were they know all okay hey well thanks for not kill and main. They want to be able say they shot the last person that. No one ever get to them. And snitches get stitches. We don't need unsolved shootings. We need people to step up and talk to the police. You can trust the police. They don't have an ulterior motive and solving a shooting I just wanna solve the shooting. So help them out it's a tough job there's a tough job. And doesn't next mixed bowl in my going your behind. This Chris furlong WBT Ed Christmas time it is 628. And a half ho ho ho.