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W BT and. On this news Chris furlong WB. Every morning good morning to professors that told good morning mr. Ferrell. Hi Terry we have we have a short conversation before you sure. I was all ready to ask you about. T change and have them removed there is a school. Your drive teaching you know I was asking if you're those levels. When you think of the use of tutors what's the best way to help. And then. One of my cats opened the hook up its equipment and that that's how it happened yesterday. I'm sorry yeah I appreciate that very much comment was one of forecasts com. There was the oldest cat well okay so that's as it should be grind it was a rescue cat that we had only had for about a year on interest and and so it's health deteriorated kind of fasten my wife didn't tell me how old discount was from a guy. Diocese of our full grown cat Riley look like just hoping for Ingram can't whose name was Oreo Oreo you are. Loved it will be mast and com. But it's health deteriorate it in and the way. That. Show we do you know I'd almost say it was suffering. I understand but it's body would rise keep on any way no matter how much I hate to Ryan. And it seemed comfortable until the end it does spent time on my lap now not not everybody's. Now I'm going to guess that. 90%. Of our listeners have lost about him that's probably true and you know I may get the bullet or I'd do the literal dirty work when this happened since we've got five kids. My wife got our children. Out her phone I think they want out to the park and for Sunday or something. They don't know about that she's. I moved there really haven't and the smash seven year old daughter who technically it was her cat. Couldn't and she is all indicating cats. And goodness gracious parent I have not. Decided. Exactly. How to handle the sheer amount. Com received while while they were gone doing their thing and how did the dirty work I dug a hole I made the law. Wry little hard the little you know jewels that they left in the moms on life left in the box. And they arrived back and my seven year old daughter. Is wary and a major us with a black kid he can on the left his name was Oreo as a black is black mark as America. And listen Harry you do woods who we see you know turn the below and ostentatiously. Though positive for her is she's like yeah now now the little. Now she is gonna make this is harnesses. Humanly possible we look. But I haven't decided exactly on the approach because we're a large family with we've had lots of animals. Frank I'm not one of these people up I love animals I'm not one of these people that mourns a cat. The way I do. A family member on court I just I mean we we call the members of the family we say you know it's like a member of the family. It's cut it it's like a member of the family once on the couch there beside you Bryant might you don't you know you don't. There's a reason there are obituaries were catching Ryan because. It's a it's not as big deal I'm sorry that's not as big deal for a tight end so. What am I gonna do a much assume we have other animals we have two dogs and three other caps. And we have we have a cat the visits are high and so there animals everywhere right. Do I let her just wait to ask or do a I mean I mean what went. Why do what's I'll stop here this way to handle her something that I was thinking when you were telling me this and I man may be way off base here but remember how he said that the cat. Never really thrive Demi had a fur ball was a year and he said it would be pretty but it never really. One of the things that might help I don't know whether we're not going to be when your daughter whenever you do telling her daughter. Is I have a suspicion that that can't probably had some kind of either feline leukemia or something like that. And that's something that they have to live with and it takes them out early. So when she does find out what you can always teller is you know honey this than we did really well I mean really built it up and he did. Because if you had not taken that caddie and they probably would've died much sooner. Had a much more miserable lives and probably unable to find or get the fitted needed and what has suffered a great deal. So if you can explain tour that you know you got one that was already. You don't mean not going to be one that's gonna live and you were the perfect family to make it have a better life plus dep Dan it. And said we're gonna take this cat you know with the idea that we were gonna do the best we can with that a lot of people do that first. Older cats are cats that have diseases and I think that's wonderful. When you're willing to do that so. A farmer you I would just let her kind of figured out herself and then ask and then you could come up with that up you know you don't want to say oh well guess what happened you know. We have a what I wanted to do that especially on a half Ronnie O'Brien I'm let her enjoy your weekend and Ryan but I imagine it's going to give her enough for retirement hey where's Oreo. Yeah Oreo and this was last night she and she hadn't hadn't seen the cat around and had masks since last night and I know she's one of the movie she's a she's. She's a martyr kid you know she obviously yeah she's she's busy she's orange is good natured you know what part she discovers that why your work. Well known that not. The my wife is to handle the pressure is off we are simply well I had to dig a hole you not let the coaches do that part of let's go to they did she ask you why do you know like OK are we gonna do this together as is going to be one of these things where I'm gonna get it and she cares she asked while your. Not he curls one of the things about being a happy little girl isn't she will sleep until ten we count your word. And so. If if we have to discuss this today I'm going to take your advice. Pat and I explained that we did the best we could buy this old cat right rank and that the thing about pets is you hope to outlive them you know riot pets are like children your supposed to outlive your paths Bryant. And but the next conversation this kind of comment because. Cannot Q another wow oh wow. Can't really have enough Candace if you have three others still right and what you said we have three others stood. God how one of them is an indoor cat. Right so we know so we deal with the ramifications of that if you know and I'm so I'd do Clinton and so. We don't need another calf right especially indoors I'm sure you but I and that's how the annuity would have to start well I'm now. Effect mommy for a while we know for for awhile we would have doubled the mass stood to deal with the mirage let messes linger but in O'Brien we still have to deal with them. Where I have double left for a little while forget about the cash and hair. He got its it's the other snow while Ghana I've got AL labs spends most of his all sizes and you've got to harass problem we've got the hair we we live with the hair found out I just you know everybody does it has animals and a but between. My hair loss and his you know there's that we deal with the hair because she's part of being an are out of. It's making you healthier table have to have this discussion one day two on the theory that. If kids grow up with all these macro be all things in the environment they're healthy are they build up an immunity I'm sure you've heard that tape right all of our accuser knowledge to be honest here originally that's true they say that if you have to clean of an environment it's actually unhealthy if your children because they don't build up any. Immunity to anything that's that's out there so one Molly grant them came through here for years ago and Sperry Everett told us how dirty this place yet doesn't shoot everything down hassles from shortening our lives why she why she was making your kids go to the doctor more often for. Allergies and all kinds of things I'm firmly convinced of that I used to like her to took a look what other guys don't let. Does know that she's she's won the sources here and you'd be surprised. How Mike Scioscia oh yeah I mean you know not not that you would think she would invade Iraq and she's. It's a lot animals too doesn't she is she's a child animal shows just as she's got a good heart and she's tired she's a lot nicer than the average person to ride which you wouldn't necessarily expect from someone on television exactly not talk bad about TV people and just. If she wanted to be if she wanted to cry difficult she could easily won it with a a.'s national chooses not to I think this is a lot I didn't hear artist too bad she's trying to kill us with the lack germs and here you know it's unfortunate but but that's about it but I. I. Don't know what I'm going to do about. Did dye had in mind getting another cash out now because you have to do it. Two. Child who's just lost their cat her turn her and so I'm thing again. I'm probably getting another pair who here really round rock cafe inside more than outside it was towards that and because we did because as the temperatures drop a little bit nine. We didn't we do lawsuit because it it wasn't holding on anyway wrapping his it was even Michael horse comes jolly round and has some kind of yeah its bit the last night of its life in a mile lap it has had scratched like. Like it was just that's a good way to go Chris I hate to say that but asking some pretty. And my years of fostering our pets are pretty painful arm blasted you know hours with cat are you that you were very very fortunate oldest disposal lucky cat yes man anyway seeing many many ways. And I'm I'm at peace with that Bryant and I'm I'm I'm dug a few holes before you know this is a I'm I've probably done my more and see the sounds awful. I think I should have to tear. Who probably done the morning I'm gonna do understand but because it's cat. Frank but it's. And they hit me when I have to tell my daughter Antonia was just that's when it's gonna come out together. But palm I'm probably gonna have to get another cat. And you know we've had forecast before his lawyer I'm that we had four cats up until yesterday you know so we can't handle it. The one thing has said dot in my in my daddy's put his foot down. Moments. When the S were healthy as we are not replacing. Any and we know that the animals killed we're just gonna have a program that we've got enough family and bend area again and now here I am a modicum Natalie I'm all lose all credibility. There. Is your realize that I realized I can be manipulated. Who did surprise surprise her at her. Through news that year that little girls who didn't do that took place there now. Now but ala ala. Report back that you just posted on how this now this turns out Bob got the balance the said was some happy you know chorus if we get if we get another. No we rescue another one Huckabee go through this again in six months. I'll give myself permission to get the kitten very again as are our guy rescued dog lists are always holes out there yeah well there're there are you know date then talk about. Rescue older animals does know everybody wants a kit nobody wants to cat is GG Joseph Dover what's the up but. I I also know there are ones being born Mariah I don't have they count and if I can keep one off the street for many many years maybe that's more virtuous and keep him off the street for the last year it's out there Paula think of it that way about but I'm gonna give I'm gonna give myself permission to get the cat that we can keep for awhile there Diego first of all I'm tired I don't want digging immoral. What kind of south cal goes out and have done something and I know what you mean. It's not sign this it's depressing and as a soil we have around here I mean I hate to be graphic but it's hard so yeah it's always worked it doesn't always sort of a I'll dig holes couple feet deep is who is below where the show awful yeah and chuck taylors ignored Chad Taylor stand on that thing and it's. Go nowhere like this. This was a man for man this was a map for a radio not for a weekend. Not for a break I mean yeah I'm offer you know I got her I think getting to broadcast the dig holes you don't. Brodeur maybe but not their goal is very big oak. Well it is helped to talk to you about this. I'll think about this and like I said it will work out for you I'm sure well I note that you are an animal lover and I know that you would be a a good. A good person to have to bring this to our Persian Ambien there well I enjoyed here in about it I mean I don't did you hear about the death I mean no pay off. I mean Dick circumstances around it that's always a good. Think also want to share with almost all been through yeah. There's say it's it's itself they talk out laughing so as a hub and well thank you. Big cat death coming up on the show today. We are going to go through local sports schedule. We there's plenty in news going on a man man and I Argo Cali got bit bock operated. So anyway we're gonna want to. Be careful ourselves it's not just cats that can run under misfortune. So any well my goodness it is 618 this always happens wanna talk to them because she sought to she's such an interest in person it is six state team on news 1110 WBT this course for our.