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WBT I. And this is. Their own lives more. He's good morning. Does come on come on your. I am warm now was pretty chin Dave and I drove in this morning well as she was 33 victories something like. Little chillier where I am at the media capital but I think Weaver when he homeowners so we relied. When he eight but it it was actually getting colder as I last saw her partner wanted him. Lot I think it's colder depending on how long you've been out for sure now done yes if you go to the car this is not a morning to go into the car with wet hair no no no no. Not be playing around you know cleaning up things around your car throwing out junk and stuff the slaying of a flaw could work well or not I will say there's no fraud (%expletive) that's true I have I have a car pork not a fully encompass. Her opponent couple's garage because they scare me to death. And the but how would I will say that I did have to scrape the wind does hand that's nice I don't even have a garage sale and I'm very much out there so wide a fit. Mean the beginning to a week now and when the week has been so. There's so outlets it's. Been depressing BS's head as I was very depressed on Monday I mean that does start off with on the world since 9/11. And I'm not gonna dig too much deeper they'll only allude to any more details Kucera tomorrow and Morgan have a good time this morning in a special this is where you can take our off from the bad news long enough to hang out of me you know that's what this is for war and turn then you think about what are you gonna talk about this weekend rather than every story that comes out is about somebody act and dirty and from a one man you know that the and then the weather takes a dive in and that is. Weather's pipe bombs the air airport and out and now let's say that the others say a lesson in a cognitive dissonance right there isn't that a few times over I mean. You got a guy. Who apparently. What was going to use the pipe bomb on a name on my neighbor. Is that correct settlement at this is not just take in the Rand Paul scenario a step further although it wouldn't this is about more long toss believe it. It there's some problems going on there isn't yet so so you build the pipe bomb. Okay you OK you also you re only dull like your neighbor. And and building the pipe bomb. Isn't unreasonable. When your balance and went how much you dislike your neighbor. Let's give the guy that month an so far OK I'm what is so far you've built the pipe bomb okay. You decide not to do it. A you're not gonna blow up your neighbor good move I think that's gonna look great on future job applications at that you did not blood that you could blown up your neighbors' vision are they had the pipe bomb and decided not to use shows grace brought good judgment the moral compass right they're not using is. About the turned into a positive right in Europe but. Then why it can spit at risk to you just so simple but I. Given what it buys 01. Of the pipe bomb and dump when the stuff into the toilet. Had been flushed into it must not also caused an explosion and I don't know Bob. Are we out amid building high bombs Iraq I don't builders and any pipe bombs usually used to not have a lot but. No he doesn't do this he gives it to his friend. Who works at the Arab school records and now I'm just wondering how that all came down have they found this all out because I don't remember. And remember that being in the story. But how that looked the part of the story was the guy only had. Access to the all right side of his life role now arrived. So I'm thinking that this guy brought this little more and show everybody figured. Out a. Blair this guy that's helping us land playing is and how has this not. It ended so much worse. Follow my whole slew of them that are generally. And and this is this a happy ending. So it's great and all that. Alternate could have happened. And you and you miss abide that much I mean you know how. Every now and then the will be and traffic when the roads are slick or some light the life albeit via a little reminder. That if you. Lose and vigilance even for a second we things can change a whole lot yeah very quickly I had one lose this way but. But it was just a reminder it. And I remember it now all I'll take a dark now. Oh I won't let it be any worse next time. But this is is that isn't there or not are there in the pool alarms going off along the way. But more about high bomb gets to the control tower Al Rick thanks. I don't know I mean this guy I don't know what's the deal here most of the things I. I don't know how to assemble a pipe bomb and I imagine it takes some. Aptitude or or does that I'm not sure I don't either you're asking someone here is lucky to get a key in a door in a motel rumor mound door to get it unlocked so don't let me you mean those electronic key consulate has lied us into things so I know are could put together pipe bomb you know I'm I'm always happy when my security key works to get me in the millions of as part in life your work it up I bombed or. Thanks. But if you if you hate your neighbor that much. First of all maybe maybe talk that. Terrific if you can't if you can't Ricci. Any tour if kept making progress through dialogue. Try to ignore each other and drank gates. Pretty bad when you start building in the pipe bomb but can you imagine Chris the neighbor when they hear the story. Well the thing is. It's that they didn't go far enough for this guy did disappear forever. Maybe don't we get together now maybe he'll realize that you know they've got to do some talk and well I would think it's time de. Orders the Sony is now just. Our I don't know but he's going to be thinking about it all the well well yeah it would Jew I hope he's right to write a check to have some by taking office as like why you know it does do it's got a pool Ian it was god built and along serves. Ask god tried to blow up what got screened in porch and Ed let's resist the house organist but it is a all you're the guy. I. A person does not Serena. I ought to forget it we don't match your neighbor has an episode and so good luck. It. The jobs and nothing spoil also sell worse than noisy neighbor exactly I'm wondering how many. Test bombs. Dixon and goodness what must've been a car backfiring and her club. Colin Baxter frank but you'd think you're having a bad week and then you find out about the guy you all emotion on his house blown up. That's for her I mean I don't care how bad a neighbor you are or are perceived. To be. Bryant that's not how you handle it. And I. I am I'm looking at the week leading up to now and it says some on my bio on my show page by oh yeah and that odd to him and foreign. Offbeat inherently positive. Listening experience. That's what it says under my pitchers there. How on earth amongst those do this when this is the look when this is the prep material I do not support Whitman does not when this is what's in the note. I know I know crazy people. Know literally going ballistic. Guys beat up senators while a motor grass right everybody. Act and how ever they want in front of everybody else sold just leave it at that right now there's weapons of mass destruction that we're. Airport right in a well off site airport which it did at offside do it and he did not get past the day at sunrise and my other half but you know. It's the guy this landing the planes I like to think that he has more sense in the tank and pipe bomb to work fancy there even amidst. Even if it's not to use for anything but paper weight I mean first of all they have paper weights that don't explode as traffic so. And your friends will still like you without having to bring something like that into the building don't expect the reaction of his co workers are being I don't know that's but I can't that's what I'm really would that would love to hear that story I'm I'm thinking one giant step backwards from the conversely a. How you know what you got there. Really. Are we give France and everything in our recovery good today. I looked for whom did you bring you that you aren't who you really wanted to show this to the united. Not plan on showing us the insides of you know a man and a but what was a week to try to come here amber is so all you can Doe's laugh about it right now I'm glad we did we found some Reese felt some things to talk about it just. This true this is a good thing that we mentioned you need to get to know your neighbor right that's what we can leave and on what if you don't get to know your neighbor be positive talk things out at least be a good neighbor Roxy I don't know my neighbors well. But I'm the type of neighbor armed I'll brag on myself I'm the type neighbor you wanna have good I got the nicest lawn in the neighborhood you come up. I'm not fraud may go look. Rise and has as a decent neighborhood by takes pretty big here there grass mar mile long looks like a gust brown we got five children but were quiet riot and you look in our backyard during the day and there are little children playing Ryan around. I mean this is what you want. They've heard the house next to you is being sold. This is what the real estate agent wants to potential buyer to look out the window NC true that's what they want and I'm not the type of neighbor that would warrant a pipe bomb could hit a I've you know may or may be. You know you can it's I think I've left my pumpkins on the portal too long and I. If you smash my pump on on what is it November 11 you have that one's on me actually but actually but that that's about as bad as yet. So I oh yeah I just can't imagine quick hits it to that point. That I guess is I'm do we really have stopped talking to each of that striped it all it is so well I'll tell you what I haven't stopped talking to you. Every Saturday morning as my conversations with professor to and it was a good 1 this morning and I think is a lot I I appreciate that I appreciate you being the biggest part of it I know I know that by talking to an educated personality and that it will get my brain going and that gives me hope for the rest of the show where you're so sweet well thank you very much for Elena Amezaga. The co workers laminated over. Could there I'll remember that up that's well I appreciate it now hope we will do this for a long time professor Deb terrible will be bringing this news. All morning long she's just cool like that we will look at national local headlines breaking news as it happens no opening up them from the airport. We'll get to you or TV and live area sports schedules will read those down four Korea just in case she need to know what you're going to be doing an easy chair those of you. Who spends Saturdays and your easy chair those of you up to me on your way to work you are America you are my hero. Bomb we'll take a look back at history at the history it's worth repeating. From the department of redundancy department. And hopefully chuckle to this is a Chris rarely WBK it is 66 team.