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WPH t. For sure only. How she's. Normal. Thought I tell you why you're not you're not liked the lady gamecocks of South Carolina. You show up forever. Yes I do you would never turn down a White House visit because if there's some work to be you're going to be there. I would love to be there at us I think I think that's very admirable. And I thank you personally for a brought tougher and now in the Saudi I would. Well I think we're both pretty tough care I was getting ready to say after I assure you would do the same thing CI I don't think I have the luxury to teach. That's probably true what would they do bring you military you know doesn't prop you up that they entered the wrong they can play the one from last week Bob always says the news or related reruns are leery irresponsible. Because Lou swimming there's not election today it has true blood I say is so another week of wonderful news for us to a we're talking last week. About how. Difficult it was to stay upbeat in the midst of the headlines right. And this is another week where we're where I can it's become paying repeatedly just to repeat on the map because this week's. This week's mass shooting. Was merely a would be bashers who have learned sort of like got that one for some time and we get we get. The teachers are Smart people and they locked everything down and I think. And that guy was like I was really really lost so I think I could have been really really bad move around so at the start. Almost some good you can almost call that good news because it could've been so much working right right but then we just rolled down home dude who fell down further into the cesspool. Between between Kevin Spacey Roy Moore Al our man of god she keeps handing out candy the among get the re ignition of all the accusations from the president has faced because everybody's trained him for reactions of the nominating. On his non reactions right and how would you know wad loved her and says look I got a country. Yeah I'm down that would that would uplift and I think we need to you know. Not indulge our Sean Ford too much removed Karl I think a lot of folks are off. Depending on the cruise getting accused. There either love that Gerber made it. Bryant right. To compute it shouldn't depend on what side of the aisle you're on some things are a little bit bigger than Matt Wright and sort somebody's say. This this week where were the biggest stories in the news. Are surrounded by peripheral issues. That nobody is talking about. There has more of an impact on our lives and can be especially meaningful to us. If we weren't so drawn to the titillation strike action torso were drawn either to the icky parts which has its sensationalism. To tearing down of people I want to hear the dirty secrets because it made me think about what to do. When an influence. Lecce dale. I'm her like I'm sure you've had influences that led viewed in the broadcasting and ended in two instructing the right right and I'm happy if you ever had. Difference why you're really look up to. All fall from grace in the in the past two reexamine. Looking up yes you're looking out. If not into not directly honestly not in that field and I'll tell you something when you do have someone do that the fall is so much more. Then of course if you not even had that kind of expectation to begin with it's it's that. That idea that this person is a really got to come through and then when they don't mean it's all worsen if they've never even tried you know what I'm saying you know lot. I tried to start if conversation this a long time ago if Lindsay actually. When things went bad for John Rocker ha remember the braves relief pitcher who well actually no you. According hammer things on at least as far as our listeners on offense I I admire his integrity actually about. All he had some bad things to say about. This city not so much the city of New York or particular people that might run into a subway I got you an unexposed. Com. But many people believed to be inherent prejudice I am a man Bryant and birth for the sake of the discussions. Are brought up on their frenzy as the devil's advocate. Look I love to have in the guy. That are ran out to the mound looking to strike out the Mets who talks and jumped the crowd to get everybody fired to ride I enjoyed that I got some good out of that I got some inspiration out of that aha but now. Now and every C John Rocker. You gotta think about police in New York stuff right and what was the value and what was the value when tear them down is it because a reporter couldn't. Couldn't sit on a big story and learn and bully or not it was Eric spring amber who saw also that a frenzy at the time my count grew how I know it's it's traditionally that is funny how while we all. You know this business expands or contracts and we all want to close together again all right but he said. What I was saying about maybe what how the president should handle all the harassment stories about same look they're bigger things I got you know straight ever said look. Ridiculous is one thing that or poor needs to sit on a story for the sake of my search abilities. From Vietnam and end to don't 210 no we're looking up to and I took that angle just to hear the discussion. Ryan but it's it's very true there is so much week could lower. If we didn't wallow in that depraved parks for food and and cheer or boo depending on who was being accused jam out I myself intellectual but word mature thinkers juries not. Incidentally to this topic world male and female right. And we can. Talk about. The topic of harassment without becoming giggling school kids I was sure I am so it and if not you know it is just talk about sex. There are so I'll start time. I feel I have fried Turkey hello guys CNN a I thought. I'm lucky if you fix this thing you know we deep fried Turkey. On the sidewalk darker one here gives you the album was live on the air Rahm -- we had sound of this Turkish. And the oil outcome and it was. I'm getting clipped to my photo of Hilton makes him sound all wheel was such. Adam Thomas was a reporter here at the time he was actually on the sidewalk outside. That's a with a microphone and held up to the pot and a kind of window when the Turkey goes and it just as does sizzle I mean. They need a word bigger than Suze I'm sure is a slight odor of social Boyle it's August deep I don't know you know but but it's not just. All I mean it's it's more. As you were caustic and Brad you know this is like a huge sear in granite and he says well I guess load the chew manatee. All and so but thought I was let's focus on the moments Paula never forget political human and all those that you manatee was services Lula and line on that time he's he's a good enormous numbers on what time it dated dated as was this was that down on the morning yeah let's listen this was early in the morning your it and we did no way support the converted and we're still playing doctor Laura wrote her I do remember doctor Leo we're still playing doctor or come 9 o'clock at this time I'm. And how we want to do and it is time work. After after it was finished like abortion don't win it all the Internet access and read it it just before 9 o'clock. And it's recede during the first volume seems like the breaking story we are or words you know trying to deep frying a Turkey on the sidewalk out here in barrels hoping it doesn't get sensational. It's not just radio yeah that angle we took was. Like that angle JJ she used to take when they would get drunk on the year they would say you know this is about drug drew this though perhaps in my coming adjustable alcohol ha see the difference feel as though yeah basically no excuse to drink on the air exactly Willis was our excuse to eat Turkey. Well but we were gonna do is talk about non deep frying turkeys a lot of people are doing this love you we're just now learning how to do it right to talk about how did you say fleeing death I. So once again we cloaked our own indulgence in public safety it has some tips and use that to work it into the broadcast me for therapy. But our album I'll never forget is one is one of the but fun things about being in the business we talk about that in the beginning most of my help so much muses I had tried as hard stay positive -- well if you're given a little creators should raise our hands around the Thanksgiving dinner you can make some good news right and I lets all remember that yeah if we get. Depressed looking at the headlines. Tom first of all we have the option to look away and talk about other things us what they show is all my aha this show was about not go open your coffee and just know have a maybe it. Maybe a chuckle if you're on your way to weigh Saturday job you know you're. It's it's about encouragement it's about positive right I'm not gonna sit around talk about. Who didn't want to who's right because it's just to press know this first thing in the morning you know and it's just it's not the type show the stock type show I could the room you're gonna give be given a microphone and you can't be uplifting. Calm you need to think about why you're doing what you're doing and not yourself Manny. Divisive. Who people in this business that's good business sometimes and I'm not saying. That doesn't belong in the business because you know an audience share suggests that it probably does and other people it. They pick sides and I tell you and they like to hear the reimbursement of what they of the version of the church that they that they want to hear want to believe yeah. It's good business. But there's good business and then Bayer's good nature movement and I think that we can take an hour week and I try to do here. Where we. Look at the good side of bad news. And there's enough bad news is today and Derek you know let's let's flip it over him like so much Turkey aha and and look at the this a look at the a teachable moments bright as a war I believe there's plenty of opportunities. Where there's crisis there is opportunity right now this is winter yeah. And it's easier to think clear on the full stomach terrible boy that you're making me hungry even amongst my cold this is our last show before Thanksgiving I know our last show before black trial I know you're reminding me of all that we need to get to the grocery solid sneaks up doesn't it sure does. How does this kid hears so fast every united were getting older but why understand that blessing year represents a bureau overall experience the quicker seems to go by and that's that's so very church but try to I try to slow down just like an hour in my power yes or me or kindergarten during hours and hour. Just try to save her life like it like Turkey that grew like nice deep fried Turkey from a could do it they do a pretty good on that boat shackles. Or her hand it lets us oil law pure hustle researchers feel it and if you have any don't be afraid to drop somebody forget to remember yeah. After talking to professor Derrick Thomas always a particular case solo yes she is she is tough and she's a pleasure to work with out tea. This is the last show before Thanksgiving and Black Friday we'll talk a little about that especially the Black Friday part of talk of how to keep them crunch. Out of your wallet. We got the headlines and we're where I have a good time anyway. Guy hero Surrey sports schedule it's always good name is no tea what's coming up to Morris well. We'll look at the history of worst repeating may be chuckled to. This Chris you're on WB two to 6710.