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I'm Deborah Tobin for news 1110993. WPT paid Chris fairly rare scenario imagine aren't in the view here and shouldn't have. I don't know and possibilities on analysts. But cold blooded doubles play yet that's what I call them. Well all of us that's that's established nickname that's not something you can don't know known as the bureau charged rally now down now they're they're pretty cool well I I want it to talk to you about something related to this I know you were much. I know you got a job to do don't want keep him on. But I know you live in much more a rural area and I do your work behind and folks that listen to me on. I have heard of the Belmont coyote about it. Because I see him every down Osama again this morning really and bill barked he alluded to seen one in the city. Goodness and I'm just wondering are you singing on you're. Early morning driving and arteries are you seen many feral animals are you seeing lots of wildlife because. I didn't know we had alligators around here and picked up and down North Carolina and we definitely have coyotes. And I'm disorder are you sick are you see any of the even. You know dear I'm mainly always see deer they're they're the only ones that are active and of course. Unfortunately there's some road kill every now and then of an apostle or something but not know you know interestingly enough. I think the rule areas are not having nearly the problem. That some of the areas are with coyotes and you know they've they've got these hunts where they're you know paying money to kill the poor things. In other areas so and apparently they're really thriving. You know and where you're talking about seeing them in this metropolitan. Areas or south and where am I think. Roll thing here is. The the Beaumont coyote is bordering on just part of those part of the scenery I mean. It almost looks like his attempt to become domesticated. Bear him I've baby I mean maybe that's maybe that's next I'm not saying get out your cargo that. A far cry right rank but I do I mean I'm tempted when I see him to try some some type of verbal interaction. He's clearly comfortable around all the people yeah. They get their way and it. And there's so much development of course amused us displacing wat which is unfortunate you know but some are apparently thriving better than others. Yeah and you know they might I don't know offered. Yeah you always hear these things back and forth but you know I'm give me the old soft heart I've heard that. I tell you really won't pro pose a danger unless there's nothing else for them to eat like. Everybody's freaking out that they're gonna go kill their dog their cat and what I've heard is that. They really don't want to do that I'd much rather dig up the rodents and whatever else they can get their little. Malveaux is on so you know I tend to have a real interesting little so I sit on the fence on this yeah I'm trying to say well. Well that's what's got me so attempted to interact with one is he seems borderline finally he seems. Half domesticated there's a this and I imagine this is how it starts. And I just wonder will always be keeping coyotes as pets and 200 years. We might because I'm telling you their approach of killing them and putting bounty on him is not going to work because I'm sure you've heard. The more you kill anything the more it's gonna populate what just that's just the way it's gotta work fast not a good idea to do that and I don't think people are. Crazy about the idea killings coyotes now they look too much like dogs. They do but there's some good some pretty serious horrible pictures I've seen posted with. Skins and scans and scans on the sides of buildings that people are pretty proud I'm Bob regular some coyotes who have made amassed themselves to our guests are against it said like you said it's a two edged sword I should we hope will get them but I just wanna say this before I leave your buddy that you're seeing. Tom. I hate to say this but take a picture too because his days may be numbered I don't know in what he's managed to become a grown. He's a little smaller than my black Labrador Retriever who really which I think is about the size cow that's a pretty good yeah he's finding some nine groceries out and that alleyways or somewhere isn't a while hope he has a layer to stay warm and dislike you want. Last week and you know he might dare might be people feeding Helm there I going to be how it happens while his rating somebody's. You know leftover dog food I don't know he never known why he's so close to the neighborhood I mean that would be as practical way to so so sustain himself as any thing bush sure there really would later. Okay I'm impressed to see it double skip back to our day jobs here and make us work for a. The only event. Love. I'll tell mom. Oh if you prefer the firm. First thirteen. Sister first early show on W. I'll let dictum that. Before I won't I won't I won't a lot of those hours. I am awfully happy that you're here this morning. Didn't do this every week is life is like having a birthday every week except you only get a week over not year old. Classroom are all who absolutely. Love. Coming in here and talking to folks heroic. Split those who make anything happen. And anything in the news. But fail when we have a week like we've had. This is and how hard core. News show we're. We're a little loose were allowed to have fun. But there's still supposed to be information especially on the lead stories. And when the lead story is what it was this week. You see I've got five kids. I do lots of show Oprah but home. I don't know if you visited Or turned on CNN but. Don't tell me that they are not just giggling like twelve year old boy is. That being able to use the S word over and over again. And as a person. Who doesn't wore blue. Lemmings I don't do dirty humor and there's some double entendre there are many you know they you can tell I'm probably not easily offended but I just. Yeah I think I think per fan becomes when you're. Especially angry or have run out of other words. And so I use it very sparingly and I basically never use it on the air. In fact in mind note side of I I'd. Prepare the show believe or not and in my notes. I've got so many euphemisms. And you know my kids can read a work at home. I've got was a sliver here. Oh yeah. Regarding do do a whole country's. I got written down. That's not so I don't accidentally say the wrong thing I've got I'm hard wired not to. Bausch proven to me one time that everyone's first job is to protect the license. And I believe. There are there in fact I know that there are. Stipulations. In place regarding context. But. Some the president apparently said this week. If fleet quoted him directly and there's probably. Allowance for winning your quoting the president of the United States to see such as there is when your covering breaking news. Where if it happens it happens. But if you will fully. Broadcast. Something like that. Just just gratuitously just because. As you feel like get 250000. Dollars. Quarter million dollar fine from the FCC. And so we buy beer important fake news as we report the real stuff or I'll be out of business and a week. I wonder if the president. Could pardon himself. If he decided to use that language during the State of the Union Address. There are I heard about all that first reaction was. Shock which I think is most people men. But I gave to Libya. But Bennett says then you know that the thought of of a kid in the Third World country. Who dreams of a better life but because he knows how we live in America. He knows it's possible. I mean. Not to be gross. But what makes a dude to hole do you call. Yeah Philip would do news. Otherwise this just a hole. What makes. I do do a whole contrary. But I do do a whole contrary. Visit the landscape visit the trees. Is that the wildlife. Now it's the papal. So in this scenario. The excrement to which she figure Tivoli refers. Our human beings. And when I think that. About our country's head of state. Characterizing. Some kids. Who was who who lost the birth law. And was born. In one of these places where it's. Impossible to make a good life for that again now basically. What I hear them characterized. As a piece of experiment. I do little slab. And then I get real line. Why would I get angry when he's not talking about me. Does I'm an American. And the president of the United States is the most high profile American and the world. President United States used to be the most powerful person in the world. But a lot of that was due to our influence. I think we're losing. I'll wanna get. To have me on potty talk it's. Kind of counter intuitive. There's lots going on local mind goodness. No leave little time for next segment were gonna go over local headlines on. Spell Thomas Jonathan Karl. That. ABC. Who's going to talk about. The reaction. To. What the president said well what did the president essential than what was not Yang didn't mainland I'm keeping my job. But there reaction from this point is really an important part is now. The flaw now. Lots of people say straight shooter. I say no fun nest game. You talk like that when you don't know what else to say. And I don't want the person in charge to be out of ideas. This early end the discussion. It's heroin. This Chris furlong WB two idiots. 616. Coming up while law. Have. Previous stated. Features that we're a look at other stuff about three people were shot like you heard Deb talk about three people shot nearby Allentown last night. A police officer was ambushed a police headquarters this week. Oh my goodness. It's getting crazy folks. How praising. Straighten. This cursor on WBT the colossus. I say the colossus. Of the south. It is they stroke. Of six maintain.