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WBT. Showed up for work today. I'm not return here. I'm cool. Lose cool. First Charles. We showed up. October November. I'm here to. We don't take these new way out. Gross say. Who get the government shut down so. Therefore. Wrong. There's not going to be any news yet. It. No space opened and decide to closure own company. You know hormone. When there are enough flaws. Do lawmakers have to go get real jobs. I guess slow. So the solution that is to keep fighting stuff. I. Thought I loved the difference. Between. My protections. And the president's protections. Had that false alarm and Hawaii. But the real had to bring themselves to. Analysts say that the let's say it's. It's hit the fan and there were every family for himself. Got hallway. Now Abacha mattresses. Fill the tub cover with plastic. Make me wanna get ready for real mind me wanna. Go full prep. 38 minutes is a long. Long time. To hear nothing. From the federal level. When word is in Hawaii. But there's a missile long war. 38 minutes. Of nothing but thinking that's the case. I'm thinking. Whether or not there's a missile on the way is something that could be legitimately. Determined. Whether politically. Are we basically watching the whole world all the time. The folks in Hawaii. Got to. Over half an hours worth of from there. True fortitude. I wonder how much you'll learn about yourself. And 38 minutes such as those. I. Saw a video of Allah. Man who. Record goodbye to a spam link. He was on the golf course and Hawaii. He's and I understand there's a missile on the way. I'd rather go out doing this. Then. Running for my life. I love you all know watch me at the shot. I like to think. That would be me under the same circumstances. I like the pink. I didn't see a whole lot of just on bridal panic. Haven't seen that. Or evidence of that. Probably go armed private. But considering everybody's got. My cam recorder in their pocket. You would think there would be a little more. Footage of raw emotion. But I guess. There's a level. Of except it's I guess they kicks in when you talk about something that you. Lack. Any control. You're on the island. And word is there's a missile headed to the island. New law for a ride you like. You like slim Pickens. You are. He's just he's just. Our rob your part of the landscape. And let's see what happens. Federal government shut down yesterday. There are implications. But toward the average provinces and they don't seem to be. Just. Terrifying. Not not yet. Social Security checks are grown now the mail's going to Iran to promote the mail's gonna Ron. All 'cause. They have their own revenue extreme. So what we're duel and when we buy a stand up. As are buying insurance. Bill ordering our mail even if the feds shut down. Spurring important. I forget what was said. Were all nine meals from chaos. For something to that effect I'll probably is butchered. But the idea is. You're three days without food. From doing what she needs to do. When it comes to. Other things. Things we do we do are just expecting to do yet. I wonder how long we could last without that. Because much like. The snowed they got. The 48 hours of cabin fever. But I experienced anyway. Our dirt during the snow this week really really amplified my first world practical tips with. It school at its nose. But the power goes now. Now we got problems. It's cool look bred shut down. Whether the checks don't around. If the mail doesn't come home. If I needed to pass important can't get a all of a sudden. I wonder how long. We would last. Without demanding. Action. Because. Everybody's reputation and every morning government ever won the federal level. Their reputation is going to take a hit over this nobody looks good. So the only consensus. Is that the missiles aboard. No one looks. Bob by the way the Obama shut down and have been not going fourteen. Lasted four. She was. Up sixteen days. On my own producer. And have to reach for have I don't look at. It's behind. Now if Brit this one lasts that long. That will. Cut in to a military pay pier it. They get paid on the first in the fifty. If this shutdown. Lasts as long. As the one. Under the Obama administration. Just a little over two weeks. And that check on the first. For our military. Doesn't show up in the India. In the account. Would that be what it takes. Would there be outrage sufficient outrage at that point we demand something be done. There's not a lot of people are worried about whether or not the national park Sharaud. You're gonna have to hit us closer to home than that. I got this from my ABC. Regarding the club shut down an essential services. Just wanted to. Yes it is let's saw discovered this new information together. The specifics of this shut down remain unclear right now which he could cost the US economy as much as thirty million dollars every single hour. Hundreds of thousands of federal employees will be furloughed with out pay. And by February members of the military could see their paychecks delayed. No essential services. Will continue to you're still going to get your mail Social Security benefits will still go out TSA and air traffic control will still continue. I would contend that pain in the military isn't. Essential service. I'm no less the one job. Where you can go to jail for not listening to your boss. What is your boss or you're not getting paid. Well Chris you've cynical person in the soldiers. For the love of American families polls. They can't be all terroristic. Regarding. Whether or not they're paid further job. It's okay and Mr. President it's OK senator Schumer. You fellows take your time. Will be at the ready like we always are. If this lasts longer and off. To where our military. This is a paycheck. I believe that would be. However disproportionately equivalent. Of the nine meals. How would be that I believe that would be. And outrage. Sufficient to. Prompt enough backlash to. Demand action. But as I said I'm no Fred. So here I am. This course Earl WBT the colossus. Of the south. Not thank god told job for a loved being here. And I'm going to. Keep doing that for a for a few minutes stick around the set surely don't you don't only have to hurry it's early 616 at.