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WBT. Unfurled. This girl would do. 11:10 AM nine on Korea films. WBT dot com. So nice for you all to be hearing me that's coming for me. So I'm not gonna compliment us all say are you lucky it's not me thank you thank you all fullest. And you don't say that the carrier got kicked off the ten. This cover your wicked. Mobile content. I don't know if you all recognize Martin song goes by Queens of the Stone Age. They're lead singer of kick the fan in the face. Now. There were here it was kicking a camera out of her. Both her and at all. One of the reasons. I never got the comedy. Well again I don't I don't know that I met. Home minister I guess that I guess I haven't. One of the reasons I never got the standup comedy. Was not earlier fear of not being farming. Not because I'm so darn funny because there are people that are downright alt. They're making a live and can Google. Some emotion. Famous comedians in the country. Are cringing went back. But our new package. Talked for a living make people laugh for a living the world wouldn't be a lot of heavy lifting involved with that. And so what metre area one varies as I never tried stand up comedy. Was because. I knew I'd get the urge to kick somebody. I'm I know it's a disproportionate. Response to someone sitting in the front row. If you're your performance. But it's different music. And music that the folks. Who turn out. Are there to see you. And they pay a lot of money. For the first stroke seat on a queens of the starting charged the first rose over a hundred dollars Shura. That's basically saying I love you I don't know you I love. There's a hundred bucks let me say ten feet from me while you perform. And Qichen somebody in the face is probably. Not the way to say thank you. Receipt companies different. Comedy clubs. Young people going out to drink. Who. You don't necessarily know that the former us. And they can now I can get wild there's no law against tech and I will admit this one thing alone about the starving by almost heckled they got they got into it by email. Which you know. Isn't nearly as louder disruptive. Doesn't director concentration is much while your performing via email how bad it was late. A tough. Anyway the reason I say I understand purge. It's because. On. Comedy crowds. Came can be brutal. They can they can. Have more fun at New York's bats. When you are being paid to try to an in your attempt to entertain them. And armed. This Fella so all you taken as pitcher. Kick the camera performance. Arm. But think the way he's going to avoid a big lawsuit on this. And the lady. Called obscene I'm. Nursing a tape of the of the essence so. There was at least one camera didn't care. Com. The way who was hospitalized. After reports now solve this. And she was hospitalized. Probably half. At the advice of not turning consists of isn't something you would need to go hospital. But I think a way he's going to be able account to much. You know Frieden if he decides to a switch up from from the front face kicks. This to say hey didn't bootlegging used to be illegal. Didn't used to be. An arrest bull offense to take a tape recorder into a concert. Now though there were Korean devices everywhere. I mean everywhere. I have yes I do have something on my pocket. McEnroe record I met a man of my voice and some affordable want to. I detect a pitcher or something right now people want to know I'm not a tech. Need to term Rangel off the content nobody calls me and but. That would be my counterpunch is say look. I won't sue you for bootlegging. And you won't spooky for QQQ and reflect its. Well that's rock and roll man. Ma. So that's loyal did. And I have decided in the spirit of Christmas. I am going to forgiveness. And not switch my opinions are. I think it's you know awful to pick a friend on the face. Home. No martial martial artist and Japan's conservative blessing and I'm serious. Arm. House thinking about okay. It's not the kind of guy wanna work with a few. I'm side in the spirit of Christmas. I'm simply going to forgive him. And hope that he doesn't do it again. So hey Josh bullies. I think guys sense Josh. Davis last night because I don't want him in trouble. Scholl more restraint next time somebody Peja hundred bucks to watch performed. Newfield urge to kick them in the face anyway. May be search for another part of yourself to wished to defer your maybe maybe dig down deeper and and find that little shining light inside that says hey it's Christmas. Okay come out of place. So that's what's going on concert world I have a musician. I have performed on stages musician I've never done stand up Colin. Now I think I think I'm clearing that up but yeah armies across a way to. Pretty much perfect strangers treat you very not actually. And this it's a good feel it's a wonderful feeling. To get unsolicited positive feedback. I've gotten some recently. Local public servant course Melton who's mayor pro chairman. And Matthews. So he enjoys the show. Common mission Akamai tied into something lawyer. Because a sound local. Well I think it's important to be from the area. Mutual broadcasting. It's commentary as part of your job. You know otherwise just just make sure you're really not worried or if they have been dealt. Ask somebody who's from around here. Producer was Mao prop. On television this morning. That I find entertaining. But the but the person who's name was missed pronouncement might not think it's just fine. This cursor on the BB Tim Greg joined me this morning. You heard Deb talk about it. GOP passed it's tax bill. Bomb. There are congratulations on working together congratulations on consultant Don. I'm going to. Have married Bruce whom she let. Just start on the stop Marco Mueller have more percentage and you know implement explaining exactly. When the new tax bill this. Republicans sealed the biggest overhaul of the nation's tax code in a generation now they have a final bill and they say they have the votes senator Marco Rubio said he was a note that the child tax credit has to be more generous to get his bill is out I wanna support tax reform it's important for the country but I think this needs to be part of that. Republicans gave him what he wanted it. Allowing low income families to claim up to 14100 dollars per child rubio is now yes senator Bob corporate also now on board. In the past he's said he'd never support a bill that adds to the debt this. This plan is predicted to add one point five trillion dollars to the debt. But worker announced he's voting for it anyway saying the question becomes is our country better off with or without this piece of legislation. I think we are better off with it. The final bill slashes the corporate tax rate from 35 to 21%. A big win for big business. For individuals it lowers the top tax rate from 39 to 37%. A big win for the wealthy. But it limits the new mortgage interest deduction to 750000. Dollars Republican senators say their priority is tax relief for the middle class. What does the middle class get from the bill it doubles the standard deduction and you can still deduct interest on your current mortgage. But people will only be able to deduct 101000 dollars combined from their state and local income and property taxes. And it eliminates the obamacare individual mandate which could lead thirteen million more Americans uninsured in the next decade down analysts say the middle class could end up paying more. Generally don't have that information you can get to work on taxes. Tornadoes on. Peer to hell proof that. I know the the president promised no new tax bill by the first of the year. And I'm happy that he's happy. At all. I don't know that they need to hurry on things like this. I let's finish this up before Christmas break. It's pretty important. Maybe finishing up. In a manner that there's convenient to your own personal timeline. Shouldn't be a priority whatsoever. I'm just saying. Nonsense under bill. I got Bob kids thank you Marco Rubio ol' boy did he do his future or favor. All man. That might be our next president honest. I'm not saying because I got five kids and he made them increased the child tax credit. I'm saying because that's a very public. Victory. For his personal career. Mom. And he was the only one that really brought trump any heat. During the campaign I think he I think he stood toe to toe. It was unable knock him off patent not a name recognition. But I don't think we've heard the last from Marco Rubio on the national stage. Now I think this is something he's going to be able pouring up. In future attempts to become president of the United States will probably eventually make him president of the United States. I usually do a lot of news in the first segment but I felt pretty good brings some good information. Now we got to more coming up on the Chris Furl shows since since world war marble white hard bunch around here. This one as I say sitting in a room by myself on my own producer not only in my local I'm lonely. But lowered I have no Osama advice on Christmas party survival. My say a thing or two about the corny Christmas music your your hearing all over the place. All things football. The Panthers beat the vikings last Sunday. Oh my goodness. And Thomas Davis bought the high highs Harding high school Clara. They're championship currency helped raise the money we talk about the power of celebrity. And Thomas Davis Davis is known for discounting is very good man is obviously heard Matt. Oh wow. That name got it done in a few hours. No Britney Spears sold a hanging for 101000 bucks. I understand what they mean when they say the first men's hearts. But we're gonna have all things sports coming up three armed tell you what to watch on TV if you're gonna do that later you just stick stick with us on WBT all day we got to. Got a basketball game tomorrow but we don't want to stick. I'm John and Dave are home improvement just follow maybe and there are excellent they've been on the air for twenty year. And it's going to be nice enough today that you're not going to be able escape the honey do list. Well have a look back at this stay in years past 'cause some ministry is worth repeating. And more frivolity is Chris furlong WBT. It is 618.