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I'm meteorologist Andrew from the weather channel lose 111099 threes WPP. Thank him. This is pure speed and we'll. Draw my stick. Com Saturday. This first furlong WBT. Graduate. I mentioned speeding them. I mentioned. Driving habits are good fit as most of you are in your cars. I want you to be safe. Because. The car is basically. But one real chance to take every day. And nobody needs to go out like that I mention this because there was or fatal crash on south bull far. Well last night just after midnight but half the road is still shut down. You saw martian scaly bark Purcell charms not a our Christmas break starts this week. Look out for the kid oats. There are going to be. More young pedestrians. Out during the day. And there are going to be more. Leisurely drivers who have time off. And that's that can be a tough combination. The thing on south boulevard it was an amount blue angels a three car accident. With one reported fatality. A man. What news to get. So let's look out for each other this day off holiday break approaches. We need to. Be vigilant. Don't drop too fast you look like Atari subordinate. New look cool. It would disorganized you'll like you're gonna get in trouble if we don't make it somewhere about certain. Drop like they can't start without trial like balls. Drop like there's some weighing you down. This is Chris brochure on certain morn next half hour we're going to. Talks in sports. Talk parties talk music Christmas music. Just talk about all of a promise to spur area. And this day in years past some history is worth repeating. How appropriate that a few times. Chris furlong WBT it is approaching. Sixty when he.