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WBT so. Much there's a whole different. Wetter weather advisories in effect until noon on this Saturday another injured to a snow may fall this morning a lot of sleet may mix in at times as well. The precipitation on tape profit for the afternoon behind your 39 about Jeff Maher from the weather channel. There's 1110993. WB team. Fresh fresh. Here's a hard time Bruce Pearl has got your personal. Thank you very much for drawing a joining me this morning. I'm. Admirable. I'm admiring your strength this morning. On and I myself am mad bull but I'm in the state of admiration. To. After the Panthers. Put their faith. And every one else's hands. That's. There's still hold a match head. I'm I'm a little worried but you see. Don't be confuse. Because there are only. A few things that can happen. We can win the division. We can win a wild card spot. Or we can miss the playoffs. So we listen it's not like we'd. Wonder what's gonna happen. One of those three things is gonna happen. Did anybody else just feel god did. Just fuel noted last Sunday. When dawn. So where they are more and talked about how this who was personal to me. Concord mills whose opening round to. Nine. She portal on a few more than it is to email us on the dollar up shop. Arboretum is open that eleven. Syria might have a chance to squeeze a few rounds. Now before we arboretum opens screws on was what everyone is sharply over tomorrow. But I didn't watch the game myself. For the New Orleans Carolina again. My hours are on and off. I gave myself permission. There you go home. Need a big male. Sleep well. What the news that may have more. 'cause it bugs me enough. And I'm not boring here. And to the table what I need to do it too would work the next morning no idol host on Sunday morning. I function as Vince Coakley as producer. On Sunday morning. And he focus media he. Is to focus on her show. I would work as miles from our producer on assertive more than. I had to focus on my shift. But it does confuse things first of all. Been nice to have some revenge okay that's out the window the sub one don't forget about it. The saints got left. We got the jets falcons again yes they played and lost to the falcons. Last Thursday night I got the falcons are down. And then they close up of the box. Atlanta. Can't ask for more so forest self determination. From this point. They end the season. With the marine. Division games. Bucks. Saints. Panthers. We got three home games come. The vikings. We'll see I'm not really familiar with the vikings record when he looked up their record. And. So yeah. The vikings heard. Ten and two. Maybe an uphill climb. But were home come on where it's. It's will scoot rally behind our fellows. Yeah. I hate to tell you folks we don't have the best reputations as far as home field advantage. And. But something you change. Or adult. Honestly. Over the years. So about. Loyalty stick to a toughness. Not being a fair weather friend. That's what builds you the home field advantage. Over time. The Carolina Panthers. Aren't known. Further twelfth man. It kills me. Why isn't true. The banking centers so many transplants. So many people that brought their teams were with them and we were able to make converts out of them. And I say oh you want a couple Super Bowls have been the two super balls. Well you want a couple Super Bowls it's easy to make converts right. Talk about fair weather fans. It's numbers. Since this story. And so traditional Hawaiian name. It gives people hope going down the stretch. That's one guy you want. There's still endure the last quarter of the season. Believing. That we can do this. The line up slightly different every year about this not that different this year. Still look at it can now. Worst thorough still ordered that Graham. Now still looking at Thomas Davis. We've got Julius Peppers back. It's up dust and how well we're gonna play. I'm not saying. Let the twelfth man. Can be the difference. In winning and losing a ball game. I'm not one of those people. It thinks it makes that too big a difference. All things being perfectly. Equal. I guess it could be a factor. But generally speaking. The better team is gonna wanna. I want to entered the last quarter of this season. What the feeling. The Panthers have it end them. To be the better attain. Who go out we got Minnesota. Went through ten and to ourselves. We got Green Day which sounds kind of scary historically speaking of their six and six. Oh and we'll play badly against them do it. Historically speaking. Then we'll finish with Terry division items. Now. Tampa Bay. As basically. And the roles borrower. Royal corners opens two. Watney four hours a day. Meg yeah. I'll I'll try to get confirmation on that. The Buccaneers can basically play spoiler. They got the line and is the falcons. Bus and the saints. There are. Only four and eight. So. They're not going to the playoffs. The saints are already too good for that. But man they would love to keep. Our book its own monetary of that. Nothing would do and a disappointing year. You relish. The chance. Being a spoiler. Most or Miller sounds like. Negative connotation. And at this. For the other guys. Spoilers are bad. If you pull them. And is going to be adventurous being month. Oh boy. I really you really are only well liked the flight I just want us for one thing. It's kinda hard to say here are the better retain. When you've been Walt twice. Let's say. The Carolina Panthers. When the super ball. But we don't have to go through. New moral ones in the playoffs. To do it. Can we say because we won the Super Bowl. We were a better team than they wore. And I understand. Playoffs are all about playing. Your best or the most important time. But those that master. Concern master on the last season. No good Cecil tell me. No one Orion dorm in the playoffs again. Have you learned your lesson son. My own guess. Because. There is no. Path. Rather take. True Super Bowl title. But it doesn't go right over top. All the New Orleans Saints. This Chris furlong WB two big. Ali got a lot coming up this morning as your holiday office party on the horizon. I'm not alone those parties have come off Fiat. But to allow the dates have been so I think that's so. Also a problem you don't wanna say something your boss is doing for your recreation. To be a problem but. It's something you have to play. Correctly you got is very possible there are hurt yourself. At the office Christmas party so we'll look at. Always not to do that. Know what my personal favor approach to a holiday party is we got national news or gotten history worth repeating. I got you. This (%expletive) that's all matters ran. 6810.