The Chris Ferrell Show, seg2, 11/11/17


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I'm Jeff Barbara the weather channel 1110993. Jeff is like the worried about my. Craft material. Everything begins touches down. And that's that's enough now horrors and understood. I mean it starts all over on the wars stories and smile. And everything else is about beating up neighbors are being filled please you know it'd. It's it's so this isn't so much. News driven to show their third different types of talk shows. This is supposed to be. A lot out like it was with my predecessor and as a reason it's on Saturday morning. This is that this is it's a reason the show is on the same time cartoons used to come on television okay. It's. It's what they would call a personality. Based show is not really con tint driven show. But 'cause. You get your hard news all week long and this is this is the changeup. Because you're not necessarily stopped in traffic. You're not necessarily is limited for time. He just wanted different vibe. You don't have to golf your coffee. I'm supposed to fit that Abbas but that's that's why I'm here instead. And then there's the noose so always is slowed depressing. Now wonder what I'm my god talk about. But then I've got somebody like professor Doug Tobin. Hoosiers are one of the brightest people on. Am I think both of those serve and her pretty much. Only on the off hours we pretty much work alone and I genuinely. Genuinely. Look forward to talking to our. And she's the biggest gift the shows are yeah. But. I had plane to talk about because I had an interesting person. To talk to then that's those burgers like day. Your neighbor is doing something you don't like don't bowled a pipe bomb. Goes talked only in my even make a friend. Matt turned into a positive you know under the so it's been negative week and we we do we took horrible he sold it and turned it until positive just by. You know pointing to the absurdity of at all. One thing that isn't necessarily negativism are from her personal cold snap out. And that gets us thinking about the holidays of course Andyaat. It's Black Friday stool thing with the Internet. Can always say the Black Friday is still a thing on though police think they receive. But Americans expected to spend more than one trillion dollars this holiday season retailers are doing everything in their power to lure you in now best by rolling out early Black Friday deals online and in stores on everything from TVs to PCs to apple products through Saturday at midnight like iPad mini for now 125. Dollars off on eBay Samsonite luggage set now 63%. Off on sale for 100 bucks. What the Bastille on TV's shop Black Friday and Cyber Monday some as low as seventeen dollars. If you can't wait hold onto that receipt and ask for a price suggesting. Now one thing I like as a lot of businesses this year are staying closed on Thanksgiving. It was there was just an article in stone not letting their employees. Be with family on Thanksgiving. And I'm glad that. I'm glad the public feedback turn that around. But I didn't really miss Black Friday that march so I guess I guess some incorrigible on the topic. But it's but 'cause she got people camp and now owns sidewalks is seeing stood. And these are people you could spend all year thank and they're perfectly normal. And they might put you on the list of some the world we enjoy it. And you know it gets it gives the kids something to do besides stare into their gadget Jeanette Maier. And he'll Wayne Indiana around actually got in the wilderness cheer on the sidewalk in front of best buy big kid has never been more immersed in their gadget in their life. And the only reason they're put not quit that. It's because your promised Obama and upgrade when you finally able to get out the tent. This Chris furlong WB two it's a pleasure to be worth the it's sneaking up on six. 28. We'll have this week's sports schedule have on national headlines we'll have a look back at the history that is worth repeating. And thank you for joining us this morning it's 620.