The Chris Ferrell Show, seg2 11/18/17


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This Chris furlong WBK. Currently 41 degrees straight Charlotte north. I six point three on November 18. 2017. And I am glad you're here. Glad it's part of it. Soars things you hear the phrase good listener. Which you all are the two remote but seems like dog kind of a hollow compliment all the good listener can anybody be a good listener know it has to do. With the perpetuating. Your own your own thoughts on because if you know the feedback you're gonna get. Is going to be interest paying it compel issue to talk about next on the thus what this went the good listener. Does for a conversation. And I think not so much for being part of this with me. Rebecca Jarvis spoke to Robin Roberts about a Black Friday about scams and listen I get in front of the challenge. There's a new warning for anyone looking for a deal a lot of those apps. Promising to save you big bucks well they may be fake costing consumers. Billions yes we all know the dangers. A Black Friday in the stores those huge crowds stampede or chaos but lately so many of us are turning online last year. We spend more than twelve billion dollars over the Black Friday weekend online and this year consumers like to risk IQ is morning. That anyone hunting for those mega deals on mobile. Pass to watch out for malicious and fraudulent apps they've now identified. 32000. Fake mobile apps that won't use the names of well known retailers to trick users into entering their personal credit card information. FaceBook and Gmail log ins downloading malware that contention and stealing your information and then run and we've heard about this when she wrote it can even unlock your phone so that you have to pair ransom just get back access to the related to protect herself great so there are some really important things first of all stick to the apps in the App Store isn't a Google play App Store the apple App Store one way these fake apps are spreading is on social media C have to be really careful. What you click on FaceBook on Twitter on in to ramp also be wary of any app that asks for access to things like your contacts. Like your store passwords for your credit card information. And lastly. Check for grammar errors it sounds so simple but a lot of the fate caps have ms. spellings and their filled with grammar errors no it's a dead giveaway. They're not the real deal. If our Gucci has more than one you. Oguchi is and dungy. This let's let's include. My first holiday story. So in the mountains or off. I'm already hearing holiday music which is kind of surreal on a nice warm day. If you're on silent night and you know you're thrown ball with your kids. My kids a lot like to. Don't want to watch Christmas specials. In the summertime stuff just to remind themselves of the fund cartoons and everything Charlie Brown special interest of the united you don't have to wait for Christmas from overseas that is just remind themselves of the good Thomas like that because that's notice it's 65 degrees. You're hearing silver bells that's a little surreal even though this is North Carolina the great state of North Carolina. In the second half of those shows the Chris Furl show it's a pleasure to have you along we're gonna give you your we can sports schedule. Hope you tough it out not easy chair we'll look back at history worth repeating and more. Is so much heavier along the 620 yeah.