The Chris Ferrell Show seg2 1/13/18


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WBT. Chris furlong WB two. Unpredictable boy. Let's just do something. News young equipment snapper. That would be being fast that if law. We lost Eddie Clarke. This week. Talk a little more about that later. That was faster way if their name can the fast came from Fast Eddie Clarke. Well people know that the way. Came from Pete way. Who was the bassist for UFO. And he and I Eddie Clarke put together a super group of fast way but two uninitiated. Well what is Fast Eddie Clarke best known for. Talk about a tough talk about next. Law place some design. More famous work. Paul listen dude you talk coming off track a warrant to. Mentioned this. This is so. Cool. World's greatest hobby on tour park expo and conference there today. From 10 AM to six being around. It's. Model train next. There's a deluxe model train next. Model trains and more. Grandfathers. I'm calling out the grandfathers. Surprise your grand kids today. Don't that is be the boy. I've got a boy and I've got young girls she's got. Two sisters is exactly his age but he loved to play with same toys together. Take all the kids kids under sixteen referring. Today and tomorrow. They part of the new year new you. Thing was. Maybe new experiences spend more time with family. There you go. They got. Wild week here in town. We might have to get to that Jonathan Karl. We imports. On the fallout from the presidential. Why is. And eloquence. Where my have to do that. Next segment or number a little tight on time I didn't want to tell you folks about. An incident. That happened. Who would stem academy. Oh Mulder. Has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon. For following her son's bus to school. And confronting. His bullies. She had a knife was. She didn't start off wave in the nine forum. It's when the bullies started slowing in on her. That she broke out and not. Lay's name is all of a Cortez. And her son there. Bullied. Was suspended for a week for fighting. I'd like to say this. Above that. You wanna solve bullying. This won't solve it but it would help. Sometimes. The bullied. All worse oh because they have something to lose. They're not losers. Which means they have something to lose. But getting in trouble. Half of them aren't afraid of the fight. There are afraid of the trouble the whole come from the fire and here at this. Kid got suspended for a week. When the aggression got sick and the other way make it okay for kids to take up for themselves. And you'll solve a lot of the bullying problem. This curse furlong WB two while I was a short segment we're gonna be back in your sports schedule. New mode playoff didn't sir on ma'am I'm gonna tell you which Sam's clubs are closing within the within any proximity of us. Why do that more. Appreciate you joining us this morn this is Chris Furlan 621 unit.