The Chris Ferrell Show seg2 1/20/18


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Did it. No we'll play as much public enemy of his. Djokovic Carolina outdoor show. So. If you didn't know what I'm talking about. Fellas. Those who have. Interest in second half hour that at. There are lots of lots of pieces. To this shut down puzzle. It's all mixed up right now. Immigration. Seems to be. A big sticking point ABC's got more on the. This morning we're waking up to we government shut down even with a day full of meetings between top lawmakers and the president yesterday. At midnight last night there was still no deal were reached. Now the main roadblock is over dreamers the nearly 800000. Undocumented immigrants brought to US as children. Democrats say they won't pass the spending bill into the receive guaranteed protection the Republicans say there's no rush on this legislation. I don't say they're Democrats so winning the public opinion. Battle that one. It's it's. It's okay to have a heart in the in the abstract. A but when soldiers aren't getting paid. As well as it is only as the small four accomplish. Tighten their that are going to reconvene. This morning. You know they still get away. Senators and congressmen they stoke it. Need to get to work. This is a good store five year old boy was found safe. In Burke county. Coroner. Our friends down hold WB TV. Who wandered away from home about 7:30 PM oh my goodness. 11. Not a nightmare. I've had two. Chase a kid. Down the street from work knows mine in mind. Now tell you it's. Probably a little like those 38 minutes in Hawaii. Because. Disappearing and around 7:30 PM it's already dark. Wasn't as cold last night there will stolen off. Always drove me crazy and just barely get cold enough to curia. And just barely get hot enough to kill. But not not much more Alessio Roy. I mean a statement such as. Well it's not like a human beings gonna freeze to death. Let's don't like it could be saying. Two best not reality. Saying what they hate. But we find ways to. Make the worst of what's avoidable. As. We're learning from Washington. Just because it was avoidable. Doesn't mean we won't stumble right into. Kids don't have to. Disappear. But I still can't happen. Parents. Look out for your kids they found a small boy I'm so glad. Off found near our patent high school you know we're it's. Mom I can't imagine what the parents were feeling. As it got later. But then to find him all the joy. How overjoyed I above spent. A good bit time at home this week. Because the snow. Took away my. Desire for elective travel. I feel like going and we're on an after. Not work the schedule I have personal alarm because I want a raise my own children. And so then being home from school there was no there was no huge adjustment. We were just altogether. Number worker and overnights or weekends anyway. So I can be there for them should they need me there paid off this way very happy about that. It's very satisfying. When. The kids staying home. Just means you get to share their company. And not oh my god woman gonna do about work. I was a whole idea. So that was that was a good feeling this week. Mom. May spur clear with a shut down everything else of the that the wheels are coming off from going to. Have checklist next half hour for a what we need. -- survive. The progressing downfall. A and sports. Scriptural WBT it is 628. To.