The Chris Ferrell Show, seg2, 12/9/17


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Of those screws for oh okay. Rule out good. In the should change plan. Right isn't sharing on. Glad you're here safely. I'm glad to five year one hour. I'm glad to hear. Yes the weather has taken on tolls on listen that. Maybe your high schools. Pays CT. Test. Has been postponed. And the boom town parade has been canceled. I really hope. There is wrong kid. Who that one I'm now stat test was off today. She assuming round bowl listed. And a good way and a good way. However want teenagers going ballistic is something we need to be very specific about. Bob Hope there ears perked up my mouse so it may Haas school. Pace CT test. Which I understand news some kind of academic. Thing. Justice postponed. Slow. Don't go thinking there's going to be somebody white they give you a test. And certainly. Don't go on your way to the balloon. Town parade. I'm the longest drive of the world come and nor'easter for. Oh. Hardest part was keeping my hands still from the chill. But you add that groggy Eunice. Pena basically Myers will have the DT so I want you to all be careful. How are conditions. Well I'd say that's rolled lived on how you're feeling overall their champ. It's a nice more and if you ask me there's nothing about road conditions. That shouldn't make you change any of your plants. Well being careful. Should always be in the plan. We're gonna have a fun the second half hour come. Now I'm not I'm not being present actual sits right here in the actor. Over Kabul or mall openings smoltz now arboretum a lot of them we are one through. Well cornerstone of four hours. AM herself more as a big boys. AM pursue outpour. Or displace. Today down. Sensual more information after murkier when and well well well that's sells America. So play your good plan the main. If you got half an hour to spend. This press Cheryl WBT it's extraordinary.