The Chris Ferrell Show, Seg.3 10/21/17


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There's 1110993. WBT. Chris furlong W visited. Are you urged pregnant. Had Stephens. That's where. Sound of a Marshall stack. The rock concert. Although I have to remark. Marshall. Hi this is why because this is what they sound. It's everybody's right. Any kid who grows up with a part to slam he's just white and he's white and again as Marshall stack. Fact. I helped block a road the boss until. Throughout high school or around the Boston holds some school. When a throw. Just wanna Gus who went by a magnate redhead Phil went by the nickname red apple. Brian if you're out there Irish listen man this screw us who can do well. Anyway yeah the full brother. Named Mozilla there's mammals Marshall. Bob but ever by called him right apple junior. It was a younger brother just by a couple of years but he was he was physically small. Real nice Kia real nice kid. And so assay and you know what you're not rare that we call a right apple junior after his brother. I can tell you what you crazy about we have mean anything by those red apple grabbed junior you know. From his name is Marshall also tell you what man. You're your own person you're living a broad shadow among come up with a new nickname for. You are now. Marshall stack. You play yet. Words matter folks. You can use and make people feel good news. You can use and has just tear people apart may remember him forever. And I'm sure. Because of the type stuff I remember you're always remember. What a person says Steve but you remember how they made you feel. And I believe that what I said dale Helm made him feel. Good. Probably made them feel bigger was junior high school Orlando high school know some very. Very sensitive time you know knowing your very your kid on the bus she would you want our. You what you want an identity that's not. But it's not based on you know your red hair necessarily. And there's anything wrong with that. Panthers or rubble will go over this in detail how long while spoke to them for. Along Tom Marco always do because she's incredible interest in. Our goal overly sports schedule. In Indy tale. What you can do around town which you can watch on television. It is 627. And a half. It's going to be a beautiful weekend I mean beautiful weekend. And so you know you're gonna want to listen to the show. And then if you if you're listening to embed. Idea that this showed get out of bed and get on this Saturday man if you're driving to work. You our wa what make America great America has always been great. And you are part of what makes America great this Chris furlong WBT it is 628.