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Are from the weather channel whose 1110993. WBT. Thank you just. Chris furlong WB. Yeah berg video. Poured from the heavy stuff. Jerry we always told me. Don't scare more heavy metal. So I figured what I do like gosh look at different. Howard played the buffer musical life time I just wouldn't blow your head off. You know we always keep it respectable ball. So us what I'm doing with this course red. We had the old marshaled to clamp play and last half hour. No limits idea. An old Marshall two by now running through an AM radio signal to us about the closest thing you're gonna get. Two analog broadcast these days about the closest thing you're gonna get old school swung the other. Things I've I pride myself on is this show is as old school as it can be. I'm in here by myself. Like the were radio talent of past used to do they simply run your own shows. I'm not showing off my entourage because I don't have one. I'm not. Pretending to be a big shot because I'm not one among guy working at a radio Thursday action. And I am I love. The at analog broadcasts and we're growing up the generation that's not even gonna know. What that was this going to be all arcane technology to them that breaks my heart but cut but I think mainly because of the music. Because they're still people selling vinyl records but when you would via vinyl record. You would also get stopped in silos like it is like Dick cracker Jack you know there was there were cool things that came with your album there's enough. Big poster of the album cover there's. I used to buy kiss records thing note. Kiss sold to kids they basically I mean they were so much cooler. Than what they sell to kids these days let's. This is I that's another discussion for another day about it. They still lob. Do those temporary tattoos east have stickers and temporary tattoos that you Wear you know Gene Simmons on your arm to school the next day. I just loved that stuff not law of a love little surprises. And we're losing some of that as everything goes digital. Everything's in the clouds in the cloud goes way up there and I analog is all around to. On you listen to one foul ball at home you don't listen to weigh in your car among all the traffic. Was done Moline Illinois it's it's it's more of a it's more of a ceremony. It's more of a ritual. And I believe the fat issue and about a way I it's I've always told people listen to talk radio. In the car. And wait T get home and listen to your albums and that we here get you the most. Out of everything right now. Talk about the old kiss records I skipped my this week in history. Segment last week because those. Too busy making fun of Cam Newton get in his yogurt money taken by cart girl. But kiss alive two. Came out last Saturday October 14. In 1977. And that's one of the things that was going to be among my report I was I was gonna mention that have some fun with it and then I'll skip the whole segment saw. Anyway I I want to mention it's. Well the old school still has its own charming character among preserve that as much as we can't. I do and radioed the way they used to and and doing it in the style. That suggests that a person is never the Brady is a more intimate experience sure there alone. In your car with a not necessarily alone but. The radio is is not necessarily talk radio is not necessarily some return on the part. An idol like the intimacy. Of this I like. Like late night radio because you're talking to such a niche audience they were having a debate I forget that is Marla. Overnight paranormal shows are those who recruit. I'm forget which one. But they were having a debate. I'm about to know whether or not the church. Needed to join the 21 century you start letting women do acts or systems. And it is a serious. Passionate discussion. You're not gonna get that anywhere. Els. But but here we are with that for you and I you stick with us we're gonna give via what she can't get anywhere else. As Chris rolled to be BT is 642. Catch up on local headlines here chaos Argo county man. Has just been released from hospital. After being bitten by a copper head. While he was slain rat poison to count in his garage. Now I'm I'm glad he's okay I'm not laughing at anything except that you know the copper reds might took care of the arrests have been made because he kind of jumped into the food chain and got bit there records etc. I guess but he looked like a tough well you know I mean the heart attack. Where they killed me of having a copper head hanging off my arm. The heart attack. Would've killed me but I didn't get the radio because in my toughness has Cali the people down Texas. During the hurricanes or the guy who found the ten foot alligator in his kitchen because of the flooding he went you guys pick up truck. Got a couple other good low voice and they picked that sucker up room in the back of the truck and drove until small. I couldn't even you know I'm policy about how hard it was to dig that hole yesterday there's there are levels of toughness. To which I can't. Not only can I net not aspire that I can't even relate to. The end and and there's an example of right there. More local news there's a house fire in lol. Listen my neck of the woods that not involved a fatality. I'm very very sorry to hear that because these are these are my neighbors and these are people RC at the scene at the gas station them. My condolences. To us someone who loses. No it to the person who who lost a family member. And that fire because that's not how you that's not how you plan to lose anybody it's not like an old cat. You don't see that common but. The cause of the fire. Has yet to be determined. But. I'm only I'm only a speculating here is finally starting to get colder night. Be careful folks because. Fireplaces. And on a space heater and even less space here can be dangerous. So let's just remind ourselves of that let let the cold weather the part of what reminds. Ourselves in black and also there was another fire. No injuries and this one those off the State's mill road. Bomb it was the fire was set by a squalor. Who fled the scene. As the fire department arrived. Now. If this guy can out run the authorities. Which is that that's what the fire department is on the scene of a fire. He can war. OK. He does not have to be squad in the difference between an empty house and an abandoned house okay. There's nothing to suggest this was in the house of some I was trying to sell it just wasn't occupied the tar. So he got some iCloud and now the windows saying fire shore heat. Folks I've I've been over before going yeah hang change out your window when you wave your little Angel wings through your window. You're not doing the personal favor. It takes some endurance. To stand on a corner all day. And there are jobs you can do if you have the strength to do that. So stop perpetuating this problem to make yourself feel good. This is Chris furlong WB to me it's. 646. Will be coming back with more. I'm going to DB that sports schedule I promised them. Depending on how long that takes we will get to the this day in years past segment because some history is worth repeating. It is 646. You would like to the public.