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Just prefer on the retreat to rail lines daily show up pay more attention. Okay yeah. I hear you've always been. Area on us. It is 630 day. My own producer mentioned that before. I don't like this thing governors. Sloppy shows so much uses no just central lobby so obvious choice you know like a crack in the liberty bell. Why did the information out. This cool. But it's going to be a nice enough day. It's not in I didn't even get freeze an overnight Unscom be around fifty degrees. But if that's just too cold for you you've got to stay endorse I understand. And I'm here to help you. Noon on CB else Florida's South Carolina. ABC the noon game is this is a couple long ones on thinker and we're getting now we're gonna get. NC state Boston College. No one's Oklahoma State and Iowa but some implement something tells me around her organs and the state that Bob Boston College yeah. And M on fox Michigan State and Ohio State. WM YT. Which I. Believe it is also available. Via antenna television I believe. Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech so. I get your. Ditch your antenna lined up the world signals proper immune now. Poppy so some Jimmy pop and crack open rural blue angels to just it just a role player. But I ESP and is Arkansas oil this year. ESPN two. Ma. Stay at Boston again so all Campbell this is kind of neat. Mom those of us. Getting the state Boston College. Game on ABC at noon. If you would rather watch Oklahoma State. Against Iowa State that's gonna be on ESPN two. So so both both camps are on on the market. I have heard nasty rumors. That there are men and women to indulge in the Dem ballot truly. I'm watching more than one game Monroe. I am not here to an able. You look blue Prius lifestyle. But. So you know. 330 CBS. Georgia called. Georgia seems to have found a home at 330 CBS. But their games on the road. Iowa Wisconsin 330 ABC. Florida State it clamps on ESP hand pumps which the centrist. ESPN. View. Virginia low level. ESP end to. West Virginia. At can't stay. And that's. Fun way to spend your Saturday. Enjoy football season. Passes bile like a warm summer day. Even though it's in the fall. Just enjoy it now we get the ones we get. Breaking news. To break your heart. I hate to be the one to tell idea. Louie CK. This filthy. I know. I now. Took me awhile to come to terms with them myself. I shed some tears. This is like here in the audio Murphy fired blanks or something means very. Very shocking news the tiller. Of virtues. But Louie CK media arts. And vicious destroyed this is the worst thing caused me to tell them. I'm not being that facetious when I talk about cause. Because so what what they're accusing caused me of is is here and in my opinion I think in any reasonable person's opinion. Far worse than watched Louis CK has pretty much. Confessed. Arm but I did respect to Bill Cosby you know America's dad and now. Louie CK was not America's dad and Tom what we got some sound on so CI ABC. Rebecca Jarvis opus now. Works tonight announcing that they are severing all ties with Louie CK following in the footsteps of Netflix an HBO which are also severed their association HBO has gone so far is to say they will be removing all of his contact from there on demand service. He released a statement. Basically confessing. Bomb. Those of you not. Familiar with. Louis CK. The man makes Andrew Dice Clay sound like Red Skelton. Command. He has a dirty act he has one of those acts. Heart of the entertainment value if you want call that. Is to see if you can make it all the way through. But cringe factor is very have. And he made a career era but this wasn't something that I occasionally happen he made a career out. The Saudi oil Crusoe is the difference between somebody doing an act. On stage. Now what they do and probably yeah oh yeah others who difference. But I've Ben touring entertain her before and this is the context in which Louie CK these accusations. Such as they were there more stories. I thought people already knew about this but besides tackling and then side are not thought people knew about this. The only people. The piercing ears I wasn't touring musician. And we would tour with other bands and what would we do after the show when you still have the adrenaline going you camp falsely appear in a strange down. Of course should play you not see any popcorn right. Louie CK is hanging out with other comedians. The only people dirty year. Then musicians. Are comedians. As because they got less work to do they're not as busy. Musicians. Actually have a touring a road show. Comics just go from town to town. I mean even the microphone. Is provided by the nightclub. You spend all day with nothing to do until your show and after the show. You're. People the the people you're with who were in the same situation. Or the other comedians. And there's a reason we've lost so many of them because it's a decadent lifestyle. Bomb. But what he's done I don't believe should be locked down. With. The things Kevin Spacey. Has basically confessed. Or. There's this senator Graham I'm I'm going to play this sound is a think this is an important story I want the well I wanted the judge to two as much as possible be able allowed to speak for himself because I know very little about this. But things involving underage people I hold and a completely different level of contempt. We've got this from network regarding judge Roy Moore. Crusader for morality. It arbiter of right and wrong. But today former judge Roy Moore speaking out against claims that he himself was a sexual predator periodic or. All waiting more the Republican senate candidate for Alabama is accused of molesting a fourteen year old girl. Would he was a 32 year old assistant district attorney leak core min now 53 telling the Washington Post. Moore took to his home. He took off her shirt and pants and removed his clothes he'd pushed her over her bra and underpants she says. And guided her hand to touch him over his underwear in an interview was Sean Hannity more did not at all. I don't know mr. Altman from. Hey anybody I know never talked to were never had any contact whether allegation of sexual misconduct which are completely false sublease or politically motivated. But there are other parts of the Washington Post article more did not explicitly did all right. The count of three other women who say he asked them out or dated them when they were between the ages of sixteen and eighteen. And he was in his thirties Moore says he does not remember he had this. I don't remember ever dating me girl without the permission of her mother. And more defiant saying he's not gonna drop out of the race senate Republicans toward. Most not calling on more to drop out just yet but theme echoed by the White House but Mitt Romney says he's heard enough tweeting I believe Li cor for mid. Her account is too serious to ignore Moore is unfit for office and should step aside in Alabama some of more supporters even defending the alleged behavior. Alabama State auditor Jim Ziegler saint take Joseph and Mary Mary was a teenager and Joseph was an adult carpenter. They became parents of Jesus. And I hope that information. Was of service to our listeners are missiles chorus for all it is 649. More come back and take a look at the history worth repeating.